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Ubisoft Confirms Assassin’s Creed Rogue Won’t Be Coming To Wii U

Today, Ubisoft announced that Assassin’s Creed Rogue, an exciting new installment in the franchise currently in development for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system, will be available worldwide on November 11.

Assassin’s Creed Rogue is being developed by Ubisoft Sofia, in collaboration with Ubisoft’s Singapore, Montreal, Quebec, Chengdu, Milan and Bucharest studios. Set in the middle of the 18th century during the Seven Years War, Assassin’s Creed Rogue gives players new locations across North America to explore, including the frozen North Atlantic, the Appalachian River Valley and New York. In Assassin’s Creed Rogue, players experience the Assassin’s Creed universe through the eyes of a Templar. As Shay Patrick Cormac, players suffer the brotherhood’s betrayal and transform into an Assassin hunter.

The acclaimed naval components from previous Assassin’s Creed games have been enhanced in Assassin’s Creed Rogue. The game also gives players new weapons to use on both land and sea in pursuit of taking down the Assassins, including a new ship called the Morrigan.

“We know that there are many Assassin’s Creed fans with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles who want to get their hands on a new Assassin’s Creed game this year,” says Martin Capel, game director, Ubisoft Sofia. “Assassin’s Creed Rogue completes the North American saga started with Assassin’s Creed III and Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag and gives previous generation console owners an exclusive opportunity to experience fan-requested features, such as playing as a Templar.”


277 thoughts on “Ubisoft Confirms Assassin’s Creed Rogue Won’t Be Coming To Wii U”

    1. The big surprise are that Nintendo fans are asswh*+%s
      Support games on your console and you will get games. But. That will never happen. That’s it.

      By the way. This is a great Nintendo News website. I’m idicted to you. But I’m a games fanboy, not a Nintendo fan. Saying this I own 15 Wii u games. I’m 29 yrds old, I have a full time job, going to callage and have a family.

      1. As a Nintendo fan, I’ll support my console by not buying trite like Assassin’s Creed. My money is best spent on good games.

          1. Can say the same thing for Xbox One and PS4. What “good games” do they have right now? Titanfall, a $60 multiplayer only COD ripoff? Nope. Infamous Second Son? Too short, where’s the 3rd game already? Watchdogs? Don’t get me started. It was a huge next gen lie and an embarrassment to call itself a great game when it has a shotty cliche story and can’t fucking punch anyone in a 2014 video game…GTA5, hell even GTA4 on PS3/360 shits on that game. The Last of Us Remastered, good game but been there, done that so its not that special anymore. None of those two consoles have anything else better coming this year but Wii U on the other hand has its own exclusive big guns coming.

            So, PS4/One having good games…now? XD lol Now that’s even funnier.

            1. Except 101 was published by Nintendo lol but developed by Platinum. But another amazing game is Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Obviously there are tons more.

          1. So far my Wii U library has only Nintendo published games (not including eShop games) but I’m perfectly open to that changing if a third party delivers the right game. However, Assassin’s Creed is not that game. I have no interest in soulless games such as most of the ones delivered by EA, Activision, Ubisoft and co. This is why I own a Wii U and not a PS4.

          2. Didn’t the Wii have horrible third-party and end up selling the most?

            I don’t get why there’s always non-Nintendo fans that come to a Nintendo site to just waste their time commenting? It’s rather sad.

          3. Idk Monster Hunter 3
            Mass Effect 3
            Other Nintendo titles
            Call of duty (even though it’s a sub par game)
            Lego games
            Tekken for the fighting fans
            the wiiu has a little bit of everything

            1. The Wii U isn’t getting the next Tekken, the next Batman Arkham, the next mass effect, and it hasn’t been confirmed that CoD Advanced Warfare is coming to Wii U. Monster Hunter is on the 3DS and Lego games are on every platform.

        1. I have to agreed ubisoft is terrible to fans, no more ubisoft games for my wii u or ps4, i can live without them. Nintendo has great games and i am waiting on bayonetta 2, hyrule warriors, super smash bros, destiny on my ps4 and gta 5 on ps4. Way to fail ubi

          1. Ubisoft is only horrible to *Nintendo* fans. You have a PS4 they’ll support you like you’re their best friend.

              1. And let’s not forget Uplay, their own DRM crap. Why the fuck would I need another account for another service to play the fucking game online? Screw that.

            1. hollow tbh thats not true plus the line up has been bad, best so far infamous, last of us remastered and thats it. i go back to my wii u for mario kart, armillo, zelda, donkey kong and gba advance games so far

            2. Ubisoft can kiss Sony fans ass too. Remember Watchdogs? That game was a huge lie and only idiots who never heard of GTA or called GTA5 crap without playing it, bought Watchdogs out of dumbass hype. Hope their money was worth it because I know they’re sick of the game weeks ago.

        2. That’s honestly stupid, you want 3rd party support go buy its games, you are the main reasons why Nintendo can’t get decent 3rd party support.

          1. So we should just bend over backwards & take their half assed “support” like good little boys & girls? They need our support a hell of a lot more than we need theirs, but they think it’s the other way around so they keep giving us shitty games with the promise of giving us better ones if we fully support their bullshit. Fuck that. Ubishit & Electronic Assholes can go fuck themselves & take every ounce of their shitty support with them.

