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Miyamoto Says Virtual Reality Is ‘One Person Putting On Some Goggles And Playing By Themselves Over In A Corner’

We all know Miyamoto tested out the Oculus Rift at this year’s E3 event in Los Angeles, so what did he think? Well Mr Miyamoto says that Virtual Reality is ‘one person putting on some goggles and playing by themselves over in a corner’. We can assume he wasn’t entirely impressed. Here’s what he had to say about VR technology.

“When you think about what virtual reality is, which is one person putting on some goggles and playing by themselves kind of over in a corner, or maybe they go into a separate room and they spend all their time alone playing in that virtual reality, that’s in direct contrast with what it is we’re trying to achieve with Wii U. And so I have a little bit of uneasiness with whether or not that’s the best way for people to play.”

115 thoughts on “Miyamoto Says Virtual Reality Is ‘One Person Putting On Some Goggles And Playing By Themselves Over In A Corner’”

  1. He’s right about that, even Oculust had that problem, but Morpheus solved that by showing the same image on screen and on VR

    It’s no different than a child game where you put a blindfold on just one of them. Imagine Pac-Man Vs where Pac-Man uses the VR device, there are a lot of possibilities

    The ideal scenario would be to bring the games out of the TV, not put the player inside, but we’re no longer making technological advances on that, so VR might take off for lack of a better option

    1. Never thought about VR this way, but he’s totally right. Who the fuck wants some shit strapped to your face? How uncomfortable is that? Playing by yourself in a corner is the perfect metaphor.

    2. Miyamoto and rest of their faggot management team are just hating because they are too fucking cheap to develop this hardware. Go sell 8 year old hardware at a premium. Die of cancer Miyamoto..

      1. Shut the fuck up, Nintendo Commander Quadraxis. People who say “die of cancer” usually end up getting cancer. That’s karma, BITCH.

        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

          Do you really think The real Nintendo Commander would say something that would be the complete opposite of what he would really say?

      2. Okay, calm down. Obviously, you’re huge supporter of the Oculus Rift. Miyamoto didn’t diss the technology, he’s just bringing up a reasonable point. Sounds more like he’s trying to address the problem and help fix it than dismiss the technology. So get your head out of your ass, please.

    1. Virtual reality won’t be great unless it is using the best technology, and the average consumer won’t be able to afford that anytime soon.

    1. nope, this is what he said: “When you think about what virtual reality is, which is one person putting on some goggles and playing by themselves kind of over in a corner, or maybe they go into a separate room and they spend all their time alone playing in that virtual reality, that’s in direct contrast with what it is we’re trying to achieve with Wii U. And so I have a little bit of uneasiness with whether or not that’s the best way for people to play.”

    2. i wont pretend to know what nintendo thinks, but i think what thy are saying is: “Virtual Reality may not be ready.”

      1. I was thinking that myself. I think it’s too early. However to argue that, technology moves all the time.

    3. I think what he is saying is, if we do vertual reality we need to take how it works into consideration. I think he means that if they do it, they well approach it differently

  2. No offense, but he’s just being petty because Nintendo can’t do it at this time. For once I’m against Miyamoto on this. That was just a really rude insult to people who like virtual reality and are playing on the Oculuss

        1. He expains why he thinks it might be no fun in his eyes, thereby the rudeness could be just a translation error… nuances sometimes get lost in translation.

          1. True, and it’s definitely not so bad if it is the translation. He is also a little more elderly at this point and typically age helps to make people a little less diplomatic in their speaking as well.

      1. True, but it really….Really did not work. Perhaps he is still sore about it. I do agree that despite what Mitamoto is saying; Nintendo is definitely working on virtual reality a lot. They don’t want to get left behind in the console wars Again after all

    1. I think he’s just trying to say that it feels more like a single person experience and the wiiu is about bringing a group together, he was just saying how he felt when he was using it

      1. That’s how i see it. Virtual reality is perfect for PC players because they often play alone (online or offline) in the corner. Nintendo likes to bring people to have time together in living room.

  3. Which is a way that some people like to play. Like, who is he to dictate how people play? If someone want to play alone, then they should be able to. Same for those who want to play with friends. Or random people online.. It’s pretty ignorant to assume that everyone’s style of gaming is the same.

