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SEGA Clarifies “No Immediate Plans” For Wii U Virtual Console, But Doesn’t Rule Out Possibility

SEGA has clarified an earlier statement from research and development producer Yosuke Okunari that said there were no plans for Wii U virtual console. Last week, Okunari responded to a fan over Twitter mentioning there were no plans to develop any Virtual Console games for the Wii U, but he failed to mention any specific details. In a recent statement to Eurogamer, SEGA has cleared up any subsequent confusion by announcing there are “no immediate plans” for Virtual Console game development, but that doesn’t rule out the possibility in the future.

“Sega would like to clarify a statement that was issued over Twitter. All options are currently on the table concerning development for the Wii U Virtual Console. Although there are no immediate plans, this does not negate the possibility and exploration of creating for this platform.”

53 thoughts on “SEGA Clarifies “No Immediate Plans” For Wii U Virtual Console, But Doesn’t Rule Out Possibility”

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  1. Basically 2015 Genesis and Dreamcast vc in summer probably starting with sonic, Streets of Rage, Shinobi, Vectorman, Ecco, and Phantasy Star 2 or Virtua racing. Dreamcast would start with Sonic Adventure, Phantasy Star Online, Space Channel 5, ChuChu Rocket, and Tides of Time (Ecco) As far as 3rd party games I hope we see Powerstone or Gunstar Heroes for dc and gen respectively.

      1. I’ll agree with that last sentiment because the Wii didn’t get Jet Set Radio HD for understandable reasons.

  2. Jesus christ, can we talk about the goddamn article?

    Anyone else think Sega is screwing Nintendo over? Nintendo didnt make the new Sonic game, which may be the worst Sonic game ever made, but Sega seems to be acting as if it’s theyre, Nintendos, fault.

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