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UK Charts: Mario Kart 8 Climbs To Number Three

This week’s best-selling games in the United Kingdom have been announced courtesy of GFK. Minecraft takes the number one position on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but it’s closely followed by Mario Kart 8 which has climbed to third. Tomodachi Life is holding steady at number five. Here’s this week’s individual formats charts.

07 (12) 360 GRAND THEFT AUTO V (TAKE 2)
09 (18) 360 WATCH DOGS (UBISOFT)
10 (15) 360 FIFA 14 (ELECTRONIC ARTS)
13 (07) PS4 SNIPER ELITE 3 (505 GAMES)
23 (25) 360 TERRARIA (505 GAMES)
29 (14) XBO SNIPER ELITE 3 (505 GAMES)
32 (35) PS3 SNIPER ELITE 3 (505 GAMES)
40 (29) 360 SNIPER ELITE 3 (505 GAMES)


173 thoughts on “UK Charts: Mario Kart 8 Climbs To Number Three”

  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    Take that Ubisians!

    Watch Dogs got defeated this time ahahahahahaahah!

    Leave luck to heaven!

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        The only thing that matters to me from that hostile region is the amount of butthurt, nothing else…

                  1. Mere five million and gonna severely slow down in the next few weeks compare to most successful Nintendo games that lasts for years.

                    Watchdogs could’ve been far more successful if those jackasses RE
                    Eased the Wii U version. But nope. Now Nintendo fans know what a POS it is. I rather buy Legos Undercover or get a PS4 with GTA5 than waste another $60 on a next gen white lie that you can’t fucking punch anybody in a 2014 game. Mario 64 in 1996 did it. What’s their excuse? “Oh, we needed more time to waste on “not-polishing” a game that got severely watered down to the point that it exposes PS4/One’s truth of its specs not being oh so powerful enough to do 1080p/60FPS as promised so umm…give us your money the week after the early truthful reviews were posted that we damage controlled to remove to give you our paid versions of “fixed” reviews”

                    Watchdogs is another glorified polished turd only idiots fell for just like buying PS4 still hoping for a real good game 10 months after buying it with Knack, also calling that crap “good” too.

          1. Am i getting into a troll war? Maybe i shouldn’t, when peteriuss had my back he never invalided my comments unlike my friend the commander. Lol :D

              1. My ass. Only after being exiled from acting like a douchebag a couple months ago like Sasori.

                Don’t even try to lie to yourself. You’re an ass wearing a dollar store mask.

            1. Nintendo is my Blood

              indeed, only trolls you should look out for is sasori

              where is ol Narutard anyway? I am in the mood for a lol

            2. Yeah and Anubis is one of the starters. Don’t buy into his BS acts mate. :/ Trust me. I’ve been here and seen plenty of what’s going on. Anubis is one of the trolls himself, hopping into conversations TRYING to shoot down any positive Wii U news by saying everyone except himself is a hypocrite.

              1. Nintendo is my Blood

                Eh at least he keeps to the moral codes of trolls and that is to know when enough is enough and not to cross any lines like sasori always did

                  1. Lol ncq you and nintendo don’t know how to let go of the past. It’s like the past is a giant dick to you.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      Please do not reply to me in public or in private…

                      I bid you adieu and you will no longer be given a comment by me ever…

                    2. Idiot. Nintendo not letting go of the past? Its called “keeping traditions” because it usually works. If they were to “let go”, they would become just as shallow as EA making crap after more crap and shoving loads of DLCs and saying graphics are everything and then we’re gonna hear from a bunch of mentally dead morons complaining about them and not the rest of the industry pulling that shit off a lot years before.

                      Thank god Nintendo is being themselves. Otherwise, I would’ve quit gaming a long time ago if they turn to the dark side of gaming.

              2. Kind of funny when you’re the one always calling everyone who disagrees with you hypocrites. Obvious hypocrite is obvious

        1. We simply care about Nintendo, location is irrelevant unless we decide to give the UK a hard time for being sports-centric with gaming!
          (I’m kinda making this up as I go, I’m not really sure what I’m talking about xD )

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            I know how you must feel…

            The constant butthurt of your excluded relative in Mario Kart 8…

            There there…

    1. So? It still sold more than Mario Kart 8 and I wonder how long it will be in the top ten after the free game promotion ends… This jump is only thanks to the people that haven’t got the game and still need it on time.

