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GameSpot Says ‘None Of The Inherent Appeal Of Zelda Is Present In Hyrule Warriors’

US gaming publication GameSpot recently went hands on with the upcoming Hyrule Warriors for Wii U. However, according to writer Tom Mc Shea, the fusion between Dynasty Warriors and The Legend of Zelda doesn’t quite comes together. Mc Shea concludes by saying that those who are eager for a new Zelda and think Hyrule Warriors will fill that role will ultimately come away disappointed.

“As someone who adores The Legend of Zelda, there just isn’t much here for me to latch on to. Yes, I’m as weak as anyone to the aesthetic charms of the franchise, but that’s the only part of Zelda that has made the transition. The rest is pure Dynasty Warriors. I thought the game was fun enough, and was impressed by how I could kill so many enemies with so little effort. But I need more than window dressing to make me care about a game. For those who are in my position, eager for a new Zelda and hopeful Hyrule Warriors will fill that role, keep your expectations very low. None of the inherent appeal of Zelda is present here, so you need to care an awful lot about the characters and music to remain interested. If you already enjoy the Warriors series, Hyrule Warriors won’t spoil what draws you to it. At least from what I’ve seen, It sadly doesn’t reach an interesting balance that could have expanded the audience to include those who love The Legend of Zelda, too.”


245 thoughts on “GameSpot Says ‘None Of The Inherent Appeal Of Zelda Is Present In Hyrule Warriors’”

    1. Sony Commander Kratos

      Gamespot is always right about all nintendo franchises thats why theyre my favorite site 100% truth

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Said the Sonyan that typed his emperor’s name wrong…

        “Jack Trenton”, exposed…

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                It’s funny how it’s always the fans of this site that gets everyone’s complaints and never the actual trolls and disgusting abominations like Nostalgia that spits out garbage that would make even Hitler cringe his wicked mind…

                1. you do spit out garbage too you know? it’s just flavored differently from the other trolls you mentionned.

        1. That’s not how you even spell his name. Moreover, he doesn’t even work there anymore, so it should be something like Andrew House.

      2. Ha!
        Like how Sony TOTALLY didn’t lie about the life span of the PS4 being 10 years…. even though we all know it will only last 3 years at best.

        Weak Station Bore is Weak

        1. If you remember right, they have said the same thing about the Wii U. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing Nintendo. I enjoy Nintendo just as much as the next bloke, however I enjoy Playstation more.

          I grew up owning a Ps1 and a Gameboy color so I have always enjoyed Nintendo’s handheld devices and have owned each generation of device since to the 3DS and 3DSXL. As soon as the Ps2 came out, my parents decided to use the Ps2s backwards compatibility and get one over a GameCube. To them it just made sense. The first Nintendo console I ever owned was a Wii and that wasn’t even until Super Smash Brawl was released. It’s not that I hate Nintendo, it’s just that I have stronger roots tying my to Playstation.

          1. Ah then your not quite old school…but I respect your option. if you want true old school quality, then I suggest playing older games from Nintendo like kid icaras, Super Mario Bros. 3, hell even star tropics.

        2. What does this have to do with the topic at hand?
          Anywho, its disappointing to hear that honestly. I still wanna give it a try though.

        3. Sony Commander Kratos

          Bore station? Infamous? Last of us? God of war? Ico? Katamari? Journey? Little big planet ? Killzone? PlayStation all-stars? Last guardian? Haze? My point made peasant

      3. …this is a sad day to be a sheep bro. Walk away now and dont burn yourself like Sony burning their banks.

        1. Sony Commander Kratos

          Sheep? As if im your shepard and im trying to lead you to the right gaming path of the Sony Empire….,,,

      1. Sony Commander Kratos

        Exactly when people bash gamespot for being different than the other sites their reviews actually go in-depth

        1. So you’re relying on a company that lied about how much they were excited for the Xbox One but then soon pulled back that statement as well as many other lies to costumers.

          Our Android Overlords laugh at you pathetic Sony Ponies, go eat some hay because you be butthurt.

