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Sakuari Reveals Star Fox Stage From Star Fox: Assault In Smash Bros Wii U


Super Smash Bros director Masahiro Sakurai has today revealed a Star Fox stage based on the Gamecube title, Star Fox: Assault. We’ve yet to receive any details from Sakurai regarding the new stage, but hopefully all will be revealed soon. Here’s what he said on Miiverse.

Pic of the day. Here’s the Great Fox from Star Fox: Assault. I wonder what missions it will conduct. It’ll probably have fighters running around on top of it without the pilot’s consent.

Thanks, Adam and General Sony

90 thoughts on “Sakuari Reveals Star Fox Stage From Star Fox: Assault In Smash Bros Wii U”

    1. We’ve gone from “that ain’t Falco” to “There’s no Falco”.
      Mark my words, he likely won’t return.

  1. I’m really hoping that we’ll see Krystal announced as a playable character soon!!

    This stage looks amazing and Krystal was made a member or the Star Fox team in Assault! Maybe it’s a hint?

    1. This kind of things can never be interpreted as a hint. We didn’t have an Animal Crossing rep on Brawl, but we did have a stage.

      1. No Commander lol. I’m just saying I can get cocky and smart mouthed. Haha. Is that any way to talk to a prince?

          1. And deep down, I care for my crew. Just don’t admit it of course. No you can’t! Douchebag….

  2. Eww Nintendo sucks. At least I know I’m a real gamer and play real hardcore games like Call Of Duty Ghosts

    1. And that is why modern gaming is so fucked. Your mentally speaks for everyone on how stale the gaming world has becoming wowing over nothing but shooters.

    2. you know there’s no “hardcore” games right? or you are just another newbie that thinks that cod is a “hardcore game”. You make me laugh, silly new “gamers” that go with the flow and call games “hardcore” just because hahaha

        1. There’s no hardcore games man, do you understand that? hahahaha ur so funny. Thats just a term used by cod players that cant back up what they say, people like you only say “im hardcore, your point is invalid”. Sry mate but there’s no hardcore games, just games

  3. Yeah, Falco’s a definite returning fighter. Wolf is the guy that I would worry about if I were you guys. This stage is going to be amazing just like the game. It’s good to see that we still haven’t exhausted the amount of stages in the game because as with the characters, I want it to match Brawl’s roster of stages and I believe that we are currently far behind

    1. Falco is more recognizable and has been around longer but it should be Falco that should get the drop instead of Wolf. Falco is not much of a difference compared to Fox than Wolf is to Fox. Krystal would be the biggest difference so it should be Fox, Wolf, and Krystal. If not all four if they decide to differentiate all four of them.

      1. I would certainly love it if all 4 made it. Fire Emblem got 4 reps so why not Star Fox? I admit that Falco is basically a clone and I prefer to play as Fox, but he’s iconic at this point. They could definitely do a lot with Krystal’s moveset. (Maybe add in her magic staff so she’s more of an element fighter) Wolf’s attacks are definitely solid and different enough from Fox’s to warrant a spot

  4. Maybe if Nintendo stopped babying its games and start making a new Star Fox, then I won’t think that they’re bankrupt

  5. Hopefully it’s not exactly like Corneria from Melee, although I won’t be too upset if it is. I do hope we get another unique Star Fox stage though.

  6. Nintendo is not communicating properly with its fans much and has a lack of communication and Nintendo directs and information regarding E3 2015 plans for next year when it comes to games that are in development

    1. I personally felt the N64 one was too big. I do love the Melee version though. Hey wouldn’t it be cool if the floor on top of the ship retracted and you could fight inside?! Hugs!

  7. Star Fox WiiU Super confirmed. This new game is probably gonna be one of the best. Unlike other people I did like the star Fox game on the.GameCube. hyped for this game on both wiiu and 3ds

        1. Oops. I apologize. Didn’t realize you were replying to that other comment.

          And yeah, StarFox Wii U has been confirmed since E3.

  8. Sakuari? Who the heck is that? I’ve heard of Sakurai before, but never Sakuari. Where does he stand, Nintendo-wise? What games has he worked on? How is Sakuari linked to ssb4?

  9. Those two Arwings, I’m going to assume the pilots in them are Krystal and Slippy. I guess that means Falco is going to be playable. And I was really looking forward to seeing Krystal as a newcomer. 😭

    1. If the pilot in the Arwings are indeed Krystal and Slippy than I say Krystal’s chances have decreased significantly, unless they pull another Toon Link on us.

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