      If the promotion ends it’ll be gone from this list in a flash.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        No difference to all the games that comes to the other 2 that always offers bonuses of some kind…

      2. >.< Well I look forward to you admitting you were wrong when Mario Kart 8 still stays in the top 10 after July ends.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Por lo menos soy primero en ponerles a los monos inferiores en rabia solemente empesando con mi nombre…

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Talvez soy su dios o algo…

                No pueden rechazar el impacto que yo pongo en sus vidas pequeñas haha…

      1. Guys, let’s not fight over sales, please. Mario Kart 8 is doing good and that’s all that matters.

      1. That usually lets you trade it in for a free disk though, I bought a used Monster Hunter 3U disk and the system had a hard time reading it, just traded it in for a new free copy, or your WiiU is broken, my Wii and ps3 broke when lightning struck and they both do the same, turn on but can’t read disks

        1. That’s the thing, my Wii U is brand new… it reads the other games just fine. I’m just going to return it for a new copy…

          And that sucks :/

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    As far as I know, the Pro Controller won’t work without the Gamepad for some reason but the Wiimotes can…

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        I’m from Sweden…

                        Apperantely my Gamepad is unique in its defectiveness so they sent it to a “special special-service facility”, whatever that is…

                    1. Wow… Have you talked to Nintendo, or checked your charger for damage? My GamePad adapter broke, but I managed to fix it.

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        I tried everything officially and inofficially, still nothing…

                        I sent a wrathful letter to our Command Base in a respectful manner that I will not pay anything for repairs or replacements…

                        Thankfully I got everything for free so now I’m just waiting for that textmessage…

          1. Think about like this if you bought the game new you could use the Club Nintendo code you have now, get a game, return the broken one, get a new MK8 copy and Club Nintendo code, get ANOTHER free game, and enjot MK8. Three games for the price of one. Unless you have all the games already. X(

      2. Digital is barely less than 5GB. Why not go for that so you can stop making up stories of Wii U breaking?

    2. Damn I am really surprised at how well Tomodachi Life is selling. I mean for a game that is pure shit (imo) it’s selling a lot of copies.

        1. My Wii U won’t even read the disk. Hell, I had waaay more fun with the free game that came along with it, rather than the game itself.

          1. I know, right? I mean, after shoving the 3DS cartridge into the Wii U, I would expect it to start playing, not have smoke coming out of it.

                    1. What the fuck are you guys talking about? Were’s the link of the article of when I” supposedly” said that?

                  1. They were talking about Tomodachi Life, and you commented, and I quote: “My Wii U won’t even read the disk.”.

                    The comments above you said “Damn I am really surprised at how well Tomodachi Life is selling. I mean for a game that is pure shit (imo) it’s selling a lot of copies.”


                    “The game is a massive waste of money. And I downloaded it, so I can never return it.”

                    Now, go away, and troll somewhere else.

    3. They’ve been promoting this game every where recently. Birthday cakes, McDonald’s, toys,TV posters, ect.. They want this to sell. I think this smash, and amiibo, will sell pretty good during the hoildays, nintendo just needs to get the wii u’s name shout it louder then they have

        1. Probably a pedophile preferring older children than babies. That guy too is an idiot, probably as big of an Xbox ass kissing idiot as Sasori.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Personally if I had to choose a reason it’s because B/W has more content than X/Y…

              1. Nintendo is my Blood

                I kinda liked B and W but I thought B2W2 were lacking

                Soul Silver will always be my favorite though

                1. My first pokemon was the Red one, but my favourite is the Ruby version. I think is that because of a nostalgic feeling, playing with my brother and such a thing, how I miss that.
                  Soul silver is my second choice =)

            1. Only the sequel. The original was embarrassingly lackluster. Believe me. I played both and its why I skipped that game and generation in the first place.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Then we played different games because I thought B/W had way more content than X/Y…

          2. Nintendo is my Blood

            Not even B2 or W2, I didn’t even know it was still possible to find copies of B or W in circulation let alone enough to make them number 14 and 19 on the top sellers

    4. Sasori, eat your damn heart out because MK8 has just defeated the POS overrated GTA wannabe. XD

      Anyway, I’m so damn proud MK8 is still hanging in there. :,)

      1. Lol are you some kind of pedophile in real life? Or we’re you raped by a black dude when you were young? You’re so obsessed with Sasori it’s disturbing

        1. Cut the reversal garbage. XD Its not making me cringe one bit.

          BTW, if I’m a pedophile over some grown ass sore loser who makes racism about his own people (no children involved so why the pedophile card???), then why not Nintendo Commander who made the same exact comment right on top of this section and don’t say anything?

