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Miyamoto Ponders Making Future Games That Run On Both Handheld And Console

Kotaku recently had the opportunity to sit down with iconic video game developer Shigeru Miyamoto and discuss all things Nintendo. One of the subjects that cropped up in the interview is Nintendo making games that run on a handheld and a console unifying both. This is something Miyamoto suggests that he is interested in and seems like a natural leap forward. Here’s what he had to say.

Miyamoto: “As we move forward, we’re going to look at what we can do to unify [our console and portable] development environments.”

Miyamoto: […] but if you have a more unified development environment and you’re able to make one game that runs on both systems instead of having to make a game for each system, that’s an area of opportunity for us.

88 thoughts on “Miyamoto Ponders Making Future Games That Run On Both Handheld And Console”

    1. Someone here needs to give me club nintendo codes so that I get platinum on one of my accounts. need 90 more points dammit

    2. I would pay any true Nintendo fan 85 dollars to have full release on my moms feet. I want to see that thing goo melt off her cute black painted toes like melting cheese. Now that next gen

    3. good idea, but….
      then the home console games looks like e handheld game?

      for example:
      thw wii u game from smash bros, wpuld look the 3ds game…?
      yakkk… you can have this crap.
      not for me. when the home console makes a stepp back in optic/technic, i goe and stay with sony.

      1. It doesn’t mean the games will look the same on both devices, just that both devices can play them.
        Just like a weaker pc can pick low graphics options in a game while a powerful pc can run it with high graphics.

        So i guess here the game would have two graphic settings one for the home console(high) and one for the handheld(low) and the system your playing on would pick the right setting automatically.

    1. Agree, just imagine the wii u playing every 3ds game, that would make wii u’s fly off the shelves, probably sell a million in a week.

  1. I prefer them not to, especially because it would hold back the more powerful hardware.

    Example? Super Smash Bros for 3DS/WiiU; I dare you to be an idiot and tell me that the 3ds version isn’t holding back the number of characters in the Wii U version.

    1. Exactly. I don’t want MK9’s graphics looking like MK7’s on Wii U. Its bad enough Ice Climbers aren’t on there because the 3DS can’t handle 8 of them all at once.

      1. Nana’s AI isn’t that complex, 4 extra AI isn’t hard to do even on 3DS and Rosalina and Luma are there. N64 for example could handle multiple CPU’s tougher than Nana and 3DS trumps N64 in CPU power.

        The games don’t have cross-play, so there’s no technical reason to purposely gimp WiiU’s version. If they wanted, they could update Nana’s AI less frequently (kinda like to how items, trophies, etc. are running 30fps) or even simplify AIs further on 3DS (again, like what they did with items, trophies, etc.). They can make cuts on 3DS because SSB4 doesn’t have cross-platform play thus meaning they don’t need technical parity.

        If they aren’t there, it’s not because 3DS can’t handle it, it has to be another reason.

    2. It’s not holding back the number of characters in the Wii U version. It’s not like the 3DS couldn’t handle a larger roster. They simply don’t want too large of a roster because it’d be hard to balance. Sakurai has explained this plenty of times. Don’t try and say other people are idiots if they disagree with you when you have no idea what you’re talking about.

      1. However, your first point is solid and I can agree with that. It would probably hold back games from a power aspect. (But the size of the roster does not have to do with the power gap between the Wii U and 3DS versions, unlike the graphics and FPS.)

        1. Ignoring Ice Clibmers are the only characters from Melee and Brawl and isn’t on next Smash Bros. I wonder why. If it isn’t power then why won’t four players be able to pick Ice Climbers at the same time now?

          1. Don’t count them out yet. He said he was having “problems” with them. That doesn’t mean they aren’t in. Regardless, that’s not what is being argued here. The 3DS could handle plenty of characters, just not dual characters. Options =/= complex characters. Does that make sense? So yes, the 3DS could be holding back more “complex” characters, but not having more options for characters. That is limited due to balancing issues. Even so, I imagine they’re still going to be in the games this time around.

