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Pokemon Company Confirms That The Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Is Coming To iPad

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The Pokemon Company and Nintendo have confirmed that the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online will be coming to the iPad sometime later this year. There’s plenty of speculation as to why the Pokemon Company have decided to bring the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online to the iPad with some suspecting that it may include in-game transactions to bring in a further stream of revenue.

“Yes, we can confirm that is the Pokémon TCG Online iPad app, and it’s coming later this year.”

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90 thoughts on “Pokemon Company Confirms That The Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Is Coming To iPad”

  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    If they never betray our empire then I’m glad they are about to enslave the Apples with our sacred game…

    1. Weren’t you previously complaining about how Nintendo bringing games on mobile would be a stupid idea and how it would be the downfall of Nintendo if they started doing that ?

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Yes Nintendo, Pokemon isn’t 100% Nintendo in a way and I still feel disgusted by it but in the long run, I don’t think High Command wants to anger the Pokemon facility…

        1. Nintendo owns Pokemon, so yes, it actually is 100% Nintendo.
          It is weird you suddenly changed your mind once they announced that they’ll bring something to mobile. But okay, lmao.

              1. I would almost be down for that…. For the card game, but honesty this would have bin a big game to bring to the Wii U ( and introduce 2 game pad use) as well as a magic and yo-gi-oh game all at the same time

            1. Thats because it black and white. You bitch about android/iOS apps being the death of gaming but now youre ok with this.

              Its as clear as black and white, you’re a hypocrite.

                1. How can an opinion be invalid ? lmao.
                  Other than that, what unan said isn’t an opinion, it’s facts. Weren’t you bitching about apps being the downfall of gaming, and about how it would be stupid af if Nintendo made games for mobile ? You were.
                  Aren’t you suddenly okay with it now that Nintendo actually does it ? You are.
                  I don’t see any opinions there.

              1. Exactly the point some of us are trying to make. This isn’t Nintendo’s decision but GameFreak’s. Nintendo rarely interferes in what GameFreak wants to do with their franchises. Much the same way Disney lets Marvel pretty much do their own thing.

                1. But the thing is, Nintendo owns and has owned the franchise from the very start, so they *could* do whatever they want with it and they could do these other things with it.

                  But they won’t.

          1. Some people still don’t get it. Nintendo owns GameFreak, so by extension, they also own Pokemon. But that’s the thing. Nintendo does GameFreak the same way Disney is doing Marvel: they let the child company make their own decisions & barely, if at all, interfere in their decisions. Thus anything done with Pokemon is ultimately up to GameFreak & Nintendo tends to stay out of the way. So to the contrary, it is not 100% Nintendo. It never has been. If anything, Nintendo mostly tends to the Pokemon merchandise & anime. That’s as far as their control over Pokemon goes. Nintendo is the publisher & rarely the developer of Pokemon games.

        1. Right! I mean they can still make awesome stuff like the gamepad and unique ways to play but with the full power of a PC!!!

        2. That would entirely take away the point in buying Nintendo’s consoles, though. Nintendo lives off its exclusives and if they decided to bring their games to PC, they might as well just go ahead and go software-only.

          1. You do have a point. But I’d still want to play Mario Kart 8 on PC. I’m thinking it would be like what Microsoft does where they have all their main games on the console and a few eventually come to PC. I didn’t mean every game.

            1. Well MS benefits regardless so its not the same because you need Windows OS to play these games. Of course you could use Linux or OSX but they don’t get as much support as Windows. Nintendo wouldn’t have that benefit.

  2. This is actually kind of a brilliant compromise! It’s a game, by Nintendo, that is not exactly a Nintendo Game. Only question is, will it bring new fans to Nintendo?

  3. They’re embracing mobile gaming? I’m shocked. Well, I guess this isn’t quite mobile really, but close enough. I just hope it’s not as slow and buggy as the web based one was (is?). But I have to wonder, why haven’t they developed this for 3DS and/or Wii U….?

  4. ….and why is this of interest to wiiu and 3ds owners???. shouldnt this site be about news for people owning nintendo products?… its like this nintendo news site is more anti nintendofan than ever. it try to inflict pain everywhere iyt can, just look at the hunders oif artickles of games that aint coming to the wiiu posted here… what the fuck is wrong with you???

  5. Not my cup of tea, but I definitely support it. I mean, if the game “fits” tablets, it should definitely be released on them. WarioWare next? ;)

          1. The proof is right there. There’s really no denying it. It’s not Sickr either. This news can be found elsewhere too.

              1. Sorry but I’m not a fan of the pokemon series. and I do play other systems. I’m just worried that the gaming realm might fall if they lose the place and balance will be off. Fanboyisum has nothing to do with this you fool.

                1. If Nintendo puts games on other platforms and all those fans go to the other platform instead, then that would show you just how loyal those “Nintendo fans”really are. To be honest, yes, if Nintendo put games on other platforms, I wouldn’t even bother coming anywhere near there consoles. I only play Nintendo consoles for the Nintendo GAMES. Not the controllers and or any of that other nonsense. :/

                2. LMAO, yeah I’ve been reading your comments and you said nothing of the sort when Sony started making iOS games. I call Bullshit, you are a fanboy and your past comments have proved it. Denial is not going to help you with that illness that infest you HAHAHA

                  Also, I never said you were a Pokemon fanboy, your a Nintendo fanboy and its blatantly obvious.

                  1. and it bluntly obvious that you love to troll people, and you missed a lot when I said “if one falls, they all fall”, I guess you don’t understand that meaning so I’ll teach it to you, and because I don’t say a word about playstation going to iOS, doesn’t mean I’m not worried about it too. But hey, if you still don’t believe me, you can look up my other profiles. Just ask and I’ll give them out to you.

