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Nintendo Of Europe Lays Off 320 People

Nintendo Europe will be laying off 320 people from its offices at the end of the month. Nintendo says that these measures have come about as the company tries to enable the European business to “adapt to the rapidly changing business environment”. The company also announced that they’re reorganizing the European Localization Development department. This has meant that the contracts of 190 temporary agency workers have now finished.

26 thoughts on “Nintendo Of Europe Lays Off 320 People”

      1. Yeah it was a re-report that Kotaku did a couple months ago. And out of the 320, 190 of those a contract workers who they aren’t renewing.

        Its sucks that anyone loses their job, but I imagine some of those will be absorbed into other parts as they restructure parts of the company.

  1. It was inevitable… You can’t make 2 years of shitty business moves, start bleeding out and not suffer the consequences… Sad though. :/

    1. If you compare it to the types of layoff Sony did last year and Microsoft is doing this year, its very small. There was more layoff in the Xbox video division alone, I think there are very few companies in the industry that are actually doing well, maybe just Namco Bandai.

      1. I agree with your statement, it’s just ashame people who worked for Nintendo and thought they were immune to such unfortunate events found that even Nintendo must cut back sometimes.

      2. Yay, we are laying off people but not as many as “insert competition here” so its not a bad thing


        You sound like an asshole you know.

  2. yeah I remenber someone who workded for Nintendo Germany commented on that 1 or 2 months ago.

    Even if I hate those jobs losses are located in Europe (personally I would prefer NA or Japan), I hope they are going to fire the UK marketing team cause they really deserve their P45.

  3. Nintendo Europe sucks. That’s why. They love giving out free crap to Nintendo customers for preordering stuff that we in America can never get and then they don’t make any money back, because no one in Europe cares about Nintendo.

    If anyone should be getting cool preorder bonuses, it is the U.S, because we support Nintendo more than the rest of the world.


    1. don’t thing so, it’s not in this site where we saw the map of US with xbox 1 or PS4. look at the weekly chart in US you guys supoort nothing except xbox 1 or PS4… say the guy in the UK who does not state UK support Nintendo and but own a lof of nintendo consoles.

    2. And what’s sad is no matter how much sweet promotions they’ve done and plan on for Europe, will all be in vain anyway since they only care for EA Sports garbage and COD. Europe for Nintendo is a huge waste of time.

  4. not really surprising everything has been selling bad over there.
    they probably gonna hire more (young) people over there to sell the hardware better.

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