          2. SherlockWillFightBilbo

            False. Rosalina & Luma are two characters and yet the 3DS can run fine with 8 running around.

            Also false: Jigglypuff is also absent.

            Additionally: the full roster hasn’t been revealed yet. Don’t jump the gun.

            1. Rosalina and Lumba maybe two characters but they don’t use up as much usage like Ice climbers. You can kill one ice climber and play by itself. The CPU would have to function working around one and 2 ice climbers where as Rosalina and Lumba can’t die seperately. SK the CPU in 3DS will recognize Rosalina as a single character with Lumba as making her moves unique.

              1. Does Lumba take damage like both Ice climbers did? If not then the CPU identifies them as one character not two so that’s why 3DS can handle them.

    3. And how is the 3DS version holding the WiiU version back due to power?

      Neither version has cross-platform play, so either game can run very different from each other. For example, assist characters run at 30fps on 3DS. They can do thing like that because the 3DS version directly affect how SSB4 runs on WiiU and vise-versa. So, there’s no technical reason to purposely gimp WiiU’s version.

      If they are “holding back” the number of characters, it has to be something else other than power. For example, there is only one Sakurai and it’s his game Also, they are limited by budget, team size, and time.

      1. Time can’t be too limited they have two smash bros on two consoles and will get different exclusives. Plus because 3Ds can’t handle to seperate if climbers taking damage Wii u version can’t get it.

  2. As games takes longer to develop because technology expands, this change is inevitable for Nintendo. With third parties keeping their distance Nintendo is pressured to maintain a steady stream of games for two systems on a regular basis. We are seeing the strain of this on the Wii U more than anything.

    If console and portable merged, Nintendo need focus on developing games for a single system – effectively making them a powerhouse of first party software.

    I’m excited to see where they take this inevitability.

    1. The game was ported from Wii to 3DS then to Wii U. What I think he was saying is that console games cold be ported to handheld and vice versa.

    2. I don’t know whats good about 3DS graphics on a 1080p tv. So i guess next Mario will have to get downgraded for the 3DS. And ypu’re happy about that.

      1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

        If the downgrade is graphics, I’m perfectly happy with that since the 3DS has some nice graphics to it even without HD.

        1. I’m not I paid $350 for a Wii U and $2900 for a ,HD Flatscreeen it better have graphics that get better year by year! You must be crazy if you think I’m going to pay $60 for software with graphics like 3DS for AAA tittles .

          1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

            So if you were given a choice between a game with good or great graphics but mediocre or bad gameplay or a game with mediocre or bad graphics but good or great gameplay, which would you pay 60 bucks for?

            1. Will first Super Smash bros gameplay and visuals increase every generation I expect that to continue. So I’m not paying $60 for something I have witnessed better gameplay and graphics but now gets downsized because of the 3DS. Same for other Nintendo AAA tittles. Every time a AAA Nintendo exclusive comes out on a new home console the graphics and gameplay improves….which is why if they make Mario Galaxy 3 with 3DS graphics I’m not paying $60 bucks for it.

              1. I also expect Pikmin 4 gameplay to be better as well as visuals. After all Tiad’s Treasure Tracker’s visuals are better than 3D World’s. So would you pay $60 for Mario Kart 9 if graphics were downsized to MK7’s because of weak 3DS?

                1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                  If the gameplay was solid as previous games with a lot of good characters & tracks that I like, yes. I’ll still pay 60 bucks for it because graphics don’t mean a damn thing when the gameplay is solid. Example: Xenoblade Chronicles’ graphics weren’t that impressive but the gameplay & story was phenomenal, so I would have gladly paid 60 bucks for that if it was saved for the Wii U with Gamepad functions.

