Here’s Plenty Of Information About Hyrule Warriors On Wii U


The official Japanese website for Hyrule Warriors has been updated with a wealth of new and interesting information. The new content includes various stage details and information on specific characters including Princess Zelda and Midna. You can read it all, below.

Rod: Some dazzling screenshots of Link wielding a new Rod weapon were released. 4Gamer has indicated the Rod is a magical weapon capable of producing flames. It’s capable of shooting flames at a large mass of enemies in a wide range. The Rod will change form depending on the attack method. 

Zelda, Princess of Hyrule Kingdom:  During the sudden crisis in Hyrule Kingdom, the courageous princess commands the troops while standing directly on the battlefield. Zelda is a dignified beauty with a noble and royal atmosphere. Hidden within her is the power of the Triforce of Wisdom. She has calm eyes capable of assessing the course of the war, calmly defend, and bravely attack. She mainly uses a rapier as her weapon, and she gracefully fights in a flowing manner without wasting a single motion.

Midna, Twilight Princess: Midna comes from a different world, and she is the princess of the Twilight Realm’s royal family. On the upside, she has a fairly minded personality. Although she has a pretty sharp tongue. However, Midna’s gentle on one side, but she’s also a strong female lead. Her appearance has been altered by the Sorceress Cia. Midna’s currently hunting for Cia to regain her original form. She fights while riding a Shadow Wolf created by magic. Midna can ride the wolf straight into the enemies, and utilize her hair to form hands to viciously strike her enemies or pick them up and fling them away.

Stage Details:
Palace of Twilight: 
Hyrule Kingdom exists as the World of Light, while another world exists as the Twilight Realm. The Twilight Realm’s royal family lives in this palace. The residents of the World of Light and the Twilight Realm are unable to travel into each other’s world, but the two worlds have connected again with someone’s magic.

Eldin Volcano: 
Sparks fly constantly inside the cave of this active volcano. With nowhere left to go, lava can erupt straight from the walls, interrupting anyone’s path with naturally produced sea of flames. Mining have been regularly conducted in the back of the cave, in order to collect good quality ore.

Item Details:
Enhancement Items: 
An enhancement item may appear when you defeat an enemy, or they may appear if you break pots. If you pick up the enhancement, the power of an item will increase for a certain amount of time. The powered up bomb will allow you to blow away large amount of enemies.

Multiplayer Details: Co-op multiplayer with two people is possible. With the Wii U GamePad, and the other player will use the Wii U Pro Controller or a Wii Remote & Nunchuk for the TV screen, this will allow players to control their characters on their own separate screens.

Weak Point Details: With strong enemies such as King Dodongo or Lizalfos, there may be opportunities to strike them back after the enemy uses specific attacks. This opportunity is considered as the weak point, and a gauge will appear on the screen. It’s possible for the gauge to reduce when you’re exposed to an attack, so feed the gauge for a “Weak Point Smash” before it runs out.

One of the weak point opportunities is when King Dodongo opens his mouth. If you throw a bomb in there, there will be a huge explosion in his belly. This will transition into a Weak Point opportunity after this occurs. Strike repeatedly in order to increase the gauge for a “Weak Point Smash”.


  1. Despite the poor graphics, this game seems interesting. I like the idea of fighting wave after wave if the same enemies over and over again. Nintendo really innovates. Gotta give them credit for that!

    1. It’s made by the same guys who made Dynasty Warriors… what were you expecting?

      Even the 8th game in the series doesn’t look that great and that one got released on PC and PS4

      1. I hate midna, she looks like an idiot. She looks cool at the end of twilight princess but her look throughout the game and in hyrule warriors sucks.

      2. I totally agree. I never liked Midna. Mainly because of that stupid thing she wears on her head. I like her human form better.

      3. Woah. Imp Midna is hot like a bowl of cold cereal. She is bootiful with that huge bootay ;)

    2. It’s not all about visuals now though is it. Gameplay is more important. Although I’ll admit, a decent effort for visuals are needed.

    3. The graphics arnt bad, their just not amazing, I love the twilight princes HD feel though, having just played twilight princess on my Wii U I can safely say that the graphics of this game are far better

  2. I hope there are more stages. 2 isn’t enough at all. I would settle for at least 10. It will need diversity. Twilight Palace, Gerudo Valley, Hyrule Field, Kokiri Forest, Mount Eldin, Goron Mountain, Zelda’s Castle. I could go on.

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  4. Gotta save up for Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, Watch Dogs, and Smash Bros 3DS and Wii U. Probably gonna get Watch Dogs and Bayonetta 2 first.

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  6. I’ve never played any Dynasty Warriors games before. So this game is going to be a totally new experience for me. I just hope I like it.

  7. The games I most want this year: Super Smash for Wii U and 3DS, Destiny, Evolve, Hyrule Warriors. That’s pretty much it. I’ve never played a Dynasty warrior game so Hyrule Warrior should be freaking epic!

  8. Whoa. Did I just hear that this game will support double screen multiplayer? That sounds awesome.
    I will be looking forward to that.
    The multiplayer in Pikmin 3 was a bit of a let down because I’m not too fond of split screening in most Co-op games. It might just be me, but I find it to be distracting sometimes.

  9. A shame Hyrule Warriors is only going to use 2 player co-op. This would be the perfect game to introduce multiple Gamepads if it would use 4 player co-op.

    1. I feel you on that.
      That idea would not only be beneficial to consumers, but also to Nintendo as well.
      I for one would love to see this utilized for future 4 player Co-op games.

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