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Rumour: Have The New Nintendo 3DS Hardware Specs Been Leaked?

Tilmen from Nintendomination has received information from a source which claims that the new Nintendo 3DS console is codenamed Snake. The source also claims that CPU clockspeed has tripled and the ram speed has doubled. The console also reportedly has a L2 Cache and the GPU and VRAM are the same. Of course this should be taken with a grain of salt. We don’t know a whole lot about the specifications of the new Nintendo 3DS console. We know that it has an improved CPU over the previous iteration and we heard a rumour stating that the new Nintendo 3DS has double the RAM and nearly double the VRAM.

206 thoughts on “Rumour: Have The New Nintendo 3DS Hardware Specs Been Leaked?”

      1. GPU is still the same so visually the difference won’t be big
        but of course CPU intensive tasks will be handled better (such as number of objects/effects/animations on screen)

        1. Yeah. Mostly for framerate and Internet connection speeds will be improved for games and yet, everybody is panicking of newer games “looking better and being exclusive” when its just gonna flow faster, not “look better”. The new CPU is probably focused for other aspects like Internet speed, downloading and booting for apps and browser.

    1. It means it’ll basically look unchanged but run a lot smoother with less lag and hiccups. People panicking over the new model replacing the old over one Wii port that they can get right now anyway, when its only gonna make new and old games run smoother.

        1. This demo is for the old gpu. It’s this pretty because this is a extremely controlled scene, but you can’t expect real games to look this good.

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        1. And people still lose their shit over Xenoblade port which 1. won’t be released until next year meaning between the wait, Nintendo could make the game compatible to old 3DS and 2. There’s a Wii port they can buy and play right now.

          1. The Wii version is the original, so calling that a port isn’t technically right. Also, I’m buying this solely for Xenoblade on the go and in 3D. I don’t care, I love that game, I already have 2 copies of it for various reasons, getting another one and another console to have it with me on the go is definitely something I’ll take :D

        2. Honestly!!! They wouldn’t make a whole new system for one new game. They made it to smooth every thing out and include things in one package 📦 (NFC, better internet, C stick, better 3D) the extra power is being added for all new games, this well allow for more Wii ports (re imagined with a second screen, which well actualy end up helping Wii U sales too) and also well help port games form phones and tablets. I hope this means a better Netflix app that well allow for 3D streaming, the new browser well even support HTML5. I guess they haven’t said to much, but honestly what IV bin wanting most other then more power and better 3D, is better cameras, higher resolution, OLED screens, multitouch screens, Bluetooth, and more real apps. Honestly!!!

          1. Nintendo always go the cheapest way possible with their systems,better cameras,really?,dual oled touchscreens,are you out of your mind?,the rest of the thing you hoping is maybe.

            1. OLED gets cheaper all the time, LG’s OLED HD tv was 100,000$ last year, this year is 10,000….that’s a big change, they also get more and more efficient.
              and better cameras, yes they are really, really cheap.
              the multitouch thing would be a little pricy, but hay they sell 70$ android phones with multitouch so it couldn’t honestly be that much

          2. i quote you “is better cameras, higher resolution, OLED screens, multitouch screens, Bluetooth, ”

            Makes absolutely no sense in a handheld, buddy!

            Why do you think PS Vitas battery died within 2-3 hours when gaming? Because all of this nonsense which is not required for games. It only drains the battery faster.
            Dude, OLED-screen is expensive. PS Vita itself had one, and was cheap- because you needed very expensive memory-cards! I have a cheap 60 dollar 128 GB SD-card in my 3DS. You could not even buy a 128 GB memory-card for PS Vita (and if you could, it would cost you 300 dollars). And that 128 GB SD-card in my 3DS will last more than 5 years. I will also use it (in fact its a micro-SD-card in an adapter) in the new 3DS.

            Also. Bluetooth- what do you need that for? Multitouch-screens is also nonsense. Thats why WiiUs Gamepad hasn`t that. Resistive is allways BETTER for gaming. The reaction-time of a tipical multitouch-screen is about ~200 ms. Guess the reaction time of a resistive one? Yes, only 5 ms! FIVE! And not 200 ms like on Shitty PS Vita.

            You could not even play games like Kid Icarus Uprising on PS Vita with that bad reacting touch screen. You could play it with sticks, yes. But sticks are not as precise as a resisitive Touchscreen.

            So all those wishes you have- the better camera, the bluetooth, the multitouch-screens, the OLED (which would make the device even worser, since OLED is not known to last longer than 10.000 hours, which is a joke for 3DS-gamers) – would literally drain the battery in just 2 hours. And no- you cannot just add more battery power. Why not? It adds more costs (Bluetooth, multitouch and better camera also would add lots of costs) – and the device gets bigger and heavier.

