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Wii U Has Only Sold 6.68 Million Units Since It Launched In 2012

Nintendo’s latest home console the Wii U has only managed to sell 6.68 million units since it launched back in November 2012. The news came on the back of Nintendo’s financial results during which the company announced a 9.4 billion yen loss due to lower than expected sales of both the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U.


146 thoughts on “Wii U Has Only Sold 6.68 Million Units Since It Launched In 2012”

  1. Doesn’t mean it’s over and clearly they don’t think that themselves. You don’t just predict $40 million profit like that. Amiibo will make millions imo.

    1. If you’re not part of that 6.68 million at this point you probably don’t enjoy playing amazing games. I’m terribly disappointed with PS4 and XB1 thus far.

        1. While the other 13 million combined is a sad excuse for PC wannabe gamers raving over power whwn they clearly have not the slightest clue what true power really is.

  2. It’s not even close to the PS4 anymore is it? Well….6 million isn’t That bad….is it? As long as it cracks 10 million, it’ll still be a pretty decent feat and enough to keep it near the Xbox Wo-One for a while. Once Smash Bros and………..come out then I’m sure that the Wii U’s sales will pick up again

      1. Excellent. I thought that the Xbox One had been up to 7 million so I was a little worried. Good to see the Wii U holding strong and never giving up!

            1. Technically they aren’t beating XBONE. The XBONE is only about 2 million behind the Wii U and it hasn’t even been out a full year yet the Wii U is almost two years old.

              1. I like how biased you are. Wii U launched on November 18, 2012, and XB1 launched on November 22, 2013. For XB1 (9 months) you say “hasn’t been out a full year” and yet you use the term “almost two years old” for Wii U (1 year and 9 months). The XB1 is “almost” a year old then based on your standards.

                1. So xb1 has sold pretty much what wiiu has in half the time and, by definition, has out performed wiiu since release, then?

                  Thats quite the argument you put together there.

                  1. A lot of people do that on here. As if the fact the Wii U has been out a year longer means the Xbox One has sold more consoles. lol I like to call that damage control for the Xbox One.

                  2. Xbox One launched in 2013 but so what? Xbox 360 launched in 2005 and the Wii launched in 2006 and we all know how that went down. Sonydrones are praising the PS4 for launching in 2013 but overtaking Wii U sales. By that logic, it shouldn’t matter how long a console has been out. Fanboys shouldn’t use time as an excuse. Hypocrite.

                    And the argument was directed at his biased choice of words. Too bad you didn’t catch that.

                    Quite a failed argument you put together.

                  3. well… about 2 million less and no great games that are must haves that are exclusive to the system… Halo? Whenever it comes out, it is just more of the same in a sea of flashy mediocrity… Not to mention all the $$$ spent on advertising which Nintendo goes more the word of mouth route.. slow and steady wins the race

              1. ReviewTechUSA is a Youtuber. I don’t exactly rely on him for official stats, although I do like the points he makes in his vids

                Besides, VGChartz has been constantly proven to be inaccurate. Just Google it up

                1. Somehow I don’t think you even know how reviewtechUSA get his points, maybe you should look in his descriptions on how he knows this shit because he does use VGChartz…and I do the same, and I’m not alone, shokio even uses them, so far, they been pretty accurate to me.

        1. If Microsoft didn’t pull of that DRM/Kinect BS earlier, it would’ve been sold around 7 million by now.

        1. Moron, he said Wii U is barely two years old while Xbox One hasn’t been out of a whole year.

          Please go back to school and learn how to fucking read right.

          1. The only thing that sold Wii was literally the Wii series an Mario. The Twilight Princess sold but did not push any systems out of stores.

            N64 was widely rearded to be a commercial failure. There was nothing that sold it

            GBA idk. Maybe you’re right on that

          1. How did I fail? Unless you mean you don’t have any evidence that Zelda ever sold systems, of course

            1. Oh, proving yourself to be mature aren’t you hmm? :) Try harder because you will always be the pathetic one in this website

          1. Zelda 3DS was a commercial failure, at least based on the standards of its predecessors.

            Zelda Wii sold 3.42 million units, and Wii sales continued to drop.

