Miyamoto Says They Won’t Support Two Wii U GamePads Anytime Soon

Shigeru Miyamoto has stated that the company’s Wii U won’t support two GamePad controllers anytime soon. Miyamoto thinks it’s doable, but it sounds as though it’s not on Nintendo’s current list of priorities. Miyamoto says they are currently focussing on getting as many people to try or buy the Wii U.

“Certainly as we’ve been working on Wii U, I think we’re at a point where we don’t feel it’s realistic to expect people to purchase two GamePads yet,” Miyamoto said. “We’re still trying to get as many people as possible to buy the system itself, and that’s where our focus is right now. For the time being, two GamePad gameplay is not within our objectives in the short-term.”

“From a technical standpoint, I think if we decided to pursue that, technically we would be able to and we can perform system updates that would allow for that,” Miyamoto explained. “It’s also very interesting from a gameplay perspective idea because there are a lot of possibilities with two GamePads. But, at the same time, taking that kind of approach would again be a drain on resources and require us to continue to utilize our development resources for that. So then it would become a question of where do we want to devote our resources: Is it to creating regular GamePad games, or creating games centered around two GamePads?”


  1. I don’t really mind since I don’t see why it would be used all that much. I’m just waiting for the Gamecube Adaptor so that I can spam it in every game. It single handily saved the console for me. I just love that remote.

      1. Exactly. I never use the Gamepad unless the game forces me too. I didn’t buy a large TV so that I could look at my Gamepad to play. Just give me a classic remote and I’m set.

      2. Not for me, I find myself using it more than my big screen TV.
        If you have kids like I do, you’ll know that it’s a good send that the gamepad allows your kids to play off the TV whilst I enjoy some TV, they play their Mario Kart 8, I’ll be able to watch some TV.

        Two gamepads would be great.

      3. This site still holds the crown when it comes to shitty comment sections.

    1. Nintendo is just fucking being lazy again with there squinting tired Ching Ching eyes. You promised this and did not come through. Iwata go fuck yourself… What about the Japanese that bought the extra gamepad at launch when it was being sold in that region are they just screwed?!?


        You think nintendo is being lazy? Let me clear it up for you to understand better of what he means.

        First of all, I don’t remember them promising…I remember then saying it is possible and might come to the future but I didn’t hear them say “we will have two gamepads soon”. They do have a point though, learn business and you might understand.

        In fact, look at the PS4, the system is doing great right? Then why are they suffering money loss and buildings? Business is not an easy thing you know, you’re contently thinking the next move, what would be good for you and for your company, not just a simple “Hey look, this game saved this, they can do more shit now”. No, its not that simple, look at how things gone for Xbox One and Wii U, think they are doing great? HELL NO, because one game saved the system from dying or if they made huge changes to the system doesn’t mean shit…its got to continue that was for it to be good, if a bad decision cripples the business, like the game drought last year for wii u, look at that! They didn’t start picking up for a good bit until now, the most successful game Super Mario 3D World STILL couldn’t get the wii u out of that mess, just like the Xbox one’s Kennect, they just now realizing their error and removing it…and the extra charges are finally taken down not too long ago. That was another cripple on the xbox one, just like PS4’s tv bullshit, I believe that too is a bad decision.

        Think about what you said and then talk to me, tell me why you think they are being lazy when I know all too well that there is more to it than that.

      2. After time passed of how people look at the Gamepad as an accessory and not an essential plus assembly supplies, they scraped the 2 Gamepad idea which isn’t much of a loss anyway. We still have 5 players on one system which is good enough.

    1. Oh man that would be awesome if they moved on the gamepad onto their next console like they moved wiimotes to the Wii u.

      1. That, and if next Nintendo handheld could be used as a gamepad.
        It could take some load off the main console, and allow more players to play with their separate screens at 60fps.

      1. What the fuck is this shit? I swear I lose brain cells everytime I come to this site.

  2. The Wii U doesn’t have additional bandwidth allocated to a second pad, the existing bandwidth is halved. So HALF the framerate. It would be okay for strategy games and board games, but abysmal for action games.

    Miyamoto’s just happy he doesn’t have to admit this anytime soon.

  3. at least look into selling seperate gamepads in case we break/lose the first one by accident.. its a hassle calling Nintendo to set up a replacement.

    1. ^^A back up Gamepad would be nice while I wait for my broken one to return from Nintendo’s Repair Deparatment.

  4. Sounds like a good reason but it would be nice to buy a second gamepad just to replace my older gamepad if it gets broken.

    1. You can they’re 150 bucks have to order it from Nintendo Hun. Basically called a repair issue so they have to replace it if it gets damaged

      1. I will consider that as soon as I see a Resident Evil game only for the Wii U. I mean just imagine how the internet will react to Nintendo buying Capcom lol.

  5. Another Gamepad would’ve certainly saved me the hassle of having to send it in to Nintendo for repair. Nintendo should’ve put replacements in the stores at the very least. If you break your Gamepad, you’re screwed. You need it for almost 80% of Wii U’s features. You can’t even view the eshop without it which is very confusing. I like surfing PSN with the standard PS3 controller. I don’t want to have to go pick up the dang tablet if I wanna buy a game.

      1. Lol for that amount of money he may as well get new games. Seriously, why is the price so high?

      2. Maling, shipping, profits, monopoly on gamepad sales. And the fact is has so much fancy stuff inside.

        Can’t say i’m not surprised… Expected something like 99.99 or a bit more…

      3. He means he wants to buy a back up Gamepad for when his current one breaks. Hell! I want a backup for when mine ever breaks! That way, I can still play my Wii U while I wait for my original, broken Gamepad to return from Nintendo.

  6. That sux ass !!! Damn ! My daughter is forever on the game pad I haven’t used it since they came out with the WII U 🙀

  7. I was hoping they would do it for Splatoon in order to propose a 2-player local/online mode though… I feel disappointed.

  8. Not much of a loss but a bit of a bummer and they are right about focusing heavily on selling Wii U and other projects. 2 Gamepad idea may return in due time when the Gamepad popularity is improved but as of now, its mostly “Gamepad is a gimmick” excuse running around.

    Besides, Wii U still supports 5 players simultaneously so that’s good enough.

  9. The Wii U doesn’t need to support 2 gamepads, but it does need to have a gamepad sold on retail as replacement.

    What the Wii U needs now is a System Transfer support. I’ve been wanting to get a Deluxe bundle for the longest time but can’t let go of my NNID if I can’t transfer it.

    1. Agreed. Screw the support of 2 Gamepads. I want to be able to transfer my NNID & saved data to another Wii U for when my Wii U either starts to show signs of breaking down or a newer model in a new color comes along. Preferably before Legend of Zelda for Wii U just in case there is a Wii U bundle with a gold Wii U. Or a black Wii U with the Triforce on it.

  10. His comment confirms a fundamental problem with the Wii U; using the gamepad in innovative ways almost always excludes multiplayer, which pretty much is standard these days.

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