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No More Heroes Creator Has No Plans To Develop On Nintendo Platforms

No More Heroes creator and CEO of Grasshopper, Suda51, has revealed in a recent interview that he has no plans to develop for Nintendo platforms. Suda51 says that he is currently playing through a number of Nintendo 3DS titles, but says there’s no plans to bring any of his games to Nintendo systems. Suda 51 is currently working on Let it Die for the PlayStation 4.

Gil: What are you playing now?
Suda 51: A lot of 3DS Nintendo titles.

Gil: Is there any interest in getting back into Nintendo development? No More Heroes was on the Wii.
Suda 51: Right now there are no plans on Nintendo titles.

37 thoughts on “No More Heroes Creator Has No Plans To Develop On Nintendo Platforms”

    1. It won’t happen. It’s a fact. 3rd part titles do not sell on Nintendo systems. They won’t make any money

    1. The subject is about Nintendo platforms, just no plans to develop for it unfortunately. It does give SICKR the chance to advertise a PS4 exclusive on a Nintendo website. -_-

  1. Who gives a f$$$! Why is this new of any kind. I’m not making games for Nintendo platforms either.

  2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    All these hypocrites make me laugh…

    They don’t make games for our sacred machines yet the only games they almost only play are Nintendo games…


  3. Big deal I got Toad’s Treasure Tracker and smash bros, Pikmin 3 and Whooly Yarn. Believe me Ps4 needs that game more than Wii u does.

    1. It’s a big deal to the people that liked what they did with NMH 1&2 for the Wii. I personally don’t really care since I never played them but still, the more quality games the better I guess, assuming they are good, of course. From that list, the only one I’m interested in is SSBU. I already have Pikmin 3 so I can’t be excited over it unless they announce online multiplayer, which I find doubtful. I am, however, excited for a number of non-platform games. Such as Xenoblades X, Devil’s Third, Splatoon, Zelda U, and Star Fox U. I’m still iffy on Treasure Tracker as I wasn’t all that impressed with the Captain Toad mini-games on 3D world, it was fun but I don’t know how I feel about dropping 60$ for just that. It all depends on how much they’ll charge for the game.

      1. I wish I can play Pikmin 3 online the people I play against suck. I’m tired of winning easily. I hope they have Pikmin 4 in development and the story is more like Pikmin 2 was collecting more than just fruit and going under tunnels and having tons of enemies. Pikmin 3 didn’t have a lot of enemies to attack. Also i hope purple pikmin replaces Rock Pikmin. Rock Pikmin suck.

        1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

          Pikmin 3 does leave a lot to want since Pikmin 2 was the height of the series in my opinion. Maybe Nintendo has a pattern in mind with Pikmin. If so, Pikmin 4 will definitely be more like Pikmin 2. If not, let’s hope Pikmin 4 is still more like Pikmin 2.

  4. when I saw the top of the postpicture I thought it was Apollo Justice… I got hyped quickly…. then I realized it was some other dude… and I was disappointed… :C

  5. No More Heroes is a great series, it could be better, but it passes for a lot of reasons many other series’ lack. But I’m no fan of the fan service, nearly softcore porn that accompanies the series, the creator for that matter(that’s the internets job)
    Picked up a few other titles from Suda, shadows of the damned, skipping lollipop chainsaw, might get his latest release though. Devils third looks like it’ll fit right in with this sort of game(fan service n stuff) though I’m not too fond of it as mentioned, the games are usually really solid titles.

    I hate series that are/were left incomplete, it’s pretty standard if one creates a part 2, three should seal the series, that said, I’ll list some game series left “opened/unfinished”
    -Dark Cloud
    -Red Steel
    -No More Heroes
    -The Conduit
    I’ll leave it at that for now

    1. They’ve been saying for years that a new Conduit game is on the way…. we still don’t have it yet :(

  6. i’m not exactly sad about that
    i never enjoyed no more heroes.. i know that many did but it wasn’t for me and i regretted buying it

  7. That’s a shame. While this doesn’t rule out No More Heroes 3, it does rule out the Wii U. Oh well, Suda51 is an amazing development house regardless and they have great titles on almost every platform so hopefully I still get my fix of this studio elsewhere.

  8. NMH 1+2 HD. See the reception Also The Conduit 1+2 HD since I saw someone mention it, with a revamped Multiplayer that mixes stuff from 1+2.

  9. Okay so there’s no game from them yet. When he lose money on that PS4 game, we’ll see.

    I liked NMH, but didn’t see NMH2 released here, so I hope his not ruling out Nintendo like other developers…

  10. He’s doing a bunch of 3DS games but no plans for Nintendo platforms? And WHAT THE FUCK IS THE 3DS THEN!? Last time I checked the 3DS is a platform, not a home console, but isn’t it consider a platform too, but it’s just a handheld instead of a console?

    Last time I checked the 3DS is from Nintendo, but of course this website has to say “no Nintendo platforms” like including the 3DS in there to make Nintendo look bad, when actually he said he’s working on a lot of 3DS games.

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  12. The most pathetic part isn’t that companies refuse to make games for Nintendo consoles. It’s how many people owns a PS4 and Xbox One that’s truly pathetic. I can’t believe the trash that people spend their money on.

    Sure, maybe I’m not being fair. But any console that doesn’t have Nintendo’s franchises/games isn’t worth it to me. There’s nothing that interests me with Playstation and Xbox consoles. And the few games that I DID have an interest in in the past was not worth buying the consoles for. Every time I see people looking at Playstation and Xbox games in stores, I pity them. They’re all just mindless zombies to me.

  13. A Killer 7 game would be sick. Use the tablet to scan for the Heaven Smile. Suda51 if not for Nintendo I wouldn’t even know your name!!!

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