Mario Kart 8 Boosts UK Wii U Hardware Sales By A Massive 666%

Nintendo’s flagship racing series has finally made its way onto the Wii U, and it’s made a considerable splash in terms of hardware sales. According to UK chart sales tracker UKIE, Mario Kart 8 has been a smash hit for the home console and boosted sales by a massive 666 per cent.

While the popular Kart title didn’t manage to beat Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs this week, coming in third place instead, the game has made waves of its own by becoming the best-selling Wii U title since the console’s launch in November 2012, followed by the accolade as the second best-selling of the series so far. Figures concerning hardware rose by a seriously meaty percentage with 82 per cent of total sales coming from the Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle.

With the UK games market turning their heads to Mario Kart 8, we’ll hope for similar – or better – sales in both North America and Japan. Did you purchase Mario Kart 8 or the bundle this weekend? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



  1. YES! Mario Kart finally came through :D

    …and btw, what’s the worst selling entry in the series?

    1. Mario Kart:Super Circuit sold 5 and a half million units, Double dash sold 6 million units.

        1. Depends if people are buying the game because they already have a Wii U and there is bugger all else out. or if they want a Wii U for the game.

          1. I think the game will sell well… Reports are that 80% of the sales are as a result of the MK8 Wii U bundle

            1. um that’s in the article you’re commenting on (82%)
              and that’s for the UK

              it’s anyone’s guess whether that can be extrapolated to the rest of the world or not but i think it’s safe to say that a fair number of wii u will be sold in its wake

  2. Which Mario Kart is above 8? Mario Kart DS is the one that comes to mind… but Wii is also possible… which one?

    1. Probably Wii, that MK was a hit! I’m surprised a Wii U game could take 2nd place on that list.

    2. Mario Kart Wii. DS sold well, but Mario Kart Wii brought everyone to the table and was a massive hit, especially in Europe.

  3. mario kart 8 is the first racing game i actually like. ive spent all weekend playing it online, and im sick at home so gonna spend my entire week playing it.

      1. PS4 is Rubbish…all the graphics and FPS can’t compete with good ol’ fashion FUN….PS4 and XBONE lose AGAIN

      2. You might want to stop sitting on that cactus, my good sir, and start treating your buttock wounds.

  4. This is what happens when you make a deal with the devil… sales grow massivily XD

  5. This is all good news but Nintendo OBVIOUSLY thought that Mario Kart 8 would beat Watchdogs hence why they released the game 3 days after Watchdogs to go head to head with it!!
    Wii U consoles went up in the UK by a massive %666 is great news but if this game would have launched in April or even March numbers would be even higher!!
    Mario Kart 8 bundles in the UK accounted for a massive %82 with Watchdogs PS4 bundle accounting for %55 of its total sales.
    If Nintendo had launched in April they could have easily take half of the people who bought a Ps4 Watchdogs bundle.
    Once again retarded move by Nintendo!!nearly as bad as launching Super Mario 3D World in the UK the same day PS4 launched!!
    Nintendo need to STOP releasing their big games so close to huge PS4 Xbox One releases and release them sooner to keep fans happy.
    I mean seriously making fans wait from March to nearly June for Mario Kart 8 with ZERO games in between?

      1. Yeah over hyped yet it still easily beat MK8 with PS4 and Xbone One versions taking 1 and 2 spots with MK8 3rd!!
        Nintendo need to learn to stop releasing games so close to huge next gen games as it is costing them millions of sales!!
        If Nintendo had launched it in April it would have sold millions more!!!
        To launch the Wii U biggest game to go against a game that was released on PS4, XBone One, PS3 and 360 was again commercial suicide!!!
        Sales of MK8 and Wii U will be great but Nintendo could have sold millions more if they had released it earlier, when there were zero games for the PS4 and Xbox One and could have enticed people away from buying the next gen with the MK8 bundle!!
        Nintendo better not release SB,Bayonetta 2 and Zelda U so close to the huge next gen games as the same will happen!!

        1. Keep in mind that this is in the UK territory, the most hostile place for Nintendo…

          1. Not really the Wii was the biggest selling console of all time in the UK!!
            Mario Kart Wii sold 5 Million alone in the UK!!
            The numbers are great but like I said above if they had launched in April sales would have jumped up easily over %1000.

            1. That was 1 generation ago, it’s not the same anymore as the gamers continue to get more corrupted each year…

              1. You’re contradicting yourself. First, you say the UK is Nintendo’s most “hostile” territory, then you say “it was one generation ago” when someone mentions the success of the Wii in the UK. It doesn’t matter if the Wii isn’t in this gen, if it was successful, then you can’t say the UK is Nintendo’s most hostile area. The Wii is a part of Nintendo, after all.