          Nice try. lol

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Don’t worry…

                Keep in mind though that the mainstream “gay culture” will go down along with them…

      1. a man with a brain and a wiiu not a brodude holding a ps1 controller with a lightbulb on it in 2014 playing third party garbage

        lol watch fags in the public lav is fading away AS PREDICTED BY GAMERS NOT FAGGOT PS4 FANBOYS


        everyone with a brain will know that FACT mk8 will also profit were as WATCH FAGS WILL NOT

        lol ps4 lol watch dogs BRODUDE GARBAGE GAMING

          1. I definitely agree. It’s really unnecessary, although the post lost credibility with all of the random shouting parts in each sentence as well.

      2. a man with a brain and a wiiu not a brodude holding a ps1 controller with a lightbulb on it in 2014 playing third party garbage

        go to sny gaming store globally watch fags is already being traded in


      3. EW. How is Nintendo even selling anything? They’re so behind the times that they make my grandfather look like Instagram

        1. 3DS? Wii? DS? GameBoy/Advance? NES? Super NES? N64? GameCube?

          Get with the troll/hater times grandpa. Nintendo isn’t going anywhere but your “grandfather” is soon.

        1. Guess the fool never heard of Photoshop that existed way ahead of Instagram which is just Iaza and Twitter mashed together paid by FaceBook trying to take over the Internet.

      4. 1st hope that result going to shut some idiot’s persceptions about the UK gamers. Also I say it several times when Nintendo screwed people in the past, people have a very good memory. You guys critise the Uk ranking but it is the same in Europe. Why??? cause for a long time Europe has been the forgotten (or after thought) market.

        2nd yeah Mario kart doing OK but Nintendo stated they are going to do one year compaign with Mario Kart 8, so far I saw nothing (except two weeks before the game was released). Which worry me cause they will lose a platinum opportunity (momentum).

        3rd don’t forget that watch dogs is far from being dead, it will have its 2nd wind when the wii u version coming out which should demonstrate to ubisoft and other (include everybody who hate the wii U) that the wii u is not a dead platform.

        4th and final, mario kart sales are far from good as long as it does not hit 10M units worldwide within 6 months (although it going toward that direction). The performance are not satisfactory, cause I bet 10M is nintendo’s target for this years. The software is supposed to be a system seller and has such it is expected to perform better. The 2nd worry is there is not release for July and August when people are on holidays and have more time to play games, again it’s a miss opportunity here.

        1. 1st, saying Nintendo, somehow, screwed UK but failed to explain how.

          2nd, bet you’re only using the Internet or watch channels that don’t usually advertise video games anyway, just like the TV media in America except I only see Xbox showing off its Xbox logo tits everywhere I go..just like UK mostly buying Xbox stuff.

          3rd, Watchdogs getting 2nd wind when Wii U version is released? lol That’s very funny. Have you missed how pissed off Nintendo fans are of Ubisoft needlessly delaying another big game from Wii U like Rayman expecting them to learn from that avoidably stupid ass mistake but failed big time coating excuses of Wii U “not selling or having bigger install base” when all the BS they’re saying is completely false? Not to mention that everyone with a functioning human brain realizes that Watchdogs is yet another overhyped GTA knockoff with a cliche boring story, watered graphics, unable to punch people in a 2014 video game (pathetic) and has forced people to use their shitty Uplay (DRM) service to play online which its multiplayer is probably as stale and forgettable as GTA4. Yeah, its gonna achieve a 2nd wind alright..of Nintendo fans giving them the bird for the last time over Ubisoft screwing Nintendo like if they’re nothing to them after all of that “best 3rd party supporter” lies and before you even dare say anything about Wii U doing poorly to make it happen, take a look at their support on 3DS. All they did was port and make shitty games for the launch. That’s it. Nothing else came after and they choose to port Rayman Legends to Vita instead of 3DS and they’re excuse was “Rayman Origins did poorly on the 3DS”. That’s because Ubisoft suck ass at porting to 3DS. Look at their 3DS launch titles. Its a joke and all Nintendo wanted is a fairly optimized and timely ports with equal support. Its not that fucking hard for them to do, especially since Ubisoft has almost 10,000 employees with 10,000 pair of two hands to make games quick and for all platforms if they wanted. In short, Ubisoft are full of hypocrites and morons not realizing their own faults to save their hides.

          4th, MK8 in the long run will pass beyond 10M guaranteed if Nintendo keeps their eye on the ball on promoting the game continuously up to Christmas. Its been around for almost two months and its on its way to hit 4 million and still remains in the top 10 since launch. There is hope for the game to do better than expected. You’re sound like another fanboy like Patcher acting like you’ve seen the future of things like hoping Nintendo will fail (said every hater ever) but the shortsighted predictions gets blown up in your face quite.

