FIFA 15 Coming To Wii And 3DS, But Skipping Wii U Again

wii_fifa_15EA has confirmed FIFA 15 will be coming to all platforms bar from Nintendo’s home console the Wii U. In a press release, the publisher has listed a worldwide September release for the upcoming football title on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, while a stripped-down version will arrive for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, as well as 3DS and Vita handheld systems.

By all accounts, EA will release the Vita, Wii and 3DS versions under a “Legacy Edition”, similar to FIFA 14’s release last year. But whether or not these versions will just receive an updated kit roster or more remains to be seen. FIFA 13 was the last in the franchise to arrive on Wii U, but performed poorly in sales leading to FIFA 14’s cancellation on the platform.


    1. when the wii is soft mod, it will allow you to save free copy of the games that you download online or rent and rip it on the console then return the disc since disc not needed after it’s been ripped or downloaded.

  1. So what happened after this company was sued for releasing a broken game? I’m talking about Battlefield 4. They should get in trouble for gimping games on the Wii U as well.

    1. Far from a conspiracy. The Wii u has sold 6 million units. The Wii has sold 100 million units. EA figures its profitable to release the game on the Wii and not the Wii u.

      1. Just because the Wii sold more units doesn’t mean it’s gonna benefit. Alot of people who had one have probably moved on to another console or smartphone gaming or some crap like that. This would probably sell more on the Wii U with the Gamepad and HD! What were these morons thinking…

      2. Yet Xbox One has only sold 4 million units….. makes no sense… and don’t pull the “Oh but it was just released” bs. Wii U was released 1 1/2 years ago and it’s still selling faster than the Xbone.

        EA has NO excuse

      3. EA hates Wii U for some reason, that’s the truth, but it’s okay, we are just talking about FIFA…

      4. I’ve heard it’s because EA wanted to have Origin integrated into the Wii U’s online infrastructure, or completely used for it. Nintendo said no. The rest is history.

      5. Yea xboxone sold 4 million units but yet fifa 14 sold 980,000 copies as of now. While wiiu has 6 million but fifa 13 has sold 140k copies. Opening day fifa 14 sold 230k on x1, and fifa 13 sold 13k on wiiu

      6. FIFA wasn’t a pack-in game like it was with Xbox One, so that accounts for a chunk of the sales especially in the UK. For the Wii U version wasn’t the current version of FiFA 13 it was based on the FIFA 12 engine and was rush, unlike the Xbox One had the full weight of EA weight of EA development behind it.

        So there are all kinds of sales numbers factors to put in, along with a few I did both to mention. Releasing on the Wii vs. the Wii U is a very bizarre choice.

      7. It wasn’t a bundle everywhere, just the UK, plus Ninty gamers don’t buy 3rd party games (at least the majority.)

        Also, its pretty well known that most dude bros are on the XBOne, those are you’re main target when it comes to these games.

      8. But UK is the where Soccer sells the most, EA just double dipped and put out a World Cup Edition that is one of the top selling games this week. I agree with your second point about Sports is more popular on Xbox vs a Nintendo Console. Its been that way since the Genesis.

        I don’t agree Nintendo users don’t buy 3rd party games, they just don’t buy crappy 3rd party games. Its been a myth for quite some time. For example the game with the TOP usage on the Wii was Monster Hunter TRi.

        Anyways still an odd decision, to not do a roster update. They would make some money either way on the Wii U if they did. (i.e. development costs would be lower than sales.)

  2. what a weird decision?????? anyway the wii U owner will be able to play this game anyway…. weird weird…..

    I try to understand the business decision behind it. The core and the sporty/COD gamers of the Wii would have move to Wii U if they have to money to afford it. The casual gamers who still have a Wii don’t like football so there is no much sales here.

    Even if the sporty gamers has still their Wii I am not sure they will buy Fifa 2015.

    Well I know I can get the PC version and hack the game if need be LOL….

  3. That’s just straight up trolling. XD Lol, doesn’t bother me though. Don’t give a crap about FIFA. Only EA franchises I care for now are The Sims and Need For Speed. If those don’t come to the U, I’m gonna be in depression mode. :|

  4. Can’t wait to play this on my PS4 with next gen visuals and gameplay, I’m glad Sony Won E3 so easily, alot of 3rd party support and great 1st party games coming out like Uncharted 4,which will outsell Zelda U and Mario U sales combined.