                1. Then maybe you can read between the lines then…

                  It became the most hostile environment…

                  1. It was hostile even with the Wii’s success. Families were branded as non-gaming casual filth.

                    No, the UK’s as bad as America when it comes to this kind of full retardation dudebro nonsense. Lest we be cynics.

          2. I would love to know how many copies it sold. Great number 2 slot never really stood a chance getting to number 1 when going up against Watch Dogs and its multiplatform release.

            1. Indeed…

              Plus Watch Dogs is another one of those overhyped western games that many wants just because of humans, humans and more humans with guns…

              1. I’m probably not going to change your opinion.. but watch dogs is one of the best games I’ve played in quite a long time. Maybe you should try before you bash?

                1. I was actually going to buy this game when it first was revealed…

                  But then, the more they gave information about it in recent year, the more boring it became and the delay didn’t make me like the Ubisoftians much more…

                  So I’m not going to buy one…

                  The gameplay videos I’ve seen also made me so much less interested in it…

                2. I played Watch_Dogs for precisely two days. It’ll sit on my shelf before it’s traded in for the Wii U version.

                  Mario Kart 8, in my opinion, is a much better game. The idea behind Watch_Dogs is great, don’t get me wrong, but I play games for the fun factor. Watch_Dogs doesn’t really have that in the same breath.

            2. Exactly so why did Nintendo release MK8 to up against a huge multi-platform release?Stupid lame idea.
              If MK8 was launched in April WHEN IT SHOULD HAVE AND WAS READY MK8 and Wii U sales would be even higher.
              Nintendo need to fire the guy who makes these stupid decisions!!

              1. Will you shut the fuck up already you posted the same thing three times dickhead

                1. Lol exactly MK8 never had a chance beating a multiplatform game do it wouldn’t sold more or less congrats to Nintendo and Wii U gamers bck to MK8 i go

                  1. You do know it wasn’t released to compete against watch dogs, and rather because May 30th is the beginning of the summer holidays? If they had launched mk8 back in April, sales would have fallen flat as most children (the main target audience for this game) would still be in school and wouldn’t be able to buy at release. This is why Nintendo chose this release window, and ubisoft released watch dogs at this time for the same reason. Please, think rationally before you spew bullshit.

              2. Woah relax man

                Besides I bought watch dogs and… it’s not that good. It’s literally another fucking shooter. I did noticed only kids where playing itand at gamestop too only kid and swaggfags with their moms. buying the game. I already stopped playing it for mk8 instead. Snd I thought watch dogs would make me use my dusty ps4 more :/I guess I should wait for e3

                  1. Yes it is just another shooter for kids and a huge disappointment. Def not bad but expecting more so yeah it is just another shoot from past gen nothing really new

                    1. wtf watch dogs isn’t for kids you dipshit, it was mario kart 8 that was for kids.

        2. Billy Ray. The fact that you think that if “Nintendo had launched it in April it would have sold millions more!!!” tells me you are either a compete idiot who has no clue what you’re talking about or your about 8 years old.

        3. Thing is watchdogs is gettng alot of negitive press especially concerning pc, so watchdogs is voing to take a divr while mario kart will sell even more.

        4. Its called faith in their fans, something pretty much every other console and game maker lacks.

    1. Well in a weekly sales chart, Watch Dogs had a 3 day advantage. So Mario Kart 8 could actually be a better selling game based on a sales per hour basis but still not be number one in sales since they missed out on 3 days of the week. Could wait and see what sales are like by next week.

    2. Watch Dogs is a MULTIPLAT it sells better in comparison to a game on just 1 console. Though MK8 sells better then Watch Dogs on any 1 console. Although it seems that’s not true in the UK…

  6. Personally I will buy the game this month just waiting for the first wave and all the hype to go down a bit.

    The good new is this number is just for UK market, So we can expect better news from the rest of Europe, NA, and Japan. Let’s hope Mario Kart 8 will managed to sell 2 millions Wii U units.

    Do we have a way to know how many wii U hardware are sale to date in UK or in Europe?

    Now let’s hope Nintendo will keep the momentum and give us more at the E3.

    1. Just watch, Nintendo reveals a new IP at everyone will enjoy along side the new Legend of Zelda game

      1. tbh, I wanted/waiting for that new zelda for ages. I do believe they were developing the game 6 months to a year before they showed the images/video for the demo when they announced the wii U , It has been nearly 3 years. I hope the game will come in November/December this year.

        As for new IP I hope that the one Shigeru Miyamoto-san working on

        1. I’s not the Zelsa tech demo they showed at e3 when the console was showed.

    2. Well they sold 5mil units, say that is 666… more than before I would guess less than a million before this… this fane could helo nintendo wii u to surpass 10million by june .