            1. Umm no?
              Bluetooth LE wouldn’t take power at all, unless used, also it would allow for controllers and add one, as well as all audio devices (headphones, headsets, speakers) as well as direct communication with the Wii U (dont even need a network connection)
              OLED is far more energy efficient then the current LCD screens, and would also give higher contrast and better color (that would make games look better) all your old information is years old, and better cameras really wouldn’t add to the price

              1. “Bluetooth LE wouldn’t take power at all, unless used, ”

                Wrong. Bluetooth LE is also battery-consuming, even if you don`t used it. Seems someone fell for PR-bullshit.

                “also it would allow for controllers”

                WTF do you need a controller for? I can play with my 3DS 40/50 hours with one charge of my special battery. I don`t want a controller on that. If you can`t live with an handheld-controller like it is, then how about simply buy an console instead? Also- you would get banned if you use a controller on 3DS when online-gaming, don`t you knew about that? No you didn`t. But Nintendo does it.Everyone who is cheating and/or playing unfair (that includes mods to the 3DS which can be detected), players will be banned.

                “and add one, as well as all audio devices (headphones, headsets, speakers) as well as direct communication with the Wii U (dont even need a network connection)”

                Another bullshit excuse. Buy a console. You don`t need a controller for a handheld. GBA, Gameboy, PSP, everything didn`t really support controllers. You wouldn`t even get far with controllers on 3DS, since most games only support special input, such as microphone or the touchscreen. Thats why you simply could`t play those games with other controllers. The games are not console-games which work with just 2 buttons (like on todays movie-games on most playstations/xbox) which you could map to a simple-fuck controller such as Dualcrap 3/4. The most games need the touchscreen and does´t work without it- some games uses the motion-sensor which no controller has- and others use 3D etc. Controllers makes NO sense in a handheld, deal with it.

                “OLED is far more energy efficient then the current LCD screens, and would also give higher contrast and better color (that would make games look better)”

                Yeah? it also comes with only life-expectancy of 10.000 hours. And NOPE, seems your info is too old. After 10.000 hours blue OLEDs will go defective. Deal with it. Why do you loser think they give you the tip on smartphones to use red/white/black backscreens instead? And to avoid blue backscreens?`Do you think they joke about that? Hahahaha, go home! Also- its fact that OLED max. life expectancy is that 10.000 hours. It might fail far before that time. OLED is a PR-bullshit. A joke of the industry. Why do you think they don`t make OLED-TVs? They make none because of this shit. OLED is just PR. And you clearly fell for it. Wow, you sacrifice 10% better image-quality for 90% less life-expectancy, how crazy you must be. Well, have fun playing a new PS Vita, as thousands allready had to do that.

                “all your old information is years old, and better cameras really wouldn’t add to the price ”

                hahaha- “better cameras wouldn`t add to the price”. Oh really? So you know you would need 3 cameras, do you? I would say 3 cameras á 1 dollar each (current used on 3DS) makes 3 dollars in total. Using 3 á each 5 dollars (2-3 megapixel) would of COURSE add to the cost. Another 15 dollars. Seems not much but what… For what do you need cams? The processing power is not even there to use 3 Megapixel-big pictures, dumbass! You would have to wait for minutes to load 3 megapixel-big pictures with an quadcore Arm11/532/800 Mhz cpu. Ever thought about that, loser? Nope you didn`t – your brain stopped working after the sentence “Why didn`t they use a better camera instead?”.

                If you add more camera-power, you also have to add more ram (otherwise you couldn`t hold that data and would have to wait a lot longer), more cpu-power (and therefore more batterypower making the device also heavier). Seems some idiot doesn`t know how tech works.
                Why do you think they add 1-2 GB of Ram today which is crappy-slow and has a life-expactancy of (don`t ask, the time would surprise you ;)? Why do think you have ghz today in smartphones? For joking? No its because big megapixel-pictures takes a lot of processing-power away. And you need space where to calculate it (thus having at least 1 GB of ram today, where 500 MB is used only for background-apps or that pictures you take).

                The point is: 3DS uses special ram which is very expensive. 1 GB of it costs around ~100 dollars alone.

                Thats how it goes. It would add a LOT to the handhelds-cost. Better cameras would be just the ~15 dollars. But then we take that 100 dollars for that special ram- and you want that to be 8x as much, so 1 GB there makes another 100 dollars.

                And then to calculate that you would also have to use at least Arm Cortex A9-cores, that would take another 20 dollars away. We are at around 150 dollars, if you consider you also need a much more powerful battery, otherwise it would be empty before you could show your pics to your friends. See? You say that is not much? 3DS allready costs more than that. It would literally double the costs of the device.

