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Nintendo Is The 7th Most Wanted Company To Work For Among Developers

International Game Developer Association has quizzed developers and asked them which company they would most like to work for. Interestingly the majority of those asked voted for Valve, even above the chance to work for their own studios. Nintendo came in 7th place beating the likes of acclaimed studios Naughty Dog and Bethesda.

  1. Valve
  2. My own company
  3. Activision Blizzard
  4. BioWare
  5. Ubisoft
  6. Current employer
  7. Nintendo
  8. Naughty Dog
  9. Double Fine
  10. Bethesda Game Studios

Thanks, Jester

123 thoughts on “Nintendo Is The 7th Most Wanted Company To Work For Among Developers”

    1. Try telling that to Shin’en. They’re quite happy with their times working with Nintendo.
      So is Platinum.

      It’s only the AAA third parties that keep making overwhelmingly bad watered-down ports that seem to have any issues developing games for Nintendo, lately.

      1. Nintendo likes to screw with small studios, that have no way to screw Nintendo back. They throw some ideas, some propositions, people get excited that the house of Mario want their game, project or ideas, and then they screw them with legal bullshit.

        Doesn’t look like, but Nintendo can be pretty evil when it come to working with other studios

    2. HD you’re only talking about 3rd parties who only care about creating and rushing crap quality games for quick millions of dollar profit from fools only buying gritty shooters.

    1. Thinking the exact same except for Activision. We all know which games Ubisoft is only doing these days and the same for BioWare…

    2. wouldn’t mind activision, the old bioware, and ubisoft is complete shit, they lost the Nintendo fanbase and the pc fans hate them too, hopefully the others will too. I will take EA over them any day

    3. Bioware isn’t disgusting but their fate was sealed when they joined the wrong side of the gaming industry that is infamously known as EA.

      Activision, knowing their track record with Infinity Ward, I wouldn’t recommend them either.

      Ubisoft, well screw them too.

    1. Maybe they want to work for studios that know how to make games? Over the last gen ND went from making games to experiences. Last Of Us, for example, is majestic and stunning in every aspect but one: as a game is shit. They spent too long making it look, sound and feel emotionally amazing that they didn’t include any game play whatsoever.

      1. You lost all credibility when you called the game s***. I was actually about to agree with you for the most part until you said that BS. -_-

            1. From what I’ve heard, it’s not that great. I’m just pointing out what the guy above probably feels about the game if the gameplay is as bad as I’ve heard.

              1. As a die hard Nintendo fan let me just say that the Last of Us is an amazing game from top to bottom. Story and gameplay. It’s such a tense and rewarding experience.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I’m proud that our allied the Valve Republic came out on top instead of the rest of the abominations…

        1. Actually from what I’ve heard, it’s more like hell. You have to go through SUPER strict rules and you can never voice your opinion about anything or you WILL be fired. We all know what happened to Dan Adelman. You see, Reggie for example does not listen to you. Not because he doesn’t care about you, but because he will lose his job if he tries to do anything about the issue. They all are under control by Iwata and only he is the one that can tell you what to do. If you dare listen to anyone other than him, then “Please understand… that you are fired.” Lol Iwata is *in Mermaid Man’s voice* “EVIIIIIIL!* xD

          1. Except Dan Adelman quit because he had accomplished what he wanted with Nintendo. He wasn’t fired nor did he quit because he was getting silenced at every turn.

  1. Valve makes sense to me, comfortably the best Western game developers in my opinion, though they haven’t made a good game since Portal 2, so maybe they should work on that

    1. the motherfucker asshole of the fucking universe you little cunts

      They haven’t released a game since portal 2 I thought, like maybe theres dota 2 but what else is there.

      1. Counter Strike: Global Offensive perhaps? They should definitely stop wasting their time on that “Steam box” and free to play tat like DOTA 2 and make another real game.

        1. the motherfucker asshole of the fucking universe you little cunts

          I’m sure they’re working on one, but bah, tf2 is so good I don’t even care.

  2. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

    i hope dedicated devs work on a possible wii u version of cod advance warfare at treyech.