      2. Trolls are the assholes. Why are you addicted to this site? lol

        Anyway I can get my non-Nintendo news over at IGN. This site used to be great for lesser known Nintendo-related news that sites like IGN and GameSpot don’t bother covering. I know you’re just following up on you’re previous articles sickr, but those previous articles were unnecessary in the first place. Stop posting about Ubisoft, EA, or other devs that aren’t developing on Nintendo platforms.

        Or seriously consider changing the site name.

        1. You mean your GayStation ass dropping by making biased talks of fanboys when you’re exposing yourself as one right now? Yeah, good one hypocrite.

      3. Oh good grief, and you really dumb enough to try blaming Nintendo fans for not supporting third parties when the majority of the multiplats on the wii u from them have been horribly gimped?
        Screw you, dude: Third parties are the assh*les for bringing gimped ports to the system then crying about no one buying them.
        End of.

        1. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

          nope if you bought the games , you will notice its not that gimped at all.

          1. And you know this by playing the game on your WiiU then playing it on your Xbox 360……oh wait, nevermind.

              1. i thought you were in love with sasori, of course you exposed yourself like someone who likes to expose sasori

          2. Go look at the differences between Sniper Elite V2 on the wii u compared to all other versions, then take your plate of crow and choke on it like a good little argument-loser.

            1. Who? If its Sasori, then both of you are idiots. He’s defending what? He’s a moron talking through his ass again defending 3rd parties gimping BS. IDK who’s the bigger fool here? Him blindly defending 3rd parties nonsense or you blindly defending a self-racist retard leeching our tax dollars on welfare for his dumbass to keep raving about buying something he’ll never afford, not even his own feces in a toilet.

          3. Do I have to slap a bitch? Get back in the corner Sasori, before I change my mind. You’re my bitch. So shut up.

          4. Blacklist with no offline co-op, Rayman being delayed when already completed for Wii U launch, AC4 with no DLC, Batman Arkham Origins with no multiplayer and no Cold Hearted DLC pack, 2 COD ports in a row with no DLC plus Activision lied about BO2 Nuketown add on, Watchdogs, yet another completed Wii U port, delayed for no good reason with no release date in sight and Sniper Elite 2 with 90% of its features stripped charged at 60, I repeat, 60 FUCKING DOLLARS!

            Again, you’re a fucking idiot with shit in its eyes.

        2. yeah i brought assassin creed black flag on wii u and couldnt buy dlc so i gave up on the game since i couldnt have 100 percent what my ps4 was getting. plus ps4 came with an extra 90 min gameplay. That is why ubi shouldnt half ass any version

      4. imo, the big surprise is the way 3rd parties all made big statements about unprecedented support towards the wiiU and ultimately delivered mostly uninteresting ports/unpolished games with almost no advertising just so they could ditch the console as soon as investors realised the new games weren’t selling. I support my consoles, I have about games for my wiiu and 35 for my 3ds, lots of third party games and you know what? I wish I hadn’t bought many of those because of the way I get treated by the companies I bought em from. Fuck ubisoft, I won’t miss their games.

      5. and you’re an asshole for generalizing ;)

        you can’t even spell properly and you’re claiming to go to college? what college would that be?

      6. Fucker, we dont support gimps and companies who pulled strings of constant BS so enjoy getting your wallet ass raped by EA and Ubisoft shoving more rehashes than EA.

      7. If third parties develop full versions of their games for Wii U don’t skimp on features and don’t hold their release dates back until after the cheaper versions have launched on older consoles then Wii U owners would probably have a lot more time for third party games… Seriously in the early days of Wii U there was a massive first party games drought that none of the third parties chose to capitalise on… I bought my wii U to play, Zombi U and AC3 (among other games)… yet both failed to meet expectations… as a result Ubisoft held back Rayman Legends and made it go multiplat yet released AC4 on other consoles weeks before Wii U. They offered the Freedom Cry DLC on every platform except Wii U and even sold it as a stand alone game on PC. Watchdogs got massive publicity for every version except Wii U and we are STILL waiting for that game to launch on our consoles… Ubisoft have repeatedly shafted Wii U owners by blaming the console and its install-base for the poor sales of its early releases rather than looking to how they have treated their fans on Wii U and looking in house to see why their Wii U sales are so poor… Likewise EA released Mass Effect 3 on Wii U but immediately followed it up with a trilogy release on other consoles… CoD released titles on Wii U but ported the game so poorly that it suffered frame rate issues and lacked online features… I could go on… The problem is not with Wii U or its installbase we are ready willing and ready to buy these products when we don’t get asked to pay more money for games with missing features and lacklustre support.

      8. That callage is education is paying off… and immediately stating that you “have a full time job, going to callage and have a family” before anyone says anything about your personal life makes it sound like your an unemployed 29 year old still living with his parents. I’m not judging that, but why else would you even mention it????

      1. Um… Could you uh.. like, change that last part of your name? ^_^ I appreciate you copying me, but I am not a whore. XD

      1. And how is not having one boring ass stale rehash that is Assassin’s Crap make a console gay suddenly? Nice choice of gaming experience by neglecting a system over one BS franchises that turned into yet another COD spammer.