                That is what is called commonsense today. Something i have, and something you clearly miss. Its pathetic how you think you just add some better cameras and thats it! Hahahaha!

              1. dumbasses like you clearly don`t understand how tech works ;) So i try to explain it with ease to you, loser. So i have to make it more lines-consuming. Deal with it.

          3. OLED? That is crap dude! OLED = very short life-expectancy.
            Multi-touch (when not resistive) is also crap. Multitouch-screens reaction-time => 200-500ms (depending on brand). Resistive reaction-time =5 ms! That is a factor of 100 faster. Meaning: You can`t play games such as Kid Icarus Uprising which is fast as hell, without a resistive Touchscreen with that precision! Also i ask you…why Bluetooth? Bluetooth only eats your battery, dumbass! You don`t need Bluetooth in a fucking handheld. At least i don`t want it. Remember Sony? Why do you think they threw the OLED-screen out? For joking?

      1. old games won’t be able to profit from the faster CPU.. it would have to be downclocked in order for them to run

        on a console you can’t just change clockspeeds willy nilly and still expect the older games to run

          1. yeah the menus/apps will of course be much more responsive since nintendo can just adapt them to the new clock speeds

        1. Xemoblade on the Wii isn’t a port lol

          Xenoblade on the Wii is also ridiculously overpriced. The 3ds version will be half the price.

          1. i have no idea why you’re telling me this

            xenoblade on the wii is overpriced because no more discs are being manufactured and the demand is high

      2. There’s nothing “basic” about what you just explained you dumb shit.

        What is it with retards who always type “basically”???? You don’t come off sounding intelligent, quite the opposite in fact!
        The word when utilized is just redundant; retarded dumb fuck, it’s not “basically” because you haven’t explained shit complicated beforehand. You deserve a Meteor Hammer to the sternum.

          1. There are several substitutes: “pretty much it means” “it’s really simply”
            The word basically is basically overused, you are one of those dumb shits just like your dick-boy you’re standing up for that have basically killed the word. Stupid fuck faces wanting to be einsteins
            Dumbass stop using such redundant word there’s no basically in explaining the exact way things ARE operating
            Go play with the Taliban shit head

        1. Did I struck a nerve because your last teacher graded you poorly explaining why the same way with “basically” in it? lol

          All I’m saying is the new internal upgrades will boost booting speeds and games will handle a little more detail. Graphically, its unchanged.

          1. wrong.

            They added more ram, which adds better textures (which can be used thanks to more vram and more cpu-power). They can use more complex games, such as Xenoblade Chronicles. They can make more enemies now too.

    2. It means they well look better, and more stuff can be on screen, it also means that online stability well be better for online games, it also means they can port more Wii games and more advanced phone/tablet games to the device, and it well carry over all the eshop games with better performance.

  1. Probably will get it when price drops/sale. I got me circle pad pro for smash yo. They can make a good portable Zelda on the new 3ds doe if it can handle Xenoblade with watered down visuals.

  2. Getting one. Can’t resist… The colored buttons and stuff. Think I’ll give my XL to my cousin after I get it. :) Because I’m a nice person. :P

            1. Like I said, some things piss me off. XP And what better features? Just so they can empty their lot by paying royalties for DVD use when we have other conventional media means to use? Or if they go to x86, that still won’t be enough to win back any lazy third party so called “support” top when they’re just gonna cash in cheaply elsewhere. lol

                        1. That’s not why. Why do you keep bashing Assassin’s Creed because you find it boring? I find Zelda Wind Waker boring but do you see me insulting that? Of course not. Let me enjoy the games I want to and you enjoy yours without insulting the games, please. That gets incredibly annoying to put up with but I’m not going to insult the games you play because I’m not gonna stoop to that level. :P

                          1. Or you can call it that. lol Prince of Persia was good until they disgraced and replaced it that 3rd person Wikipedia of world history, meaning it plagiarizes and changes it for cheap thrills. lol

                          2. Wrong! Commamder I have to disagree with you. Every AC game I played is different and intuitive you don’t know that you’re talking about.

                            PS There’s a clone of me going around posting lewd comments, ignore the ape.

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              And having seen the gameplay from the others, the combatsystem is just as boring…

                              1. You’ve played one Assassin’s Creed game. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Lol.

                                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                  The combatsystem is pretty much the same in all, and that’s what mainly bores me…

                                  I don’t care about exploration crap…

                                      1. That doesn’t give you the right to hate on Assassin’s Creed just because you like other games more. :/

                                          1. Because you keep saying it? I don’t care if you find it boring, but you insist on telling people that it is over and over. Just like up above where you called it boring where nobody even mentioned it.

