Zelda And Midna Could Be Playable Characters In Hyrule Warriors

While Nintendo’s Digital Event is only a few mere hours away, some new information has cropped up for Hyrule Warriors. According to recent leaks from Famitsu magazine, Princess Zelda and Midna – Link’s feisty aide from Twilight Princess – could be playable characters in the Zelda-styled Dynasty Warriors game. Given that there’s no official confirmation through scans as of yet, it’s best to take this juicy rumour with a grain of salt for now.

Various leaks report that Princess Zelda will come equipped with a magic sword and bow, while Midna can fight in shadow wolf form and supposedly her beast form as well, where she uses her hair as a hand to grapple enemies in the field. Hyrule Warriors will launch in Japan on August 14. Here’s hoping more information on the game will be unveiled later today.


  1. Zelda is going to be way OP then. Anyone who’s played these games before knows that arrows and guns are always the best weapon. Stark in Bleach Resurrection, The Princess in Devil Kings, etc. I could care less about Midna, but I’m glad that Zelda’s in!

  2. wowwww, midnaaaaa, wowwwwww
    some character I would like to play is skull kid with majoras mask *-* I doubt it could work, but it’s a dream ^^

    1. Maybe you rescue her early, maybe you can only play as her post game, or maybe you can only play as her in a multiplayer mode or something?

      Who knows really, but I can see them doing it any of the three ways.

    1. Silvershadowfly is correct. For your future reference however, if a time is revealed in Pacific time, say 9 am, like the Nintendo Direct is, then to find Eastern time (the time New York runs at) you simply add 3 hours to the Pacific time. Hence why the direct starts at 12 pm for us on the East coast.

    1. Me too. I think she would make a really good magic-wielder character. Plus the thought of fighting in her beast form seems awesome!

  3. Actually in Dynasty Warriors every character have a bow, and you can shoot arrows from a first person prospective, maybe HW is different?

    1. Well they said they were changing things around from traditional DW, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

  4. Am I the only one who isn’t interested in this game at all? I’ve been playing Zelda games for nearly two decades now, but I really have 0 interest in this. I don’t really get the hype about the game, it’s not like Dynasty Warriors games normally get hyped like this either. Or is it just that a lot of people don’t even realize that this isn’t going to be anything like the Zelda games we’ve known so far? Either way, I hope people who plan to get it will enjoy it, I just know that I personally will not buy it.

    1. I think real gamers knows this isn’t a real Zelda game which it isn’t anyway…

    2. We are hyped, because the game actually lookes pretty good and it has Zelda characters in it. Obviously it won’t play like a traditional Zelda game, but why do you think it is weird to be extremely excited for a Zelda hack and slash?

      I LOVE hack and slashes, so mixing it together with the Zelda universe is pretty amazing to me. Gives it more meaning and more flavor. If it was just Dynasty Warriors characters, I wouldn’t really care, because I don’t know those characters and DW characters don’t look interesting to me.

      1. Aslong as it’s challenging and not a gorefest that you win with your eyes closes then I’ll buy it…

  5. I would bet money that they are playable characters. Judging by the character rosters of other Dynasty Warriors games, this game will have at least 50-something characters. I would suspect that they would pull from the most popular Zelda characters which means Midna and Zelda are playable by default.

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