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Grezzo, The Developer Behind Zelda Ocarina Of Time 3D Asks “Would You Like To Make A Legend With Us”


Grezzo, the development team behind The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D on the Nintendo 3DS, has posted a job listing asking applicants whether they would like to make a “legend” with them. Nothing has been confirmed, but the hints in the title point towards the developer gearing up to develop The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D for the Nintendo 3DS. Hopefully we hear something soon.

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69 thoughts on “Grezzo, The Developer Behind Zelda Ocarina Of Time 3D Asks “Would You Like To Make A Legend With Us””

  1. I never got to fully play the N64 original, so I would love to see a fresh and new version of it, and portable too. :D

    1. pink0crystal0midbus

      You could get Majora’s Mask on Wii’s VC for free through Nintendo’s Reward program a couple of times.

      I did it last year.

      1. But that’s the old N64 version right? That’s what I meant. I’d kind of like a brand new version with some updated graphics. No, I’m not a graphics whore or anything, but honestly, I found OoT and MM’s graphics on the N64 to be a little…muddy, like it was hard to distinguish certain things.

    1. It prefer a HD remake (in one box) of oot, mm, tp, and ss. And with controller options (Wii remote + nunchuck, or gamepad, or pro controller, or the new game cube controller) that would be worth money

      1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

        Let’s just stick with a 3D remake of Majora’s Mask first. >.< An HD remake of Ocarina, Majora, Twilight, & Skyward with Wii Motion Plus and/or Gamepad controls would be a huge undertaking, so this idea would take up much more time than a simple Majora's Mask remake on the 3DS where they already have a majority of the models for the game ready from their work on Ocarina of Time 3D.

      2. That’s too many resources for a remake. Let’s just have them make Majora’s Mask 3D. We don’t need all this other stuff.

  2. I hope they include a Master’s Quest style of replay like OoT: 3D it’s all right if they don’t it be nice though.

    1. There was never a Master’s Quest done for MM, unlike OoT. (Which was made for a GameCube bundle/promotion, if I remember correctly.) I doubt they would create a whole new game mode, although you never know. The boss mode might not even make an appearance, considering the fact that you can go back and fight any of the bosses once you’ve beaten them by either returning to the temple or winding back time.

      1. They could add a Master Quest, after all the Master Quest on Ocarina of Time 3D is completely different from the Master Quest on GameCube.

  3. I remember playing the game on my cousins’ N64 and they got upset every time i played their save file. I eventually did get via Collector’s Edition for gamecube but never beat it, i sold the game in hopes of this 3D remake/remaster like OoT: 3D.

  4. I just hope that if IS in fact a MM remake they do it actually better than the 3DS remake they did of OoT; I will recommend instead of using the same art style they came with another one that fit better the capabilities of the 3DS and the tone of the game. Because I do not like how it ended up looking the N64 art style but “with more details” that just make them look unsettling, yes some model where looking good, like Link and Zelda, but those that does not receive the same amount of attention ended un looking awful.
    And if they are going to fix some bug of the original game, then do not break what is not broken.

    1. The only thing I found odd about the OoT remake was the way they slowed down (or appeared to slow down) Link’s animations to make them more fluid. It’s very odd to play that game and have Link looking like he was moving through water.

      Your second point raises the question on whether or not a 3DS port will have the same audio problems as MM did when it was transferred to the 4-game Zelda disc (another GCN promo disc). I would think not given the advances in technology since then, but who knows.

    1. Wii U has a larger install base so naturally more people would be asking for it on the 3DS than on the Wii U

      45M Vs 6M

      From a person who owns both systems i would like to see it on the 3DS

    2. Well, for me personally as I don’t really care about HD all that much, I like the idea of MM being portable, and OoT3D’s graphixcs were good enough for me.

      1. HD isn’t just an upscaled resolution. It strongly affects how things in the game appear. Such as character models etc. See Wind Waker HD for example or Mario Kart 8 vs Wii.

    3. I think we’ve all just lowered our expectations in the hopes of getting it at all. A 3DS version would be easier for Nintendo (or Grezzo) in that a lot of the leg work was already done for OoT.

    4. Because it would be more plausible in all sense a 3DS version that a Wii U version.

      1.- The biggest Zelda instal base is in the 3DS, not yet on the Wii U.

      2.- The engine and model for the game already exist for the 3DS, so it would be cheaper to make the game for the 3DS.

      3.- There is more chance to see the original MM game on the Wii U as a e shop virtual console game.

    5. Because OOT was remade for the 3DS and MM is a direct sequel, with the same graphics etc, so makes sense to do it on 3DS, where as they did WW on Wii U. Otherwise they coulda just waited another year to remake OOT and do it on the Wii U instead. So basically, N64 remakes are good on the 3DS, GC/Wii remakes are good on the Wii U (I include Wii remakes because I would love a TP and SS remake too! for HDness)

  5. pink0crystal0midbus

    Ughh. Why do people want this game remade? It’s not even a good Zelda game. Orcarina of Time makes sense, because it is widely regarded as the best game of all time and it would help drive 3DS sales and it deserved to be remade, etc, etc, but Majora’s Mask is largely a niche Zelda title.