                                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                              I was talking to Stranga the Hulk and you don’t always need to reply to my AC comments, but I guess you find as a personal insult for some reason…

                                              1. You literally just said to Stranga I was just because he kept insulting my precious “Assassin’s Boring”. Lol of course that’s personal to me.

                                                  1. …the charm, the characters, the items/weapons, no annual game release excuses..oh and different unique art styles instead of rehashing the same stale realism crap. lol

                                                    1. Do you have to ask..about Zelda? XD Zelda at least has its charm, story and even more items/weapons/upgrades than any ASSassin’s Creed game. lol And besides, the next Zelda is gonna make Unity cry its ass out from its beauty. lol

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                                          2. Haha- i`m going to do the same. Buying a New 3DS (no XL-version this time ;)- and selling my old japanese RED-Version- and give away the old XL (red-black)-version for a nice person.

                                        1. Not sure if anyone has gotten the memo, but this iteration is quite literally called New Nintendo 3DS.

                                          Man, Nintendo is on a roll with names lately.

                                        2. Nintendo fans: TLoU: Remastered: ”Yearly cash grab…”

                                          Nintendo Fans: ”New” Nintendo 3DS: Throws money at Nintendo…

                                            1. True that, they won’t. Not everything has been revealed about it unfortunately, but I will be getting one regardless ha. I got the 3DS on release day and got the CPP and I love them together. I want to play RE:R on the New 3DS just for comparison you know? I was thinking about investing in a 3DS XL but glad I didn’t. The biggest bonus with the New 3DS over the New 3DS XL is the custom covers. They’re awesome! XD

                                              1. I’ve got the original 3DS and a 3DS XL and I might trade in the original for this one but I’m not sure yet.

                                          1. For someone (me) who has a Wii U and a PS4 and has The Last Of Us remastered, I can honestly say it is one of the greatest games I have ever played and would honestly call it one of the greatest games ever made. But Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 is the greatest of all time IMO! I honestly wouldn’t agree with your “TLOU” comment above! :P

                                            1. I’m not sure if The Last of Us is my type of game though. Because of zombies… Looks interesting, but idk. I hate horror games! Lol. But it looks great.

                                              1. If you hate horror games, you should definitely check out or watch some playthroughs of this game called Five Nights at Freddy’s. Trust me, it’s totally not scary at all.

                                                1. I saw that game. It looks more like jumpscares than actual horror. I’m not really that afraid of horror games, there’s just a limit to what I can take. Like Zombi U for example. Never buying that game. Lol.

                                                  1. The game’s a bit like the 1992 Sega CD classic Night Trap, where you have to keep checking the cameras to look out for danger. I think it’s more the paranoia and stress of constantly checking than the jumpscares that make me wanna never play it. I played the demo of Zombi-U ages ago, got to a certain point where I was about to walk into a dark basement-like room, paused it and put down the controller. Too much scare -_-‘

                                                    1. The part that scared me was the nurse zombie in the basement. The first time I played that demo, the TV was all the way up really loud and my Gamepad volume was all the way up and that static sound scared me. And I was the only one at home. o_O Although now when I get to that part, I just beat the nurse to sleep not scared at all. I made sure to teach her a lesson. >:( Lol.

                                                      1. I really shouldn’t be commenting about this stuff at 1:15 in the morning :S Just the thought of that part makes me shiver.

                                                    2. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                                                      NO! No “Five Nights at Freddy’s” No
                                                      NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE HELL NOPE
                                                      That game is creepy and uses dirty tricks.

                                                  2. Its not the jump scares in the game that scares players but more of an intension of the situation. You have to sneak past those creatures or stealth kill them, otherwise they’re hear you and then jump you quickly which is where the scare comes in. XD

                                                    1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                                                      Uh, have you seen Five Nights at Freddy’s? No killing of anything but yourself is in it, if you get a game over, the creature gives you a jump scare, you may know if it is coming but it still is horrifying.

                                                        1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                                                          Yeah, and although it uses cheap fear tricks like jump scares, still scared the shit out of me

                                                          1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                                                            The theories are what creeps me out, plus it invokes the feelings you are being watched and have to stay alert, makes me too paranoid, no thanks.

                                                  1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                                                    No, I genuinely think it is creepy, also it uses cheap scare tricks which I kinda hate, I mean it takes alot of effort to get a genuine and proper feeling of fear but it takes nothing to use jump scares, plus the game makes you feel a sense of paranoia and creeps you out with a freaky backstory.