      2. And again, nothing of value was lost and Ubisoft wonders why Nintendo fans hate them now. Fuck it and that’s okay. We don’t need anymore garbage like Ubisoft and their Call of Assassin’s Crap spam.

      3. Really? On “” you choose to write that? You realise that every person that reads that thinks you’re an ass, right?

    1. LOL yea sell it right when Super Smash Bros, Hyrule Warriors, and Bayonetta 2 are about to come out. Don’t come crying back saying you wish you hadn’t sold it. xD

    2. Do you promise to also leave this site? If so, by all means sell your Wii U for a PS3. You & Sasori can both be butt buddies as he jerks off to his XB360 while you jerk off to the PS3. Hurry up, now. The sooner that two of the 4 biggest losers on this site leaves, the better.

  1. Im Tired of this Poor excuse of a console, never before in the history of gaming has a current gen console, been ditched on the side line like the Wii u, 3rd party games get released on last gen and not of Wii U, its sickening and its all nintendo’s fault

    1. -Atari 5200
      -Atari Jaguar
      -Sega Saturn
      -Sega Dreamcast

      Sorry bro, Wii U is by no means the first. Hell, it isn’t even doing half as badly as most of these examples did.

      1. Ouya? Xbox One? I can agree with that. Wii U has plenty of good games right now and more coming while PS4 has to wait another year for more, better games. Ironic, isn’t it?

    2. The Wii also got the shaft over and over again. The shovelware just filled up the spits where good 3rd party titles should have been.

    3. No, it’s third parties fault for making their multiplats on the wii u worse than other versions.
      They’d get support if they didn’t screw up so much.

  2. Imagine the 32bit days whereby more games get released on Megadrive then the psone its crazy.

    Im glad though that Nintendo is failing, its going to teach them a lesson not to ever release a underpowered console with a dumb name twice in a row.

    Never to release a console without AAA titles that people actually want.

    Make sure the console is on par with the competition, if not more powerful, and make sure its marketed well

    1. Agreed, failures are meant to be learned from and the Wii U has every right to fail. Nintendo needs to stop focusing on the casuals (they are long gone, all playing on their smartphones and tablets) drop the whole “we just want to be different” for awhile, learn from the competition, do things that the gamer actually wants and THEN they can set themselves apart by going off into their own goofy world. But being “different” does not justify being ignorant, and right now Nintendo is the most ignorant it’s ever been. Drop the Wii U, cut losses and make a console people actually want, or screw it and go third party.

      1. They basically won’t be Nintendo anymore. You just want a third clone ware company like Sony & Microsoft. I’m glad Nintendo offers different software.

      2. Or they can support the Wii U with a healthy release of games that Wii U owners & those on the fence about a Wii U are interested in. You forgot about that option for Nintendo. This is Nintendo, not Sega: they don’t abandon their consoles when things get hard.

  3. PS3 and Xbox360 ? hahahahahahahahhahahah

    give-me a shit Ubisoft, greed have its limits.

    ah, AC= COD with legs.

  4. Aeolus, no one cares about your fucking opinion, do you think if nintendo made a console like PS4/XBONE it would bring back 3rd party?

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        This is not irrelevant…

        Everything not coming or coming to Nintendo platforms are Nintendo news…

        1. “Everything not coming or coming to Nintendo platforms are Nintendo news”

          By this logic I guess we have to hear about Halo or Uncharted right? Or what about Mass Effect 4? It’s not an exclusive and we got 3 right? Exactly.

          There’s always going to be a chance of a game coming to a Nintendo platform but we don’t need to know about that unless it’s confirmed. Go to IGN for non-Nintendo news.

      2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Specially if it has a history of having games about those franchises before then it is relevant…

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Any site you go to makes money out of you, it doesn’t make any difference and no one forces anyone to comment in here…

          1. Why do you want to hear about Mass Effect 4 bro? Did you even buy 3? Just because the franchise has touched a Nintendo platform before doesn’t mean that it’s sequels need to all be posted here. Do you go to any other Nintendo sites? This is the ONLY self-proclaimed “Nintendo focused” website that covered this story and tried to tie it into the Wii U. Even IGN covered this story but did not mention the Wii U because it was not confirmed. Do you see the difference? Why are you defending this website? I’m starting to think you work here.

        2. How is it relevant if the developer gives you a reason ? Like it or not, but the Assassin’s Creed franchise is huge in the video game industry and it is very well important for a Nintendo-related news website to let their readership know they’ll be missing out on a game of a major franchise. The reason for the game skipping Nintendo consoles is absolutely secondary.

          1. Yep. And what makes me angry is that this game is using things from AC3 and 4 which I like and I really want to play, but whatever. More money to keep in my pocket I suppose. And this really needs to come to PC. Running around fighting soldiers at 15-25 fps is NOT the definitive experience of Assassin’s Creed. God, I hated frame rate drop on AC3. I might even literally RE BUY it when I get a PC just to play the best version. But I’m focusing on Unity right now which is gonna be crisp and smooth and run at 60FPS on my future powerful PC. :3

            1. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

              just get a hp computer or get your ass to costco or best by or pc richercrads pc to get a great decent computer that has icore7 8gb-12 of ram.