    Ps4 is for real gamers, it’s for true cool players.

    Currently playing. MGS V

      1. Keep in mind that this isn’t actually the number of copies of hands of the consumer, so the number might be lower than that. But still, with the amount of Sony fanboys hyping up the PS4 and Uncharted, I think Zelda’s gonna have a hard time… I hate when that happens. I don’t want Uncharted to win. (No offense, I actually like the series XD) but I want Zelda U to obliterate the charts. I want the Wii Uu to crush every living thing in it’s path. We have to win this gen!

      2. In all honesty, Zelda U has the better graphics, the better artstyle and the better gameplay. Uncharted is just a pretty Tech demo with corridor after corridor.

      3. I agree about artstyle and gameplay. But idk bout graphically. :| Uncharted 3 looks seriously sharp on PS3. And that came out years ago. I’m gonna hold off on that until I see gameplay. Either way, I think this new Zelda looks cel shaded from what I’ve seen? I’m a little biased when it comes to that artstyle so it’s a bit unfair for me to compare it. XD Cel shading is the best. But if Zelda U goes for a more realistic style, then you’d better prepare for those Sony fanboys. :/

      4. Not really, I’ve actually played Uncharted 3 and… it’s no where nears as good looking as the new Zelda game looks.

      5. Yes, because dark light that you can hardly see anything is consider “Amazing graphics”… Uncharted 4 will be outdated within a year whilst Zelda U will last a life time.

      6. … Mario Kart 8 already dwarfed that on day one…. So he isn’t really right at all.

        I own a PS4 (Mainly for console exclusives) and I couldn’t care less about Uncharted 4, hell, a whole bunch of my mates who seen the trailer for it were like “Meh, looks boring”. LittleBigPlanet 3 looks more fun that Uncharted 4

    1. “PS4 is for real gamers”…. so is that why Sony is now focusing on TV like what Microsoft did last year?

      Seriously, PC is for real gamers, PS4 and Xbox One are for plebs who can’t afford even the most decent of PC hardware. Wii U is for real gamers.

      Just saying Console pleb ;)

    2. Anyone can game on what they want, honestly.

      I was an Xbox fan turned Playstation after last years conferrence. This years conferrence was a total letdown due to lack of exclusive games and a whole bunch of TV garbage which they insulted Microsoft last year for doing.

      They lost a sale this year. I cant believe they bagged the shit out of MS about the TV crap and then said they were all about games after talking about nothing but TV crap for half an hour.

      Even my friend who was watching with me at the time, being a big Sony fan, said he regretted buying the PS4 after its already lack of games with no promise of decent games coming within the year, and that if money were not an issue he probably would have caved and swapped sides.

      Honestly I don’t care for either side of the fence. I’ve always been ‘tendo and they delivered great this year. Microsoft won this year, though. They had a lot to show off that was Xbox one exclusive (Including a shove of an absolutely beautiful Insomniac game into Sony’s faces) and they definately redeemed themselves after last year. Unfortunately Sony crushed my dreams for the next gen of owning their console.

      1. No sense in having a PS4 for anything but Grim Fandango Remake (Which will soon be on PC) and LBP3, everything else was just boring. Microsoft at least showed off games I’m looking forward to like Crackdown, Fable Legends and Sunset Overdrive.

        Nintendo won it for me, mind you. They showed off a shit ton of games that I can’t wait to get, Splatoon and Zelda U being at the top for me :)

    3. Excuse me? Sony LOST e3 LOL. Tell me an exclusive that ISN’T 30 fps, and an actual good Vita game announced in e3

      1. Uncharted 4 is actually targeting 60FPS framerate. UC games are usually graphically intense, so if they can pull that off, that’d be amazing. As for Vita… I got nothing. That thing is dead. LOL.

