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Nintendo’s Bill Trinen Clarifies That Sheik Is Female

There appears to be some confusion on the internet regarding whether Sheik is male or female. Thankfully, Nintendo’s very own Bill Trinen has clarified that Sheik is female. Trinen simply says that Sheik is just Princess Zelda in a different outfit so she’s therefore a woman.

“The definitive answer is that Sheik is a woman — simply Zelda in a different outfit.”

Thanks, N-Dub Nation

94 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Bill Trinen Clarifies That Sheik Is Female”

    1. Good, let those fucktards rage over a fictional character that’s has nothing to do with defaming gay or such.

      1. First of all, why would any homosexual get upset over this? Second of all, who gives this guy the right to clarify that Sheik is female? In Ocarina of Time, I believe it’s Ruto who refers to Sheik as a man. Either her or Nabooru. It definitely doesn’t seem like it was something she figured out and went by those words to not give it away to Link. It seems more like the creators of Ocarina went by this to not give it away who Sheik was. Sheik can be an outfit to Zelda much like Ping is to Mulan, a very feminine looking person who everyone just accepts to be male either by their environment or how they portray themselves to be. The biggest issue is that Sheik in Hyrule Warriors and Brawl depicts Sheik with breasts where as in game of Ocarina and artwork of Sheik in Ocarina clearly shows a man’s muscular chest. Clearly it’s not a woman with bandages covering her breasts like Mulan. So unless the creators of Ocarina clarify how Sheik’s appearance is clearly male, whether it be potion or magic, this Bill Trinen only has the right to say it about this Sheik in Hyrule Warriors not the original Sheik from Ocarina.

        1. Your denial is obvious here, she says in the game for petes sake she made that persona to hide under the radar. She can still bind her breasts or since, you know she has the goddess’ powers she can make the illusion of being a male.

    2. Fat Bisexual Tumblr Virgin

      Excuse me, don’t use the word ‘tumblr’. I tumble everyday and I find that word offensive, thanks.

    3. Probably because their fap pictures of link and sheik are now disproven. Though it was common knowledge for anyone who played ocarina of time in the first place.

      1. It is common knowledge. Obviously some people are miss unformed. Note the word SOME, not ALL. I am gay, and I knew that Sheik was Zelda in disguise. p.s I have NEVER had ‘fap’ pictures of Link or Sheik…Pathetic.

      1. What? You homophobes disgust me. I’m gay and I always knew Sheik was female. That Sheik was Zelda. That she disguised herself as a male in order to hide from Gannondorf. At one point I thought that Zelda had been transformed into a male, ala Ozma of Oz. And FOR THE RECORD I have NEVER have I tried to push ‘My agenda on anyone’.

      1. maybe a younger audience is starting to like zelda game and haven’t played the older games or dynasty warriors fans who never touched a zelda game before. I was actually thinking about this erlier and its sad they have to announce this. Its a hugh spoiler for new gamers – This Is Gamer, Peace Out

  1. Considering the only Zelda game Sheik’s actually appeared in is Ocarina of Time, I’d say it’s pretty obvious Sheik is Zelda in disguise.

  2. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    Wow. Can you imagine being Bill and getting notified that you have to announce that Shiek is Zelda?
    What a bunch of retards. This is 16 years old information.

  3. No sh!t, Sheik is female. Its obviously Zelda. The only thing she changes magically is eye color. Except that she just wraps herself up in ninjalike sheikah wrappings, which presses her boobs down for those of you who are curious. Its all a neat disguise to hide from Ganondorf. Those f@gs who dont know that clearly havent played Ocarina of Time…

    1. Those “f@gs” Nice one Allen. If you’re going to call a group of people by a derogatory term, why not grow a pair and actually type out the word fully and proudly??

    1. Yo chill the heck out, I just want to enjoy some video games and not get death threats for crap like this :(

    2. shut the fuck up you homophobic twat. your always saying homophobic stuff ergh its so pathetic! your obsessed with us…

    3. As a Bible basher I’d think you would at least remember Luke 6:37 – Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven:

  4. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    Can you imagine being Bill and getting notified you have to clarify that Shiek is Zelda? This is 16-years-old information.
    What a bunch of retards.

  5. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    Also, the Direct was about to say Shiek was Zelda, but then said, “There might be some noobs here watching, so we won’t spoil it.” Who the hell thought that meant, “Yeah, we changed Shiek into a male but don’t want to spoil it”? That doesn’t even make sense in the context. The guy talking said MOST people knew who Shiek was. Shiek has always been Zelda.

  6. Somewhere in some book it was mentioned that Zelda magically transforms into a male to become Sheik. It’s one of those things the fan communities are fascinated by. If this Sheik is female, though, I wager Zelda simply doesn’t NEED a magical disguise in this game…

  7. Well it wasn’t exactly clear-cut. Sheik could be a magical transformation for Zelda, which explains why Sheik has a more masculine appearance and better physical abilities.

  8. This is being questioned? People really thought sheik was a guy? Anyone who played ocarina of time would know who sheik is, come on now >.>

    1. Everyone knows Sheik is Zelda, but some of us thought it was a magical transformation, temporarily changing her into a man. Nothing too crazy there.

    1. To be honest, this is the worst case scenario and likely why Nintendo didn’t say anything sooner. If a lot of people also decide not to buy the game for this reason…it could get messy. We can only hope that nobody finds out the boat’s true identity from Wind Waker!

