Here’s 27 Minutes Of Bayonetta Footage Featuring Link, Samus, And Peach Costume Gameplay

Nintendo Treehouse is continuing to provide quality footage of the latest Nintendo titles showcased during the Nintendo Digital Conference at E3 2014. The latest video footage is of the original Bayonetta which we found out today runs at 60fps and features off-TV play. Anyway, enjoy the footage which shows off the Nintendo exclusive costumes featured in the game.


    1. This isn’t really “dress up” Catagory, as it does more then just a costume. Playstyle is changed based on it as well, such as combo’s and how they work and how each basic attack rolls and flows into the next. Timing and such will change as well to chain your attacks cause the costume changes how you play. So no, not really getting over the dress up marketing with this cause this isn;t dress up marketing.

    2. Even if this was just simple outfits, I still wouldn’t be over it because I love the idea of alternate outfits. I’ll be disappointed if Super Smash Bros 4 Wii U & 3DS doesn’t have them. I’m glad alternate outfits has been confirmed for Hyrule Warriors.

  1. It feels so good to be able to play catch up on Bayonetta so I know what the fuck is going on. Now I know how Xbox fan boys feel like when they got Banjo series tittles just in time for shitty Threeie. Only difference is Bayonetta 2 isn’t shitty. BAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. Awesome. Bayonetta looks good in those costumes! ;) Definitely not gonna be playing this around my mom. In fact, I think I may keep my door shut as I play this. Wow. XD

    1. So? Rayman Legends had Nintendo outfits and Wii U was best selling platform. Why didn’t you drones on the PS4 outsell the Wii U? Remember the PS4 is the best because it has a LOT OF HORSEPOWER!!! So why didn’t you buy it? Why didn’t enough of you drones buy enough Knack tittles to support Sony?

      1. So why didn’t out do MK8, 3D WORLD, DKTF, NSMBU, NINTENDOLAND? Why didn’t Knack score better than Mario tittles than? I’m curious to know why?

      2. Oh it’ll catch up REALLLLLLL fast. Knack debuted 8 months ago moron.

      3. it’s funny how you always expose your butthurt
        and you don’t own neither a ps4 nor a xbone lol

      4. Lets play it your way, It’s funny how MK7 OUTSOLD Knack and WILL continue to do so in it’s LIFE TIME. Honestly though how does it feel, does it BURN?

    2. I did. I got Tekken Tag Tourney 2 and guess what. I hated it. All the characters came unlocked and there was no interesting story (yes, I buy fighting games for the story, sue me).

      So it is a good thing that no Nintendo fans bought that game. It wasn’t worth it.

      1. Tekken 6 actually had a story. Too bad that didn’t come to Wii U. Lol. I don’t really hate TTT2, it’s just that it’s so freaking boring. Almost everything is unlocked from the start except for customization items (which I NEVER use) and ending cutscenes and stuff. I would’ve already sold the game by now if it weren’t for the added Nintendo bonuses and online play.

  3. You know what Nintendo fans, lets brag about what games are on the Wii U not coming to Ps4 and Xbox One next time some idiotic Xbox fan boy or Sony pony commets. Think about it their only defense they have is some boring CGI third person shooter not coming to Wii U? But hell Nintendo has a 3rd person shooter now. So are we really missing anything now? BAHAHAHAHAHA

    Think about it Wii U has hardcore, 2D, open world, plat former, fighting, family, a shooter and can get impressive graphics if Nintendo wanted to (Zelda footage proved that) ? Plus it’s the only console with a niche with the Amiibos. So what else is Wii U missing?

      1. Oh dear and here I thought you’d have a good memory. You do know when 3D world first was unveiled it didn’t look like it did. When DKTF was first unveiled it didn’t look as good as it did now. When Woolly Yoshi was first unveiled it didn’t look as good as did now. When Hyrule Warriors was first unveiled it didn’t look as good as it did now. When X first was unveiled it didn’t look as good as it did now. Shall I continue or do you think the moron is going to put two and two together?

      2. and x still looks terrible. little big planet 3 looks way better than yoshi yartn. warriors orrochi 3 and hyped edition looks way better than than hyrle warriors.knack looks way better than 3d world and dktf. even games like battlefield 4 look way better than x.

      3. Yeah I don’t know why people were saying it looks bad. I’m guessing that’s just how put off they were by the character models.

      4. The character models look… yuck but the overall game looks amazing :)

      5. You’re such a graphics whore. No wonder you have lousy taste in video games. You focus on graphics over everything else. You accuse Wii U games of having Xbox 360 graphics, yet you want a 360 console. Hypocrite much?

      6. Yet you come on here to defend your case, therefore that means you have doubts on the games you listed as “better” and you really do feel Nintendo games are better. You’ve been exposed.

      7. Stop whining kid, your computer was built buy monkeys (Joke intended) and you don’t even own an Xbox 360.

        So overall, you are damage controlling and it’s funny ;)

      8. Never heard of Diver Third? Is it an Xbox One exclusive? Sounds like one

  4. Things look so derivative on xbox and ps e3’s that he has to tune in to nintendo’s own so he can try to bash whats looking like gamer wins for nintendo fans. In cricket, its like the sore loser taking his bat and going home…..And how anyone puts xbox on top of every thing else is beyond me. I bought the 360 and Gears 1 to 3 cos everyone said it was better than uncharted (my fav ps games)….worst (gaming) decision in MY LIFE!!! I played 1 and couldn’t even consider playing 2 and 3. The most boring crap ever!! Run, cover, shoot, over & over again. No puzzle or platforming whatsoever. If I didn’t over-validate the knect for my young’n disney stuff, I would have sold it long ago and be done with it.

  5. Am I the only one who wants to buy this game simply because Bayonetta is hot? LOL!
    Though maybe I should be cautious. Some parts of this game reminded me a bit of Ninja Gaiden’s hack & slash gameplay. Which I’m not a big fan of. So I don’t really know what to think, say or do at this moment. I never played the first Bayonetta, so I have no clue what kind of game it is.

    1. I will admit this is one of my reasons for wanting to buy this game, but it’s not the main reason. I also can’t wait to enjoy the gameplay & the ability to summon creatures to attack my enemies.

  6. Oh nice! Nintendo gave them full creative control over Link, Samus, & Peach’s outfit designs for Bayonetta! No undershirt covering Bayonetta’s cleavage for those of us that want to actually see that kind of stuff. And I’m also glad each outfit brings it’s own special weapon & attacks with it. Such a tough choice between Bayonetta’s original outfit or one of the 3 Nintendo outfits. I’ll just have to play through the game 4 different times for each outfit. xD

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