          Sorry but every last thing you said makes no sense and only saying “I’m once a Nintendo fan myself (lie) but got so disappointed of Wii (yet never explained a good reason why besides the specs and shovelware excuse) that I found myself bitching over every little detail I can find in every Nintendo video game since to show how much of a fail Nintendo has become even though that deep down, I know they’re still the same old family-friendly company but pretend to hate to look mature and cool for douchebag Internet fans/friends so I wouldn’t look shameful to them that I like Nintendo”

          Give me a fucking brake while crying us a waterfall for you to jump over along with the rest of those excuses for gamers buying video games for specs and watered PC visuals instead of the fun value of games.

          1. 1) What your comments say about you, is either you are not from Europe or/and you were too young during the NES/SNES area and did not look around when N64 and other generations came out. If you were from Europe, you will know we in Europe has never been taking care after like US and Japan and you won’t ask for details but yeah we have been screw a lot of times. Again read my comment I say Europe which include countries like Germany,France, Spain,Italy, Sweden, Norway, Belgium,Poland not jut UK.The last Nintendo’s screw up is the Mario kart pack which is different in US and Europe where US for cheaper price get a far better deal (fact). Let me get back to you about the crying babe later.

            2) The aim of the an ad is too attract as much people as possible, therefore ads needs to be visible for a large audience. Which means between program/shows which attract a large audience and this does not matter if the website/channel is not related to video game and for the love of god do I have to explain to you how advertising work. Sony and MS doing a great job in term of advertisement whereas Nintendo does not. Hence why the Wii U not selling very well and Sony and MS doing better. You may not like what I telling you but that the truth. Also let me get back to you in regard with me being a Nintendo fans or not.

            3) No I have not miss it especially here, but people says the same thing about Rayman Origins and the Wii u version is one which sell better than other platform if not the most successful one. You may not like the game and what they done, I won’t even argue with that, cause you are right and that your opinion (FYI I don’t have any opinion about watch dogs and don’t care) but I would not discard the fact it may sell very well on the wii U platform (and I am the short sighted…). Also bear in mind that a lot of people do not follow the news in the video game industry and they may not be even aware of what ubisoft has done, I think your hatred for Ubisoft cloud your judgement. Lot of people (especially in US) do not even know the Wii U is a different console than a Wii never mind what Ubisoft has done.

            4) Well I hope Mario kart will go above the 10M cause otherwise it would be a shame and a disaster. Saying that and you wrote it: “mario kart will pass beyond 100m guaranteed IF Nintendo keeps their eyes on the ball on promoting the game continuously up to Christmas” the important word in your sentence is IF. But again you missed my point Nintendo needs to make profit and it seems they put all they hope into Mario kart in order to open an opportunity (things they did) but does not seems to exploit this opportunity (thing they don’t do at the minute). Even if you have/make the best game of the world if you don’t advertise or even do not properly support it then you won’t sell. If you work in a company (which I doubt), you have a yearly target performance and I don’t think Nintendo expect just 2M units in 6 months, only an idiot will believe that. Read careful what Reggie says 1 month ago I don’t think he was satisfy.

            Now let me reply to your insults, have been here for a while and I noticed you tend to insult people who don’t agree with you or have the same vision as you. Firstly I don’t like your tone and if you were in front of me I do believe you will watch your language cause otherwise that will be a slap in your face if you dare to talk to me like this. But hey with internet we can insult people!!!!!! youpi!!!!

            Furthermore it seems I was playing video game when you were just born (I think more likely you were not even a though). Which bring me to that point, I was playing on my nes when you were likely to shit on yourself, and I still play on my wii U as well on my wii (YES the Wii). So now if you want to put me in the Patcher category that’s your opnion but don’t take some shortcut and jump into some bizarre conclusion and please, don’t be that blind stupid Nintendo’s fanboy everybody dislike. I am short sighted you get to be joking!!!! All my comment was the opposite of short sighted view. I don’t want the wii U failing but unlike you I see beyond 2014 and 2015 (hence why my point #4) and I am not an idiot attach to a company to the point of being brainless and be offend when someone has a different point of view (unless that view come with insults). Of course I want the Wii U to succeed (believe me or not I don’t give a shit), but I am a savy customer and yes if I see fit I will express my opinion (like it or not). I don’t agree with everything Nintendo does or decided (unlike you by all account)and yes I think they are being lazy while the competition doing something.