            So it’s not stupidity, it’s blindness on your part

            1. No sir, its not. That’s one game that has not even made a come back but there was on that did for the 3ds and that was Super Mario 3d Land. That’s still ONE GAME that didn’t make it fly and made those who bought the 3ds early because of that small failure, ambassadors. So the people who bought it early was smart but it was a gamble. I am one of those ambassadors and so is my brother, we did it for the monster hunter 3 for portable hunting.

              On top of that, the wii sales did not drop until the end of it life cycle, twilight was the thanks for that it even made it good and long even with the game cube version…but it wasn’t until Mario Galaxy that it really picked up and left sony in the dust. So yes, it did sell console, but not without back up. Even today, Zelda is still selling rather its old or not.

              Your fucking with someone who’s been around a lot longer and know his shit sir, best recognize respect of knowledge.

              1. :P please don’t even try, I’ve been around before the first gen of consoles, and I own most Nintendo, Sony, Sega, Atari consoles. I was more of a Sega kid though.

                Anyways, my original point was that the recent Zelda titles have failed to sell too well, much less sell any systems. So based on that, I wonder if Zelda U would “save” the Wii U

                Why did you mention 3D Land? We were talking about Zelda games in general. 3D Land was good, but I felt that the only time it actually turned difficult was the last level. Forgot what it’s called, only know that you has to beat he game with both Luigi and Mario, reach the top of the flagpole for every level, collect all medals etc.

                And contrary to the Wii, the PS3 continued to sell. The Wii lost HUGE steam near the end of it’s life cycle. Did you see the new sales report? The PS3 passed the 83 million sales mark. The Wii continues to be stuck at 100 million. Give the PS3 as many games as it gets per year and it’ll catch up to Wii in a matter of years. Nintendo, on the other hand, is forced to focus on it’s failing system and completely ditches the casual 7th gen trash console

                1. Only because Nintendo ceased the Wii production in most areas. And Sony & Microsoft are still supporting the PS3 & Xbox 360 because the PS4 & Xbox One aren’t getting enough games right now. So it’s only natural that two consoles still getting made, shipped, & supported will eventually surpass the sales of another console that has had most, if not all, production & shipping stopped. So the PS3 & XB360 are just getting lucky now.

                  1. There’s a reason why NIntendo ceased production of the Wii. It was slowly dying. That was my entire point

                    1. Xbox 360 was the best selling home console last year
                      The PS3 sold 10 million in 2 years

    1. It already passed around 7 million by July so this Fall to Christmas, those numbers will skyrocket again and when Zelda Wii U and Star Fox launches, its gonna rise again.

  3. I’m not going to lie. I’ve played and owned Nintendo for 30+ years. I was given a frankinbox 360 and I’m not mad about all the games that missed Nintendo. I’m not a fan of using dual thumb sticks for FPS’ers but the Destiny Beta was pretty cool. The AI on those games xbox seem really slow. Maybe I’m a pro gamer? I do average 1300 hours a year in COD. ONLY FOR THE NUNCHUK!

  4. The Wii has sold 7.54 million and not 6.68!
    Secondly not only because it started selling the Wii U when they came out and Xbox1 PS4 console.
    Many are waiting for the release and to decide, as I know the Wii U is going well!
    Do not create confusion and strife is none!

  5. The Wii has sold 7.54 million and not 6.68!
    Secondly not only because it started selling the Wii U when they came out and Xbox1 PS4 console.
    Many are waiting for the release and to decide, as I know the Wii U is going well!
    Do not create confusion and strife is none! Agrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..

  6. The Wii has sold 7.54 million and not 6.68!
    Secondly not only because it started selling the Wii U when they came out and Xbox1 PS4 console.
    Many are waiting for the release and to decide, as I know the Wii U is going well!
    Do not create confusion and strife is none!
    PS4 -7.5 million
    Wii U -6.5 million
    Xbox1-5 million

  7. Just bought my wii u and have 5 games so far! Its so much better then ps4 and xbone. I sold xbone cuz i realized its all third party shootem up games. I own a 360 so no point in same ol dame ol crap. Now nintendo games are something special. We have all loved thesr charecters and games for 20 years! Sony and micro will NEVER have that on nin!

