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New Miiverse Update Reduces Time Between Successive Posts From Three Minutes To Two

Nintendo has updated the Miiverse community once again and Marty is on hand to divulge the necessary details. Regular Miiverse members may have been heavily frustrated by the last major update which added a three-minute waiting time between comments on another member’s post. However, in today’s update it looks as if Nintendo has listened to many community members by reducing the wait between successive comments on posts to two minutes.

Alongside the reduced waiting time, members on the social channel will be able to use up to 400 characters in written comments. That means there’s plenty of space for hints, tips and explanations to friends on where to find that super important item in-game. Plus, there’s two other minor updates concerning your profile, where your activity feed now displays posts that your friends or followers have given a “Yeah!” to, as well as a notification screen that shows up to 50 notifications.

No doubt the reduced waiting time between posts will please many Miiverse users, but is it still too lengthy a gap to provide a natural flow of conversation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

60 thoughts on “New Miiverse Update Reduces Time Between Successive Posts From Three Minutes To Two”

      1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

        Especially considering it’s not just comments for one post but all fucking posts.

    1. they did take it out a long time ago, they brought it back, probably because people kept on repost, bring “some said tv character” on the smash bros feed


        wow, isn’t that terrible, it’s a forum, you know free speech and shit.yeah, they’re stupid, or trolling, but you’re free to go and tell them that they are a stupid piece of shit and should die.

        btw. you seem like a retard as well

        1. No offense but those character suggestions are to ridiculous to even be considered to be on there, when you know it’s a game where ONLY Nintendo IPs come together and duke it out, with the exceptions of a few guests, but even the guests have history with Nintendo. People are just wasting their time with Tommy Pickles or Flounder.

          1. I agree that 2 mins is way too long. I was talking with iceazeama the other day and had to wait 2 mins after every damn post. I rarely use miiverse but apparently it’s gotten worse since launch.

            1. The Worse:More restrictions?

              Cause:Make Miiverse a safe community for gamers in every way possible, your basic double-edge sword.

              The Worse:Time limit between posts?

              Cause:To stop trolls and spammers.

              *Note:Did not understand which was the “worst” you were talking about. I also put MY opinions as to the reason why.

            2. At launch it was an amazing surface. Sure, loading it took forever, but oh my Arceus, it was so much fun just talking to people.

              Then they set the limit on posts…. (Which is understandable, but I remember an entire community spamming posts trying to explain to one person that we can’t comment on her posts because she turned that off on her settings, not that we were ignoring her or anything. She eventually showed up on the “Popular Posts” for her artwork for a long time.)

              Then they set the limit on comments… Which sucked.

            1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

              They are 3rd party characters that have a history with Nintendo: Sonic because he was Sega’s mascot & Sega was Nintendo’s rival & Snake because of the few games it has on Nintendo consoles but mostly because Sakurai is good friends with Hideo Kojima. And ABOVE ALL ELSE, they originated for video games. Characters like Goku, Shrek, Powerpuff Girls, & other cartoon & anime characters have no place on a video game meant for characters that originated in video games. And there hasn’t been any news on whether Snake will be returning. I’m personally hoping he doesn’t unless we get a Metal Gear Solid game for the Wii U, 3DS, or both.

      2. Brought it back? I’ve been on miiverse since day one and they never had 3 min wait time when you comment on someones post.

            1. Wouldn’t the people that think the same say the same about your posts? So then wouldn’t your post also be pointless?

        1. Okay… But that’s not what Miiverse is all about. I love it. Hate the amount of casuals, though

        2. People don’t really post anything on the Wind Waker HD community besides selfies of Link. It’d be a miracle if I ever found anyone posting actual helpful advice in that place. Oh well…

        3. LOL! Exactly. I mean, what’s the point in seeing what’s on other people’s minds? Or whether or not they passed the current level? Whoopty doo!

  1. This update is pretty damn good. Miiverse has come such a way since the Wii U was released!

    The ‘yeah’ thing in my feed feels a little like spam, though. Even if only the last yeah that person gave shows, if ten people has given a yeah since the last post in my feed, there’s ten notes about that…


      yeah, 10 bad updates, then a good one that just mitegates the previous bullshit, but doesn’t remove it

  2. Idiotic Restrictions like these are wt make me hate Nintendo’s traditional way of thinking, we are not in feudal japan anymore get with the times. Love the games but i feel like they are only at 50 percent of what they could be

    1. It keeps away spam, so I’m glad it’s there. But one should be able to post more often on different posts that every second minute!

  3. I guess this is okay. Could get rid of the waiting period between posts altogether, but att least they’re listening.

  4. They original had the time when miiverse first went up, they took it away then people kept on spamming the SMBU/3DS news feed for new characters that aren’t Nintendo and that’s probably why they brought it back

  5. i want a place where i can store all my nintendo stamps from the various games so when i post stuff i can use anyone i want. remix,world,kart etc

    1. The point is being On-Topic man. You don’t want to go to a clothing store that sells fast food. You go to a clothing store for clothes, nothing else. It would be nice to use them on the Activity Feed though. It just makes no sense how people don’t understand what being On -Topic means. Make friends and followers so that they can check out your Activity Feed.

  6. nice. I don’t have trouble with the waiting of successives posts, but I like to use some miiverse tools to draw stuff, it’s fun, and I like to post some of the paintings I did in Art Academy. I use miiverse for that.

  7. If you can’t spend two minutes looking through other posts while waiting for your conversation partner to make his post, there’s something wrong with you…

    1. That part’s fine, but when I comment on one post, and then want to comment on another… I have to wait 2 more minutes (1 now) ‘cuz I only used 1 min to read a post, and write my comment!

  8. How about fixing NETFLIX Nintendo!! The app is constantly crashing since the update and I have to reload it like 10x to get in. Great update overall though.

    1. I get in smoothly, but the console freezes when I try to go to the Wii U menu… Therefore, I just have to turn off the console aftrr using netflix, and start it again if I want to do something else.

  9. At least put one minute intervals… It frustrates me to no end when I have to post comments in parts making me wait longer.

  10. 2 minutes is fine now that we can post 400 characters! It’d still be a pain if that wasn’t increased too. Glad to see it was.

  11. Repent!!! Mario Kart 8 is a gateway to a life of 720p and rehash… Reggie Fils-Aime needs to be crucified with rusty nails and spill his Jewish blood as a ransom for Nintendo’s sins. Nintendo equals scat play..

  12. Expectation: Zelda Wii U. Reality: Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball U. Haha hopefully never, can’t wait for next week though.

  13. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

    Now we have to wait 2 minutes between comments. This would be a good thing… if we could comment on a different post without the waiting period effecting it. The 400 character limit would be more effective if we could still comment on other posts while we wait for the waiting period to lift. 400 might not be enough characters for someone like me, though. Finally the notifications have been updated from 20 to 50 notices. Took them long enough, damn it! And I can’t wait for the ability to turn yeah notifications off. I’d prefer it if they grouped the yeahs into a single notification, though, but being able to turn them off altogether is a step in the right direction.

    With all that said, this update is mixed feelings.

  14. I’m glad they changed it to 2 min instead of 3. Now, the people on the SSB community will finally stop complaining about this!

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