Kirby And The Rainbow Curse Animations To Have Lowered FPS For The Claymation Look?

NeoGAF member Exterminieren says that he heard on the 8-4 E3 podcast that the Nintendo PR team at E3 had said that they had lowered the framerate on Kirby And The Rainbow Curse in an effort to make the game have an Aardman Animation style. This supposedly gives the impression of a choppier claymation look.

“On the 8-4 E3 podcast, it was said that the PR guys at Nintendo’s booth were saying that, with Kirby’s claymation visuals, the decision had been taken to deliberately lower the frame rate to give the overall animation a slightly choppier, Aardman Animation-style style.”

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    1. 1. We don’t know if it has retail release
      2. Nintendo have sold game under 60 on wii u and 3ds(wario, zelda WW, KTD, ect.)
      3.Clay animation isn’t easy

    2. Not really, it sounds like they trying to mimic Claymation movies which run at about 30 fps compared to 4K films and such running at a much faster framerate so it makes sense…. it doesn’t make sense for the Order 1886 which should run at 60 fps on the PS4 hardware if it’s sooo powerful.

      1. Claymation won’t look like claymation if it runs at 60 frames per sec. Unless they had the character movements look choppy while at 60 fps which would be the stupid way of doing things. Look at any claymation movie and it looks choppy, that’s the point. It’s like that indie game Cuphead, it looks like an old cartoon.

    1. You don’t understand what they are saying? They are saying its lowered to give a Aardman Animation-style look, since its made of clay :P

      You cannot use that argument anymore either, since we saw Zelda Wii U looking stunning on Wii U

  1. OMFG They lower the frame rate
    ON PURPOSE not because of hardware, but because of authenticity!

      1. I hope, whenever you get your Xbox 360, it will RROD the first time you turn it one!

      2. So you like used stuff… must explain why your computer was from Goodwill ;)

      3. Yeah, it’s sad that people still buy Sony exclusives like The Order 1886 -_- Sad Times we live in…. Thank goodness this game is still a lot of fun and actually as a good reasons for being at a different frame rate :D Finally, something we can agree on

      4. Give yourself go fuck themselves already one, motherfucker silly, tiring you more!

      5. Says the troll who’s too beyond broke to afford a 360 WHICH he also said to wanna buy a Red Ring 360 model and call it next gen than Wii U…

        Yup. You’ve been dropped on your head again. Have you ever heard of elevators? Its safer to use that than trying to baby walk on a flight of stair which you’lll likely fall over moron.

  2. Sounds like excuses to me. The animation framerate is seperate from the game framerate, as someone else has mentioned already.

    1. You do know a developer was working on a full Claymation game (No 3D Rendered Models) and capped the frame rate to 30 fps because Claymation is a lot slower than Live Action and CGI.

    2. Not really,it gives the feeling of stop motion, which stuff like robot chicken, they give the sense that these are figures, the animation FR is okay what matters is GFR

  3. Looks fine to me. Love the Kirby games, and the clay choppy look is awesome. Keep it comin’ Nintendo. :》

  4. I kind of like the idea of a game that looks like something Aardman would make if they were stoned off there ass and played a shit ton of Kirby games… that’s a good thing by the way XD

  5. For you that don’t read, the frame-rate limitation is to give a clay-motion impression, not because the Wii U can’t handle it. Stupids.

  6. I hope this isn’t a full retail game, and a eShop game instead, doesn’t look like it’s worth $60/£40.

      1. full Wii U retail games are £40-50 starting, and no it’s not worth 30 quid.

    1. I hope it is. I would love to have the physical copy. So colorful. And Kirby games are worth every penny.

  7. The question is…did Nintendo do it on purpose? Or is this just to cover up the fact that…well I’m not going to go there. After all, even the PS4 and Xbox Won have a tough time getting 60 FPS. This game is going to be fun whether it’s 30 or 15FPS. That being said, I’m going to wait until it’s on sale

      1. Heh, I saw you guys using the Xbox Done name a lot so I just switched it around to Xbox Won. Let’s face it; it’s a better nickname since it’s less negative. Xbox definitely won’t outsell Playstation, but it’s still doing reasonably well. I prefer both Nintendo and Sony, but I notice that everyone is against Microsoft so I try to help them out a bit. This is a Nintendo site so it’s good to see everyone on their side, but it’s not cool to see Microsoft trashed all of the time. That’s why I defend them…it’s what I do.