          1. Sony Commander Kratos

            We are comrades brother our Empire reaches far and well into phone gaming the new sony phone is coming out ;)

        2. They go in-depth about the most minute details of things they don’t like. They focus on the tiniest thing and base their review only on that

    2. I’m also getting it.
      Sonic Lost World’s Zelda re-skin was fun, and this obviously is not a Zelda game.
      I’m still all for playing a Zelda skinned Warriors game.

      1. Not the truth if it’s also a lie.
        Sony Ponies have no opinions, just moronic fanboy logic.

        1. … So, your saying I have no opinions even though I am getting Hyrule Warriors and even though I support Nintendo? Just because someone likes something you may not does not mean they are inferior or below you. Stop being so hateful and accept the fact others out there enjoy media don’t.

      2. I wouldn’t take Gamespots opinion on anything. Not saying Hyrule Warriors may not be good, but I wouldn’t let them alter my decision, or any game site for that matter. From what they complain about though, it sounds like the game is exactly what it’s supposed to be and they for some reason thought otherwise. It’s Zelda in dynasty warriors universe, not the other way around. I’m not expecting many if any typical zelda puzzles. I’m expecting a dynasty warriors game with zelda characters. That’s what they made it seem like. So I don’t see why gamespot is so upset. And honestly gamespot hasn’t been relevant in over ten years for people who have been checking gaming sites for longer than that.

    1. gamespot is the type of site to look at the greatest game of all time _________ (fill in the blank) and say “eh it’s okay.”

      1. They over praise M-rated games, and shun games that mix their childhood’s favorite nostalgic game with new… And they bow down to nostalgia more than any other site… They gave DKC: TF a bad review basically because it wasn’t what they wanted Retro to make, *cough* Metroid *cough*. (despite it being my all-time favorite 2D platformer ever… talking about tropical freeze not metroid…)

    2. All I have to say is thatm I’m still hyped for the game and it’s still a dynasty warriors style game. So idk why he played it thinking it would be such a Zelda overhaul…….like all musou games with unique skins. They are all the same but have unique things to make them seem different enough.

    3. I don’t really trust what Gamespot says anymore, after the incident where GTA V got a 9 simply because of “misogynism”.

      1. Jesus Christ, are people still on that? FYI, there was more to the 9 than just, “misogynism”. And it’s a 9, which means it was still a great game. GTA5 is not perfect, m’kay?

        1. Didn’t say it was perfect. A 10 doesn’t have to be perfect, just has to be a masterpiece, which in my opinion, GTA V was. But if you have a woman reviewing it claiming it was sexist to women, of course you’re gonna have backlash, considering the gaming audience is made up mostly of males.

      1. I have a question, what made you come out of hiding? if I remember correctly you used to troll this community a while back and as soon as other trolls started to shadow you, you just disappeared.

    4. Nintendo is my Blood

      I don’t care what some reviewers say

      All reviewers are “hardcore” gamers, all “hardcore” gamers are humans, all humans are retarded.
      It is simple.

        1. Nintendo is my Blood

          Actually yes, because then they wouldn’t be such idiots and know when they see a good game, but because it’s Nintendo, they bitch about it

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  So does radical Americans, Christians, Jews, Atheists and other apes…

                  Still better than you though…

                  1. Because I have my own opinions about thinks and am totally fine with people having their own? Not everyone can like the same things.

                    1. Trying to claim the high road again, eh? lol Please! Stop making me laugh! It hurts! Anyway, Nintendo is my Blood is actually expressing his opinion that Nintendo games are the best, yet here you are saying he’s a radical that’s no better than Islamist radicals. Least he’s not going around & hunting down people that have a different opinion. And don’t even try to say he’s bashing you. Like sasori, you practically ask to get bashed with your obvious preference for non Nintendo games.

                  2. Nintendo is my Blood

                    FOCUS FOOLISH TROLLAW!
                    We are not talking about religion, no one feed him, this is what trolls do

                    1. I’m not a troll, you are!! You fanboy trolls need to castrate yourselves before you spread your scum genes from your scum ancesors. Then, jump off of a cliff to make the present a better place. Literally.

