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GameStop Restocks Refurbished GameCube Consoles For $20

GameStop has once again begun selling refurbished GameCube consoles for those looking to go on a nostalgia trip. A refurbished GameCube will set you back a mere $20 and will be available from the retailer for as long as stock lasts.  GameStop will also be selling a variety of GameCube games and accessories.

46 thoughts on “GameStop Restocks Refurbished GameCube Consoles For $20”

  1. Whoa, Gamecube Games as well? I could care less about the console (Although it could be good as a spare, but I trust mine) but the games could be awesome as long as they have the original cover. Any news on when they will start doing the games?

        1. Exactly Bitrip, if you can find them I have seen cheapest for around $70.00 and as high as over $100.00, and both are used…

    1. Because making multiple different GameCube controller options is a good idea… It will cost them more than it would make them to produce a regular controller, a pack with adapter and developing a new controller that gets recognized as a GameCube controller but not a Wii U pro controller… We are getting GameCube support, be happy.

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  3. The return of another Nintendo great. GameStop like we all are, sense Nintendo shipping millions of games and hardware due to the release of the Gamecube adapter and controllers on the WiiU.

  4. …So, were GameStop just keeping GameCube consoles and games on ice in preparation for just a situation like this or something?

    1. Yup, they actually still have Atari/NES/SNES/’insert retro console here’ in their warehouses, they don’t really throw much away. There was an article about this about 2-3 months ago were they plan on opening a store with all retro consoles and games to sell them to hipsters….. I mean, retro gamers, nostalgics, or any one really.

  5. Is nobody going to mention the fact that Gamestop is sitting on thousands upon thousands of now rare gamecube games? Gamestop is why so many gamecube games are so expensive, they have most of the copies.

  6. I guess if Playstation 2 games are still selling in both Gamestop and Walmart then the Gamecube and it’s games should be in there too.

  7. Hm. If they have Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean, Baten Kaitos Origins, & Eternal Darkness, I’m sold. If not, I’d rather wait for Nintendo to eventually emulate them somehow.

  8. The entire console or only $20.00? That’s actually a good price. Especially if they work like new. My niece could use a new one.

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