  3. Well to be frank, if I did have some manner of ambition to become a video game designer (the way the business has become, it just no longer seems worth it) I’d be a bit hesitant about working for Nintendo myself. Their reputation for being pointlessly restrictive certainly has basis in reality.

    …That being said, they’d still be 100+ spots over Ubisoft.

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      Not to mention there’s a significant language barrier and a lack of willingness to trust others with their IPs. The latter is a good thing though. No one wants another Zelda CDi.

      1. To be honest, I think Nintendo should take a chance with voice acting again. I mean, sure the CDi ones sound awful, but that was only because of horrible sound quality and bad voice acting skills. The voices in Nintendo games sound much better and I think they can make it work. Super Mario Sunshine is a good example of this. I thought it was great to hear Peach actually talk instead of her normal whining and gibberish. And I have heard Charles Martinet speak for Mario several times and it would be great if he could just voice him to the fullest rather than his usual “yeahs or wahoos”. Hope I’m not the only one that wants to see this happen eventually… :|

        1. Do you have some manner of brain damage? If so, that would go a long way in explaining why you genuinely liked the awkwardness festival that was Sunshine’s voice acting and think taking a risk like that again would in any way be a good idea.

          1. So because you didn’t like the voice acting, you think they should never try it again? Ok, yeah. That makes perfect sense. Acting as if your opinion is the only one that matters. And I absolutely love the way you went straight for an insult in your very first sentence. That just goes to show you how mature you are. If you can’t have a decent conversation and respect my opinion, don’t bother replying.

            1. I think that Hyrule Warriors could have used voice acting, so I think that Nintendo should always retread old concepts and re-integrate them to make a new experience that didn’t work before when they were “less artistically mature” as Miyamoto has mentioned.

              1. Be glad its only seconds long. lol Have you heard the American voice for Arceus in his movie? What a shitshow that was and for the god of all PKMN, it was sad to hear a split second of it.

        2. Except for Bowser’s voice actor. *shudder* That’s the only bad thing about the game’s voice acting. As for AK-1138, he’s like the group of people that don’t like the idea of Zelda including voice acting. “Oh the CD-i games’ voice acting was cheesy & shit! Nintendo should NEVER try voice acting again because ~I~ hated the voice acting of those games that Nintendo had NOTHING to do with.” Other M, as much as people hate it, did do voice acting rather well… except for when it came to Samus’ robotic monologuing.

      1. Stupid kid, go grow up somewhere THEN come talk amongst these grown folk.

        Nintendo offered me a little under 900 grand for the rights to my ip that is near completion. After contacting three lawyers, each one made similar points on how staying indie and going that rout, future earnings will eventually double, if it catches momentum, triple what I was offered. One advised me to maybe see if any other entertainment corporation had interest, seeing as Nintendo is in that category. Maybe I’ll pitch it to Sony or Microsoft, hell, Disney or Warner. If the outcome and sum is around the same, I’ll just keep it indie….show me love, hipsters!
        Nintendo isn’t taking advantage of me, no one is! Hate me for my success! I’m coming!

        Stoopid poeple to mhuch stoopid poeple. Toodles!

          1. These faceless corporations always want to bully around the little guys. You can throw money in my direction, but my intelligence will not be insulted!

            In the contract they extended me(more like a deed) in small letters it stated that anything similar(character designs, plots) could come under attack via lawsuit, as they would have to own that too. But I guess that’s standard procedure for companies, I don’t think it’s exclusive to the Big N, however one would have thought differently, for obvious reasons.

            I discussed with one of the lawyers about possible merch licensing ownership. I asked if there was a probability Nintendo could branch the series out and capitalize to a wider market. My lawyer(two were just for other opinions) told me to not leave anything Ro chance and cover all bases. We took to them, asked for 13%(lawyer told me its the common percentage companies agree too, unwillingly) their first counter was 2%, then 9, it was tempting, but I wasn’t settling. That was their final offer, so the deal fell through. People like me keep these companies in check, yes I passed on 876 grand, but I stand to gain triple that, given I have to do all the work.

            Don’t mistake me, just because I posts what I post at the end of every post. I’m very much into the world, and in it to win! I do this to relieve stress, and connect with a future fanbase.

