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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate New Nintendo 3DS XL Bundle Announced For Japan


Nintendo Japan and Capcom have announced that they will be releasing a Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate bundle with the new Nintendo 3DS XL in Japan. The console will go on sale on October 11th and will cost 25,600 yen which is roughly $245.

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16 thoughts on “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate New Nintendo 3DS XL Bundle Announced For Japan”

  1. Lol, so many packs! I remember when the limited edition Monster Hunter 4 Nintendo 3DS XL came out….why would someone buy the “Ultimate” version?

    1. well, for one, it is a bundle for the New Nintendo 3DS XL, which, from my understanding, adds a plethora of new features and control options that people have wanted. Also, this is the “director’s cut” edition of Monster Hunter 4, in essence, which means it adds a lot more content and just like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, it will introduce more people to the franchise since some people missed out on the original game.

    1. New 3DS is still a part of the Nintendo 3DS family. In other words, I doubt that it’s gonna slump sales… especially when it’s the #1 portable system in Japan week after week.

  2. Looks freaking sweet. But screw Capcom over RE “fuck you” message to Nintendo fans, who helped RE become huge with RE4 on GameCube and revived the series with Revelations on 3DS.

    1. Fuck Capcom, wish Nintendo would be serious about focusing on Core and just buy Capcom out to bolster their core games. Instantly a bunch of exclusives that would be much more polished and less glitchy.

      1. They would protect one of their biggest system sellers from porting to other systems (Monster hunter) as well as lock down resident evil, devil may, mega man, ect and COULD dangle Lost Planet and Dead Rising infront of MS as trade bait for Rareware properties.

  3. I’d prefer a bundle of the New 3DS with Xenoblade Chronicles already installed on the handheld with a special Xenoblade cover.

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