    1. Yeah, that’s why I didn’t like the way that he said this. It just came across as very rude and arrogant. Play it his way or the wrong way basically

        1. I disagree. Naturally, seeing the words and experiencing him saying it live are different, but it rubbed me the wrong way. Almost made me want to say that Xbox Won, but that’s really hitting below the belt at this point. Although you have to admit that they were the most professional company at E3 with their solid intro

            1. I disagree. It came off as rude simply because it was. I wouldn’t say that I’m insecure about anything because I would have to be insecure to be insecure about the whole thing

              1. It wasn’t rude though. You taking it that way is literally taking it the wrong way for the sake of justifying your reaction.
                You like vr, Miyamoto feels it’s like playing alone in a corner(and considering how putting on the goggles effectively cuts you off from the world around you for the sale off seeing only what’s in the “corner”, it practically is), and you took that asman insinuation of being something more insulting.

      1. Remember, Western news sites usually over react to what Japanese people say. Really I think he just said he doesn’t see VR as a thing, I don’t agree with him but I don’t think he meant to be rude.

    2. I didn’t read anywhere in his statement of him telling people how they should play. He has an opinion and people try to jump down his throat cause it isn’t what they wanted to hear…

      1. It’s more because he basically dissed virtual reality gaming with his quote. Now, it could have been a translation issue or maybe not. Think of it this way. Suppose I don’t like the Xbox and I really like Nintendo. I could say

        “Nintendo is pretty awesome. All of their games are great and the company is epic. I don’t really care for any of the games on Xbox and they can be found on my gaming PC anyway. That’s why I won’t be buying one of them.

        That would be all right. Now, if I said

        “Nintendo is the best experience because it’s family friendly. Shooters are bad for children because it makes them prone to violence and that’s why I don’t play games like Halo on the Xbox. It’s just not a healthy game to play and I don’t think anyone should play it. Nintendo offers a solid experience for children and adults alike”

        That is pretty low because you’re making the Xbox fans the “bad guy” If you say that you like Xbox and Halo, then you’re in a negative position. That’s basically what Miyamoto is doing.

        1. No, you are reading it out of context because the quote was cherry picked.
          That shit happens all the time, people put too much focus on selected word and completely miss the whole message, especially with tin foil hat conspiracy theorists and politicians.

  4. Playing alone in a corner? I don’t really understand why or how it matters the way someone plays, but I never cared for Virtual Reality anyway. Controllers are better than hands free imo.

    1. VR usually requires a controller lol….the screen and usually view point are the only things controlled by the headset itself :P

  5. Well, that is right, but wouldnt change the PC experience I’m having at all, so I might consider oculus.
    For console gaming, Wii U is fine.

    1. Not so sure about that, Miyamoto is only a developer, not really a product manager, that’s more Iwata’s job.

  6. You’re getting older, Miyamoto. Try not to be a complete fusdy duddy just becausd things aren’t the same as back in your day.

    1. This comment is just pointless. Miyamoto has evolved alongside gaming. He has even been apart of some gaming’s major stepping stones.

  7. The biggest lesson for VR is that for it to be good (consistent frame rates, no screen tearing, no motion sickness for its users), it will have to be expensive. If they want it affordable, then cuts in quality will be needed. It will need to be so good that third parties are willing to devote an entire team for an Oculus Rift/Morpheus version of CoD, Assassin’s Creed, etc. because they are confident it will sell well. As Nintendo can attest, you can be different if you can support the system on your own. If not, you’re asking people to pay $300-$500 for a device which will have a handful of games. I suspect what we’ll see is just VR versions of the games we can already play, and once the novelty will wear off, the systems will die off.

  8. Okay, now let’s put this thing up-side-down: Imaging Nintendo did put out a virtual reality headset, and it’s so good people get addicted to the experience… people start to get lonely and depressive… and then who will be blamed for these psychological damage?! Correct, Nintendo… They can better pronounce and address every concern about the technology they’re going to use before they start using it… He didn’t dismiss VR as a whole, he just pointed out some serious flaws in his opinion…

  9. He’s wrongfully demonizing it. People can also play their DS or any other console “in a corner” and “by themselves”. Gaming doesn’t always have to be about playing with other people, nor should it.
    This, along with their stance on Twitch, is just another new example of Nintendo not jumping on board in time – they’ll fall behind and try to play catch up, but it’ll be too late.