    1. That’s a really good price, wow. It’s like 299€ where I live, which is about £243 / $406.

  7. This victory feels like winning an MK match! But it would change when argument fighting starts

  8. Many buy the game via the eShop, and it’s not on the chart!! Wii U 666% Wauuuu… Go,Go Wii U ;-)

  9. Is there a site or something that did post the Wii U sales from earlier weaks so we can make an estimate on how many actual units there are sold?

  10. *suspiro*
    …… Lo sabia, mario kart lo hiso una vez mas,
    .. Mi fe a sido restaurada. :)
    Pero despues de este juego que mas hay? :/

    1. smash brothers, bayonneta 2, hyrule warriors, monolith X, y otros juegos k seran anunciados en el e3 dentro de una semana

      1. Si, lo sé, pero me referia a estos meses: junio y julio :/ necesitamos una fluides de juegos, para mantener la bolita de nieve rodando y se combierta en una avalancha: :D

            1. Pero parece que tu hablas portuges?…

              Yo español, o talvez tu oracion era un poco extraño para mi…

                1. Si, talvez un dia lo aprendere y talvez un dia viaje a nuestro mundo principal para ver mis superiores…

                  1. Pa serte franco te suena mas emocional cuando escribes en español que en inglés
                    Dale fuerte comandante la batalla a un no termine!!!

                    1. Claro, la batalla nunca se va terminar asta que los Xbots esten debajo de la tierra…

                      Yo me voy a comprar un Wii U 1-2 dias despues del E3 y si algunos aqui penseron que yo era un fanboy, voy hacer mas terrible cuando tenga uno jajajajjaajajja…

                  1. Eh querido pedirte tu FC del wii U, pero no tiene uno aun :/ mi fuerte es smash bros y soy muy MUY bueno, queria retarlo y probarlo para saber si tiene lo que se necesita para ser un comandante, eso y que ademas lo eh escuchado fanfarronear de que es invencible en SMASH :D

                    1. Bueno, nos vamos a registrar en el Wii U en 10-12 dias…

                      Y cuando el Smash Brothers salga, vamos a pelear y vamos a ver si eres un comandante tambien…


                  2. Estaba leyendo tus comentarios en español y me parecio que estabas usando un traductor online o similar. Pero ahora ya no estoy tan seguro… :)

                    1. Haha, bueno español era mi primer idioma con el sueco pero como casi nunca hablo español, entonces me olvidado un poco…

    2. 400’000 units to 5million units..xlose to 666 percent increase

  11. Relative numbers aren’t convincing at all without having the corresponding absolute numbers. If the WiiU had been selling 100 units before MK8 launched, it would be only at 666 units now. If it was selling 1000 units before, then it’s only at 6660 now. So if you look at it that way, it doesn’t sound too good anymorr, does it?
    I don’t know, but to me, only getting relative numbers is just a sign that they’re trying to make the numbers look better than they actually are.

      1. ???
        Your comment just shows me you’re using words without even knowing what they mean.
        Can you actually deny any of the things I’ve said? Do relative numbers actually tell you much without having the absolute numbers?

    1. and they only put one paragraph in the whole article talking about MK8, fanboy damage control

  12. 666%??? DAAAAAMMMNNN!!!!! WII U MAAAAADDD HATERS!!! LOL!!! God if Mario Kart this good in the UK I know it sure as hell killed it in the North America and Japan markets =D

    1. Butthurt much Mr Pee?

      So now you are damage controlling because Nintendo have now made a comeback, proving you wrong? Lol XD

      1. watch dogs is still beating mario kart 8 moron. mario kart 8 is 4.9gb last gen game.

        1. Poor sasori. Still delusional, eh? Watch_Dogs is the true last gen game, not Mario Kart 8. But by all means, believe the opposite since you’re just one idiot amongst a sea of people that actually know what they are talking about.

    2. Actually my mistake, btw I am using a different email right now, anyways I meant…
      “So instead of an average of 10,000 a day, they sold 66,600? Wow, that is amazing surge but I’m so butthurt about being proven wrong that I will damage control like a little bitch.”

    3. Congratulations! Due to your inability to read even the most basic of statistics, you have been awarded the dumbshit award of the year, a prestigious award only given to those who have demonstrated the lowest IQ, reading comprehension, and other signs of a civilized individual. Take this award with pride, dear denizen, and forever use it to anal rape yourself to the xbox done and ps4 logos.

    1. I have idea how:

      “Lol! Nintendo got 666% They made deal with the devil, Sony and Mircosoft do what Nintendon’t!”
      or something that will never make sense.

      No matter what he’ll still be pretty much the stupid monkey that escaped from the zoo that was given birth from the ass of his gorilla mother

    2. its funny how watch dogs is still beating mario kart 8. a new ip trashing your garbage rehash XD.