            Stoopid poeple to mhuch stoopid poeple. Toodles!

              1. Though it’s replied to you, it’s NOT directed towards you. You’re just a stupid kid, what do you know….I posted it to you because I KNEW you would be baited and extend the conversation, thus building interest from other readers. An extended conversation catches attention more than a post that goes ignored(a single post)

                I know you read it, you read it and got jealous at the value I carry, I’m about making things happen! Like I schooled that army moron…
                The beautiful part, too, I’m not even forty, not even close. I say that because plenty of those that attacked me are nearing that age, and should be ashamed attacking a younger person making momentous decisions.

                Stoopid people to mhuch stoopid poeple. Toodles!

                1. Um… What did they give you money for exactly, and why did you freak out after just one comment? On top of that, why do you say she’s a kid? Last time I checked a ‘kid’ wouldn’t make good assumptions, I read all the comments always, I don’t think a ‘kid’ has the knowledge to post such assumptions…

                  1. Huh? I don’t understand your post.

                    They didn’t “give” me money. They wanted the rights/purchase an ip that I created. My lawyer pitched it to them because I pushed for the big N, but what they offered was “insulting” as this is my life’s work; and after doing the math, I stand to make triple that, and then some!

                    And I didn’t freak out, other readers already know of me, I’m not liked around these areas; my independent way of living is the reason. It’s not a freak out, I just do things, “unconventionally” for lack of better term.

                    Stoopid poeple to mhuch stoopid poeple. Toodles!

  4. If Rareware was still the same company we all once knew and loved, I am 100% certain that they too would be somewhere in that list.

      1. Uh oh. I forgot to get into my trolling account when I said that. O_O Uh… Just pretend you guys didn’t read that. It was all an illusion. Yeah, that’s right! :p HollowGrapeJ would never ever say anything like that. XD

        1. Smh HollowGrape, smh. I always expected better from you, I’ll never be able to read your posts truthfully ever again. X(

        1. Honestly, I probably deserved that for being careless and not paying attention to what account I was on. But there probably won’t be many people reading this article so I’m not quite exposed just yet! And plus, no one here knows the name of my troll alt, so ha! :p …… Sigh. Oh who am I kidding? I guess I really am a dumb slut. XD

          1. Lol :)))) too bad I’m going to save this link:p :) xD and use it to remind people that I troll <3 :) :D

  5. Like in one of my videos, developers have said they wanted to develop for successful consoles like the PS4. While Nintendo fans are dick riding IGN polls.

    1. *while blackboners is dick ridding on his wihite men.
      fixed it for ya :)
      remember you accepted that the white girls you paid for havin’ sex with you are not women, lol

  6. Tsk tsk Sony, dunz see you up there, just your fellow 3rd party members… Let others do the work for you >x3

  7. wait nobody wants to work for Microsoft? I mean look at the good job they did with Rare, XBOX One PR, going 360 on policies, and de-emphasizing the Kinect. They know what their vision is.

    1. xD You must be being sarcastic since Rare hasn’t been anything to gloat about since being bought by Microsoft.

  8. Bioware is above Nintendo? lmfao Wow. Apparently people are forgetting that EA owns their ass now. In other words, they effectively voted to work for EA. Enjoy working for them if you ever get a job with Bioware. Especially if you are a Nintendo fan. I guarantee you’ll most likely hate it there if EA keeps going the way it is in regards to Nintendo consoles.

  9. not surprising since it is the only American company that does well in money. but they hardly do anything. you haven’t done anything new, yeah its a dream job but in reality you chances of being there isn’t high.

    Nintendo is the same you won’t do anything until Nitnendo calls the studio to make a game. and most of them are from japan so getting a job in NIntendo of American isn’t high either.

  10. Yeah, Activision is great to work for…if you work for Blizzard or one of the Call of Duty teams. Otherwise, you could pretty much be shuttered any day for any reason (or just forced to join a Call of Duty team). Sounds like a dream job to me.

  11. why would anyone want to work for ubisoft?

    i can only imagine the amount of overtime that had to be pulled for watch dogs because the management fucked up.. or the resent felt by the developers who put their work into rayman legends to get it done in time only to see it getting delayed by several months for no reason

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