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Dragon Quest X Will Receive Physical Release In Japan, No Cartridge Included

Dragon Quest X will receive a physical retail release for Japan but a cartridge is not included. The popular MMORPG was announced for the 3DS last week and will arrive on September 4.  It was thought Dragon Quest X would be a download-only title, however if you opt for the physical edition you will receive extra goodies. Rather than a cartridge, owners of retail copies will be provided with an eShop download code which can be used for 60 days of online play. Additional items included in the release are:

  • Lemon Slime Board Prism
  • Five large experience point ancient documents – which entitle players to 1,000 instant experience points
  • A casino coin ticket of up to 1,000 casino coins
  • A lottery card ticket – players will be randomly allocated in-game items

While we’ve still heard no further news regarding a western release, other than consideration from Square Enix, the 3DS version is the first online streaming game for the handheld. Hopefully we’ll hear more in the future if the 3DS version is a success.

14 thoughts on “Dragon Quest X Will Receive Physical Release In Japan, No Cartridge Included”

  1. Then why the FUCK is there even a retail release? Do they even understand why people get a retail game?? If they wanted to add “extra goodies”, they might as well go have a Digital Deluxe type of plan for the eShop. Idiots

      1. They could have just put POSTERS or something??? An ad in the TV??? Like what NC said above, It’s just a stupid waste of resources

  2. AT LEAST ure getting a collecters item. I like this ideal. If everyone is going digital at least some companies are still offering a retail experience.

  3. I’d rather have the cartridge in the box than all the other stuff. I hate them forcing more digital games, especially with them being tied to a system and not to an account.

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