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Fatal Frame Wii U Coming September 27 For Japan

Koei Tecmo and Nintendo earlier today live-streamed the new Fatal Frame for Wii U on Nico Nico. The Japanese-style horror game’s official name is Zero – Nuregarasu no Miko, roughly translating to Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden according to sources. Taking place in a mountainous area, the horror title will revolve around the fear of water and uses the GamePad to take pictures, allowing players another field of vision, as well as the ability to attack.

During the live-stream, there was also a few details for Fatal Frame’s protagonist Yuri Kozukata. Koei Tecmo producer Keisuke Kikuchi mentioned her special ability which enables her to see the truth or “secrets” behind every item she touches. The trailer – which you can see above – shows Yuri exploring the area and finding something she didn’t quite expect.

Fatal Frame will release for the Wii U on September 27 for Japan. There’s currently no word on whether this will release for western audiences, however. Aside from the game, mangas, a novel, and a movie has been confirmed with Samuel Hadida, the man behind Resident Evil, working as producer. You can view the movie trailer, here, as well as screenshots for the game at the link, here.

162 thoughts on “Fatal Frame Wii U Coming September 27 For Japan”

  1. Wow Tecmo Koei has been busy, pumping out Hyrule Warriors and Fatal Frame in a matter of months, wished it was being localized

      1. Yeah hope so too. But there have been fatal frame games before taht were not localized, so who knows….

              1. you must be one of the editors at nlife, pathetically advertising your own websites. why cant i be here? i cant comment on what i think? stupid comment, i migh as well ask you why are you here, lmfao

                  1. lol this is where your typical nintendrone damage control starts. the next thing hes going to say is that im butthurt, im damage controlling, im mad, he got under my skin, etc. man its really fun trolling here, all these fishies keep biting the bait

                    1. (you can still create new accounts if you get banned, unless you got tired of that already? LOL)

                    1. “Nostalgia_w used twisted logic! It’s super effective as the enemy hmm is amazed at the stupidity of the bullshit logic!”

          1. I just feel it’s kinda strange they reveal it on niconico and not mentioning anything about localization in the west. If it weren’t for game sites like this western world wouldn’t even know about this reveal.
            I mean if they plan to release it over here, i would guess they would make this reveal a little more international to spread the message..

            But yeah, let’s just hope for the best.

      1. You must be blind as hell if you think this game looks like a PS1 game. Damn you suck at trolling lol

          1. I told you a couple days I would use you for my own entertaiment under “KillingTime@Work” and so far you have done a good job at that lmao.

  2. I think this will come to the US, the wii u needs it, plus nintendo owns the ip just about. Hell they don’t need to translate to english voice, just english sub

    1. Knowing Nintendo, We’ll see this at the Jan-Mar parts of 2015 to try and lessen any drought next year for the NA. Cause releasing this during Hyrule Warriors,Bayonetta 2 and Smash 3DS would be a bit of a bad move for a game like this, and it won’t be released later on due to Smash WiiU and Pokemon OR/AS but that’s just my two piece of it.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      How in the holy N did it lose its appeal?…

      It looks very much like a a true survival horror game unlike the destroyed Resident Evil franchise since the fifth one…

      I’ll certainly be buying it if it comes to Europe…

      1. guess it boils down to personal taste. it ain’t as scary on nintendo, what with the shitty graphics and all. and that wii u pad ain’t gonna enchance things any more, much like the horrible 3ds iteration. to me ff died after 1 and re after 3 or 4.

        1. yeah that’s just you then, the truth is we didn’t see a lot of gameplay for you to even come to a conclusion like that, but to me the graphics look great.

                1. Which effectively only made it even dirtier as it looks like Chrom is giving it to her since he’s got a blue cape.

  3. Had Zero (PUN) interest, but then saw the gamepad as the camera and, well it will probably be awesome. The movie looks good too.

  4. If Nintendo launches Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden in North America next year, I’d buy it in a rapid heartbeat. We need more survival horror games like ZombiU had almost two years ago.