    2. Why my im 1á and there’s nothing wrong with it if you had to disguise yourself to live you would do it wouldn’t you?

  9. I’m not surprised this is getting pointed out, regardless that we all (Zelda fans who’ve played OoT) know this already. Sheik’s purpose was so that Zelda could roam freely under a new identity to aid Link. She appears masculine because initially, you’re not supposed to think it’s Zelda, so when it’s reveled you’re supposed to go “AWWW SNAP!!”. Though it was pretty obvious. Regardless, some younger kids playing the game just might not know who Sheik is and that’s ok! No one is “retarded” for not knowing this, they just might be new to the franchise or a young kid! Let’s just take a deep breath, guys.

    1. No, it’s just Zelda dressed like a Sheikah. She used magic to change her eye color. There are no male body parts whatsoever. Zelda just deepens her voice when she talks and fights in games like Orcarina of Time and Smash Bros.

    2. Also she can bind her breasts lol. I can see how its a shock for people who haven’t played ocarina but it amazes me how people who don’t even know the facts deny it so strongly (Not referring to you, more towards the butthurt populous believing sheik was a guy)

  10. Who in their right minds thought Sheik was a boy?

    It’s been known for a while now that Zelda is Sheik…

  11. Ganondorf can magically transform into a pig and Link can time travel using an ocarina, but some people think Zelda transforming into a guy is outside of the realm of possibility in that universe?

    This isn’t me defending some “gay agenda” or anything, but come on, no need to call people idiots because they thought Sheik was a dude. We all knew it was Zelda in disguise, but come on. Japan has come up with crazier things than a woman transforming into a man.

  12. I am gay and I still can’t understand why people are being so dramatic about this.

    I thought everyone already knew they Sheik is Zelda dressed as a man to protect herself?

    Don’t blame all the gays because of some retards, we all aren’t like that.

  13. Wow, there had to be an official statement? Really? It’s obvious Sheikh is a woman, considering it was Zelda the whole time. Hope this takes some wind out of the sails of dogmatic rhetoric from nut balls like Anna Sarkesian claiming all nintendo games are mysoginistic. Sheikh is a woman, a badass woman at that, and anyone who wants to argue otherwise has some boning up to do (no pun intended)on their zelda lore. And just because a character in the game refers to sheikh as a man, doesn’t mean anything. It’s called good writing, that character is what you refer to “as an unreliable witness”, and helps keep the secret that Zelda isn’t gone, just in hiding.

    I don’t even understand how Sheikh gets dragged into LGBT arguments. She’s an androgynous protagonist who is crucial to the storyline/ success of the main protagonist, what’s so controversial?

  14. Sheik has always been a female, is this news to anyone? Basically it’s just Zelda in drag. There’s no sexuality choice in it, there’s no transgender thing going on, Zelda simply bound her breasts to appear as a man so she could hide her identity. For those that don’t know when you bound your breasts you basically wrap them up tight to flatten them . I imagine that would be uncomfortable, but it’s a similar concept to tucking your penis to make it appear flat down there. Why people are taking this differently than what it is baffles me.

  15. Of course it is a woman, it [i]is[/i] Zelda in a disguise! Though, the “fictional” character Sheik is a man. Zelda disguises herself as a man when hiding from Ganondorf!

  16. Even though they tried to hide in the Nintendo Direct the fact that Sheik is Zelda for the newer people, they just came out and said that Midna is the Twilight Princess. Way to go.

  17. Actually, before I played SSBB, I was unaware Sheik was a woman. I mainly couldn’t tell because she wasn’t wearing any type of feminine clothing. No dress, no skirt, no bow, etc. I only found out because she had transformed into Sheik from her Zelda form. So I can understand why some people can be confused.

  18. Why would this need to be clarified? Everyone who has played Ocarina Of Time knows that Sheik is Zelda. I can’t believe anyone would question this.

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  20. What’s with all the homophobic comments? Obviously there are people out there, both gay and straight, who were unaware of Sheik’s true gender. SO POLITELY CALM DOWN! and stop using this as a platform for your gay hate speech.

    When I first played Zelda, as a 10 year old, I guessed Sheik was Zelda in disguise all along but, through reading the in game text, I got the idea that Zelda was transformed into a male in order to hide from Gannondorf, much like, Princess Ozma, from “The Marvelous Land of Oz”. Mobi, the evil witch, transformed Ozma into a boy in order to disguise her identity from the Wizard.

    This answers my question as to why, in HW, Sheik has a long braid, instead of short hair (or hidden long hair) in OOT.

    Finally to all the bible bashers hating on homosexuals, why are you playing this game in the first place? Doesn’t the bible look down on witch craft, which the Zelda series clearly incorporates into their stories…

  21. I can’t believe there’s controversy over this. If you think Sheik is a man, them use this as an opportunity to play through OoT and learn something.

  22. Look, the thing is, everyone here knows that Shiek is Zelda but under a transformation.

    The thing is that while that is obvious, Shiek is the result of a magical transformation. So while Shiek stays Zelda, and technically is female, I always thought it more correct to address Shiek as a male.

    Also, in Ocarina of Time Shiek is in-game directly addressed as ‘He’ so that is pretty conclusive by me.

  23. Anyone else think he said shiek is a girl because of the recent push by Nintendo to have more powerful females?

  24. Everyone, over here!

    Please place all of your hands in front of my face.

    I want the biggest facepalm in history, right here, right now.


    Thank you.

  25. I’ve beaten Ocarina 3 times and I don’t agree sheik is a girl, I’m not saying that sheik IS a male, theirs other possibilities, Zelda used Sheik as a male disguise, BOOM, I’m not saying it’s a fact but I just don’t think sheik being female is right, P.S. You guys are calling others idiots because of a logical opinion -_-

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