                      1. Nintendo is my Blood

                        This fanboy will still be able to beat the living shit out of you, bring it biatch

                      2. Nintendo is my Blood

                        Exactly, I have vanquished many trolls from this site, as I will do to you

                        Prepare for annihilation and devastation.

                      3. Do t make me laugh….. Actually I feel more like vomiting. You can’t do anything to me. You can’t do anything to truth except maybe cover years ears yelling “lalalallal” like you always do. But the truth will still be in front of your face. Not even admins can do anything. They can’t ip ban me.

                      4. Nintendo is my Blood

                        I don’t need Sickr’s intervention to deal with you, you are no more threatening then sasori or iceazeama

                  3. Not going to lie, your comments are becoming mean and hateful for pretty much every news article I see you comment on.

                    1. Nintendo is my Blood

                      It is becoming a dark time in this world, people are becoming more cruel, the trolls here are becoming more out of hand, it is one thing to troll but they are wishing death and starting flame wars on other users, I will not let them continue

              1. I love Nintendo just as much as the next guy but come on that is a very simple minded way to think. There ate great games out there not developed by Nintendo.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Gamespot are notorious for being allied with the Xbots…

        I don’t care what they say about our empire whether it’s good or bad, pathetic life-forms…

        1. Nintendo is my Blood

          When they bitch about Nintendo games, they are retards, but when they praise them, they are speaking truthfully.

          It’s just a fact

        2. I’ve been visiting this site for quite a while now, and I finally made the decision to make an account. But, can I ask you, are you in character or mentally unstable?

          1. They are in character. They’re pathetic and disgusting. I bet when they were kids, they all got raped by men in mario and link costumes. Their brains are screwd .

                  1. Look who’s talking yourself kiddo.
                    Sounds to me like you cant except that the Android Master Race is far more superior than you puny Sony Ponies.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      That abomination wants Lord Iwata, his family and me to die in a brutal way, racist, homophobe and a disgusting retard…

                      Stop talking to it in a nice manner…

                      1. I’m not racist or a homophobe. I already told you it’s fine that you like men. Now shoo, spread your filth else where.

                      2. Mate, you do realise that the Japanese are very well-mannered people, don’t you? Why don’t you follow in “Lord Iwata’s” footsteps, and treat him/her nicely.

            1. Dude that is not a funny thing to talk about. I have many friends that were taken advantage of as children. Its disgusting how an adult can take away a childs innocence like that, don’t be an ass dude.

            2. Actually, you are the one who is pathetic and disgusting. At least they are in character whereas you are probably being your true mentally unstable self. Do us all a favor and get your brain checked..if you even have one.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                And I only “hate” within the gaming universe for the most part unless some retarded specimen like this one is present…

    5. Anyone who’s been paying attention to Hyrule Warriors should know that it’s not a “New Zelda”. What a retard.

    6. … I don’t understand the issue. A Dynasty Warriors plays exactly like a Dynasty Warriors game and not like a Zelda game and it’s “bad” because… uh… because what exactly ?
      This thing baffles me. It’s a Dynasty Warriors game with the Zelda canon, how is it “weird” that it doesn’t play like Zelda ?

      1. Maybe they’re assholes and want to take away from the hype lol. Or maybe they’re just retarded and expected a dynasty warriors zelda crossover to play like zelda and…not like dynasty warriors. Without the nonstop swarms of enemies that you fight off to gain control of sections, what is dynasty warriors really?

      2. The preview didn’t say it was bad. In fact, it mentioned it was fun. However, it was bringing to light that it lacks any Zelda appeal. The only part of it that holds some of its Zelda heritage are aesthetics – the characters and how they look. Everything else is Dynasty Warriors. So, if you like Dynasty Warriors, it will probably be a good game for you, if not and you’re looking for a Zelda adventure, then you might be in for a rude awakening.

        At least, that’s what I got from the article.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Yes but all that rambling was for nothing as no one said that this would have any Zelda feel to it at all…

          1. Well, this is good information for people who aren’t as avid or informed gamers as we may be. Of course most of us knew it would just be Dynasty Warriors with a Zelda skin. Still, that doesn’t discount the fact that there are a lot of people who aren’t on top of news as much as some, may not game as much as some, and get their insight from articles like these.

