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Fantasy Life Coming To US On October 24th, Here’s The Multiplayer Trailer

Nintendo of America has posted the first look at the western version of Fantasy Life’s multiplayer mode. You’ll be able to team up with your friends to take down powerful enemies and much more. Fantasy Life is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS and will be coming to North America on October 24th and Europe on September 26th.


      1. Nerds play FPS to feel masculine. It is a well known fact, Nintendo has had families from 1889. It requires a man and woman of character to get married and continue the growth of the earth for three centuries. I guess this is beyond your simple mind.


  1. Is it just me or does this seem like a kids’ version of Monster Hunter? I like it though, it looks pretty fun. I hope there’s a demo for it!


    1. I have to admit this looks awesome, but there are so many games coming out at the same time Zelda Warriors, Bayenneta, Pokemon. Something has to give cuz I want to beat these games before I move on it is a shame they don’t release something in the summer or spread them out


      1. Never! We need a crowded game schedule like this always. My 3DS and Wii U needs to be refreshed every month like this, it keeps things interesing as well as dust.


  2. This looks cool, but I already have far too many games to play, with more released at the end of the year. I’m really interested, but don’t know if I can justify it at the time of release… :/


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