      1. You either smartass and never will have one so STFU about bending over for the Red Ring to rape your dirty ass.

      2. You have him confused with yourself, kid. You could have gotten that precious Xbox 360 you hype so much but yet you bought a Wii U game instead. So quit the act. We all know you jerk off to all things Nintendo when you aren’t on this site or using your web cam to talk trash for your youtube videos. I understand if your life sucks so much that you have to bash shit you love just to feel like you are apart of something with the “cool” kids of the Playstations & Xboxes.

    1. the financial report specifically states that 0.5 million units were sold for the wii u during the last quarter.. with the previously announced number from march (6.2 million total) that adds up to 6.7 million

      so how on earth did you make 7.5 million out of that

      1. I do not know where this person is getting their number but the 6.68 million number is through June. That person could be adding the sales for July in their number.

        1. there are no sales figures for july however

          and even if there were they wouldn’t be 0.8 million.. 1.5 times as much as in the march – june quarter

  8. looking on the bright side: 1 month of mario kart 8 helped the wii u increase sales by 220% over last year and mario kart will keep being an incentive for new buyers

  9. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    Once and for all, STOP taking vgchartz “reports” as facts because they are NOT…

    Anyway, I hope this has been a wake-up call for Lord Iwata and the rest of High Command that they cannot ever again launch a new console without big weaponry…

    And I hope they are fixing the delay issues, specially for Europe starting now…

          1. XBOX ONE hasn’t even been out for a year. Its 1.6 million behind the Wii U, the gap is shrinking.

          2. Not really. Xbox One’s sales have been pretty decent since its launch. It hasn’t sold as much as the PS4 but overall, it’s doing fine.

            Vita and Wii U on the other hand have been struggling from the start. At least the Wii U has strong Nintendo franchises that can give it boosts. The Vita on the other hand, eh… Unless something big comes along, it will only do okay in Japan.

  10. All 3 consoles are pretty shit. Wii U can’t get third parties, and the PS4 and X1 have a games drought even worse than the Wii U did last year. Still have no idea why people are buying more PS4s than Wii Us though. I think it’s obvious that the Wii U is the shiniest of the turds because Nintendo had a year-long headstart to release their games and Sony’s released… one game?

    1. It’s nice to see someone being negative about ALL 3 consoles instead of just one or two of them.

        1. That’s the sad truth retard. People are eating up the BS “specs” hype on both PS4/One when their potential is already tapped and exposed to be less than what they originally promised so have fun with your gimped PC boxes that will have no exclusive since its the same shit as PC but inferior.

        2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Said the moron mentioning everything that the Sonyans aren’t even responsible for, ipso facto, I’m right and you’re dead wrong…

          1. Don’t bother. I think he’s one of those idiots that bought the consoles on hype & media gimmicks.

    2. They’re buying PS4 because it’s the only console to consistently do 1080p native games, and people are tired of paying $300+ for a console in 2014 and not at LEAST getting 1080p native.

      Also, Wii U misses out on every great AAA title, including Destiny which is a HUGE deal. It’s not “just another FPS game”, it’s the first big leap forward in FPS games since the original Halo; an open, living MMO world.

      Also, XBOX ONE has The Master Cheif collection, remastering all the original Halo games and allowing people to play Halo 1 multiplayer online for the first time ever, & Halo 2 multiplayer online again for the first time since servers were shut off in 2009 or something like that. Both those games were huge, and Halo 2 is literally responsible for console online gaming as we know it; it was massive.

      Considering both those things, which are both happening this year in just a few months, there is literally no reason for most gamers to shell out $300 for a Wii U except for hardcore Nintendo fans… and most those already bought one.

      1. Ps4 doesn’t consistently do 1080p without developers having to make sacrificial decisions to make the games run on them. Example: Watchdogs. Everyone should know the BS “next gen” lie Ubisoft told about it and man what an overhyped garbage that game turned out to be and BTW, it only did 900p on PS4 so, what’s your excuse of an argument on that?

        Destiny missing out on Wii U is a disappointment but I can live without it. Its just another Halo on a grand scale existing on more consoles than one. Halo Master Chief collection is just a mere bait of desperation to attract the same Xbox fans they pissed off from the reveal just to sell more faulty Xbetamaxes since they don’t have shit to offer this year.