            As someone who has previously spent many years working in games retail, I can attest to the fact that most people buying games, even those who consider themselves gamers, truly have limited knowledge about games and gaming in general.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              The sad part is that these type of reviews are misleading because he himself doens’t know anything about the game at all…

              This is why the majority of Nintendo fans including myself hate Gamespot, they are almost always trying to put pur empire in a bad or misjudged way…

              1. Who cares about reviews? I never let a review affect me purchase. Call of Duty games get 8.5-9’s on IGN and I don’t care about that. They can get perfect 10’s for all I care and I still wouldn’t interested.

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  We were talking about the civilian “gamers” that barely knows anything about the gaming universe…

                  If they come across these type of reviews it’s going to mislead them and we all know just how ignorant civilians are for the most part…

                  1. Yep. Reviews can be misleading. I’ve played Super Mario Galaxy and that game got 9’s and 10’s everywhere. I didn’t think it was all that great. I wouldn’t have went over a 7. :P

                      1. Whatever it is, I can’t see it because I’m on my 3DS. Vita sucks, but at least that thing can run an internet browser without breaking down and having to reload the whole page… T_T

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          It’s my typical Simpsons moment, “Aww my freaking ears!”…


                          1. In addition, If I were able to see your video, it would run like crap because the 3DS YouTube can’t even surpass 240P. The Wii U is like god compared to the 3DS in terms of applications. Man, I wish my Gamepad worked… 1080P Youtube and the amazing internet browser blows 3DS out the water..

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              If your Gamepad doens’t work, how can you still play the Wii U?…

                              1. Because I still have my red Wiimote (from my Wii) and a Classic Controller and a Nunchuk and an afterglow Pro Controller. Thank god I didn’t buy the official Nintendo brand yet because I would’ve needed the Gamepad for it to work. Phew…

                                  1. My Gamepad doesn’t work and the Pro Controller is required to have the Gamepad on. The Pro Controller I have isn’t made by Nintendo so it doesn’t apply to that rule. So yes. Pretty much every controller except for the Nintendo Pro Controller will work without the Gamepad. I hope I can get a charger before Nintendo puts the Mario Kart 8 DLC on the eshop…

                                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                      Thanks for telling me, now I won’t buy the official one since it’s too much of a risk if my Gamepad gets defective again once I get it back, whenever that is…

                                    2. My official Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller worked just fine without the Gamepad as long as you didn’t need to put in your password to access your account on the Wii U. Just couldn’t access the eShop. BUT we all know that won’t be a problem now thanks to the latest Wii U update.

                                  2. I’d give Super Mario Galaxy a 7.5. For me, the game wasn’t as great as Super Mario 64 & Super Mario Sunshine. I wish I could pretend the ending of Super Mario Sunshine didn’t exist, though. Now that hurt my freaking ears!

                  2. Nintendo is my Blood

                    Let me get this straight though… they are saying that this isn’t a Zelda game
                    But exactly when did Nintendo say it was?
                    It is just Dynasty Warriors with a Zelda skin, where is the confusion?

                  3. who the hell cares if its like any other Zelda game the point is its meant to be a new take on the Zelda franchise. its called taking a chance and daring to be different. im getting it looks great. people bitch about rehash and yet sony and micro sux are releasing the same shit over and over why doesn’t any1 ever talk about that.. I want to try new things that’s why I like Nintendo u cant tell what they will try next. people chastise them for doing new things but lets face it if they were COWARDS like sony and microsux the gaming industry would never progress the way it has.

                      1. I think he’s referring to the fact that Nintendo is trying something new with Zelda by letting Koei Tecmo make a Warriors/Musou game with Legend of Zelda characters.

                  4. Oh, that’s not a real Zelda game? I could never have guessed after all these trailers an gameplay videos!

                  5. My god. This is fucking disgusting the amount on unfair and horrible biased and of course the completely overtaking Nostalgia Blind that this is. At this point its not going to matter how good the game is its going to get bad scores just because of Nostalgia and personal bias.