              1. I already know what kind of PC I want. I’m going to save up $1000 and buy a very powerful PC that can probably play a lot of the games I want. After I get my PC out of the way, I’m getting a PS4 or Xbox One.

    1. You are definitely either Donko or Nostalgia if you think every little opinion you spout is a fact. Now run along, loser, & dream about shit that will never happen like Iwata & his family dying horribly.

    1. Whoa. Already wanting to put it up the butt? Sorry dude but the gay pride is over at New Jersey. Why don’t you show yourself over there and say hi to that fatass corrupt NJ governor for me?

    2. You wish he was suffering from butthurt. Specifically from you since you want him so bad, but again, he doesn’t do nazi scum.

  5. Not too surprised but kind of curious what the completed game is that Ubisoft has waiting in the wings. Though I doubt it could it be AC: Rogue? We have no idea when this game was completed. At least I’ll have AC: Unity on PC but I like AC games on Wii U too!

    1. If they even have one. They could just be lying their asses off in the hopes people will be desperate enough for this “great game that’s finished & ready to be released on the Wii U when the install base is higher” & buy their other shit on the console which are mostly, if not all, badly supported, anyway.

    1. Good. The support for Wii U has been crap with them delaying or not even releasing every one of their major games. I might get Watch Dogs for PC, but they even scaled back the graphics on that version which is one of the main reasons I was excited for this game back in 2012. They promised me with next gen graphics and then revealed the final product to look only slightly better looking that GTA V. And now that GTA V is coming to PC, it’s going to get blowed out of the water in terms of visuals. They did the same thing with Far Cry 3. Scaled back the PC version. I swear, Ubisoft is such a liar. They shouldn’t even be able to that! FC3, Watch Dogs, and… What’s next? The Division? Because that’s another one of those games hyping up graphics. They better not dare tone down the graphics there or I swear to god… Anyways, I’m done complaining. >_>

        1. But I just can’t. I literally just can’t. I’ve been complaining since GCN. It’s impossible, unfortunately.

          1. Nope it’s not impossible to stop composing, you are just being too lazy about it. Same goes to sony and Microsoft , and Nintendo haters in general.

                1. *NINTENDO* I told you I’ve been disappointed since GCN. It’s not all about the games. Nintendo’s consoles have always pissed me off. Because they lack a shit ton of features. And they continued that trend with the Wii U. They focused on the damn Gamepad so much it’s like they forgot they even made a fucking console! In fact, during Wii U’s first E3, they didn’t even SHOW the fucking console. It’s all about the Gamepad. Gamepad this, Gamepad that, blah blah. The Gamepad (as much as I actually like it) shouldn’t have been made. It was a waste of time. The game developers don’t even want to put their games on the Wii U because of that god damn controller! When we (my family) had a PS3, I had the best experience of video games of my entire life. All the flaws the Wii had were not there and it could do things the Wii U could not. The PlayStation Store is very well organized and makes it very easy to find things and I loved playing games like Mortal Kombat 9 and GTA V. But unfortunately, we got rid of it. (Money issues at the time) And now I’m stuck with my Wii U again. I don’t exactly hate the Wii U and I like the Gamepad, but Nintendo fucked up. The Wii U could’ve been much better. They need to stop chasing after casuals. Leave them the fuck alone! They keep trying to be innovative, but there has been no Wii U has exceeded my expectations. I was hyped for 3D World, but now it’s actually pretty boring. I’m already bored with Mario Kart 8. And there are NO OTHER GAMES to fill the gap for me. I’m tired of this shit. So far, I have only bought one game from Nintendo that released this year and that’s MK8. It’s almost Winter and there are no other games right now aside from the Nintendo games (which I don’t really care about) I got Pikmin 3 from Club Nintendo code, and I do think it is ok, but now that I’ve played it, no fucking way in hell would I have spent $60 on it. Nintendo games can be good, but I am NOT spending an entire generation yet again just playing NINTENDO games! Fuck that! If E3 2015 doesn’t have a decent amount of third party games, I’m getting rid of it. I don’t care how many games Nintendo publishes on it, If there is no third party, then I am done. Most of the Nintendo games I have played do not leave that big of an impression on me. I can deal with missing another Zelda. I can deal with missing another Smash Bros. And I can sure as hell deal with missing Starfox. All I want is third party. It’s not that hard to get. It pisses me off. -_-

                  1. Then I guess it’s time to quit whining & just ditch the Wii U, like the 3rd parties you love so much, & never get another Nintendo console again. I guarantee you this trend is never going to stop as long as the 3rd parties are getting away with their bullshit & as long as Nintendo can still make money off their 1st party, 2nd party, & 3rd party exclusive titles. No point keeping a console from Nintendo where you barely care about the games that do come to it.