      2. Uncharted 4 might be their big game but overall they have nothing else and they utterly lost E3…

        They were only a tad better than that borefest of an Electron conference…

      3. I’ve been calling them that ever since I joined this site…

        Same with everything else I’ve come up with except Xbots…

    4. Lolololol
      This kid needs glasses ;)
      AMD is already dropping the PS4 because they have little faith in it yet they still support Nintendo and the Wii U ;)

      1. I am not because of 3rd party and playstation now. Also the last of us remastered.

  5. So they based their business decisions in the performance of a bunch of ports that were released when the console was barely out and disregarding the fact that at the moment Wii U has 6+ million users and growing. EA is just plain ridiculous.

    This is another game which could have implemented some interesting gamepad features like making squad changes or formation without pausing the game. I personally would have bought a “well made” Fifa 15 for Wii U.

    And yeah, again, EA is just plain ridiculous!! It does look as if EA had something against Wii U… I should not be surprised at this point anyway,

    1. IMO they are just sticking to their guns when they said “We wont be making any games for WiiU” which in reality, is incredibly dumb, but go figure. They wonst see sales figures from the Wii version so goodbye money for EA

  6. They should stop this bullshit, either do, or dont.
    No one is going to buy half-ass editions of their games.

  7. Lol “true, cool gamers” that dont what gaming is…just FPS online, basement dwelling anti-socialist…..who needs friends when you have MSG V…i mean MSG super rehash LOL

  8. Lol “true, cool gamers” that dont what gaming is…just FPS online, basement dwelling anti-socialist…..who needs friends when you have MGS V…i mean MGS super rehash LOL

  9. So, what does EA have against the Wii U, exactly? I understand they think they need to have stunning, incredible, 1080p graphics for the same sports games they release every year, but then why release it on the Wii, which can only output at 480p? It’s not gonna sell on the Wii, at all, I feel like that audience doesn’t care about FIFA one bit. They’ll make more money by either not putting it on a Nintendo console at all, or putting it on the Wii U. Is it worth spiting Nintendo to lose money on a game?

    1. It’s the sales. The games they’ve already put out on the Wii U was a test to see if the fanbase was there. The games just aren’t selling so they scrapped it all together. It’s a real shame though, because I supported them and bought Need For Speed for the full $60. And what do I get in return? No new games. That’s a great way to treat your customers isn’t it? :) /sarcasm

      1. Oh yeah, and they f****d me over by not putting the new DLC in NFSMWU. So not only do I not get new games, but I don’t get new content for the games that are actually there… -_- So yeah… Screw EA.

    2. Let them waste their resources…

      The faster they fall, the better…

      1. Once the idiots get tired of their EA sports garbage, they will fall faster than a fat human from a building…

      2. Well, it’s the 21st century. And people aren’t tired yet. EA will keep racking up the cash as long as the suckers keep buying. I bet the president of EA sits in a chair made out of bills. Lol.


    Can’t go two minutes without hearing about god damn FIFA!!!

    I mean my brother buys every FIFA game and they all look the same but they sell like wildfire

    meanwhile people say “Oh Nintendo games are the rehashes”

    P.S. I see that the logic in EA’s mind is faulty, why would you buy this game that is basically used only with online on a console which had it’s online infrastructure terminated a month ago?

  11. Funny thing is… I can play this on my Wii U whether EA likes it or not XD

    EA… are you feeling okay… do you need your anti retard pills again?

    1. Yeah, but the graphics would be so much better on the U. And the Gamepad is comfy. :( Also, how much you wanna bet they try to sell it off for $60? Lol. Typical cheapskate EA.

  12. Electron logic = Make the stupid game for the Wii that has no online multiplayer anymore and for the 3DS which I’m guessing barely 0.1% buys anyway but they skip the Wii U…

