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Miyamoto Fears About Competing Against “Hand-Me-Down” Smartphones

During the investors conference that took place recently, Mr Miyamoto said that he fears the trend of hand-me-down smartphones which are viewed as a cheap way for children to get involved with video games. As more people upgrade their phones regularly the phones are then passed down to their children. This is something Nintendo will obviously have to compete against.

“It is true that I have a sense of fear in that “hand-me-down smartphones,” as pointed out by another shareholder, are becoming hardware systems on which to play games due to their prices being lower than that of our most inexpensive video game system in our history. However, I do not believe that will completely control the future of video games. Of course, it is important to gain profit in effective ways, but Nintendo always has to take seriously, for example, network security for children. Taking into consideration that more and more children have a good command of these kinds of media, which help these media to spread, the most important task for Nintendo is how to provide new styles of entertainment by using these technologies, and how to make these new kinds of entertainment yield significant sales and profits.”

36 thoughts on “Miyamoto Fears About Competing Against “Hand-Me-Down” Smartphones”

    1. Yeah right. The ones who’s should be more scared than mobile is Sony with Vita tanking from the start. 3DS already destroyed it within its first year even after flopping the first 3 months. Vita competing with mobile is like an Ant vs the boot. 3DS however is already kicking ass and set for a while.

      1. What does the vita have to do with nintendo being scared of phones? Nintendo said so themselves, they’re scared. That’s something you fanboys always do…

  1. As soon as I saw the pic, I was like “Oh no its a xylophone! Another Wii Music made by Miyamoto!”

    Jk, but on topic, smartphones apps and games are just a disgrace to anything gaming. People find more enjoyment in a simple tap game than in any other true video game. What has this world come to?!

  2. Fuck smartphone games they all suck anyway they will never surpass consoles or handhelds because they’re games suck and have no controler name one good game on smartphones there isn’t any

  3. Lol he fears smartphones will take over consoles and handhelds that’s funny it will never happen we have cod skyrim zelda mario bioshock castlevania dragon age metal gear resident evill battlefield what dose smartphone have nothing

  4. It’s sad that those kids don’t get to experience REAL gaming, the kind that a smartphone can’t bring.

  5. Smartphones were never designed for the game, there are games on it because they are profitable.

    Moblie games = Casual + third world gaming.

  6. The only game I play on my smartphone is clash of clans, and that’s it. It’s so addicting, but even then I only check it around two times a day. I mean, I have never understood the nature of smartphone gaming and how people can just only play games on their smartphones, but I guess that it is a common thing nowadays…

      1. Well, of course, and that is no reason to devote one’s self to smartphone only gaming. I totally agree, and if people would rather play tap-and-play smartphone “games” as opposed to engaging in a full fledged gaming experience, then it is on them, because they are simply missing out.

  7. And they say Nintendo is for casuals? lol Looking at those same casuals moving on into smartphone games that only provide one touch controls and BS IAPs much like EA’s greedy microtransactions, calling. Nintendo casual is an overstatement now. Nintendo’s own casuals makes those casuals look like babies playing with big Lego blocks. Its pathetic to see how the gaming market has reverse-evolved to and Miyamoto shouldn’t be scared of them at all. All they serve is simple micro games from websites flash games that rips off from each other.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      One thing our empire has that the others doens’t is our constant sacred games that can never be replace or conquered by anyone…

      1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

        Not even our republic’s first party can even compete. It’s more like trying to compare Diamond(your empire) to gold(our republic).

  8. Chozodian Emissary

    I know everyone has a phone and everyone plays games on their phones but it’s nothing like playing on a console or a handheld. I’ve heard it said that phone games are like snacks and console games are like meals. So true!

  9. Smartphone games are for old ladies or bored people that need a quick diversion when they’re not busy revealing every detail of their lives on InstaGram and Facebook.

  10. well who say Miyamoto was an idiot and should leave? He is relevant to the video game business and he learnt the business side of the video game. I do believe Nintendo take the smart phone treat into consideration when think about the next hardware software. What I wondering is if Nintendo plan to create a new sub-company and take care of this market while still being Nintendo. He does not make sense for them to be smart phone software company. and to be honest, does EA and square and co managed to get a lof of benefits by moving to smartphone?

  11. i would never give a child assess to a smart phone or any phone for that matter. you don’t know what sort of jimmy savile type perverts could do. also most of the app games are boring

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