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Okamoto Explains How Devil’s Third Will Utilise The Wii U GamePad

Devil’s Third producer Yoshifuru Okamoto has explained how the game will utilise the Wii U’s unique GamePad. Okamoto says there are lots of uses of Nintendo’s GamePad primarily in the game’s multiplayer mode. The controller can be used to call in air strikes and also share vital information with squad members. Okamoto concluded by saying that it’s something you could imagine a commander on a battlefield using to give out orders to his squad.

Does the game need to be a Wii U exclusive? Does it use the GamePad in ways that cannot be emulated elsewhere?

“Actually we do have some GamePad usage in multiplayer. As you know, the setting of this game is this fallen state – a chaotic war that has broken out between different factions across North America. Among those different factions, one of the things that is going to lead to victory is the ability to share information, so we use the GamePad as a communication tool. So you will be doing, among other things, calling in air-strikes and sharing information with squad members. It’s something you can imaging the commander on the battlefield holding to give orders.”

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85 thoughts on “Okamoto Explains How Devil’s Third Will Utilise The Wii U GamePad”

  1. I’m looking forward to this game, even if the graphics aren’t up to par with games like Mario Kart 8 :)

    1. If the game kicks ass, fun and graphics are fine, then I could care less if its not like PS4 which isn’t much different than PS3 or Xbox One with 360.

      Haters gonna hater while we rejoice and enjoy this badass Nintendo-exclusive mature game. :) Bet they wish they haven’t disgraced this and Bayonetta 2 to make them come to us. Now those tight games are ours.

  2. So… no. The gamepad’s not gonna be used in any meaningful way. They’ve tried that sort of thing with Smartglass and whatnot in Dead Island 3 and Battlefield. Oh well…

                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                  Yes I do. Total War: Shogun is one of my favorites.
                  It doesn’t make me bored or go to sleep mode like Witcher or Skyrim, which are the hugest borefests in the world to me.

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Nice, my favorite is Starcraft and I somehow regret buying Total War 2 Rome, it’s not as fun as the previous ones…

                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      Total War 2: Rome was horrible in nearly every way.
                      My ships would just spontaneously combust for some unknown reason.

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        I didn’t have any problems with the game, it’s just dull compared to the others…

        1. Because Smartglass is merely a knockoff “mirror” of Gamepad without true Gamepad-like functions. Come on. So many PC monitor streaming apps that existed long before Smartglass did a better job years ago.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            And it’s so insulting that this primitive troll can’t even write our Lord’s name correctly…

        1. 2016 or 2017, yeah. But whatever, so long as it gets good games. It’ll be out 4-5 years in that time, which is what game cycles used to all be before the ps360ii generation, which was more of an exception to the rule than the standard. That’s fine with me. The Wii U will have enough time to get a handful of great exclusives and then Nintendo will be able to release the highest end hardware on the market for a while. I’m sure Microsoft and Somy won’t let their new systems last less than 6 years, considering how much R&D goes into new consoles, so Nintendo could have a couple years with the strongest hardware and get some third party support back, considering how much they like new hardware. Even the Wii U had some good 3rd party games at launch. Unfortunately the bad/late ports outweighed the quality ones and have enough reason to excuse themselves to back away from it. Had tomb raider and Bioshock Infinite been able to launch on the Wii U as well, these third party games that launched just months after the Wii U did, we may not be having the whole issue we have now. Some guys jumped ship way too fast, but when you have multiple consoles with a 50+ million install base to sell to as the main alternatives, a brand new console, especially being from Nintendo, a company whose fans seem a bit less likely to look at third parties, isn’t really that interesting profit-wise

        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

          And my PC destroys your underpowered PC disguised a console. I’m glad you’re butthurt.

        2. You missed Knack which looked and played WAY worse. Try again loser. You gonna wish this game was on your system when its on Wii U kicking ass.

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        sasori’s ugly face, lol. look their noses

        1. OMG. Brokeback makes Fat Albert look more handsome. XD No wonder in every video he posted, light blocks most of his ugly ass. That’s way of saying “I don’t like ugly but wow, Satan must be your real father after all.”

        2. Wow, this guy really has mental issues, now I know why he says so much hate and non sense in this website. He’s just a sad person entertaining himself in the internet. 40 minutes, really!? XD

        3. Lol same, I mean I knew this kid was dumb but goodness gracious, he took the word stupid to entirely new heights. I could only imagine what people on the streets are thinking seeing him walking around talking to himself in that manner.