    I’m so tahnkful I don’t have ti see that abomination in our holy machine…

  13. Isn’t this because of EA want to use Origins for online but disapproved by Nintendo or something like that?

      1. Mass Effect 3 for Wii U for $60 or Mass Effect Trilogy for PS3/Xbox 360 for $60 along side the “alternate” ending bullshit of Mass Effect 3: STRIKE ONE & STRIKE TWO!! Need for Speed Most Wanted U lacking DLC: STRIKE 3!! YOU’RE OUT!!! Thank you very much, EA, for screwing over your own games & then trying to blame the majority of the userbase of the Wii U for not falling for your crap by buying the few games they did give the userbase. My sales would be shit, too, if I was screwing over that console’s userbase with unethical bullshit business practices such as this! I think EA knew EXACTLY what they were doing. I’m pissed because EA has a few games I like & would definitely buy on the Wii U as I bought Most Wanted U & would have bought Mass Effect 3 til I heard about the 2 issues I mentioned earlier in the post. But I’m also pissed because there is a userbase on the console that would buy their games like crazy if they weren’t screwing it over. So I’m not only mad for me but for others that would love to play their games. I’m hoping Ubisoft doesn’t make the same mistake EA has made.

        And I feel better after getting that rant out. >.<

  14. I wonder if ea realized that technically they’re supporting wii u because you can play this garbage on the console via the wii mode

      1. they’re still butthurt because nintendo didn’t built the nintendo network on that crap called origin, that’s the grudge the have against the wii u

      2. High Command did the best decision ever by denying access for them…

    1. It’s not the same thing though. This port is most likely going to be horrible. No point in even bothering it. Even the last gen HD versions are getting “stripped down”. I can only imagine what the god awful Wii version will be like. ¬_¬

      1. it’s an ea game, you know what’s the result: the same crap!!!

  15. So, the wii u is underpowered, isnt that the reason the reason they dont make games for it? then we have fifa releases for an even MORE weaker hardware.. where’s that excuse now, EA? im starting to hate them now..

    1. Wii U isn’t “Underpowered” like many people would like you to think. EA just wants to be dicks.

      1. Well, it’s underpowered on today’s “gaming” standards.. so yeah, it’s “underpowered”..

  16. EA is releasing a shitty game for the Wii because they will only change a few things in-game, slap a new cover and ask customers to pay full price.

    What will EA do next if this game don’t sell as expected? Announce they will stop supporting the Wii?

    1. Oh no! Please don’t cease supporting the Wii! What will we ever do without EA’s games for Wii!? *sarcasm* xD

    1. You mean with that bad lag and stupid touch pad and touch screen controls that are so awkward people just throw their PS4 and PSVita (if they had one because no one likes it).

      I’m sorry kid but the Wii U dwarfs the 7.5th Gen console ;)


  17. To anyone that doesn’t get it, it’s because EA doesn’t think the game will sell well on Wii U, so they don’t want to waste development time on a Wii U version.

    The game has probably been in development for a while now, so this game was being made before Mario Kart 8 boosted Wii U sales. I wouldn’t be surprised if the game eventually comes to the Wii U later on or if the next Fifa game comes to Wii U. I’m thinking it is time that companies start to acknowledge the system, but not for at least 6 months, because any game that was already planned to skip the Wii U, will do so, because the Wii U has only JUST started to turn around.

    1. No because ea is still mad at nintendo for refusing to allow Origins on the console. And possibly not playing along with EA’s shady business practices.

      1. That’s not why. They got past that already. It’s cuz the games weren’t selling well. As much as we hate EA, numbers don’t lie. :|

      2. Really? Then explain to me why EA trashed Nintendo fans with that April fools prank regarding frostbite. Or even when they clearly said nintendo was dead to them.

        Try harder next time.

      3. I don’t see what that has to do with sales… I’m as angry at them as you are. But like I said, the games weren’t selling well. So they pulled support. They only put in half effort into it, so I can see why their games didn’t sell.

      4. *points to above rant* EA only has themselves to blame for their games not selling well on the Wii U.

  18. Oh well Wii U owners will still be able to play it. But yay for Wii!!! I love that little system. So far, that has been my favorite system.

  19. You know what someone should do!? someone should buy this crappy game for the Wii and put it inside the Wii U. (Since it still works on the Wii U) Then play it on the Wii U and take a picture of it and send the picture to EA! XD

  20. In five to six years time when we’ve moved on to the next generation, we’ll look back at the Wii U library, which will be the smallest in Nintendo’s history excluding the VB, but we shall admire it fondly, boasting the high quality of content compared to the xbone and pony. Why? Because ea didn’t bring their sh***y yearly rehashes to the console.

    The daily good news at Nintendo continues.