        Wii U is only best for its own exclusivity and once Nintendo does acquire or partner with Capcom, its all over for PS4/One in the long run.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Destiny is another game living on the outdated hype since the begining of the last generation…

          It will sell well but only because of the more primitive minds buying it…

      2. Honestly, Destiny IS “just another shooter”. And it is NOT an MMO. It was recently revealed that the planets only have one level each, and based on what people have said about the Beta, they’re pretty restricted areas.

      3. there is much more to gaming and gaming experiences than the resolution! I think people who always rely on this stupid 1080p-thing are pure Sony-marketing-victims. it’s so obscure right now that Sony even sells LBP 3 with 1080p/60fps – as if this would be a question for such a game. oh my.

    3. Because Sony sold the PS4 was sold as the “cool” console for all the internet nerds to have, back in 2006 the “dude bro” community wasn’t as big, now every teenager wants their COD and cool manly console, and Sony sold them that. People care a lot about that now.

      1. CoD and Sony? Call of Duty has been selling more on Xbox and Activision has been partnering with Microsoft over the past several years (and this year again) to promote Call of Duty on the Xbox with Xbox exclusive benefits.

        Sony isn’t selling anyone that at all.

    4. Wii U can’t get third parties because they’re lazy, conniving bastards lying through their teeth of support, lying about specs performances from all 3 consoles (Watchdogs on Xbox One/PS4 counts too) and spamming so many similar fucking games cramped with Day 1 BS DLC, Microtransactions and DRM.

      Its funny how you mention PS4/Xbox One have a worse game drought than Wii U did but nobody gives a shit. See how stupid both worlds are of gamers and media alike? The world is itching for Nintendo to fall when they haven’t done anything wrong directly to gamers like forced DRM, its like humanity begging to destroy itself for no good reason besides power and money.

      People are so fucked up these days man.

      1. You’re absolutely right. Third parties abandoned the Wii U before ever giving it a shot. EA is the perfect example. They release shitty inferior ports of their games on Wii U and they didn’t sell. (No shit, though. Madden 13 and FIFA 13 were the previous years version, ME3 Wii U came out after the trilogy edition did on 360/PS3.) Then they say the Wii U gamers don’t care about EA games when it’s EA that doesn’t care about Wii U gamers.

  11. It’s annoying when Sickr posts 3 different new posts that are all from the same exact article. This post, the losses in money, & the Captain Toad delay really should have just been one single post. Anyway, whenever the game drought stops, we should see Nintendo hopefully make a good majority of their money back when all of the extra consoles & games sitting on store shelves start to leave the stores.

  12. And neglected to report that this quarter was still an improvement? On purpose? Most probably.
    “The Wii U shipped 310k consoles in the first quarter of this year, so 510k is an improvement.

    A better comparison may be this time last year, where the shipments were 160k, so 510k is a big improvement over that.”
    (Sorry for stealing random guy at eurogamer comment board)

    Though I was expecting it to sell more, at least to reach 7 million.

  13. They say it only sold 6.7 but where is the charts in this article to prove that and what about the July sales statistics? Sounds like SOMEBODY here is deliberately not giving enough details to start another console war riot in this bitch. I’m pretty sure Wii U probably broke past 7 million by now and they ain’t saying shit to make Wii U, once again, look like a failure which of course it isn’t.

    1. Slow down there, slick. We don’t know what the overall sales of the Xbox One are right now. So for all we know, it’s still at around 5 million consoles sold.

      1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

        Correction, last time I heard it was 5 million shipped(not sold) as in distributed to stores, so it could be even lower than that.

  14. That’s bad. So you’re telling me that MK8 only brought a million units? Last i checked, before mk8 came out, wii u was in the 5 millions……………. Yeah i said mk8 was the last hope, and i’m pretty sure it’s done unless Zelda does something but that’s a year away.

    1. Why does everyone put their high horse on Zelda? It’s my favorite game, but it’s not the ONLY GAME Nintendo has. Can we please stop making it as the last hope to the system.

      The Wii U has 17 games coming out in a year and a half scale and I didn’t name Zelda in the list.

      Star Fox
      Bayonetta 1/2
      Hyrule Warriors
      Captain Toad
      Smash Bros.
      Xeno Blades
      Watch Dogs
      Project Cars
      Project Giant Robot
      Project Guard
      Mario Maker
      Devils Third
      Sonic Boom (Still iffy on people buying this).