  5. Wow, just finished watching the trailer and my god… it’s going to be scarier than the Evil Within :D

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      The Fatal Frame franchise has been co-owned by our empire since a few years back now, ipso facto, this game is ours forever…

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I can’t tolerate Wii U attacks…

          Even if they are jokes…

          It’s my duty to defend it, although I’m also allowed to attack it myself…

          1. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Lol. Sometimes I will defend the Wii U so much that I even personally insult the person making fun of it. But at other times, I bash the almighty living crap out of the Wii U. Although, you guys rarely ever get to see my other side as much because that only happens when I am extremely angry. 70% of the time though, I am pure, absolute Nintendo fan. ;) But if you notice me getting out of control, please feel free to tell me before it’s too late. I remember around the first time I changed my name to HGJ, I had some really long, ultimate battles with Stranga. That wasn’t pretty. Ha, funny how we went from that to friends…

              1. Lol, I have no problem with people making fun of the Wii U. Sometimes I even join in on it. Lmao. I love the trolls on this website. They give me a good laugh. XD Er.. I mean- Wii U has the best games ever and we will crush the Xbot empire. :)

                  1. What? It’s true, I love the trolls. I’m actually considering becoming one myself… Mwahahaha- Oops.. I mean… You didn’t just hear that!

                      1. I actually already do troll on this website. You just don’t know what username I go under. LOL!

                            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                              Yes I did, you sorta, well…
                              Got careless in one of your sentences that made it obvious. It was hard to spot though, which you have done very good. Don’t worry, I can keep a secret. ;D

                  1. Yes. “We” don’t. But the Wii U does if it is to succeed. Too many CoD gamers have taken over the gaming population..

                    1. Nintendo is already working on the next console so I doubt it even matters at this point when it comes to 3rd party games, people don’t buy a Wii U for 3rd party games anyway, and the lineup for the Wii U looks great this year.

                      1. A little tidbit for you, Nintendo ALWAYS starts plans for the next console immediately after the release of their newest one, nothing special this gen. EXACTLY why people don’t buy a Wii U for third parties. You wanna know what’s the difference between a console like a NES and one like a Wii U? The NES had both incredible first parties AND third parties, it’s why the consumers ate it up. If Nintendo could have done it with their (technically, I know there was the Color-TV Game before that) very first console, why the fuck can’t they do it now, after over 20 years of experience in this industry? The only thing I see or the Wii U right now coming out this year is some Toad game, and uh… what was it called again? Dynasty Warriors With Zelda Skin? Nothing is looking great for Wii U at this rate, Nintendo needs to wake up

                        1. Cry some more please, LOL… don’t forget Bayonetta 2 is also coming out this year with Bayonetta 1 FREE as a physical disk of all things, and yeah it’s called Hyrule “Warriors” get it??? that is exactly the point of the game created by the original DW games lol, so what just because you don’t like it nobody is allowed to like the game? (here is a tidbit for you, I don’t like the game neither but that doesn’t blind me from the fact it’s coming out and people like it).. and you nailed it, Nintendo always starts working on it’s next console right away.. in other words they are here to stay.

                          1. Oh great! Thanks for telling me that for the next 6 months the only third party game will be Bayonetta! Thanks for the heads up bro!

                            Yeah… I’m assuming you’re too much of an idiot to expect you to understand that I was saying Hyrule Warriors was just Hyrule Warriors with a Zelda skin.

                            I NEVER said that nobody is allowed to like the game. It was my opinion, and don’t put words into my mouth.

                            Yep, you’re totally right! 3 consecutive losses is surely a great sign for Nintendo’s future huh?

                            1. lol Bayonetta is not really third party in this case, oh and don’t forget Smash Bros that is also coming out this year, “Hyrule Warriors was just Hyrule Warriors with a Zelda skin” LOL…. oh my god what an idiot. Oh don’t forget the billion of dollars they still have :).

