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Here’s An Xenoblade New Nintendo 3DS VS Wii Graphics Comparison

We heard earlier today that the acclaimed Xenoblade Chronicles is being ported to the new Nintendo 3DS system, but how does it stack up against the original Wii version? Thankfully, YouTube has you covered on this one. You can check out the comparison of the two versions in the video embedded above.

47 thoughts on “Here’s An Xenoblade New Nintendo 3DS VS Wii Graphics Comparison”

    1. Lol woke up this morning and saw the Xenoblade image which took me by surprise. Then I see that it says 3DS comparison, which really took me by surprise. That image is what I’ve had as my wallpaper for a very long time now.

    1. No it doesn’t. It looks good, but not better. Shulk’s face was low quality before but it looks terrible in the port.

    2. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      Totally does not. The ground textures look horrendous. The frame-rate is most likely going to be bad as well.

  1. It looks like a downgrade in graphics, though probably still worth it, considering that it’s on a handheld and probably some more content stuck in somewhere

  2. The bad news? This game is gonna sell just as bad as the Wii one. I kinda doubt a bunch of people are going to upgrade their 3ds to get this game/faster browsing/ new circle pad and triggers. And there is a LOT of JRPGs already out for the 3ds, so it might be a depleted market. The JRPG fans have probably already bought a 3ds. But I’ve been wrong before.

    What if they did this with one of the home consoles? “We have a bunch of new games coming out for the Wii U, but you can’t play them unless you bought your Wii U after November 1st 2014. Sorry you 7 million people that bought the Wii U before that date! You’ll have to buy another one, if you want to play those games!” It’s an extreme example, sure, but somebody said in last night’s post about how it is making current systems obsolete- And I entirely agree with him. It is pretty unethical as a business practice.

    But it does look like a cool game- and I was planning on buying a 70$ copy of it for the Wii. Hopefully it comes to normal 3ds(s) too. (I kinda doubt it, but whatever… Guess I’ll just wait for Xenoblade X. Or, hopefully, it drops the going price for the Wii version by a few bucks.)

    1. It doesn’t make current systems obsolete at all as long as Nintendo continues to support all models of the system. The exclusive games just present Nintendo with an opportunity to offer higher quality games to the more hardcore crowd who want games like this on their handheld.

      1. I thing is, Samario, I kinda am a hardcore gamer. Along with the bunch of difficult indie games I have been playing lately, I have been playing a lot of Fire Emblem. On classic. On Hard mode… I also have a “Nuzlock” (permadeath) run of Pokemon Soul Silver going. I also love [good] JRPGs.

        This is the kind of game I would buy. But, the thing is, I already own a 3DS. I make 8 $ an hour on Saturdays (I am at University during the week, and most of my job money is going towards my school). It would take me months to save up for a new 3DS, just to get this one game.

        I doubt Nintendo is going to forget about the normal 3DS (so I agree with you), but trust me, Xenoblade won’t be the only game that require the new system.

        1. They sell your old 3DS for a decent price and save up the difference. Maybe sell some old games as well. I’ve done this ever since the gameboy color.

            1. No star wars toy collecting is an expensive hobby! Glad I got out of that one, after seven years! but yeah gaming is expensive…

    2. Oh- I forgot to mention that ports are a good thing! Especially in “drought” times. I would be fine with more HD/3D remixes of games I missed (Wii U and 3DS respectably).

      A Super Mario 64 HD port would sell a lot of consoles. Quite a lot, indeed…

    3. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      What? Xenoblade on Wii sold out due to a limited supply. The game has a cult following now. Its name will sell itself.

      1. We’ll see how many people buy it, my friend. I would buy the game in a heart beat, if I didn’t have to buy a new system, just to play it. But, hey, I hope you prove me wrong, SherlockWillFightBilbo.

        1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

          We’re in the same boat apparently. I would buy the port myself if I didn’t have to buy the new 3DS. I’ll need to wait for the list of exclusives on the new handheld and news of a trade-in program for my regular 3DS.

          With Xenoblade Chronicles X and Shulk in SSB4, the Xenoblade franchise is going to get even more popular than it already is. I’d be surprised if this didn’t sell well for a 5-year-old port.

  3. If we know Nintendo right they will make every single game for this in the future, forcing us to buy it… Though I’m gonna wait until the price drops next in the end of 2015…

    1. Nintendo would not do that, the DSi had a few exclusive games or features within games but the DS and DS Lite were still supported. He vast majority of 3DS games will be compatible with all versions of e 3DS.

      1. Got a feeling they will, this also feels like a bigger deal then dsi, though I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

    2. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      I think the same. They said there will be more exclusives and I have a feeling they’re going to be the important ones. New 3DS Zelda, possibly a new IP. They’re going to really push for people to buy this and I’m going to be one of the suckers who does…eventually. I bought the 3DS AND Wii U on launch day and won’t do it again.

  4. bad news for me, OK maybe the port is faster to complete on the 3DS but I was hoping a Wii U port instead with improved graphics. Bear in mind that when they start developing the game they did not know which system they will release it on. Maybe they will have a bundle pack.. (dream dream)

  5. Looks good. The visuals aren’t quite up to snuff with the original Wii version but still look pretty good. I’m still rocking an original DS, never upgraded, so now seems like a great time to get the definitive version of the 3DS. Hopefully it makes the holiday season in the US (not counting on it).

    1. hmmm… why does the N3DS version look worse? Wow, such a hard question to ask… I wonder how we can figure this out… Oh, I know! It’s a game from last-gen, on a console, being ported, not remastered, to a current gen handheld. That’s like asking why Diddy Kong Racing DS doesn’t look as good as the original game.

  6. 3ds one stutters a little but hopefully they can fix that up by the time it’s makes it over to the west. Never finished xenoblade so I would love to finish it on my soon to be new 3ds

  7. As nice as it would be to get updated graphics for this port, I’m fine if it doesn’t come with it. I’m even fine with the slight downgrade of the graphics, to be honest. But as long as it has the 3D effect, I’ll enjoy this game immensely on this New 3DS. ESPECIALLY if you can see the 3D effect perfectly no matter what angle you look at the screen from. For those that love to use the 3D effect but hate the fact you have to hold the 3DS just right to see it, upgrading to the New 3DS won’t such a bad idea.

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