                    1. I suppose you’re right. I guess Nintendo just isn’t for me. I really don’t hate the Wii U or Nintendo themselves, I just don’t like how it misses most of the games I want to play. It’s not necessarily just Nintendo’s fault third party isn’t on their console, just that devs never bring their games to their platform and then that results in frustration towards Nintendo. Ridley, I respect you and anyone else that wants to play the Wii U, but it’s probably best if I move on. Right now, I don’t think I can afford more than two platforms (I have a 3DS too) so the only other option I really see is to sell it. I’m not saying I will sell it just at this moment, I’ll hold out just a bit longer due to Super Smash Bros and Hyrule Warriors, but I am hoping 2015 can give me somewhat decent third party, but it’s probably not likely, so… idk anymore. :(

      1. Your just a troll the gaming industry wouldn’t be what it is today if I wasn’t for Nintendo . #convertingnintendohaters #outofcontrolfanboys #stopfanboyisum #whatdidnintendoeverdotoyou

        1. Actually, its not a troll and I know damn well they canceled that game too while also lying about bringing it to Wii U utilizing Gamepad and what not when all they’re gonna do is use it for maps and its cheap ass hacking gimmick and like we give a fuck anymore. Ubisoft losts its trust and credibility years ago and now turned into another EA.

          We all cpuld care less about them ditching Nintendo. They’re a bunch of sadistic, lying cocky bastards.

  6. lol clunk controls creed

    the game serie is shite and the controls are a fucking joke

    clunk pop in tearing creed more loss making third party garbage asassins crud has never ever made a profit

  7. 3rd party devs ditch consoles when their product doesn’t sell. Watch SEGA leave next.

    You Mario loving kids have nobody other than yourselves to blame. Being cheap and only buying that 1 Mario title every 5 months is killing the system that you all talk so highly of.

    Cqll the games crap if you want but having a diverse catalog if games on a console is never a bad thing.

    1. Shut up, apologist. Third parties will get sales when the majority of their multiplats are made well enough to entice the wii u fanbase.
      You want to blame someone for the third parties who’s dicks you’re sticking not selling on wii u, blame the devs themselves for screwing up so many of their own ports.

    2. But some, if not most, of them ARE crap. Like Mass Effect 3. Why should I buy that game for the Wii U when I can get the whole damn trilogy on the PS3 or XB360?

  8. this industry and its clunky ass broken games with 5 minute load screens

    watch dogs is a brokD mess with shit out dated controls and clunky animation


      1. Who would wanna play thay broken ass outdated GTA knockoff that you cant even punch anyone without holding a gun just to melee? For a 2014 game that can’t allow you to punch people but Super Mario 64 can, a 1996 game, is a fucking joke.

      2. xD Just because it runs smoothly on one console doesn’t mean it will do so on the other. Ubisoft’s history with the Wii U says the game will be gimped in some major way when it finally does hit the Wii U.

  9. Fucking shitheads arguing the Wii is underpowered and thus failing! Do you remember an almost square console namend Gamecube? It was more powerful than the PS2, it was cheaper and had cool commercials! And how much of a success was it?

  10. Well stupid Ubisoft.
    Well lucky i can win a new strong pc, of €3500,-. 31 december the let very1 know who will get this pc.

    If i not won, then ill build my own pc. I got the case already.
    Then ill buy assassins creed unity. To bad that rogue dont come to pc.

  11. a man with a brain and a wiiu not a brodude holding a ps1 controller with a lightbulb on it in 2014 playing third party garbage

    thats funny its sales are 5 x last year and its out selling xbone glogally and ps4 in japan

    lol dead its the only gamers system in existence ps4 is a poor spec pc with a 4 gen old controller pop in texctures clunky outdated controls purchased by brodudes and CHAVS


  12. a man with a brain and a wiiu not a brodude holding a ps1 controller with a lightbulb on it in 2014 playing third party garbage

    asassins creed is crap silly swushing sounds weird makes no sense scnning mode thingy clunky broken controls shit robotic fight mechanics

    shit graphics lol ubisoft games clunky d-pad feeling 2d controls crap

  13. a man with a brain and a wiiu not a brodude holding a ps1 controller with a lightbulb on it in 2014 playing third party garbage

    dualshock FIXED FUNCTION CONTROLLER lol pile of shit

    asassins creed would be revolutionized with a wii remote and chcuk sweet point and play camera and sweet precise aiming and combat controls

    clunky ps1 gameplay mess with a clunky ass camera

  14. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

    i love how clowns are cryinng over a game they would never even buy to begin with. #wiiuneedsmoreCODplayers

    1. It’ll get more wii u players when it gets all the dlc and modes it’s missing.
      Until then, it doesn’t deserve to sell on wii u.
      Deal with it.

    2. You’re one stupid ass bastard to talk about others acting exactly like you which isn’t the case. You are exactly what you’re bitching about. STFU and dare try to say “MLK is overrated” in a public black neighborhood if you got any balls left.

  15. … You know, having played Assassin’s Creed 3 on the Wii U as of recently, I have to say that I’m very disappointed. But I suppose it doesn’t matter that much though because AC3 runs like crap on Wii U. I cannot handle these dropping frames anymore… PC is the place to play these games and I’m slightly disappointed it’s not coming there either, but it has Unity which is enough for me. I’ve decided against buying any third party games that I can get for PC on my Wii U because I would get much better performance and supporting Wii U is pointless. I’ve already tried to support multiple games like Tekken Tag Tournament 2, NFS Most Wanted, and AC3, but they didn’t sell enough for another game in their series to come to Wii U which made my support for those games USELESS. So why bother anymore? Wii U will be my exclusives only machine. I won’t be able to get a PC until next year, so I’ll still have to suffer through quite a bit of articles like this until I get my rig…

    1. So wait…. you’ve been praising playing games on a PC and saying that it plays better and all that jazz but you have yet to get a PC? What the actual fuck.