            2. That’s the problem with you Wiitards, you tend to think that with great graphics you sacrifice gameplay which isn’t always the case. Look at Mario Kart 8, the graphics on the game look as good as some games on the XBOne and PS4. Does that mean we got a mediocre game that just so happens to look amazing?

              1. Will one thing about me is I don’t give a rats ass if PS4 is more powerful than Wii U. What I do expect is a next generation AAA Nintendo exclusive to look better on Wii u and not look like the 3DS . After all you put your money on a Wii U you expect better visuals than Wii let alone 3Ds. If not what’s the point in a new console every 7 or 8 years?

              2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                Name calling when I’m being mature & asking a simple question of jtz? Did I hurt your feelings or something, kid? Change your name, dude. It’s an insult to the real thing when you resort to immature acts like name calling.

  3. Makes sense doesn’t it? The 3DS isn’t as powerful to run Wii U games. So how else can they do it? With there next generation hardware.

    1. Nope, Sony is doing something different. Vita will be more like an extender and porting PS3 to PS4 isn’t easy work, ND complained about how hard it was to up-port TLoU to PS4.

      What Miyamoto is talking about it is from a developers perspective, making it easy to develop for one console and it’ll be able to work on another console with ease.

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  5. I’m not feeling this. The Wii U needs to show its capabilities not be held back by some weak handheld. That’s why Wii U sales sucks now people think what console is weak won’t sell and people who think the console is the strongest will sell. PS4 proved that and doesn’t have no games. And you guys are happy about 3Ds holding back Wii U’s unknown power and capabilities?

    1. For the future not now… Develop a handheld as powerful as a wii u first and make it function like a game pad with old games but also be able to play them any where. Then your next system after that runs out of gas is a handheld wii u successor combo that is as powerful as a ps4 or hopefully better since it will be around 2020 when that happens realistically

        1. That will be when the new handheld controller will be… 2017 if not 16 then a future hybrid mega system later on. One where the hand held is t necessary but they play the same games (no need to buy twice) and the hand held will be similar to the gamepad in that it can be a controller for the system, motion and whatever other add ons will be i that “next gen” console

            1. No… I am talking same exact games and graphics between the Wii U and future handheld and then the same and then some with whatever system(s) come out in the long term. Vita doesn’t replicate the same games as the PS4, same graphics, saved games, etc…. does it? And still, Nintendo does things different as we know so I would expect something better

    2. I tried to convince my friend who owns a 3DS to get a Wii U. He doesn’t care though. He said he’s gonna get Smash on 3DS though. Lol it makes me wish they only made a Wii U version so he would be forced to buy it. Oh well…

      1. He isn’t going to be big on 3ds’s controls Lots of people have told me its good, but much rather play the wii u version because it feels, and plays the best…plus dat gamecube

  6. I hope the next gen hardware isn’t just made to be just more poweful than PS4 that would be dumb not learning back in 08′ developing the Wii U.

  7. PS4 does have games actually they just like playing Remakes like tomb raider. And new one is second son infamous. New dbz game coming out soon. Wish it would come to wii u. Theif and stuff on PS4.

    1. Ps4 has games but hardly are they top 10 best sellers after a week just like Wii U. Yet PS4 doesn’t rely on software to sell hardware it relies on hype.

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  9. Honestly, I don’t think they should, that was the main issue with the PSV, it was a portable PS3 and it only served to diminish the sales of either console by making them basically interchangeable.

  10. What an original idea!

    Oh wait… PlayStation already did that. Nintendo copying others again, not much of a surprise really

    1. … How’s that working out for you?
      I remember the time whether my PS Vita had the same power as the PS4…. oh wait.

    2. Also “Nintendo copying others again” …. Why are you confusing them with Sony and Microsoft?

  11. So a Nintendo console that is both a console and a portable in one package maybe? I can see it happening. Call it the “Nintendo Fusion”.
    Maybe there is some actual legitimacy in that rumor we all heard.

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