                  6. “This game that isn’t entitled The Legend of Zelda isn’t like a Legend of Zelda game”
                    Fucking genius, Tom!!! I can’t wait for the Mario Party U reviews: “None of the inherent appeal of Super Mario Bros is present in Mario Party U”

                    No, seriously, go fuck yourself in the dick with a red hot rusty nail.

                  7. If you go into a Musou spinoff expecting it to play like LoZ, then of course you’ll be disappointed!

                  8. I was gonna say something about it but then I realize it was gamespot lol one of the worse game reviewers. Whether they praise good games or not. I mean they are the hardcore gamers, nasty….

                  9. Well no shit, this is Dynasty Warriors with a Zelda twist, only a moron goes into it thinking its anything else -_-

                  10. That’s fine? I’m not expecting to play a traditional Zelda game here. I already knew all this. He’s phrasing it like it’s a bad thing.

                  11. Repeat I have never played DW game, but from what I follow on youtube they found the game fun.I don’t follow big sites like ign,gamespot, or ect.. All those sites like to do is follow whats hot, start a bunch of controversies to get hits, its all about money for them. Plus none of story elements have been showed off, the game’s setting are on easy according to some DW players i know. They do carry elements of exploring, minor puzzle elements to reward players. They also given tons of freaking fan service to zelda fans( not the anime kind). Plus in the end its just some guys opinion, you don’t know, don’t why this is news, its just some guy, that i’ve never heard of.

                      1. also look at the difference of a normal DW and hyrule warriors, HW has some much more color, and detail to its universe then most dw games(not just in graphics standpoint.

                        1. Nintendo Knight Equilibruim

                          His just butthurt
                          He thinks it’s a Legend of Zelda game
                          I hope his not a hater
                          Haters just wanna hurt us
                          Maybe they don’t even see the difference of dynasty warriors to samurai warriors

                  12. Don’t mind me, just munching on popcorn and enjoying the show. Though YouTube’s flame wars are way more interesting.

                    But all jokes aside, I’m still looking forward to Hyrule Warriors regardless since new experiences are always great instead of old ones.

                  13. I was also worried about this being just a dynasty warriors remake. Which im not a fan of, but let us be the judge. We don’t have very many wii u games. We’re just glad that nintendo is trying something new!

                  14. Never liked game spot probly never will. What kind of an idiot thinks this would play anything like Zelda. This is clearly dynasty warriors all the way and there is nothing that they have shown with gameplay that would have anyone believing it’s going to be a completely different hybrid game

                  15. I have never played Dynasty Warrior so this should be a fantastic reason to get introduced to it. My Wii U, (and arguably body) is ready!

                    1. If you have a Wii or PS3, there’s a pretty good title made by Capcom, called Sengoku Basara Samurai Warriors. It should be cheap or easily pirateable, so go for it if you want to try the gameplay before you buy.

                    2. Same here, I played one of them on PS2 at a friends house back in house school years ago but that’s it, super excited for this game as my introduction to the series.

                  16. still don’t get all the hatred on this game.
                    you want a zelda game from this? you’re not getting it because it’s something else.
                    you want a fun game with zelda characters in it? that’s a good game.

                  17. Wow, is it possible to have a constructive discussion about this? Neither declining Gamestop as a whole nor just bashing Nintendo can help this.

                    I have to admit that the only things drawing me to this game are the characters and the music. I’m afraid that there’s barely any challenge in the game. So I’m still waiting for a full review… this won’t be a day one purchase for me.

                  18. It’s weird to me that he actually expected Hyrule Warriors to fill that Zelda roll. This is a DW game through and through but within the world of Zelda. It’s a love letter to the Zelda series yes, but it’s obviously not a traditional Zelda game, his expectations were crushed because he is pinning for the next Zelda game yet didn’t consider that this is inherintly a DW game. Too bad he didn’t look at this game in another perspective, he may have enjoyed it more.