    1. Or, put it another way, they’re actually on time and everyone else is jumping on board way too damn fast. It’s the same with the graphics argument; everyone was harping on Nintendo for being behind with HD graphics, yet thanks to creative art styles, they were successful in making visuals that look almost better than most “next-gen” games. Having too much all at once won’t mean a damn — it’s about making the most use of what little you already have.

      1. I don’t think Nintendo was able to be nearly as successful with stylish visuals as you seem to think (and what games did they make that “look almost better than most next-gen”?), but to each their own. Nintendo fell behind on HD, and the fact that it took them until 2012 to catch up is pathetic. Regardless, that’s just one of several things they’ve not pursued – whether it was out of arrogance, naivety, or just plain stupidity.
        The support and attention given to VR right now is exploding – it may not end up where we all want it to end up (full immersion), at least for a while, but I think now is the perfect time to start focusing on VR gameplay.

    2. but you can play the DS with others, he saying the VR at this moment is basically a single player experience only, if they upgrade it that it has the option to support two or more head sets at a time he’ll jump right at it, but since it doesn’t have the option that’s why he thinks that

      1. Yeah, and I can play the DS with myself, too, which is what I like to do, as do many other gamers. Single player games are still a thing, you know – still popular, and still in demand.
        He can certainly have his own opinion on what he thinks VR should be – but there are many gamers who would be happy just playing a single-player game in VR. And really, that should be where VR starts: you can’t just dive into multiplayer experiences without first ensuring the game works just fine for one person, at least in regards to a new technology like this.

        1. This is more like if you would plug in your big ass headphones to your DS so that you won´t hear anybody and then go into another room and turn of the lights so you can´t see anything except the game.

          Imagine 4 guys taking turns playing a game, the one playing would be isolated from his friends and they won´t be able to see what he is doing so they could not really take any part in it.

          1. Uh, and I could have headphones for my DS, or just be playing by myself in the room, or playing a console game at night in the dark.
            The point is, it doesn’t fucking matter. People still love to play single-player games. Period.

    3. He’s not demonizing it, you nimrod, he’s saying that putting on those goggles is the same as cutting off the outside world.
      And it is.
      You’re just mad that he doesn’t like what you like.

  10. I play alone anyway, so I wouldn’t have a problem with this. As far as gaming parties go, unless every person has gotten a headset, it won’t make for a very flashy party. It’s the same as everyone getting together and there’s only one controller for the system.

    1. That’s the problem with his post. He paints this picture of people who like vr as people who sit in a corner in this virtual world for 48 hours straight eating cheetoh puffs or something.

  11. Shut yall over sensitive asses up, the man said what he said get over it. It might be a translating error, statement ls do tend to get mixed up when translating sometimes..

    1. You can shut up just like he expressed his opinion, were allowed to express ours. And he’s being a complete dick with that statement

        1. Actually no. I don’t think anyone here ”sits in a corner and plays games” I have a gaming chair in the middle of my room I sit on to play or I’ll sit on my bed. I

  12. He’s not so much attacking VR with his words as he is stating that Nintendo has different priorities. He makes games with the goal of bringing people together, while he sees this kind of VR experience as a step in the wrong direction because sticking goggles on your head inherently sets you apart from the rest of the house. It’s not bad or wrong, it’s just not how Nintendo rolls. At least not anymore. Virtual Boy was a long time ago and since the Wii Nintendo has been all about togetherness.

  13. I disagree with him but at the same time I actually find myself agreeing with him.

    I find VR a fun thing, so do my kids but it might make people anti social instead of bringing the family and friends together.

    So I’m neutral on this subject.

    1. That I believe was made by the same guy who created the Gameboy and he wanted to make it his leaving gift for Nintendo, sadly he didn’t know it was going to be a flop before he past away.


  15. I want to point out that he says he’s uneasy about it, what I get from that is that he liked how VR works and would support, but feels that it too single person orientated and the wiiu is about bringing multiple people together and he doesn’t want to contrast that, if they announce multi headset support I bet he’ll jump right into it, but right now it doesn’t support that so he’s “uneasy”, not against, about it.

  16. That’s… actually very true. I really didn’t even think about it that way. Although, I really only want a vr headset for horror games. Which you play by yourself anyways.