                                              2. lol it’s honestly an amazing fcuking game! lol look up game footage. The story is just the best i’ve seen, hands down. It ain’t all zombies as there is bad guys you kill with guns too :P hehe it’s a powerful game is all :)

                                              3. The Last Of Us isn’t much of a horror game. It’s more of a stealth-based exploration game. And the story is incredible, one of the best gaming has ever produced

                                              1. First, I will not shut the fuck up as I am entitled to an opinion. And second, how is it a clunky pile of shit? Yes the game has bugs but so what. I don’t let it effect the overall result of the game. It’s a masterpiece. I’m a bigger Nintendo fan than a PlayStation fan, but this game IS a masterpiece to a lot of people around the world and is getting perfect results. Respect opinions!

                                              1. But no one, who bought a Nintendo 2DS would buy the new 3DS! The 2DS is a cheap option for people who don’t care about 3D!

                                                1. Exactly. 2DS is a cheap “99Dollars” solution.

                                                  – No Stereo-Sound of the speakers
                                                  – No 3D (cool feature missing, thus meaning no 3D in Mario 3D Land, pathetic xD)
                                                  – no WLAN-switch
                                                  – no Streetpass/Spotpass- or should i said- you must use that slider. What happens if you forget that slider? No streetpass/Spotpass! And this literally translates into => missing content. As content like its delivered via Spotpass (Animal Crossing, Tomodachi Life, or even other games), cannot be get, if you don`t have your WLAN switched on every 14 days).

                                                  New 3DS will cost 150 dollars. Or lets say 130 dollars. Thats at least 1 game you can buy for that price difference. But lets see what New 3DS offers?

                                                  – No missing Streetpass/Spotpass, as you have that hinge. Just close the device everything other is done by New 3DS. 2DS-users will miss a lot of content, especially if they forget everything
                                                  – More powerful hardware, enabling games like Xenoblade Chronicles
                                                  – 3D- in the best version. Not only the cheap 3D like on the 1st 3DS, also now with smartphone-tech enabled “Head-Tracking”-tech! Only high-end Smartphones support Head-Tracking! Head-Tracking would also enable Videochats in the future for New 3DS as you now have enough power to do that and the necessary tech to do so.
                                                  – Brightness-sensor, enabling more power-saving
                                                  – Faster Downloads, faster loadings in games, simpler said: better games
                                                  – also no WLAN-switch
                                                  – smaller Micro-SD-card (which is worser as those cards are more expensive, but only for 20-30%)
                                                  – Best sound of a handheld ever. You can bet on this. They even made the sound-DSP of the New 3DS better. Also better speakers as there is more room for them (should sound at least as high and good as the 1st 3DS-revisions)
                                                  – Faster Miiverse, much better Internetbrowser, HTML5-support
                                                  – better battery (1750mAh, which is more power then 2DS has)

                                                  1. Oh and the best of all which has been confirmed NOW:

                                                    YOUTUBE WITH 3D-Support! Yes, you read that right! You can use Youtube (i think its in-browser) with 3D then, when New 3DS is out. Old 3DS cannot use this tech as it lacks HTML5 as it has not enough power for it (too less ram, too less cpu-power).

                                          2. Nobody called Remastered a yearly cash grab since between versions its a 2-3 year gap. So nice try. And New 3DS is releasing more than a year after 2DS. So, nice try…again. XD

                                          3. Most fans I know are actually pissed about this. It’s really just the hardware collectors and people who love Xenoblade obscenely, like me, who are interested in it. Besides, the original hardware will be about 4 years old by the time this releases stateside, so it’s not annual at least (though they do have annual revisions like the 2DS come out, but those are usually for people who have been holding off on getting the console and they don’t have any hardware variations like this)

                                          4. Dude, i think you know the difference of another rehashed game (like Tomb Raider Port on PS4, or GTA 5, or Sleeping Dogs..etc) – and a new handheld, which comes a lot cheaper than in the beginning?

                                            You see? Nintendo does not make 5 Ports of existing games. The Xenoblade-Port is coming from Monolith, not from Nintendo. And its not really a Port, its a Remake, offering 3D-function, a few more characters and even better controlling with that 2nd stick now. You also have better loading times as no disc is used for this game. And i bet there are more features in it. It might even be in 60 FPS.

                                            In the meanwhile, when WiiU will get Bayonetta 2 (and a Remake of the old one for free) and Hyrule Warriors and a bunch of other good Indie- games (like Fast Racing Neo or that Wave Race clone)- and the new DLC-tracks of Mario Kart 8 (november)- and Smash Bros when christmas arrives- PS4 gets a bunch of old Ports:

                                            – GTA 5- Port
                                            – Tomb Raider is allready ported for the console
                                            – Sleeping Dogs gets also a Port for PS4
                                            – and many other ports which are not announced yet, you can be sure

                                            – and 75% of those thirdparty-games were delayed for next year, lol.