                            2. Meanwhile Sony has been accounting losses on it’s Playstation brands since the PS1 and not to mention shrinking down their Playstation division (shutting down gaming development studios, firing and losing developers and executives, selling their stock in 3rd party franchises etc.) . It took Sony what…FOUR years to make a profit off of the PS3 and the Vita is STILL losing money after what 3 years of it being on the market and you have the nerve to questioned Nintendo’s future? The last thing a pony needs to do is speak about Nintendo’s mishaps especially when their favorite company is in far worst shape

              1. I doubt Smash Bros will help, but even if it does, it shouldn’t be any news worthy of celebration. If what’s selling your system are merely two franchises, it’s something you should be gravely be worrying about as a company that wants to last.

                1. The PS4 sales are falling by the day.. When they reach rock bottom the whole of America’s third party publishers will go with it.. Awaiting greatness forever.. This is how you troll.

                      1. What numbers? There hasn’t been an official report on any of the consoles’ EXACT sales numbers, save for japan. Don’t call people stupid when you make yourself look like one in the end

                        1. I think I may have to specify, we haven’t gotten an official report on any of the consoles’ EXACT sales numbers for months

                      1. You’re right. That’s why the Wii U was selling like crazy when WWHD finally came out and why the limited edition bundles were NOT stacking up on shelfs.

                  1. Yeah, most of us who aren’t fanboys are probably crying over why Nintendo underuses amazing franchises, etc Metroid, F-Zero and instead milks Mario over and over, with the occassional Pikmin to mock the fans, and why Nintendo decided to make a PS3 with a gimmick tablet this gen

                    1. All I see is people who don’t like Nintendo at all come here only to bitch and cry about something they don’t like, do you like being that pathetic? or is it because you feel safe doing it over the internet? take a clue buddy Metroid is done, if they had continued it, I’m sure you would say they are milking it too and so the table keeps on turning in your little mind, here is another clue Mario keeps on selling good numbers, heck even I don’t play Mario games anymore (except MK8 and Smash Bros later this year) I play on the PC all the damn time, you’re just too pathetic to understand.

                    2. mario, mk, sb may be top class system sellers, but they need to put emphasis on other franchises too. its where I was trying to get at. eventually ppl will get bored like in the case of mario where even he wasnt enough to save the wii u. and one of the top reasons they need 3rd party is to make up for 1st party drought, but at the same time they need enough 1st party to attract 3rd which is where the hardware comes in play. the wii u wasn’t made to attract anyone in particular. it doesn’t know who it wants to appeal to

                      1. The thing is, the Wii U’s life cycle isn’t done… anything can happen, but it can only go up from here.

              2. PS4… Why are people even buying the useless lump of Plastic.. Just answer me that? It has had one game in 9 months… ONe f-cking game..

                1. You know why? Because nowadays, HARDWARE SELL SOFTWARE. Not the other way around. You can listen to Reggie’s PR bullshit all you want, but the PS4 is huge evidence that if you don’t have the hardware muscle, you’re simply not important in the eyes of the modern gaming industry. People look at the PS4, see a next gen system with great specs, notice that it’s only $100 more expensive than a console with last gen specs, no third party support, some weird tablet thing, also notice that the PS4 has both third and first party support in the foreseeable future. Which would they pick, hmm?

                  1. I don’t think you are completely wrong when you say hardware drives software sales, but software sales can, have and (imo) will drive hardware sales. To me, people loved the ps3. So when they saw the ps4 they saw it as the obvious choice. I myself liked the ps3 and felt that the ps4 was the only option, then I got a Wii u instead and I was dissatisfied for a while but have grown to really like it. I didn’t buy the Wii u …my dad bought it… and then said I couldn’t buy a ps4……im 18….nevertheless the gamepad is actually quite useful.

                    1. I respect your opinion. I mean, no one can ignore the success of the 3DS after all. But I feel that when people compare the Wii U to the PS4, the first thing people will see is specs, and I feel that seriously hurt Wii U sales in the long term. But perhaps if Nintendo starts to pick itself up and release some solid titles (Star Fox Wii U was a good sign) that either use obscure franchises that people love or make heavy use of the GamePad, Wii U sales will increase. Until then, I’m still calling the GamePad a gimmick. It’s great that you like the Wii U! I’m sure that there are people out there who love it. I just think that Nintendo could have done so much more to make an even larger number of people love the Wii U.

