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Here’s The Pokemon Art Academy UK Trailer

Nintendo UK has uploaded a new trailer for Pokémon Art Academy. The colourful paint application’s four-minute trailer is exactly the same as the Japanese announcement video we saw in late April, but the UK version now has a handy voice-over describing the various techniques players will be able to use.

Budding artists can discover over 100 Pokémon pictures to draw, paint and shade your way through, along with a bunch of lessons from basic to professional. Pokémon Art Academy will launch for the Nintendo 3DS on July 4 in Europe, but will aim for an Autumnal release in North America. For more information on the title, you can visit Nintendo’s official website, here.

22 thoughts on “Here’s The Pokemon Art Academy UK Trailer”

    1. Has anyone found out what the whiny sasori’s username on Miiverse is? I’d love to stalk him on it.

    1. yes.

      trust me, I I played my cousins DS art academy for about 6-7 hours over the holiday and I was at level 4C(a is highest in 4.) at school In UK before that…..I came back and I became a 7C in art the first thing!!!

      It’s a better teacher than the real teacher…

      1. the miiverse artists are just attention whores. now a days everyone does it to get yeahs and followers.

        1. Says the retard who does the same shit, only with zero talent. Take the massive fucking telephone pole out of your own eye before pointing it as someone else, asshat.

        2. Art is for recognition and praise by others as well as yourself. Which is like everything else in the world when you want to show off your talent. Everyone’s a whore, just like you Narutard who has to make obnoxious posts on this site and many topics. I still can’t believe you haven’t left yet, have you not realized it yet already? When people have been screaming it at you and making fun of you on here. NO ONE WANTS YOU HERE! Leave us!

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