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New Nintendo 3DS Console Coming To North America And Europe In 2015

Online gaming publications Eurogamer and Joystiq have been told by Nintendo that the new Nintendo 3DS console won’t be coming to North America and Europe until 2015. The newly announced console with an improved CPU is launching this year in Japan.

“Different territories make their own business decisions regarding individual products and timing,” a Nintendo spokesperson told us. “We plan to launch these products in Europe in 2015.”

“As for the overseas markets, our local subsidiaries will separately confirm. However, there will be no U.S. and European launches this calendar year.”


128 thoughts on “New Nintendo 3DS Console Coming To North America And Europe In 2015”

    1. Meanwhile, Andrew House is performing “Taps” on his beloved portable… which I can’t mention here. Ha ha…

        1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

          Fuck, I love how Nintendo is releasing better and better stuff, but my wallet can’t keep up.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            If your wallet can’t keep up then my dark resources won’t last much longer than 0.03 cycles…

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Unless you meant that the current ones are 149$ and 179$ respectively which I think is a bit pricey…

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        And as usual, they’ll be overpriced in my territory because of the Xbot Zealots that gives Xbot consoles a pricecut even before they are released…

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        My fellow comrade has been promoted I see…

        As my friend Magneto once said:

        “That’s why in chess the pawns go first”

    2. using the Japanese pricing as a guide the New 3DS will be around $150 and the New 3DS XL will be around $180. Oddly enough, they’re actually cheaper! The usual 3DS is normally $170 and the XL is normally $200. With these New versions being double what the originals were the price is definitely justified.

    3. I agree I just bought a 2DS & returned it because of these New 3DS another reason is that they say thes DS are necessary to play all 3DS games cause the current models only play most 3DS games i’m going to be pissed if it $200

    4. Why would it be? Its upgraded hardware in every respect… from the processor to the 3d. additionally it is capable of doing more… if you cant afford it then find the money peasant

        1. If they added another full sized circle pad, the 3ds would have to be extending.and Your right hand would hurt after a while from the button / pad placement, since they’d have to be close or far from eachother.

          1. Look at PSP/Vita. I don’t see a problem with shrinking 4-button pads slightly, relocate it down and then stick in the dual analog. Bam. That “second stick” is just some fucking button which IDK WTF it does.

  1. So we’ll miss any chance for a holiday sale but at least our consoles are as up-to-date as possible here for a little while longer… meh. So much to buy… Nintendo’s getting rich off of me.

  2. I’ll be buying it despite these hypocrites saying otherwise, I think this is an awesome idea and by the way guys… IT’S OPTIONAL… you can still play games from the NEW 3DS on the older models…

    1. It’s not “optional” if you want to play certain games. The ZL and ZR buttons along with the C-Stick and most importantly, the “improved CPU” makes this basically a new handheld with confusing branding. The Xenoblade Chronicles new 3DS port won’t work on regular 3DS’ or regular XLs.. You HAVE to buy one of these to play “new Nintendo 3DS” games down the line…

    2. False. Xenoblade Chronicles for the N3DS has made it clear the games will not be backwards compatible… Not all at least.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                It’s not as if anyone uses these sticks for all games anyway…

                My problem is, this is still mostly a bad idea and they should have waited for the Nintendo Quadraxis model and the CPU for it to be 3 times better…

                1. Translation, why launch a half-ass upgrade, just enough that it’s not directly compatible…when they could wait a little longer and release an HD version… A full upgrade.

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Indeed, I think it’s obnoxious that you must have this new one to play the new games…

                    With that in mind they should cost about the same as the current ones are…

                    1. Nintendo is ripping off people like usual. They could of just released all this stuff with their next handheld.

  3. Terrible idea that segments the market further. The console looks good, but you’re now segmenting your market. It doesn’t work well for publishers, which ultimately doesn’t work well for Nintendo, and frankly, doesn’t work well for consumers. The benefit of consoles is the plug-and-play aspect. You could buy a console, and buy any game for that system, and know that it works. Now that is removed.

    Also, with the shift to different versions of consoles compatible with different games, consumers will be pushed towards holding off on a purchase waiting for the next new thing, next version of the handheld. The cellphone business model is not ideal for consoles.

  4. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    Seriously though, come up with better names!