                    If one falls they all fall. What does it mean? It means that of one of the bog three falls, in this case, Nintendo, playstation, xbox…there goes the rest of them. phreeeeeeeeeeeeew, BOOOOM, Nintendo, xbox, are history if sony falls, same for xbox if falls, Nintendo and sony, BOTH, history. Don’t know why you calling someone a fanboy all because he is worried about one system or company when he plans to hit it big with one he wants to be in…but, you need to learn a lesson of a fan to a fanboy, all because I don’t believe its true doesn’t mean I’m denial.

                    If you can understand this then you are trolling, if not, then you another sasori.

      1. Or you could stop visiting instead of bitching about it.

        You DONT have to visit you know, all of you whinners are some sort of masochistic freaks. You claim this site does nothing but inflict pain on others but yet you keep visiting.

  6. They have been doing this kind of stuff with the Pokemon games, because I know Game Freak has been pushing Nintendo to be on tablets. Nintendo is the only thing keeping Pokemon on their systems.

  7. Well this is bullshit of them. Why not bring it to 3DS or especially Wii U for that matter and actually help boost the system’s credibility with more games like this. Instead, kissing asses of the mobile which they also feared would hinder their business.

      1. I am too. If Nintendo insists on throwing Wii U under the bus, I’m jumping ship man. X( I’m tired of all of this piss poor treatment on such console with unique potential.

  8. Why not make it for the 3DS? WTF!? What’s next? Seventh generation of Pokemon coming to iPad too and not more NIntendo handhelds?

    Well, I know people play card games a lot in their iPads, but they could at least release it for both the 3DS and iPad, and you can have an account and have the same cards in both. Anyway, should’ve done it a 3DS exclusive, hell, a Wii U exclusive would’ve been great.

    Why have a Nintendo controller that looks like an iPad to not use it for this kind of games? Maybe this would’ve been a Wii U exclusive and it would help sales, and later released for 3DS and then iPad, but I think they should’ve thought of NIntendo consoles first.

    1. Thank Nintendo for that. Nintendo could get any dev they want to make a new Pokemon game for the Wii U. They just don’t want to because they’re hardheaded and do not like going outside of the box they’re currently in.

      A Pokemon RPG would be HUGE for the Wii U. Even a Pokemon trading card game would be pretty sweet for Wii U and 3DS. But you know… Nintendo doesn’t like to listen to consumers and what they want much. There really isn’t ANYTHING stopping them except this stupid concept that Pokemon RPG’s should only be a handheld game. *rolls eyes*

      1. xD Pokemon is owned by GameFreak and Nintendo. Nintendo, unlike EA, does not dictate everything their developers do. So no, Nintendo can’t just put a Pokemon RPG game on the Wii U without GameFreak’s say so. Again, this is Nintendo, not EA. They aren’t going to force their developers to do something if they don’t want to. So if you want to bitch or cry at anyone for not making a home console RPG/Adventure Pokemon game, take it up with GameFreak.

        1. Yeah, Nintendo could. Nintendo owns the franchise. People always get that mixed up because of The Pokemon Company which has divisions that are not exactly part of Nintendo but the Pokemon Company was founded by and is owned by Nintendo. Nintendo has control over the franchise.

          The Pokemon Company enlists third and second party partners to help with marketing, development, and production, but in the end, Nintendo could put a new Pokemon game wherever they want.

          If you want to be rude, do some research first.

  9. I thought Nintendo wasn’t putting any of their games on app stores. Anyways, I hope they make some more fan service apps on here… Like that Zelda Monopoly game! That would be awesome playing on an ipad

  10. Gay Commander is the biggest hypocrite, hypocrisy is deeply embedded within his faggot DNA

    I remember when the was a article whereby the Creators of Splatoon stated that they love. playing on Xbox and love FPS, like COD, he started siding with them and supporting the fact nintendo staff members play Xbox360

  11. So dumbtendo decided to put this on the Ipod before the Gamepad. Another dumb decision from Dumbtendo. What’s next a Pokemon for the Android?

  12. Imagine is NIntendo put all of their games on the PS4? People wouldn’t need to buy their systems anymore and Nintendo can focus on their games. This is a step in the right direction! More money equals more Nintendo

    1. I think the PC would be a better choice. If Nintendo put games on PS4, they are ultimately done for. The people that play on PS and Xbox have already made up their minds and don’t care about Nintendo. Lol. At least on PC there are people that use Roms and emulators for Nintendo games, so that right there shows you that they would buy the games if they officially came. Nintendo should not try to go after the console. Consoles are there weak point. They dominate in the handheld market though, so they can keep making handhelds.

        1. Ah, I see. Lol. It would be awesome considering I have a friend that refuses to buy any Nintendo console, but he would buy the games they make. And I’d FINALLY be able to play some games with him. XD

      1. Its pretty much known that Nintendo is a Second console ei: they own a PC and Wii U, PS3/4 and Wii U, or XBO/360 and Wii U.

        It would be a better choice to go either MS or Sony exclusive or just multiplatform but not PC exclusive. To many scum pirates on PC that try to get everything for cheap or free. That’s why they idolize Steam and torrents.

  13. People over reacting to a free online computer game coming to the IPad, people this game was never on a Nintendo console its always been a internet based game

    1. Its not the game being on iOS that displeases people so much, its that this game could be the gateway game that leads Nintendo to start putting its game on said platform. It might be a viable bussiness for them, but most of us dont like gaming on phones or tablets but if nintendo starts developing for iOS then you dont really have a need for Nintendo consoles, sales drop on those consoles, and then they slow down or completely stop support. at least thats what is perceived to happen if Nintendo starts developing for anything other then its own consoles.

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