                                        3. i bought cosmo black 3ds at launch. i then bought the zelda 3ds bundle and gave my cosmo black to my little brother. i then bought the 3dsxl when it launched, but since they didn’t have a circle pad pro for the xl at the time i hung onto my zelda so i could play monster hunter on the go. so even though i’ve bought three of them already i couldn’t be more excited to buy yet another. the people who whine about nintendo coming out with something new need to be shot. and also, i love the way they name things… they’re always getting people talking which is good (even if it’s trash talk).

                                        4. NORMAL 3DS HAS A LEVEL 2 CATCH FOR FUCK SAKE ALL ARM1s have a level 2 catch

                                          dualcore custom arm11 with 256k catch is the most likely maybe a 128k catch

                                          maybe the catch is doubled but to suggest 3ds didnt have a level 2 catch to behgin with is fucking retarded

                                          the original spec leak looks more credable

                                          1. quote “NORMAL 3DS HAS A LEVEL 2 CATCH FOR FUCK SAKE ALL ARM1s have a level 2 catch ”

                                            Nope, dude. Most Arm11-cpus don`t offer L2. L2 is nowadays considered as built-in L2-cache (internal). Arm11 is an old cpu, which does not support internal L2-cache, running with full-speed. Arm11 only support L2 via external (slower, running mostly with halfspeed) cache-chips. And that is expensive.

                                            So- no- the normal Arm11 of 3DS has no L2-cache by itself, you can only order L2-cache from manufacturers as “mosys” and then implement it. Maybe the 3Ds has 128 KB. But hackers allready decapped it and there was no sign of L2-Cache. Its a SoC, with no whatsoever L2-module in there. But you know, you never can be sure about it ;)

                                            What Arm11 has though is L1-Cache, and a rather big one. Not only has Arm11 support for 4-128 KB of L1-Cache. But also L1-cache is much faster. Arm11 is just an older design where there was no L2-cache made for it.

                                            You know iPhone 3G dude? This also used the Arm11-core. And this cpu of iPhone 3G also had no external L2-cache.

                                          1. a dead system that noone gives a fuck about and flopped hard LOL ONE SCREEN LOL MULTI TOUCH SCREEN LOL INPUT LAG LOL ANALOG NUBS THAT DONT WORK

                                            LOL BROKE OF TV PLAY WITH MASSIVE LAG VITA IS A JOKE

                                            1. And not to mention Sony’s stupid ass also destroyed it with the Vita TV model that costs $100+ less than that joke of a 3DS contender. lol And people think Nintendo is bad when it comes to killing their own products? lol That’s funny. Because Microsoft are masters at over killing their own hardware and sales. Look at Zune and Surface, both have failed to compete and even Xbox brand itself is looking grim and investors wants it gone..I mean G.O.N.E.

                                            2. I actually liked the hardware of the Vita. It felt decent enough while I had one. The biggest problem though was that it had next to no games. To the point that I’d stand in front of the Vita shelves at a Gamestop for 5 minutes thinking…damn I don’t want to play ANY of these. So needless to say, I got rid of my Vita. I actually don’t have a 3DS at the moment either, I had some bills to pay so I sold it. I was going to get a 2DS for Smash 4 for my birthday but now I’m wondering if I should just wait it out.

                                          2. It already failed the first time and PSP as well when it compete the DS. XD Sorry fanboy but your nifty PS4 Gamepad knockoff still won’t stand a chance against 3DS. Not before, now or ever. lol

                                            1. Actually the PSP was probably my favorite handheld of all time. Considering I’ve always had Nintendo handhelds I think that counts for something. The PSP was a homebrew paradise, you could do so many things with a PSP.

                                              I was looking forward to the Vita at first because I like the PSP and the hardware was okay when I had it, but like I mentioned before, there are next to no good games for the Vita. I couldn’t keep the Vita as nothing more than a PSP with an extra joystick…

                                              1. I had a PSP once and it was the last mistake I made on buying another handheld because to me, it had nothing I like except Burnout Legends.

                                                Vita needs to die in peace or continue burning Sony’s money so they can go broke even longer.

                                          3. don`t think so, dude. First. Sony allready stopped support of PS Vita. Its over for PS Vita.