  17. The same way Nintendo kept brushing aside and painting HD graphics on home consoles as unnecessary during the last generation?

    Falling behind is never a good tactic.

  18. That’s a really shitty thing to say, to be honest.
    And I’m pretty damn sure there’ll be multiplayer VR games too, so not only is his statement rude, but also wrong.

  19. The Wii U is me playing by myself in the corner. Either release dual gampad experiences or stfu about single player.

  20. Wow…people on here are so butt hurt about this
    This is the opinion someone has of VR…that is all.
    Like legit, this is the man who like barely touches online multiplayer and still offers a focused and ‘polished’ split screen experience.
    Ofc he isn’t gonna like VR.

    He didn’t even say it was bad, he said it was the opposite of what he is trying to achieve.
    People really need to stop sucking VRs dick.
    Like legit have fun when half of you defending it are unable to use it because of the intense motion sickness that will hit you every few minutes

  21. Damn, I must really be growing too old for Nintendo or something because statements like this only make create more contrast between my views and theirs and why I play video games. Maybe I WANT to go off in a corner, forget the rest of the world, and become immersed in a new one for a little while? That’s what virtual reality is all about, but apparently Nintendo only wants to be a one trick pony. All well, nothing’s keeping me 100% loyal to any one company, and I shouldn’t expect a huge company to change with my whims.

  22. He has a point. I’m getting to the place where I ditch the graphics war and get back to the basics of video gaming: fun with friends/family. I don’t even have the time anymore to play by myself. This is why I will always be a Nintendo fan (not a ‘fanboy’).

  23. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

    Seems like almost no one can take a opinion, nor figure out that they are taking what he said out of context. Not everyone has the same opinion, you can try and convince them, but if they are firm about it, just brush it off and don’t get all butthurt because they don’t have your very same opinion to justify why you don’t agree.

  24. VR is for lonely faggots. Thank you based Miyamoto for telling the truth and making the fags butthurt.

  25. Looks like Nintendo won’t be venturing into vr… unless they have they’re own vr creation in their sleeves.

  26. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

    Sure are a lot of people butthurt over Miyamoto’s opinion on virtual reality. “Miyamoto’s just mad Virtual Boy failed!” “Miyamoto’s out of touch with the world!” “He’s being rude & insulting people that like VR!” Yet you people sure did like the idea of insulting people that liked motion control for the Wii. If Nintendo had bought Oculus Rift, instead of Facebook, & was the only one working heavily on virtual reality, I bet you people would be singing a different tune right now. Whatever Nintendo makes first, you people bitch & moan about how it’s shit. Then years later, you start to praise the thing as it’s now apart of your favorite consoles. I never cared about virtual reality as it’s just a gimmick. Oh yeah. I said it.


    ESPECIALLY right now since it hasn’t been perfected.

  27. Come on Miyamoto. Have you never heard of online mutliplayer? Or have you ever thought it could be possible to have multiple headsets being used by different people? I’m glad were only hearing this from a senior developer from Nintendo. With that said, VR is still a very limited technology, so I don’t blame him for not being so into it. VR isn’t even that more realistic than stereoscopic 3D. It only has motion controls, which everyone will be too lazy to use, and it takes control of your full range of vision which everyone will get sick in a month or two.

  28. After the failure of the Virtual Boy, I doubt Nintendo will EVER go down the virtual reality route again.

  29. Why are people raging at Miyamoto, lol? He said the truth, VR is about being alone playing your own thing. He didn’t say it is bad, he said that’s not what Nintendo is about. Nintendo is about people being in the same room sharing the SAME experience and interacting together.

    Gladly, they are not competing directly as their market target is completely different. Really, I don’t know why everyone is pissed and calling him old. “HUR DURR, HE DISAGREES WITH MY OPINION, THEREFORE I MUST INSULT HIM, THAT WILL TEACH THAT OLD FART”. Grow a pair people.

  30. Someone please call Miyamoto and tell him about the internet.
    People can now play with their friends while being alone in different rooms.
    It’s like magic, it might scare him a bit though, so please understand.

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  32. I agree that VR may not take off very well for the time being. I think the goal for VR should be something like SAO (Sword Art Online). If and when we ever have something like that, I think people would start embracing VR more.

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