      1. You don’t even need to own a PC to know that they play better. And if you tell me console games play better, then you’re clearly lying to yourself. I have played the first AC at 60FPS on PC before, so don’t give me that BS.

        1. I only play on PC and I never said that so…… You just come off as sounding like a complete dick. Like a “gear head” joining a sports car club but his only ride is his moms mini van.

          1. You only play on PC? Oh, so is that why you responded to my comment? Let me ask you a question. Did I offend you? Did I say something hurtful to you in any way? Of course I did. I already told you people I’m going to own most, if not all, consoles this gen. Why the hell do people not pay attention?

  16. I often wonder if there are different Wii U’s or how many people are making comments on the Wii U which are negative when they don’t actually own one. I haven’t had any issue’s with gameplay on my Wii U except for brutal online in MK8.

  17. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

    hey sickr….you forgot to add sony to the “computer entertainment” on the first paragraph. :)

  18. I have enjoyed AC4… Kinda like a pirate version of GTA. I don’t need another AC. #4 has me set for a while!

  19. nintendo gamers dont buy CLUNKY GARBAGE ubisoft know this,ps4 owners will buy any clunky mess and ubisoft know it

    the industry isnt making good games NEXT GEN games its making clunky br dude trash ,its not talented or set up to do anything else

    thats why its crashing and will crash further….

  20. I would like to know who shoved the corn cob up Ubisoft’s ass? I’m seriously starting to hate them.

    1. How many Ubisoft games do you own on the Wii U? I just need to be sure because most people that say this either don’t have another console or don’t have any Ubisoft games. My cousin (who owns a PS3) isn’t dealing with this at all. He loves Ubisoft.

      1. Rayman Legends, ZombiU, and Child of Light. Watchdogs whenever it’s released. AC though is pure shit and I’m happy it’s not coming to Wii U.

          1. AC3 is a bigger disappointment that 2 and 4 but its still a boring ass byproduct of Splinter Cell trying to be like the next COD in 3rd person spamming itself to death. Fuck AC and everything of Ubisoft.

            1. AC3 is the only one I have fully beaten so I cannot comment about 2 or 4 yet. I don’t understand why you hate it. It takes the wars of the old times and puts a twist on them by making you go back in time and become an Assassin. It’s not boring at all to me. History lessons are boring as shit. AC takes that boring ass shit and turns into something gamers can relate to. I literally relearned some of the things I forgot in school by playing AC. And in addition, history is my second favorite subject so that makes it even better. And Splintercell looks cool, but I only played a bit of the first. And just do you know, SC: Blacklist is on the Wii U and apparently you like the series, so go ahead and buy it. No one is stopping you. This is the kind of thing that makes Ubisoft stop supporting the Wii U. If you aren’t going to buy the games then why should they keep making them? It’s like when a mom tries to feed her child some vegetables and the kids doesn’t want it but she keeps making more every week. Me personally, I’m not buying any third party games on the Wii U at all anymore. I’m sick of this bullshit. But whatever you want to do is up to you.

              1. AC is just so..boring. I was gonna buy Splinter Cell last year for my birthday until I heard its gimped and multiplayer is crippled. I don’t buy crap.

  21. Glad thay are gone don’t cear treatment from them was absolute crap brot 25 third party games for Wii U . Bying PS4 soon will never by a nother third party game

  22. I say us Wii U owners form a suicide cult and start sacrificing ourselves until they start releasing games on Wii U. There……that should do it.

  23. We’re gonna miss this one guys. Well…not me since I don’t play the series. Still….it’s a game that will be missed by many. It’s sad for the Wii U

    1. Not really. Its another shitty COD-like retard brother of Splinter Cell. Its boring as hell and if I wanna study history, I go for the books, not buy this crap who changes shit worst than Wikipedia.


    Seriously, this site just explained who’s making a game that has nothing to do with Nintendo, and explained with details how a game that has nothing to do with Nintendo is.

    I don’t need to know how exciting, the gameplay, the graphics, the story, and how in general the game is in a Nintendo site if the game is not coming to a Nintendo console at all.

    “The game also gives players new weapons to use on both land and sea in pursuit of taking down the Assassins, including a new ship called the Morrigan.”

    Why put this in here? We can’t play it, we can’t buy it unless we have a PS3 or 360. promoting and explaining how a PS3 and 360 game is. *facepalm*

    Promoting how a Sony and Microsoft game is exciting and has ships and new weapons. LMAO! XD

    1. Well, it’s possible that it was just a copy and paste and the author forgot to edit out that part. I prefer to be an optimist and say that the creators do write everything out themselves, but the way that it’s written sometimes does seem a little sketchy

    2. Is it really that big of a deal? Get another console. It’s not the end of the world. And chances are that you don’t even own an AC game on Wii U so you probably wouldn’t have even bought this.

      1. I agree with him. It was pointless to explain the game on a Nintendo site for a game that isn’t coming to the console. He should have just used the title & a short paragraph saying it’s coming to the Xbox 360 & PS3 but is skipping the Wii U. Sickr effectively promoted a 3rd party game that’s not coming to Nintendo consoles. If I recall, he’s done this countless times before. If there are people on this site that wants to know what the actual article entails, just put a link at the end of the article after he tells us the important Nintendo related stuff.