                  19. I don’t really care. I’m still hyped up for this game.

                    Even if it is more DW, I don’t really care. I’ve never played a DW game before so it’ll be a nice intro.

                  20. I don’t think anyone is counting on this being an actual Zelda game. Its a Dynasty Warriors game with a Zelda coat of paint, it’s not hiding that either

                    1. Right, I never imagined HW to be the next Zelda game, Aonuma said that also, this review is stupid and that guy just wants attention

                    1. Over the whole debate of Hyrule Warriors being Dynasty Warriors with Zelda paint. 1. How is that a fucking problem when Dynasty Warriors themselves are popular today? 2. Who really gives a shit? Play the damn game and decide for yourselves. 3. You only sound truly ignorant judging a game too damn early that when the reviews come and they happwn ti say Hyrule Warriors has its own differences that draws a line between games, they’re gonna feel stupis, once again, spitting shit out of their unsanitized mouths.

                      I’m gettingnit regardless and nobody takes GameStop seriously except for retard trolls, fandorks and idiots looking for a reason to act specially smart and tough through a PC screen and text. Ooooo like if thats convincing at all.

                  21. It is by Tom “I hate fun” mac Shae.
                    He is the most unprofessional gaming journalist i know.
                    His only goal is controversy.
                    Of course the game won’t feel like a Zelda game. Nobody with half a brain would expect that. It’s a Zelda themed dynasty warriors. Nothing more nothing less.

                    1. I would say that it plays like a Dynasty Warriors game, but by it being Zelda inspired it makes the game inherintally “better.” It has better graphics, better characters, a better story, etc. It’s a super version of a Dynasty Warriors game.

                  22. A Nintendo-only biased website that bluntly talks shit about Nintendo even though when they make a game thats evolutionary or critically praised by millions even IGN sometimes, they still wanna talk with a breathe of 20 different types of feces in their mouths.

                    And already judging a game thats about two months away of release and without playing the final or demo version of it? Thats “Being an ignorant fanboy 101” right there. Not to mention they even go so low to score Nintendo’s greatest hits with shitty scores…every, fucking, time.

                    I feel like this site was founded and endorsed by Michael Patcher since they both talk stupid shit and get hated/disproven in every turn.

                  23. Umm, Hyrule Warriors is meant to be a spin-off, not a sequel. This is like criticising Mario Kart for not being a new 3D platformer.

                  24. No shit, it is made by KoeTecmo. I thought it was pretty damn clear from the get go that this was Dynasty Warriors in a Zelda overlay.

                  25. Lord Sasori warned you fools of rehashed gaming fornication and gimmicks to shield one from the truth.. Your beloved franchise has been exposed and raped by the cash cow industry and left behind like a semen reeking prostitute who pleasured the “Mongolians of unnatural decent”.. Iwata will soon perish away like the leper he is and Reggie Fils-Aile will go the way of Judas and end his own life for the misleading and betraying of Nintendo fans. You fanboy clowns are pathetic. The Legend of Zelda is sometimes more overrated than MLK..


                      1. Maybe that’s what he’s been doing to himself afger getting banned: Bleached himself to “look different” with a slight act change. Still not convincing. XD

                  26. Wait just a minute, a GameSpot opinion I actually agree with? What is this world coming to?!? Joking aside, I completely agree. It’s just Dynasty Warriors with a Zelda skin, and quite frankly Dynasty Warriors doesn’t interest me, therefore I have no interest in this game even though Zelda is my favorite game series.

                    1. Just shut up. You haven’t even played the goddamn game yet so how can you “agree” with Gamespot…

                      If anything, this “preview” proves how much shit Gamespot is full of, because they didn’t even play the whole game…

                    2. You clearly never played the games, like GaySpot. You agree and talk blind shit because you’re just as GaySpot.

                      Just try the damn game and give us a real thorough opinion. Otherwise, stop being ignorant…like GaySpot.

                  27. a) Gamespot hates Nintendo
                    b) Tom is a moron
                    c) he played one level (when has any Nintendo game’s first level been indicative of the complete game

                    This was dumbest ‘preview’ ever and a click bait article. GameSpot is the worst

                  28. Valve Admiral GLaDOS


                    Biased as usual, then flip flops later.
                    They’re previews towards Nintendo game almost always are never true.