      1. In terms of sells, do you really think star fox, yoshi, bayonetta, hyrule warriors, captain toad, splatoon, kirby, skylanders, xenoblade, watch dogs, project games, sonic boom, devil’s third, or mario maker will move wii u consoles by a lot? Probably by thousands but not really millions.

  15. the numbers are really bad. I have always been rather optimistic about their situation, but now we come to a point where I’m starting to think that they are in a really dangerous situation now!

  16. The Wii U is a great system and many Microsoft and Sony fanboy bash it because it’s from the Nintendo and because they think power means everything for a console? My Wii U is my primary console and sometime in the future I’m planning on buying a PS4 and even if I do, I’m not going to treat my Wii U as a secondary console, it’ll be on par when it comes to gameplay.

  17. had the wii u from day one, there was allways something magic about the wii u has soon has I open the box, fast Forward a year and bit, and now I have a ps4 and I brought my 8 year old son the xbox1,I’m very disappointed wiv the ps4 and the xbox , everyone in my house uses the wii u, even the wife just for paying bills and that, the ps4 and the xbox1 is the same old thing from the last gen, I’ve not seen nothing wats made me say wow,I remember when we hooked up monster hunter and the 3ds too wii u, ththat was an experience, and never gets old, special moments wiv the wii u too many, the experience of xbox1 or ps4 don’t even come close

    1. Connecting Monster Hunter 3DS to Wii U? Glad you had fun with the game, but there really isn’t anything special about that feature to elevate it over other systems.

    2. You bought an 8-year old an Xbox One? The Xbone is the one console I always thought of as “not for kids”. Even when I see little kids looking at Xbone games in stores, I find it very odd. Then again…..I find it odd when I see ANYONE looking at Xbone games. But that’s beside the point. But glad you’re enjoying the Wii U. I am too. It’s much better than most people give it credit for. In fact, that’s what I’m writing this comment on.

  18. It’s still above Xbox One sales, and don’t bother saying but Wii U launched a year before it……case the PS4 beat the Wii U so why couldn’t the Xbox One? Exactly, Xbox One is in last cause nobody likes the damn thing.

    1. Also, isn’t the PS4 like only ahead of the Wii U by a million? That’s not a lot. PS4 isn’t crushing it’s competition.

      It isn’t even crushing the Xbox One, let alone the Wii U.

      1. There is a couple million gap between the Xbox One and PS4. It’s easy to compare and contrast those because they launched during the same month and are so similar. The sales gap between them can prove insignificant in the long run. It’s still too early to tell.

        On the other hand, the Wii U has been out a year and 8 months and the PS4 has been out for about 8 months. The PS4 outselling the Wii U during that short period of time since its release *is* significant. Can the PS4 continue selling well? Will the Wii U sales pick up? Again, we’ll have to wait and see.

        Crushing the competition? I wouldn’t use the word, “crushing.” Doing better sales-wise with their newest system? For sure.

  19. 6.68 million is bad? Calculate 6 million x 300. MAN……….That’s a lot of money. It’s hard to believe how much money a company can make, and they still act like it’s not enough. The Wii U is actually doing much better than people led me to believe.

    1. It’s doing better than people think but even 6.68 million X 300 dollars doesn’t equal enough to put them in the green. Nintendo is still in the red.

      1. by developing games for the wii u, they’re leading the 3ds to an early grave. The wii u is beyond help, as you can see… It’s fucking dumb to be crippling the one thing making them any money.

          1. Canceling the Wii U would be a mistake because it’s going to be getting some major games soon. Nintendo will be able to pull through eventually & save the Wii U. Besides, ditching it would piss off the people that have the console & the people that plan to get it when the big hitters come out for it. Unless you want Nintendo to pull a Sega & lose consumer trust in their ability to make consoles which forces them become 3rd party as no one will buy their consoles anymore.

            1. The sad thing is that they’ve already lost consumer trust in their ability to make consoles – these abysmal sales are proof of that, no? Can you really see another console coming after the Wii U? I don’t think so…

              Something has to give. Making home consoles isn’t profitable for them anymore.

              1. These abysmal sales is proof that Nintendo did a shitty job at marketing & barely had a nice stream of games to keep people entertained. Nothing more.

  20. If they gave it more power it would have sold not needing games like PS4 sales. But they were too stupid trying to make it more powerful than PS3. That’s their mistake.

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