                                            PS Vita has only a good gpu, but now the New 3DS might even have a newer cpu than PS Vita, it does not look good for Vita here. Also- PS Vitas GPU only supports DX9-like effects. 3DS supports newer DX10-effects did you know that? Man, 3DS even supports hardware per-pixel-shading which PS Vita lacks. Thats why Capcom decided not to make Resident Evil Revelations-Port for PS Vita. PS Vita simply has no advanced HDR and the other necessary things for a cheap port. It would have to be a complete new game for PS Vita, as 3DS-tech is simply completely different (in short => PS Vita has no sound-unit, which is used in 3DS, PS Vita has no eDRAM like 3DS, PS Vita has no fast ram like 3DS has it => FCRAM is a lot faster than cheap DDR 2 like in PS Vita, PS Vita also has no Fixed function shaders).

                                            Third: PS Vita has a big quadcore-cpu. But thats only looking good on paper. What many people does not know- you cannot use all of them for games ;) Also- PS Vita lacks a real DSP/Soundprocessor. PS Vita only has a cheap Wolfson codec. Its the same thing like on PC. It means you have to use another cpu-core to use it!

                                            So- whats the problem of Borderlands 2 on PS Vita? Why does it suck like ass? Why does it freeze so often?

                                            a) because PS Vitas cpus are only clocked at around ~500 Mhz (to conserve battery, otherwise battery would be dead in 1.5 hours if those cpu-cores had to run with 1 Ghz or more)

                                            b) One cpu-core is used for the OS of PS Vita alone. Things like encryption of data, Downloads in background and chatting etc is done here. So developers only have access to 3 cpu-cores of PS Vita, the other core is locked.

                                            c) As PS Vita lacks a real sound-processor (like its on the 3DS SoC-die, a 133 Mhz DSP, a real good one, allowing even dolby-like soundeffects which you can hear in Resident Evil Revelations)- the developers are damned to use one of that cpu-cores for sound-functions.

                                            The problem with codecs is => they sound like crap (same problem on PC, most PC-mainboards have cheap 50 Cent soundcodecs, but nearly no one has a good sound-card with a real soundprocessor in it), and they consume a lot of processing power. On Xbox 360 many games even had to use one of that 3 cpu-cores for sound, as Xbox 360 also had no sound-processor!

                                            So you see? PS Vita is designed as shitty as a handheld can be. Bad sound-effects, only good screen, but so many games are not running in native resolution whereas on 3DS all games run on native resolution.

                                            On 3DS GPU you can use more than a hundred light-sources at once. On PS Vita you would have problems with just 3 of them. Why is that? Because Pica 200 has hardware-accelleration for light-sources- no smartphone gpu has that. And what GPU is PS Vita using? Oh right, that cheap smartphone-shit everyone uses.

                                            So coming back to Borderlands 2- it runs like ass, as PS Vita:

                                            a) has no real sound-processor. one of the cpu-cores has to calculate the sound in the game (explaining many sound-problems in that game, sondbugs, freezes etc)

                                            b) has only 2 cpu-cores which can be used in that game. The last cpu-core has to be there for background-downloads, bluetooth, chats etc.

                                            So you see? Two Arm Cortex A9 are doing which just ~500 Mhz, what on modern Smartphones 2 Ghz clocked Arm Cortex A9/A15s are doing at once.

                                            The point is- the game is just too much for PS Vita, even optimized.

                                            And now look at the coming IronFall for 3DS. 60 Frames/S, Double-Screen-Rendering, 3D, Voice-enabled, later even multiplayer. Big Explosions, very good lighting, nice fire and watereffects. See that? No smartphone-GPU (e.g. Iphone 4, 4 GS etc) has that many light-sources! Only 3DS and WiiU can do it, as they both use fixed shaders which are much better for calculating light-sources. Programmable shaders are just shit for doing things like raytracing or calculating light-sources and reflections.

                                            1. That is technically impressive. However, the character models/most of the textures look terrible. I also find it funny how they state 7 million polys/sec as being amazing. That was technically what the Dreamcast was capable of (though no game during it’s lifetime ever used more than 2-3 million polys a second). I think the most impressive thing here is I now know what a Dreamcast could do with a completely assembly written game engine, well with the exception of ambient occlusion the Dreamcast couldn’t do that.

                                              1. Well, its only 7 Mio polygons/s because of the much too slow Arm11 (if your cpu is too slow you cannot maximize your graphics)- and because => 3D dude and they allready said, they are using 55% of cpu-power right now only, 50% for the game, and 5% additional for the addon of the 2nd-stick (you know the Circle Pad pro) ;) Double that 7 mio. and you would have 14 Mio polygons in 2D-mode. But the game will make things never seen before, such as 2-screen-rendering. Show me one game (except ZombieU on WiiU, since its a console), doing that? Guess what? Theres none doing exactly that! ZombieU doesn`t even feature real 3D-rendering on the second screen, it just shows a complex map and some sniper-action in some situations. Another game which does 3D-rendering on 2nd-screen right now for 3DS would be the very first Sims 3D-game.