    “New Nintendo 3DS”, whoever decides the names should be annihilated and let me name the systems…

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            My Lord never brainwashed me, otherwise I would only be another blind Nintendo drone buyer that would buy eveything at launch…

            1. He’s the one coming up with all of these shitty names and everything else ever shit at nintendo.

              Are you getting that new 3ds sometime? I really don’t care. xenoblae is on it but im pretty sure the wii version will be the overall better version. Though that game on a handheld would be cool.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                I need proof…

                Only if the new Metroid is created for it, otherwise not until it’s about 50% cheaper…

                1. yeah, don’t get scammed by nintendo. This is complete bullshit if you think about it. If they were not going to fuck you over they would have waited for these new games played on there real next handheld.

                  This is a kick in the ass. This is just as bad as people getting ripped off by wii u at launch.

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Trust me, I might love the empire but I’ve never been blind because I was formed by darkness and darkness never blinds you unlike the dreaded light…

            2. Why are you calling Iwata lord? Still don’t get it.

              Post Script: Apple releases ipads probably once per year. Don’t hate them, they pretty much invented the mobile platform.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Invented or not, still annoying and right off a ripoff, much like this New Nintendo 3DS…

  5. this is perfect for me becuse i was gonna start saving up for an XL at the start of 2015.

    its like nintendo are watching me :3

          1. I haven’t been on this site for months man. I left for the longest time, for over half of a year. I first came to this site like somewhere over a year ago.


                  Or he has a thing for your bum

  6. Even though I just got my 3DS, I’m not really mad over this.
    If they say 2015, it pretty much means the later half of the year.
    The rate, which I can save money for gaming, I would most probably have save for 2 of these, while still getting all the games I want for Wii U, PC and 3DS.

  7. I expected a lite version not a version 2.0 with more power and exclusive content. I don´t like this. I´m not to big into handheld gaming so i don´t want to invest into hardware to often. A true next gen handheld would be easier for my wallet to accept.
    Good it´s coming 2015, just got a 3dsxl this year.

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  9. This is a shame imo. I’ve been thinking about selling my 3DS anyway, due to not actually having that many games that I’ve enjoyed so far, SM3DL is probably the one game for the system I really loved – I thought A Link Between Worlds was like a Zelda-lite and far too easy – I really don’t understand the praise heaped upon it.

    Anyway, the only thing keeping me from selling the thing was the promise of future games from Nintendo. Seeing as I might not be able to play them on my current console I’ll be sticking my 3DS on ebay this weekend before the value of the old systems really plummets when this news becomes public knowledge.

    Someone would have to release something TRULY INCREDIBLE that I couldn’t get on my Wii U/PS3 for me to buy this updated system :(

  10. As an anonymous representative for Nintendo I am going to be the first to point out that Japanese and American Nintendo don’t usually do the same thing EVER… Look at everything Japan gets first plus the only difference in games is going to be camera control and amiibo they are still 3ds games and will be playable on any 3ds system however the camera would be restricted the point of all the extra buttons is to be submerged like you are physically in the game and this is the reason Nintendo is the closest to VR gaming thus far the games won’t change except settings wise and the only reason Nintendo came up with the new system was to make use of the Amiibo function that they promised to deliver at E3 and I GUARANTEE THAT YOU GAMERS WOULD BE MORE NOT GETTING SOMETHING THAT WAS ANNOUNCED.. example pokebank delay

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  15. I don’t know how I feel about the new 3ds yet to be honest…It sounds like they made some better changes..but some of them are questionable until I actually get to play it. I was thinking about getting a 3ds xl earlier this year but I guess I’ll just wait it through….And whats up with America and Europe not getting it until 2015? Also not just to throw negatives out there but the graphics on the Xenoblade re-release trailer they showed in the Australia direct don’t even look that great especially when compared to the psVita….I mean come on I thought they added a higher cpu or tech…

  16. My prediction for the New 3DS/XL some people will like the size of the new nub some will complain Nintendo moves the A,B,X,Y buttons down a little bit in order to make the second nub equal in size as the first one

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  21. I was just about to buy a 3DS XL too, I hate that Nintendo does this to me! Oh well, I guess I’ll just have all three models. I’m kinda a collector when it comes to Nintendo.

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  24. I was gonna get 3ds when price went a bit down, but then 3ds xl came out. Then I waited for xl’s price to go down or for a good sale, and now the new3ds has been announced.

    So I’m getting a vita this christmas.

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