                  2. Even IGNs resident fanboy Moriarty said sales of the PS4 were dropping fast. You kow why… The emperor has no clothes. THe hype was a lie.
                    Sony does not have the money to support its console. Instead they are left nickle and diming timed exclusives..

                    1. Can you give me a source for Colin saying that? If not, then you have no credibility. And why would a NEWS REPORTER of all people have important info on console sales?

                      And really? Did you just ignore my previous comments above about the “PS4 hype” thing?

                      Do not have a money LOL ok. Just shows that you’re one of the sheep thinking that because they had a loss this year it suddenly means they’re near bankrupt, because IT’S A FUCKING LOSS!!! SONY DOOMED!!

                      And about the times exclusives thing… I chuckled

                  1. Wii sold about 9.27 Millions in 7 months, PS4 sold about 8,4 Millions in 8 months! So why are you lying?

            1. Is that suppose to be a joke?
              Because it wasn’t very effective since the Wii U and most Nintendo consoles have the best exclusives… so yeah.

              1. “Oh herp derp we always have the definitive ultra awesome super cool non shooter kid-friendly hyper epic AAA franchises. The other companies are all shooterz which copy off each other and have no originality even though they’re rated higher than our franchises, because reviewers who give negative opinions to Nintendo games are clearly Xbots or Ponies doh!!! We don’t need dem third parties because they all suck because I say so!!! Nintendo won’t have any droughts, they can surely release a game at least twice a month. I don’t care what others say, Nintendo games will always be awesomeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Game and Wario and Wii Fit 4 lyfe!!! ”

                -Your typical Nintendo fanboy

                1. I’m just saying, the PlayStaiton exlcusives keep going down hill and the Xbox One is starting to get better exclusives. But overall the Wii U has the better exclusives.

                2. This idiot has the username ” Shuhei Yoshida ” but has the nerve to call other people ” fanboys “? WOW….what a hypocrite this clown is

            1. It’s On Life Support Like The Sonic Franchises, Being Kept Alive By The Same Group Of Retards That Killed Sega.

              #Failed Gimmick Pad Confirmed
              #Gamecube Connector Further Solidifying These Facts
              #Sega Fanboys Kill Anything They Come In Contact With

              1. Kind of hypocritical seeing how the Xbox One does have gimmicks as well such as the kinect camera and smartglass.

              2. Oh look, guys! Sasori is getting his retarded fans from Youtube to come here & help his fat ass defend the Xbox One!

          2. I’m very pleased at the fact that this appears to be a third-person perspective game, like the awesome Resident Evil 4 was. Now I’m very interested. I hope it comes to North America. The Wii U needs all the games it can get. Especially of the M rated category.

            1. Xbox One | Nintendo: 0

              An increase of M rated games? Not if wants to keep up with its competition of LeapFrog & Huggies!

              1. Yes, the Wii U has to get more M games to appeal to the hardcore audience. We need Call of Duty Advanced Warfare! We need Assassin’s Creed Unity! We need The Witcher 3! We need moar guns! Bring out Battlefield Hardline! Moar knives, stabby stab! Devil’s Third! Shoot shoot! And we need moar BOOOOBS! Bring out Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball with enhanced jiggle physics. *Wii U sells 1 million units in one week*

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              Rebooting . . .

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              Self-destruction mechanism has been activated

          3. I can’t wait for Stranga to come to this article because she saw over 100+ comments and then start handing out death threats to everyone who isn’t a completely biased Nintendo fanboy. You just wait.

          4. Seriously if this game doesn’t get localized then fuck you nintendo, i know if it was on the ps4 it would get localized, just like alll the ps2 fatal frames did.

            #nintendo ruined fatal frame
            #this better not be shit like spirit camera
            #if this was some gay shit like my little pony nintendo would localize it

            fuck you nintendo, you irrelevant piece of shit.

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          6. Mynintendonews really need a messageboard/forum where we can talk about games without the random bullshit i read in the comment section on every article…

            1. xD Like that would fix the issues. You know as well as the rest of us these trolls would just fucking stalk us to whatever message board/forum we went to.

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