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        1. If you’re talking about my lord you’re wrong he doen’t need Selina Ruiz anymore, i can comfirm that he was fapping. let Sasori bless our sacred cinnamon rolls. amen

          Church of Sasori

          1. Have fun with your multiple personalities.

            Are you honestly going on about drinking your own semen again Sasori? God damn, I know you are mentally challenged now for sure, but just try to take in how utterly insane you’re being for once.

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            You are just being plain nasty and truly pathetic in every sense of the word.

            I wish I knew who your parents were young man, I would love to tell them how you are on the internet. I bet you play as such a nice little boy around them but only if they know how distorted and demented you really are, they would probably send you to an institution out of pure fear.

            You are a very unstable person. You seriously need help.

      3. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        “Does the game need to be a Wii U exclusive? Does it use the GamePad in ways that cannot be emulated elsewhere?”

        Clearly another butthurt Xbot or Sonyan supporter…

      4. The Wii U Gamepad is a fresh canvas video game designers can use to to put forth their creativity in intuitive ways not found on any other console. If said video game designer is not artistic and creative enough to get imaginative to the potential possibilities held within the gamepad.. If they cant think of imaginative on using it, well then its probably their ‘creativity’ is most likely ‘generic’ by today’s standards (i.e shooters, button-mashers,

          1. Now if GTA V had a Wii U release… oh man, I can think of so many ways the Gamepad can be used. Like for example, Los Santos is fucking HUGE. Pain in my ass pausing every few seconds to look at the menu. So yep, Gamepad as a map. And maybe it’s just me, but I really hated when you had to choose your weapon by pressing the trigger button and then pressing the D-pad in a direction. You can simply tap your Gamepad and there’s your weapon! And also “Look at the Wii U Gamepad and snipe the guy on the roof” or “Slide your finger over the Gamepad to shoot money at the stripper and make it rain” XD So many missed opportunities. *sigh*

            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

              Too bad Rockstar doesn’t want to do it. So much potential. These third class empires are pathetic sometimes, just wasting the potential.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                I love how you use my terms…

                But indeed, these smaller empires like the Bethesdians just hates us for no reason…

        1. To be honest, Nintendo hasn’t even really done anything with the Gamepad. And if a third party dev can make the Gamepad work before Nintendo can, then that’s not good. Nintendo has to be the leader so they can follow. 4 of Wii U’s best games (imo) SM3DW, WWHD, MK8, and DKTF barely use the Gamepad. And you can’t make a shooter creative with the Gamepad. It’s just impossible. That genre is worn out. Lol.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            I think FPS games are the ones that are the easiest ones to use it for since it’s so obvious n a lot of ways, but I agree about our empire not using it’s potential…

          2. But it reall shouldn’t matter which side utilize it first. What matters is how its utilized and designed to make the games worth looking into. Third or first party doing it first is like saying PS4 or Xbox One is more powerful than each. It really shouldn’t matter as long as the game delivers.

        2. I agree with you there that developers need to be creative with the gamepad. However, Nintendo needs to lead the way. Look at what N did with MK8, a freakin’ horn???

          Although I am not liking Ubisoft right now, they are the ones who is being creative with the gamepad. Zombi U, Rayman, Splinter Cell plus WB’s Arkham City.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            And the worst thing about the game, showing splitscreen on the Gamepad?…

            Why not use it as a secondary screen for the first player? it’s so stupid…

          2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            And they could have done wonders with the Gamepad if they made a Double Dash sequel or had a gameplay like it…

            1. Agreed. 2nd player can use gamepad to look at the other racers around him and throw a shell or somethin’. Geez Nintendo.

          3. There were some missed opportunities with MK8. What they should’ve done is allow the Gamepad to have a separate screen instead of a splitscreen on both the pad and TV. And they also could’ve let you speak through the microphone on the Gamepad for voice chat instead of it limited to lobbies with friends. Well, at least there’s Amiibo to look foward to I guess.

        3. and what i really do not understand is that developper have been using a second screen since the first DS xD. It shoulnt be that hard to figure oit meaningful ways tu use the gamepad. Just replicate what works on the DS or 3DS.

          1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

            ^^This. Map, menus, inventory at the quick tap of the stylus, never having to pause the game.

      5. I know there is no such thing thing as a perfect company but c’mon Nintendo. We expect more from you since the gamepad was your selling point. It’s really disappointing.
        I’m trying to look forward but based on what they showed at E3, gamepad use is lackluster.

        1. Focus on having fun and play something innovative instead of being a fucking Debbie Downer. Just because Nintendo have dominated E3 this year, I can actually taste your salty flavored tears.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            That’s the problem, our empire is not being innovative enough with the Gamepad…

              1. I wouldn’t call that innovative. XD But it is by far the best example of how the Gamepad should be used.

              2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Yes I have the game but I’m talking about our empire, they didn’t make ZombiU…

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