  25. Whoa. Two things I noticed chil-kids.

    1. This is only going to add fuel to the flames for the Ubisioft haters. I just want it stated for the record that I still want Raving Rayman to be in Smash Bros. Okay, Assassins Creed is skipping the Wii U, but isn’t that the right call? From what I’ve heard, you can’t simply “port” a game to the Wii U since the coding is so different. So, may as well skip and they’re just encouraging you to get the PS4.

    2. Whenever Sasori comments, like 5-10 guys quickly jump at him…even if it’s a harmless post. Now, I’ve heard on the grapevine that he does have a dicey history on the site, but maybe he’s changed. Doesn’t he deserve the benefit of the doubt?

    Jusy sayin. When you kick the can…you usually roll on the sand.

    1. Fuel to the flames my ass. Assassin’s Creed sells like shit on Wii U so it doesn’t even matter. If it was coming, everyone would be against it saying fuck Ubisoft, and now that it isn’t coming their still pissed off. I really don’t give a shit anymore. I wouldn’t have bought it either. What’s the point of buying any 3rd party game on Wii U when you won’t be able to play the next game? Smh, was gonna buy Watch Dogs to support Wii U, but fuck that. No one deserves my support at this point. I’ll judt stick with Nintendo exclusives.

      1. Eh, I love that saying…got it from Mega Man Powered Up =) Yeah, the Wii U is good for the exclusives. Even if a third party game comes along, I always buy the PS4 version for the better graphics and control scheme. Still, the Wii U has enough exclusives to last for a while.

    2. Same way I feel about Nintendo Commender such and such. Everyone keeps insulting him for no reason. It’s like they hate him just for role playing.

      1. Definitely, the hate against him is definitely uncalled for. Role playing is perfectly acceptable and it’s not like he’s role playing as a troll like some of the others. He’s the first poster I remember from going onto this site back in the day. Good times

        1. Idiot, you obviously never seen him before that nasty “Martin Luther King” comment he made (BTW, he’s black too and bluntly insulted MLK) that made him disappear for a while and came back cop acting like he “changed”. The only thing different about him now is that he’s conducting more pathetic damage control than ever.

    3. 1. You call us haters when they have deliberately brought this problem on themselves by shoving crap and delaying good games away from us, every fucking time. Again, you’re a fool. Back to topic, I can hardly give a crap about dull ass AC games.

      2. You defending this Assclown once again makes you a bigger fool than I imagine. Anything that retard says is meant to piss someone off and I hope to god that one of these days, he’ll piss off the wrong person and that person will literally come after him and do some permanent damage. Oh boy I cannot hear to hear that happen.

        1. I only wish harm on sasori in the hopes it will be something that makes him try to be a better person. In other words, I don’t want it to be something fatal. I can only speak for myself, though.

            1. No it’s not. I could just go to the extreme & hope he dies a very horrible & painful death while getting gang raped & beaten with a bat with nails sticking out of it. But I don’t. A simple broken leg & arm with a busted up face would do. Oh wait! Too late for the busted up face since he already has that kind of face! lol

  26. here i have a way to piss off ps4 and xbox fanboys. so they say wiiU owners cant play next gen games yet if you already own a PC like i do you wont miss nothing. the only thing missing is gamepad interaction other than that what difference does it make what platform its on. so far i have zero games on xbox 1 and my ps4 is in the night stand collecting dust. besides the next assassins creed game i buy will be on next gen console wiiU or my next gen PC………umm PC. =]

  27. look its obvious assassin creed has call of duty and smash bros to worry about and knowing smash bros assassins creed will just get over look anyway, i mean thats what i would do. anyway i plan on getting smash bros and cod if there is a wiiU release but im skipping assassins creed this year cause i know im just going to get bored with it real fast. it took me 3 years to finish assassins creed 2 cause thats how bored i get. but im all for smash bros and cod but only if it has wii-mote support.

  28. Ubisoft used to be the best third party on Wii U, now looks like they don’t even bother about all the hate that many Nintendo fans have for them.

    This is sad, from both sides :/

    1. Yeah. The best at giving the Wii U gimped, aka badly supported, games. Oh & delaying games (Rayman Legends & Watch_Dogs) that could have helped fill in the gap between big releases.

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  30. One thing is certain. As much as I loved Assassin’s Creed III and IV, I’m sure not going to buy a PS4 or Xbone just to play the new ones. There’s just not enough third party games I care about to buy a non-Nintendo console. It’s much easier (and cheaper) to stick with one console. And I never cared much for Playstation. And don’t even get me started on Xbox. Ugh!

    1. There is nothing really wrong with Xbox. People on the internet just try to make it look bad. And it makes me sick.

      1. No. More people and even the gaming industry of 3rd party faggots like Ubisoft and EA are trying so hard to make Wii U sound like a terrible console without even trying the fucking thing anyway.

