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Donald Duck Prepares For Battle In New Disney Infinity 2.0 Trailer

Disney’s “ultimate toy box hero” has been confirmed for Disney Infinity 2.0 – and it’s none other than the lovable, humorous, and prone to temper tantrum outbreaks, Donald Duck. In his new trailer, we see Donald get up to his regular tricks as he takes on Disney’s villains, often escaping in just the nick of time when he’s in a perilous situation.

Resisting the urge to recreate the Lone Ranger’s staple line, Donald Duck jumps on the back of Tangled’s Maximus, after sword fighting against the Captain of the Agrabah Guard and throwing a few household items at Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent. It appears Donald’s amassed quite a few enemies in his time in Disney Infinity 2.0, and joins the recently announced Aladdin and Jasmine. Disney Infinity 2.0 releases this Fall for Wii U.

10 thoughts on “Donald Duck Prepares For Battle In New Disney Infinity 2.0 Trailer”

  1. Now I’m saving foe a PS4. I got PS3, Wii U, 3DS Then. Should I sell PS3 for PS4? I’m waiting foe Remastered Grand Their Auto 5 foe PS4. I love The game on PS3. I’m a get Disney infinity to.

    1. No! You should definitely keep your PS3. Wait till the PS4 has much more games. I recommend getting a PS4 in 2016

  2. Finally we can now play as Donald!!!! Now let’s add in the rest of the Fab Five and then Roger Rabbit. ^_^

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