    People complain that Nintendo milk their franchises and can’t do anything new, yet here everyone is wishing for a Majora’s Mask remake. You can get the game on the Wii’s VC. WHy does it need to be made for the 3DS too?

    1. A remake probably isn’t necessary for sure. Though, if Nintendo really is going to make it, might as well look forward to it.

    2. It is a great Zelda game, at least in my opinion. There is a lot of depth to the overarching theme/plots–especially if you’re a supporter of the five stages of grief theory (I am)–that most other Zelda games don’t have (I think Wind Waker is the closest one). And there’s a lot of detail in the side quests and plot. For example, whole dialogue branches can be different if you miss even one step in the Couple’s Mask quest.

      I agree it’s a niche title, though, simply because of the time mechanic and its dark presentation. And the requirement for an N64 expansion pack may have further alienated people at the time of its original release. A 3DS port could introduce more people to this game.

      1. pink0crystal0midbus

        I’ve never heard of the “five stages of grief theory” lol. I’m just annoyed that I just got this game on the Wii’s VC and now it’s being remade.. Seems like a waste.

        1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

          It’s the same as the “Link dies” theory of Majora’s Mask if I’m not mistaken.

    3. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      I disagree. Majora’s Mask is one of the best Zelda games. Subquests galore, awesome masks that each bring something to the game, character development all around, one of the darkest stories in the series, challenging because of the 3-day limit, transformation masks, awesome bosses, a new fairy partner that is more involved in the story than what Navi was, and best of all – Majora itself who is trying to commit the biggest evil of all: the extinction of all life.

    4. Firstly, while you may not like Majora’s Mask, there is certainly a large cult following that wants to replay this game. MM is effectively the sister game to Ocarina of Time, using the same engine, while focussing on the opposite gameplay elements that OOT focused on.

      In my personal opinion, you cannot have one without the other, and OOT has had so much publicity, that it’s almost unfair to see Majora’s Mask treated so badly.

      “People complain that Nintendo milk their franchises.” Honestly, I agree with you here, in that the fans tend to demand, and then get angry despite getting their demands.

      About getting MM on the VC, to be honest, some of us would just like for an updated version of the game. I’ve played through the entire N64 game many times, and to get updated graphics, bug fixes, etc, would be a dream.

    1. Well, if it’s a Majora’s Mask sequel, it has to involve the Majora’s Mask, it could feature A Link Between World’s Link, Ravio loses the Majora’s Mask, and someone like Gulley becomes evil, haha.

  6. I’m still hoping for HD Wii U versions of Ocarina Of Time and Majora’s Mask. Seeing the games on a big tv screen is SO much better than the eye-straining 3DS screen.

  7. If the game engine is the same as ocarina of time the game will look beautiful it will feel fresh even though it’s a older game and these delveplers did a awesome job with ocarina of time so this game will look good or better than orcarina of time if this game ends up being made It will sell like crazy its been 4 years since ocarina of time came out I like to see what these delvepers can do with majoras mask just imagine what it wil look like when the game finishes I know people are saying another re hash but when you see this game being remade by the same developers that made ocarina you will be like wow this is amazing

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  9. What I, as a fan would like to see is an HD Wii U Hero of Time Packaged Bundle for both OOT/MM with some additional content.
    The originals are on the VC so please stop with the bitching about them being excised from existence. I also feel that the games would be best served with a semi-orchestral remake of the soundtracks as well. So why Bundle the two games? Well, they deal with the same Link and his story. So having both games treated like one long story would be a wonderful thing. I would like to see some additional content in there too, like connective story tissue between OOT and MM. What happened after OOT and why Link went to look for SK. There should be a mini-side story there that leads you away from OOT and into the beginning of MM, there could be more dungeons to be explored after the events of MM as well, to find out more about Termina’s history because to me it has one, the Ikana Kingdom is in ruins for instance. Besides, isn’t Termina like an alternate version to Hyrule anyway? So there had to be an alternate world version of Link there in the distant past, maybe the additional content can touch upon that in some way and leave enough story tidbits for either a prequel or sequel to MM. It could deal with Oni-Link, how is he Linked to all the Masks and why Majora’s Mask wanted to come to this world specifically, did it originate from this alternate world and somehow got out into Hyrule where the Mask salesman acquired it. It would be nice if Nintendo best explored it’s stories much more than they do.

  10. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

    First Aonuma talking about a Majora’s Mask remake after E3 & now this!? D: Why are they doing this to us!? Aonuma is becoming as bad as Sakurai when it comes to teasing the Ridley fanbase.

    1. I want an HD remake! Not only would it look really good, but people would also buy Wii U’s just for it! (Well, for Zelda U, but it’d be a nice bonus) What if they just remade it for both platforms? I’m surprised that no one even thought about that. Y NOT BOTH EH?

  11. So basically

    2014: Hyrule Warriors
    2016:Zelda WiiU, i know they promised it for 2015 but they always dealy Zelda by a year and this is the biggest Zelda yet so i doubt it makes for 2015 but i could be wrong too.

  12. This would be incredibly awesome, Majora’s Mask was a good game that had a few qualities that prevented it from being a great game (such as the save system). If they tweak it and add a few more things, then I would play the hell out of it

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