    1. xD Fine by me. I’m happy with another Gamecube era if that’s what Wii U’s fate is to be.

  21. Very stupid idea. But a little bird told me Wii U was backwards compatible for Wii so the game will still work :) did EA think about that?

  22. I’ll say it again: ea won’t release games on the Wii u because they’re still butthurt over the fact that Nintendo said no to their crappy origins service.

  23. Actually, I’m with EA on this one. The Wii U is backwards compatible so it can play Wii games, but it doesn’t go vice versa. This means that EA can reach the maximum audience so it’s a brilliant move on their part. The costs to port this game to the Wii U likely wouldn’t be justified by the lack of sales. The install base of the Wii U is irrelevant because we’ve already seen how the games continue to bomb over there. It may not be nice to fans, but I can’t blame EA for this. (Getting it on PS3 anyway and it’s last Gen. Generations shouldn’t keep you from great and innovative games)

    1. I truly believe in a certain saying: if companies give the Wii U a chance and give it games (with all dlc and no gimped ports, people may be willing to buy their games on nintendo platforms. That way, the install base will grow. Period.

      Ps thanks for proving to us that you’re an ea fanboy.

      1. The term fanboy confuses me. I like EA, Nintendo, Sega, Microsoft, Capcom, etc. Am I a fanboy to all of them?

    2. Exactly.

      Neither the PS4, nor the XBox One, nor the Vita are backwards-compatible. The reason the 3DS got its own version is due to its sheer installed base, something the Wii U has been struggling with for almost two years. People keep blaming third parties for the issues with Wii U sales, but how in the world can you expect third parties to place their trust on a console that is simply not performing adequately?

      There is a market for these games on the PS4 and XBox One, something that simply isn’t the case with the Wii U as shown by how abysmally the previous title performed.

      The tinfoil-hat, conspiracy-theory, everyone-is-against-Nintendo mindset that so many of these people have is astounding.

      1. As far as I know, EA’s releases of Fifa & Madden are the only games you can actually defend with the “because they didn’t sell well.” excuse as to why their next games aren’t coming to Wii U. But what will be their excuse for the next Mass Effect if there is ever another game? Bad sales WON’T work because that game didn’t sell well because people saw how Mass Effect 3 was part of the Mass Effect Trilogy for other consoles, so they thought “why buy Mass Effect 3 for 60 bucks when I can get all 3 games for the same price on the PS3 & XB360?” Then there is the bullshit ending of Mass Effect 3 that also probably scared off a few buyers. Why should I buy a game for the ability to control the ending of if all of the endings are the same thing but in a different color? And no, the DLC to give the true ending doesn’t count since it came out months later after the backlash they received from a majority of the Mass Effect fans & Mass Effect 3 owners.

  24. That’s it, EA. Dig your hole deeper. Just to fucking screw you over, I hope not a single copy sells for the Wii. I could care less about the HD for graphics, but this is a slap in the face to the people that DO care about HD for graphics. If Ubisoft pulls some bullshit with Watch_Dogs for Wii U, they’ll officially be on my shit list right next to EA. I don’t support people that pretty much tell a fanbase to go fuck itself because they want to act like immature children & not support a console because they can’t bleed the console dry of money with their online system. Who’s the idiot in charge of EA anyway!?

    1. Let’s face it, Watch Dogs isn’t gonna sell on Wii U. You may as well put them on your list now because after WD release, we probably won’t be seeing another AAA Ubisoft game for the rest of this generation. *sigh* I’m gonna get it as soon as it releases to support them for their effort of taking time on it. I’m gonna get it before I get any other Nintendo games because I don’t want to take the risk of 3rd party being completely gone on the Wii U. Meh…

      1. I don’t mean I’ll put them on there if they pull Wii U support if Watch_Dogs doesn’t sell well on Wii U. If Watch_Dogs comes to Wii U with great quality & isn’t missing any features or DLC the other versions are getting, I’ll keep them off of that list since they’ll have redeemed themselves by simply giving the Wii U & it’s userbase the best port possible even with the late release. But I’ll still hold off on Watch_Dogs for the Wii U at least for a month or two. It will ultimately depend on what month the game comes out, though.

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