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Here’s Plenty More Final Fantasy Explorers Details From Famitsu

The latest edition of Japanese gaming publication Famistu contains plenty of exciting information about Square Enix’s forthcoming Nintendo 3DS JRPG, Final Fantasy Explorers. We reported yesterday that the official website is now live, so if you’re a Final Fantasy fan be sure to check it out. Here’s the latest information.

  • More jobs confirmed
  • Can play as the Dragon Knight, Paladin, Thief, Ninja, Red Mage, Time Mage, and Bard
  • Assign a maximum of eight abilities to each button for use in battle
  • Famitsu describes Final Fantasy Explorers as a “lite” version of FinalFantasy XIV or Final Fantasy XI – Character positioning is important
  • Square Enix is including an ability chaining system – Once mastered, job-specific abilities can be used within other jobs –
  • Ability costs vary depending on which job a give character currently has – Ex: Black Mage will have black magic costs halved
  • Takes place on an island with various locations – Can walk to all of its adjoining lands – Can befriend monsters when you defeat them
  • A monster training element is being included – Since you have four max player slots, you can fill the remaining slots with monsters
  • Ex: 2 human players and 2 monster players – Said to last between 100-200 hours
  • Square-Enix is said to be developing the game with intention of expanding it into a proper action-RPG sub-series for Final Fantasy
  • Local and online co-op is supported

30 thoughts on “Here’s Plenty More Final Fantasy Explorers Details From Famitsu”

      1. Divine Hybrid Master Race

        I’m sure they are…. even though Mario Kart 8 looks like a CGI movie on a console that is “Underpowered” yet we still haven’t seen anything like that on PC…

        My goodness Jester, what has become of you? You’ve become so weak and feeble

          1. Divine Hybrid Master Race

            Mhm, even though the developers of Project CARS seemed more fond with the Wii U version than the PC version. Interesting.

              1. Divine Hybrid Master Race

                So that’s why they were so excited every time they found something new about the Wii U.

                Oh Jester, you are back in good form, funny than ever

                    1. That isn’t ‘something new’. A console dev should know everything ABOUT the console already, what’s there to find?

                  1. Real PC Master Race

                    Dude, you’re no PC master, just some dorky kid pretending he built his own PC even though his daddy built it for him.

                    Stop damage controlling dork

                    1. And P.S. tell me how I’m damage controlling exactly? Don’t use phrases you’re too young to use kiddo

      1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

        No, he’s not. This game sounds interesting to me, too. If the gameplay is good, I don’t care about anything else.

  1. Yes! I was hoping the battle system was like FF14, that’s as close to atb it’s going to get before KH’s own battle system

  2. Another action-based NON RPG. RPG used to mean AWESOME story, and Role used to mean complex characters – not just what kind of fighting a character does. I will not be playing this.

    1. Uh, no. See, RPGs are derived from DnD, where it’s all about decisions that affect a constantly evolving story, the combat and your role in that combat. JRPGs are the ones that introduced a linear story to it. So… Yeah, you’re wrong.

  3. Similar ideas but man, do I love some good old fashioned dungeon crawlers. Hopefully they don’t make this an easy game. Give us 3 difficulties and a new game plus! But most importantly, localize

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