      2. This is probably not the best place to do that. Every opinion here is invalid.

      3. Then you must be one of their bitch White Knights.

        Have you ditched the fact about their DRM, NSA, Paywall, lack of compatibility with 360, console blowing up due to drawing too much power, games look like 720p crap since it can’t push pass 800p at best and the company generally being slow fucktard turtles at realizing their screw up cost X1 their opening so they decided to change shit far too late and piss off the early dumbass adopters which I bet you’re one of them.

        Congratulations on failing to explain why you think Microsoft deserves any form of respect for years of screw ups and conning people’s money over shit that other resources offer but better and FREE ONLINE PLAY.

      1. I disagree, this game turned out all right.

        It isn’t naturally at 15 FPS, but the gameplay is still smooth enough to be okay. It could be fun as a one shot game for effect

      2. I guess it is ok at 15FPS. But that’s considered unplayable to me. For a game like that, I wouldn’t go below 30 FPS.

    1. First of all, its the choice of art style that ultimately defined the choice of framerate. They can run it at 60FPS if they wanted too but 60FPS for clay animation sometimes doesn’t look right. Besides, 30FPS is fine as long as its locked at 30 and 30FPS for clay animation feels proper. It has nothing to do about hardware power dipshit and speaking of that, on Xbox One and PS4, is there ANY PROPER games that doesn’t look like another typical realism BS I see every goddamn day and if there is, name one. And don’t even say Conker. Everyone knows the real Conker and Rare is dead and that Conker news from E3 was yet another major bitchslap to the face for Xbots. PS4 Knack, we all know its a unbearably boring POS that ripped off Legos.

      1. Are you talking to me? I-… I’m sorry. :| I think you misread my post. I wasn’t talking about this game. Please don’t hurt me!

  8. Seriously… if anyone sees this as a problem, then you need to learn a few things about video games.

    It is being done on perfect to affect the feel of the game. Lower frame rate isn’t always a negative. For example, in this case, the lowered framerate develops a claymation feel for the gamer.

    Don’t like the idea? Well don’t buy it, but it’s part of the artistic approach.

  9. Frame rate debate aside, what a shitty lede to this story. “A guy heard on a thing that someone said something” is bad practice all around.

  10. The game itself is 60 fps but the characters move choppier.. That’s all. You can easily tell if you pay attention to the trailer.. I don’t see why this needed to get pointed out. The water effect/camera is clearly smooth, while the characters move choppier.

  11. Saw 30fps and that’s all that matters to attack a console… get a life, read the whole thing and get the XBO controller out of your ass.

    If you know anything about animation you’ll understand the developers decision. At 30fps they can make the characters move choppy because if you run that on 60fps, that claymation style is gone.

    Price shmice, when they roll out PS4 and XBO only titles, the price could go up because of development. You don’t see it yet because most titles now still depend on the PS360 market.

  12. You fucking idiots! The ANIMATIONS have a lowered framerate, to give them a stop-motion-look! The game itself runs at 60 fps! How about you learn to read?

  13. In LotR: The Fellowship of the Ring movie, the frame rate for the water Galadriel poured into her mirror was deliberately reduced to give an otherworldly effect. Yet, the movie could & did handle a higher framerate everywhere else. The decision made sense, & the execution artistic.

    Conversely, there’s the recent live-action Hobbit movies’ use of hyper frame-rates, @ least as movies run. That choice was received negatively.

    Of course, in gaming, graphic whores care nothing for æsthetics & are concerned soley w/ photo-realism, realistic motion, & high-end PC-gaming, which begs the question: Why even bother critiquing a stylized Wii U game like Kirby & the Rainbow Curse? Of course, haters will latch onto & twist anything to feed their ego.

    Another Wii U game using claymation that looks fun & wonderful (if one remembers Neverhood for the original PlayStation, or loves Earthworm Jim, it’s worth a gander):

    1. Well said bro. Right now, Wii U is like their main target to feed their BS desire to look cool on hating a fucking material that looks colorful and unrealistic aka imaginative.

      Let them go be stupid somewhere else and waste money on realism crap that, I promise you, they’re gonna get bored of about 6 days tops.

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