Fire Emblem Stage Revealed For Super Smash Bros Wii U

Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has revealed a new Fire Emblem stage for Super Smash Bros on the Wii U. The first image showcases Marth and Ike standing on the new battle stage. The second image shows off the Coliseum in its full glory. Sakurai said on Miiverse that the stage is filled with machinery in the ground that activates variable platforms. Smash Bros is coming out this summer on the Nintendo 3DS and winter on the Wii U.

Pic of the day. Here’s Ike, Marth and…a brand-new stage!

We’ve added a familiar setting from the Fire Emblem series, the Coliseum. In the original game, this place is filled with both hope and despair. There is machinery in the ground that activates variable platforms.


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  1. Marth looks so girly, like, dang.
    Still super stoked about Ike being in the roster again though. His “new” design is a nice plus too, such a hunk. As a girl, I really like that. :)

  2. Seeing Ike’s face disgusts me and gives me a sad feeling that a character space was wasted, this isn’t fair for Roy.

    In the other hand, Marth is still hot.

    1. Roy is worthless. The only reason people want him back was because he was in Melee. Within the FE fanbase, it’s agreed that he’s the worst character.

      Giving a spot to him would have been the bigger waste.

      1. ”not fair for Roy”
        You didn’t say it but you sure implied it.

      2. “Not fair for Roy” could mean a multitude of things, not just that, you just want your brain to tell you that because you like him or something.

      3. No I didn’t, that’s what you wanted to imply, but if you insist I did, then I am sorry.

      4. What you wrote basically implied: ”this spot should have gone to Roy instead”.
        Maybe that’s not what YOU meant, but the wording of the sentence itself practically means that.

        You don’t have to apologize either, in the end, all you did was share an opinion.

      5. Shut up shit face, she deserves to be talked down because she complains about her period.

      6. Hah. You deserve to be talked down to, not Valve Admiral GLaDOS. Wishes death on a good man & his family (Iwata) & being a chauvinistic sexist. Get yourself checked out, dude. You need some mental help.

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        I don’t think your point is valid anymore.

      8. Ignore the idiot named Donko who has no clue how the female body works.
        Well it can imply “Roy got in once and got replaced, so should Ike”
        Yes, it maybe stupid opinion, but I really can’t help it, I just never liked him, maybe because I thought he was a terrible character in his actual game when I played it, I liked the game, I just didn’t like him.
        Or its maybe because of these Ike fans(but no matter what fanboys/fangirls of any character is bad) who just praise Ike and trash talk the other characters which probably also affected my opinion of him, but honestly, I was okay with Roy, but I don’t really want him back but I could really care less.

      9. It has no clue about how its own existence works either…

    2. Why does he disgust you? He looks pretty damn fine to me. Also, you are ridiculously stupid if you think Roy is a better use of a character slot than Ike. Roy is nothing but a Marth clone who’s sword catches fire. Ike has an original moveset, is in a different weight class and is more popular of a character.

      So please explain to me how you think Roy is better worth a character roster spot.

      1. Key word “Me”. Sorry I was so impulsive to state that as a fact.

      2. Also I never said Roy should comeback.
        Not fair for Roy =/= Roy should be back
        But yes, he is a clone.

      3. Maybe I should have elaborated more on Ike. IN MY OPINION, I really hated him, yes, he had an original move set, yes he was more popular, but this the new Smash, not Brawl (which was why I could deal with him), I honesty rather see Chrom than Ike, and seeing Ike get back in when he has no game(yes it maybe a stupid reason, but I’m not abusing my right to be stupid) also makes me a bit pissed that Chrom may not make it. So really don’t mind me, its more of a useless vent, I’ll get over some time soon anyways. And maybe “disgusting” a bit too harsh, I honestly don’t like how he looks, I like his Brawl variation better, it looked kinda cool, here, it looks a little over done, again this is all my opinion, not like anything I say will change the game.
        And again,
        “Not fair for Roy =/= Roy should come back”
        Like what Aeolus oddly answered for me.

      4. Ike may have an original moveset, but I would prefer a clone of a good moveset than a unique shitty one.

    1. I like stages with no interference. Then I can chase down my prey lol. Hugs Commander! Sincerely The Prince (you dubbed me that)

      1. Your very life will be mine in November Prince…

      2. I need a U first though. And where’s my hug =( *don’t be afraid to sniff a little* jk lol

      3. Oh…

        When will you get one?…

        I’m getting one next week…

      4. I’m still looking for a job, and the sniff part was about a gesture ;) lol.

      5. I have several jobs for you…

        Some are very unpleasant for you and maybe pleasant for me…


      6. Depends on how you do your “job”…


      7. @Nintendo Commander Quadraxis, “Your very life will be mine in November Prince…” the way you said sounds homo yet it sounds badass. not many homo words that sound badass

    1. Sitting on the ”characters who’ll never make the roster” bench alongside Ridley and Master Chief.

      1. Don’t equate Ridley, a 1st party Nintendo character, with Master Chief, a 3rd party character with not much history with Nintendo.

  3. Much better than Arena Ferox in terms of size and staying true to the game’s design. Next week should be very interesting.

  4. am stilling skipping this game. i hope tekken 7 comes to wii u. i was there were actually real fighting games on wii u because i dont give a heck about smash at all.

    1. You want to skip Smash Brothers but you want Tekken that’s cirtually the same every time except graphics…

      1. Excuse me, but I have to point out that Quadraxis did not, in fact, say that. He said that “Tekken [is] virtually the same every time except graphics”. He wasn’t saying that Smash Bros. is the same as Tekken, but I understand the confusion, given the tricky wording.

        I just felt the need to clarify this misunderstanding, thank you very much.

      1. saSORRY always says things without thinking first in other words he’s a brainless fag and i don’t thing he’s going to buy games in fact his parents have to buy games for him

    2. The game doesn’t even have a release date and you’re already skipping it? Just sell your Wii U. Get rid of it and leave. XD

      1. he can’t. he doesn’t have the balls to get rid of it. his parents could “kill” him if he does. i read that some people wrote to him that if he ahtes nintendo so much why he doesn’t destroy his wii u and upload the video. the idiot doesn’t have balls

    3. naruto games are shit. those narutard games are always the same shit only for retards who are fanboys like you

  5. Gay Commander shut the help up,Faggot you shouldnt be commenting about wii u games when you NEVER bought one Fuk face

  6. smash bros for wii u has ps1 graphics, sucks and will look better on mobile devices, said the nintendo hater. does the image look like ps1 graphics? nope, i can see every strand of hair from both ike and marth, ps1 cant do that with the power it has. btw i cant wait until it comes out and if nintendo plans this right, they should release it for the x-mas holiday.

  7. I’m gonna enjoy beating Ike with Link & Marth on this stage when I’m bored.

  8. E3 is just around the corner guys. Please let me know what you predict will be announced this year. Here are some of my predictions:

  9. Nice and neat looking stage can’t wait to battle in this arena

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