            OK let me read that again:
            last thing you said makes no sense and only saying “I’m once a Nintendo fan myself (lie) but got so disappointed of Wii (yet never explained a good reason why besides the specs and shovelware excuse) that I found myself bitching over every little detail I can find in every Nintendo video game since to show how much of a fail Nintendo has become even though that deep down, I know they’re still the same old family-friendly company but pretend to hate to look mature and cool for douchebag Internet fans/friends so I wouldn’t look shameful to them that I like Nintendo”

            WTF!!!! Are you real mate???? did you smoke before read my comment???? You bloody idiot!!!! Are you having a laugh by make things up????!!!!! Honestly read my comment again this time without taking any short cut then apologise for being a idiot. By the way I still play games that today gamer will look at it and even won’t give a chance. Try burai fighter, salomon’ keys, life force/salamander, bionic commando, goonies, megaman 1 to 6, double dragon 1 and 2 on NES then come back to me and apologies again for being an idiot (refer to point where you stating that I see a game just for the graphics).

          2. oups that remind me while I think you were OTT, insulting and wrong about a lot of thing about me,I salute the effort cause you took the time to reply to my comments .

      5. I knew the PS4 was doing better but damn, the PS4 version of Watch Dogs is top 5 and the XBOne version is sitting pretty at 30.


      6. There are far too many anti UK comments here. The fact that MK8 and TL are doing well here shows that there are still enough of us that care about gaming. It’s even more frustrating when you Compare the UK charts against the US charts as there is very little between them.

        Granted too many fifa games appear in the top 40, but football is our national sport and our leagues and teams are the most supported in the world. Fifa games are THE worst games anyone can buy, but when you get these football superstars say they play Fifa during interviews (no doubt payed to by the ea scoundrels) then kids will of course go out and buy them.

        I do have high hopes that the Wii U autumn/winter releases sees a lot more Big N love in the charts.

        Oh, and yes the PAL region has been dicked on in the past, mainly during the SNES era. Even now there was a petition to change this. Some of the better SNES games we didn’t receive that the US did…

        Super Mario RPG
        Chronotrigger (had to wait until DS release)
        Breath of Fire
        Final Fantasy II, III & IV
        Final Fight Guy
        Gradius III
        Kirby’s Dreamland III
        Ogre Battle
        Soul Blazer (not in UK)

        1. THANK YOU SIR!!!!! I can’t agree more with you (you got it spot on). Despite the fact sickr is from UK and it’s normal he and his team try to bring as much news as possible from and for UK, It the same for the rest of Europe. Now the like of Stranga may think twice before put any stupid/anti-UK comments.

      7. UK didn’t get EarthBound or SMRPG? Dang… Two of my favourite games of the SNES. Anyway back to MK8. That top three spot is well deserved. I can understand MC performing better, as there are many British MC YouTubers, as well as it being released some time before MK8. Gotta leave luck to heaven!

      8. Yes! Yes! Yes! Way to go Mario Kart 8! Finally smacked Watch_Dogs (PS4) out of the way! I wonder if it will be able to do the same in the next couple of weeks. Anyway, has Ubisoft themselves said anything about Watch_Dogs for Wii U yet?

        1. Doubt it. Mario Kart 8 struggled to beat off Watch Dogs which was one game. This fall there’s like 5 or so other major games coming out. And the games coming out on the Wii U this fall won’t sell nearly as much as Mario Kart 8. I’m not getting my hopes up, but I still hope it does well.

          1. I meant if it will be able to outdo Watch_Dogs for the next couple of weeks. I could care less about the other games right now.

              1. Oh I’m not worried about Wii U. I just want to see Mario Kart 8 beat the shit out of Watch_Dogs. lol

                1. The Wii U has to sell more for that to happen. I think Watch Dogs has sold 8+million and Wii U has sold 9+ million. Unless every owner of the Wii U buys Mario Kart 8, that will take some time…

                  1. Right now, I’m just happy with week by week wins over that game. And if Mario Kart 8 can stay on the selling charts while Watch_Dogs drops off would be a nice accomplishment in itself, too.

                      1. Because I want the Wii U version to release & crush the other versions. I doubt it will teach Ubisoft to never underestimate the Wii U install base again, though, since they didn’t learn that lesson from Rayman Legends selling best on the Wii U. But one can hope that a second time might just teach them that lesson.

                        1. Oh, cool! That sounds like a very good reason. Phew. For a second there I thought you were only hating on it just to hate on it. Makes me sad when people hate on good games. :(

                        2. That’s the thing. If it doesn’t do what I hope it does, I will hate this game & really will tell Ubisoft to go fuck off since they themselves buried this game before it ever even released for the Wii U.

                          1. You’re not supposed to hate the game just because of the developer. There are plenty of great Ubisoft games that I know you’d be interested in and you would miss out on all of them thinking like that. I hate EA, but NFSMW is amazing. See what I mean?

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