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Zelda Fights With The Wind Waker In New Hyrule Warriors Trailer

Koei Tecmo has released another trailer for its upcoming Wii U exclusive, Hyrule Warriors. The new video puts a spotlight on Zelda, who can wield the Wind Waker and use it during battle. The magical baton can emit melodies that summon powerful forces; for example, playing the Song of Storms will literally blow baddies away. Hyrule Warriors will be available September 26th.

47 thoughts on “Zelda Fights With The Wind Waker In New Hyrule Warriors Trailer”

    1. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

      thats Koei Tecmo for you. they make any girl in there games look sexy and bad ass. lol

  1. This game is going to suck monkey butthole, which is exactly what nintendo commander quad pixels likes to do.

    1. Quit confusing this game with yourself. Now go run along & suck on the monkey butthole you love so much.

  2. Reggie Fils-Aime woke up at 4:00am on a Tuesday morning in 1978.. Confused and aroused he looked at himself in the mirror, panting with breath like a Rottweiler in heat. He realized his distinct Jewish-like hair was still matted with blood and semen. Still looking at himself in the mirror he begins to take the focus off himself and what was behind him. Slowly he comes to realize as the picture behind him reveals a pile of Down syndromes. For indeed “His body had been ready” and his desire had come to fruition.

    This is the origins of Nintendo…

    1. The Wind Waker is one of the items passed down in the Hyrule Royal Family, so it makes perfect sense that Zelda, the future Queen of Hyrule, would wield it. I surmise they are saving the Ocarina, preferably the Ocarina of Time, for Link. Maybe even a surprise second Link revealed to be the Hero of Time as a time traveler. Just my hope for the great Hero of Time.

      1. “…passed down in the Hyrule Royal Family” damm, you pretty much just bitch slapped my argument didn’t you :3

    1. What Sentinel said. On the easiest settings, enemies actually tend to do just like they are in these introductory videos. In fact, these being introductory videos should make it quite obvious that this is the lowest difficulty setting.

  3. You can always tell when it’s a japanese voice actress, even when the character is only doing grunts, screams and groans. Japanese women all sound alike. Even in anime. I don’t know why, but they do.

    1. I used to think that too. But as I watched more anime, I started to recognize the differences in the voices. They don’t sound the same at all to me.

    2. The smart commentors this site used to have back in 09, have been replaced by kids, teens and a buncha unfunny weeaboo n00bs posting unfunny outdated copypaste memes from long dead sites like ED. It’s depressing to read through the comments that were once enlightening or actually funny . . .

  4. I can’t wait to use his weapon for Queen Zelda! I hope a later reveal gives us Link using the Ocarina of Time as a weapon.

  5. Is she mimicing how Toon Link originally orchestrated the Wind Waker’s songs? The movements don’t seem the same to me..

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