        Xbox One is more deserving for hate than Wii U did. Microsoft tried but also succeeded to screw the only idiot supporters they have left after the DRM thing. Nintendo hasn’t done any shady BS to anyone and always make great quality games, even though they take their time and on rare occasions, delay a few, I repeat, A FEW of their games to make sure it works and looks best but oh, everybody envys, fear and even pretend to haate their sole existence because they’re the only few best ajd true gaming companies left while others that dropped off the face of the earth either making indies for harder standard of living or sold their souls to the likes of EA and Microsoft making generic ass garbage for idiots to praise and throw money at them like the whores they are over 24/7 gory shooters and ripoff DLCs and DRM controlling their freedom of gaming/electronic consuming.

        I swear if I had the chance to leave this fucked up world and watch it burn as I depart, I will take it. Everything and everyone is so fucked these days, it even makes Jesus wanna regret dying for us and God cry in his own creation turning so evil and stupid so easily.

        1. Nintendo has done a lot of bullshit. Especially with the Wii U. Never before have I been so pissed off at a console in my entire life. I really want to know who the hell is the guy at Nintendo that keeps doing this shit. Because they seriously need to be fired as soon as possible. Put Reggie as the main guy or something. He seems to know what he’s doing. I am so sick of the innovation bullshit. Just give me Super Mario Galaxy 3, a new Metroid, a universal account system, and last but not least, some god damn third party games. Then I will shut the hell up for the rest of eternity. So far, Nintendo hasn’t managed to do either of these things and it’s complete bullshit. And just because I’m angry at Nintendo right now doesn’t mean I am not disappointed with the other companies as well. Microsoft was fucking stupid to try and bring the Kinect back into the gaming and as good as the HypeS4 is selling right now, Sony has done some stupid shit with it too. Like not making it backwards compatible. There are a crap ton of games for PS3 I might want, but instead they just had to shift their focus to the fucking Vita instead. I’m disappointed with all 3 of these fucking companies and gaming in general. I might have to become a PC gamer or give up this whole damn hobby all together. Especially with the dumbasses we have this generation. Arguing over stupid shit like what console has better resolution than the other. When the hell was gaming ever about making fun of other consoles? What ever happened to just buy the console, plug it up, and play? Gaming is fucked. We will get to the point where eventually somebody is going to end up getting fucking shot because they said their console can play 1080P. Sigh…

          1. So “gimmicks” otherwise known as “innovations” is now a bad thing? Wii U at least calmed down with the innovation risk taking. Gamepad isn’t as innovative but delivers some clever features and Wii U still supports all controller types for any needs like the Pro controller if you want to casually play games with sticks.

            Yes, somebody in the marketing department needs to get fired and as for Iwata, I’m giving him one last chance to redeem himself. But he also needs to give power of other branches back like Reggie so they can focus allowing more games in their region (If Reggie wanted GTA5 on Wii U and make it happen, hell yeah I would support him). If we could vote who should be CEO, I would pick Reggie indefinitely.

            Listen, I understand your frustration, I too am pissed just like you seeing everything illogical taking place and advantage of the dimwits. But let’s not get too irrational about Nintendo trying something different which, as a business, have the right to practice. If it was like that pointless ass Kinect, then I would be about them doing failed innovations. Only Nintendo knows how to innovate gameplay properly and carefully so I would welcome theirs but yes, at least take a gen’s break from it before trying again but for every generation in gaming, there has to be some form of innovation to make the leap in experience and make customers wanna buy their products.

            All 3 contenders have dropped the ball on their part but what matters is if they’re willing to pick themselves up and keep going in the right path. So far, out of all 3, Microsoft is the one that messed up badly trying to take advantage of their consumers with DRM and nearly paid the price. Sony is okay but they need to do more than what they’re doing now to save themselves from losing more money, same goes with Microsoft because they’re losing money in some departments and brands as well. Nintendo, it kinda goes both ways, even though their pros outshines their cons, as far as cons go, they really should learn to open up more and change their international policies when it comes to current gaming standards that they seem to be lacking. I get the whole “war on piracy” and “protecting our family friendly eco-system” thing but yeah, sometimes they may take things a bit far to cause some discomfort.

  31. One thing is certain. As much as I loved Assassin’s Creed III and IV, I’m sure not going to buy a PS4 or Xbone just to play the new ones. There’s just not enough third party games I care about to buy a non-Nintendo console. It’s much easier (and cheaper) to stick with one console. And I never cared much for Playstation. And don’t even get me started on Xbox. Ugh!

    1. Twice I posted this last comment, and it keeps posting here instead of at the end of these comments. Why does that happen sometimes?

  32. This game looks epic. It almost makes me want to go out and get a new 360… But I’ll wait because they might eventually put it on next gen.

  33. On topic: Yes! Yes! Yes! It’s skipping the Wii U! If it was coming to the Wii U as well as the last gen consoles, we all know there would be at least 1 or 2 trolls here yelling “Wii U last gen confirmed!” *cough*sasori*cough*

    Off topic: I see someone’s comment got deleted because there sure are a lot of comments to an invisible commenter. And watch this comment of mine right here get thrown up above somewhere because of the deleted comment. I think it’s time to not only delete a highly negative comment but to delete the comments commenting to that negative comment so as to get rid of any confusion from people that come to the comment section.

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  36. Actualy morons real gamers own all consoles like I do.
    WII, WIIU, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox ONE, PSVITA & last but not least 3DS..
    and for all haters don’t forget the only way to play Zelda is on Nintendo and if you don’t like Zelda then what the hell do you know about gaming…

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