                    1. Only a fool would take shamespot seriously after their horrendous joke of a “review” of DKCTF. I don’t think tommy reviewed DK but they should at least acknowledge their occasional fuck ups.

                  29. This site is shit, you can’t discuss anything without these roleplayers shitting up the comment section

                  30. well yer its dw game with a zelda theme and story….I really do hope not too many people are stupid enough to think they are getting a zelda game out of this.

                  31. To all the people saying they won’t get this game just because it’s a “Dynasty Warriors game with a Zelda skin, just stop. -_- Can you please actually try the game and get a grip over your Zelda fanboyism for at least one second? People saying they won’t get it unless it gets perfect review scores or some BS like that. Whereas opposed to the next Zelda game where you’d buy instantly without even looking. I’m telling you right now that If this game flops, you’ve got no one to blame but yourself. Smh…

                    1. I’m getting the game. I’m fully aware its a collaborative game between Dynasty Warriors developers and Nintendo with Zelda. I don’t give a shit. If ots fun, then its worth it. People wanna trash on it because its Dynasty with Zelda skin? STFU and play the damn game like halfway before giving another stupid or smart opinion.

                      Jesus Christ motherfuckers today ripping on games and consoles (mostly Nintendo) are so fucking stupid and rather waste money on POS like COD just to get bored days after.

                      1. They act like they can’t go & rent the game for a few days to see if they like it. If they don’t have a rental place near them, they can always use Gamefly.

                  32. Why would I trust Gamespot? They suck at reviewing Nintendo games.

                    I’m totally getting this game. I’ve played Zelda games before and I’ve never played Dynasty Warriors before, but I know 100% that I will LOVE Hyrule Warriors.

                    1. Nobody should take those assholes seriously. Hell, I think Nintendo should ban those fuckers from touching anything Nintendo let alone “reviewing”. Like if they’re gonna care about their games anyway so why should they continue bother besides tarnishing Nintendo with yellow journalism BS.

                  33. @HollowGrapeJ, thank you for saying that, i for one am getting hyrule warriors, sure its dynasty warriors but that’s the thing, nintendo let tecmo koei/koei tecmo do a dynasty warriors with zelda characters. what if they do one with fire emblem? that would be awesome, again, it would be DW with FE, do i care? no. i like DW but haven’t played a lot of them, i just picked up warriors orochi 3 hyper, new, under $20 (couldnt find one cheaper but oh, well), havent started it yet, i did play Sengoku Basara, the only one that was localized for wii and it plays exactly like DW but its a fun game. i did however pirated the game but deleted it after i played it once, now that i think about it, i may just buy the game if i can find it cheap.

                  34. If you’re stupid enough to go into Hyrule Warriors expecting a new proper Zelda then you will be disappointed and will realise you’re a moron. Like Tom McShea surely is considering he’s meant to be a games journalist so would know that.

                  35. This is just Dynasty Warriors with Zelda skins… Anyone who thinks or thought otherwise has obviously been misinformed, This will sell much better in Japan than in NA/Europe.

                  36. And? How is it supposed to feel anything like any Zelda game when its nothing like any of them? What did they expect? Its only characters from Zelda that’s all. It looks amazing none the less and I’m sure fans of both dynasty warriors and zelda will love it.

                  37. This is what I was afraid of. They’re sugar-coating a game (that I would normally care nothing for) with Zelda characters. Making me THINK that I want it. I definitely have mixed feelings about this game. And I’m sure not paying 60 dollars for a game I’m unsure about. I’ll wait until the price goes way down. Like I do with most games now.

                  38. Well, neither did Phantom Hourglass or Spirit Tracks so at least it has *somewhat* of a chance of being better than actual series installments.

                    1. Oh yeah, the Four Swords games too. I keep forgetting about those… gee, I wonder why. Could have something to do with them being pointless and forgettable, I guess.