      1. Mario Kart
        88% critic rating
        93% user rating

        Watch dogs
        82% critic rating
        63% user rating

        Yeah garbage

        I will be really surprise if anyone is still thinking about Watch dogs by the end of the summer

      2. Translation:
        Hello, imaginary friends. you’re probably wondering why I gathered you here today. Today, I just contradicted myself again. Any suggestions as to how to save my juicy lipped face?
        Oh yeah, I forgot, you’re all imaginary.

      3. Dumbass, as usual. Watch_Dogs has been out most of last week, unlike Mario Kart 8 which came at the end of the week. Quit using bullshit to prove to your own delusion that you’re right & everyone else is wrong.

      4. you realized that watch dogs also got released on more than one platform right? you’re kinda dumb

      5. you also realize that watch dogs got released for damn near every system right? you’re kinda dumb lol

    1. It’s whatever the sales numbers are, divided by 100, then multiplied by 666.
      For example, if the Wii U sold 10,000 units beforehand, then 66,600 were sold overall. 82% of all sales were new customers buying the Wii U bundle, so 54,612 Wii U consoles were the Mario Kart 8 bundle.

      Sorry for trying too hard! OTL

  13. Awww things must be really dire in Babytendo if babies celebrate third place like this. This is like if some country won a bronze medal at the olympics and celebrated like if it was a gold. (and probably countries who have never won a medal at the olympics would do that, yea sure a bronze medal is an achievement but it isn’t a gold). When you top dog at what you do you don’t settle for anything less than being the best, but obviously Nintendo isn’t top dog anymore and now has to celebrate bronze like if it was gold LOLOLOLOL!

    1. Internet Troll

      “A person whose sole purpose in life is to seek out people to argue with on the internet over extremely trivial issues. The best thing you can do to fight an internet troll is to not answer..or report them.”

      Where can we report “Internet Trolls” on mynintendonews?

    2. Sounds like someone is damage controlling? Oh and is that a fedora and the sound of a bitching Assburger I hear?

    3. It strikes me as sad that you lack a life so much that you actually take the time to go on a nintendo site and diss everything they do to get your jollies.

      What, do you not have any real friends other than the dudebros who use you as a footstool when they play call of duty? Or did you just decide today would be a great day to sit upon a rotating cactus?

  14. 666% may sound like a big increase but until we see some actual numbers of how many units were actually sold, we have nothing to get hyped about.

  15. 666?

    Did they have to make a deal with the devil in order to sell that much

    sorry, just had to get that off my chest

  16. According to a Tweet last weekend, Mario Kart 8 had sold 400,000 copies in just two days. There’s a severe possibility that it’s gonna reach #1 two days from now. Just 8 more days until the Nintendo Digital Event at the Super Bowl of video game conventions… E3.

  17. Personal story, my friend who hated the wiiu came over and play mk8, now he’s buying the bundle, once the new shipment comes in, there sold out were I’m at

    1. Excellent, a new one has been purified to our cause and freed from corrupted

  18. A lot of people, like me, are finally getting a Wii U to buy this super addictive game, lol. Even if I don’t have a TV yet, I’ll fucking go play it at a friend’s house!

  19. I played just 2 online races, and I couldn’t get anything better than 10th place. How is everyone else going so FAST? Do they have powerful karts that they unlocked or something? I’m getting hit by one shell after the other. I thought that since this game was brand new, I might stand a chance online. But it already feels like everyone is cheating. (- _ -)

  20. Report mario kart sold 1.2 MILLION over the weekend so sassori go suck a monkey dick and shovel it in your ass

  21. Can we have actual numbers… where did that percentage come from. Satan’s cock?
    Anyway, I have to say that I am a little underwhelmed by the game. Not as fun as I used to remember Mario Kart.
    I hope everyone is enjoying it better than me. :)

    1. I kinda feel the same way. It’s fun, but it just doesn’t seem the same as it used to. About the only thing I would say is better is the graphics. Other than that, it’s just another Mario Kart. Even the anti-gravity stuff doesn’t seem like as big of deal as Nintendo made it sound. I’ll soon be finished with it and playing something else. As soon as I win all gold trophies.

  22. I’m not gonna lie, I’m a Brit, and I can definitely say that Nintendo isn’t that popular here :/ I am personally a big fan of Nintendo, but Britain is full of Douchebags, chavs, wannabe gangsters, COD fags, and jerks. So for me, I’m very shocked to see the sales raise that high here.

  23. I’ve got Mario Kart 8, and i’m loving it! I’m so glad to hear that Wii U sales have soared as well.

    But how dare Watch Dogs get the top spot!! I’m sick of explicit games getting every top spot there is to get!!

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