                  39. Just knowing that Tecmo Koei is making this game causes me to feel skeptical. I can’t think of any games by Tecmo that I’ve liked since Ninja Gaiden II on the NES. But at least it’s not being made by ZOO or Data Design Interactive. The Wisdom Tree/Color Dreams/Bunch Games of the modern game industry.

                  40. Well, I suppose that was necessary to say for the sake of those who actually thought Hyrule Warriors is supposed to take the mantle of the next console Zelda, which is hilariously wrong. Hyrule Warriors is meant to be a fun hack-‘n-slash with Zelda fanservice. Anyone who expected more deserves to be disappointed.

                  41. Of course it won’t be a Zelda game. It’s called Hyrule Warriors, not Legend of Zelda: Warriors! lol The name practically screams it’s going to be a Warriors/Musou game through & through. Of course, Gamespot must have ignored the fact they can’t get new useful items til they gain access to a chest. That’s got Zelda written all over it. Then there is the fact they promised they’ll add puzzles to later stages to add another Zelda feature to the game.

                    To originalbloodace: So what if it is Dynasty Warriors but with a Zelda coat to it? If you’re a Zelda fan, you’ll be able to enjoy this game for trying to do something new with Zelda besides the same old traditional Zelda gameplay. But you’re clearly a Zelda fanboy since you think anything that doesn’t stay true to the Zelda tradition is shit. Anyway, it’s not like this game is going to be the future of Zelda games. Anyway, you’re free to express your own opinion. Now while you wait for the next Zelda game to bless us with it’s presence, some of us will be enjoying Hyrule Warriors til then. Now if I misread you and your post & you’re actually ridiculing Gamespot & intend to get the game despite it being Dynasty Warriors with a Zelda coating, oops. My bad for the rant.

                  42. Wow that review read like he’s been living under a rock. Every Zelda fan already know it’s NOT in anyway a real Zelda game, I myself even know what I’m getting into when this game comes out.

                    Aesthetically the game feels like LoZ but with a DW gameplay. Even that is already an exciting idea, but it looks like he did miss the mark and me thinks he’s not really a Zelda enthusiast as he claims to be.

                  43. The Stupidity of gamespot.. I want to know is it a good warriors game, not if it is a good “Legend of ” Zelda game. It is’nt called the Legend of Zelda. It is called Hyrule Warriors or Zelda Musou. So is the Musou/Warriors element good? As a warriors fan.

                    I will only trust Jim Sterling’s review of this game. He is the only Game journalist that gets warrior games.

                  44. gees, they’re such idiots, don’t they know that doing that means people who commonly buy things from that shop won’t buy this game, which means less profit.

                  45. He is right.
                    If you buy this game hoping you are going to explore huge lands, enter dungeons and discover hidden items then you are gonna be dissapointed.
                    I love the Zelda games but i don´t have any interest in Hyrule warriors

                  46. Zelda is great but those are some rose tinted glasses you have. Most puzzles in the dungeons are defeat all the enemies to open the door.. The mechanic could easily be used in a Musou game. and it often is.
                    The chests are not that difficult to find, just a matter of finding the temple map and entering every room.

                    Zelda games are great but the cult of Zelda is BS>

                  47. Pingback: Hyrule Warriors: GameSpot non si ritiene soddisfatta dal gioco - Another Castle

                  48. If you were expecting this to be at the same as a regular Zelda title then your kinda retarded. Its fucking dynasty warriors. Everyone should know going in what to expect. I think it looks bomb AF

                  49. “As someone who adores The Legend of Zelda”, I stopped reading there, he hates Zelda, he hates Nintendo, and he is a troll that gives perfect games bad reviews to get visits to the website. If he loves Zelda so much he wouldn’t have given Skyward Sword a 7, while every other reviewer gave it a 10, and he was not just having a different opinion, he was being a troll, he said the controls didn’t work and then everyone on YouTube posted videos of the controls working perfectly.

                    They hate Nintendo, this dude will review it and give it like a 4, LMAO! XD

                    Btw, it’s not a Zelda game, so why will it have the Zelda essence, it has the Dynasty Warriors essence ’cause that’s what it is, it just has Zelda characters.

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