                                                Also- the game Ironfall was not designed with many polygons/s in mind, but just to show the strengths of 3DS which you could use when programming properly to it. And what are the strength of 3DS?

                                                Its => lighting- calculating many lights simutaneously per hardware-accelleration (even coming 3DS minecraft-clone says its using realtime-lighting-engine)
                                                – its fast loading-times (done by FCRAM, which no smartphone has), bandwith is 6.4 GB/s dualchanneled, that is even faster than some older PCs today (with for example DDR1/DDR2-ram)- see how long the loading-times in Killzone Mercenary was? It was 2 minutes to load a game!
                                                – 3DS features very good sound and the game has a speaking-engine (all calculated by sound-dsp) with even 3D-sound-effects like shown in Resident Evil: RE
                                                – good fire- and water-effects as showed
                                                – things like 2nd-screen-rendering and stunning 3D-effects which can be seen nowhere else without glasses on a handheld

                                                Also remember- its an Indie with just around ~5 people doing that. So of course they cannot use all they want, they have limits for their budget. They just made it to show the dumb masses what could been done today with just that power you have and you really want it and if you are willing to optimize it.

                                                And now imagine what the graphics would be like, if you take all those numbers the 3DS have (for example just the 266 Mhz Cpu) x 10. What could you do with such an optimized game? What would VD-Dev do with such an Nintendo-power? Man, only god knows.

                                                So- like i said: As the game uses 2-screen-rendering, the resolution in 2D will be like ~720 x 240. And in 3D it will be even 1120 x 240! See? And yes, the game uses AA to deliver smoothed edges.

                                          1. Keep saving that Penny jar of welfare money because you ain’t gonna get a 360 or even if you do, it’ll be broken by the time you power it up to play your precious COD spam #13. lol

                                            1. It is much, dude.

                                              Remember PS Vita? Yes, that thing which failed success. PS VIta had 512 MB Ram, but only 256 MB of Ram could be used for GAMES!The rest- was for the OS- and for multitasking-things, which you don`t really need in a handheld.

                                              Now, 3DS allows 96 MB (for many games), double it and you have 192 MB of Ram for games now (most smartphone-game would now instantly work with that amount of ram). That is enough for the next 3 years to come. You simply don`t need so much ram in a handheld. Its much more important to have FAST ram like 3DS uses it ;) And thats FCRAM, the fastest ram ever build in a mobile device (6.4 GB/s bandwith, accesstime of around 5 ms). PS Vita only had shitty slow DDR 2 mobile Stacked-ram (which costs 10 dollars/1 GB).

                                              Guess what FCRAM costs? Yes, 10 dollar for just 128 MB! So take it by 8 and you have at least 80 dollars for 1 GB. Thats what you have to pay if you want it. Also- 3DS has dualchannel-ram, not singlechannel. 2 64 MB dies in 3DS- and its guessed to be 2 dies of now 128 MB ram in the New 3DS.

                                              So you see? 32 MB was used for OS-purposes on 3DS till today (things like the bad internetbrowser, Miiverse, etc). And now you have at least 64 MB for that things. Enabling chats, downloads in background and many more things in future.

                                              New 3DS also has head-tracking and brightness-sensor now, which could be used ideally for chatting (Videochat).

                                              Trust me, 256 MB of High-Performance Ram is enough. You wouldn`t want to pay another 60 dollars just for 1 GB of that Ram, would you? Nope, trust me, it wouldn´t change anything.

                                              1. 192MB for games is pretty badass. Thats almost 200MB for games alone! So if your statements on the Vita RAM distribution is correct, then that would make only a 64MB gap between the game dedicated RAM for both devices. Also pretty badass!

                                        5. What’s up with all these “leaked” tiles? What’s next? “Sakurai taking a shower has been leaked”, “specs for Fils-a-mech has been leaked”, “Miyamoto and Iwata are best friends has been leaked”…..

                                        6. The real specs…

                                          Just enough to sell the 3ds to everyone that already has one.

                                          Imagine, purchasing a 3ds in N A for your kid as a christmas present after saving all year in order to do so. Then finding out that Nintendo just made that one obsolete. That will be the reality for many parents and kids this year. Not releasing this console at the same time around the world is a dirty trick. At least pull the old 3ds off the shelves ya fucking scamming pricks.

                                          1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                                            Parents who have to save for a year for a 3DS are either crackheads or are Obinna’s parents, this is how it goes in not only the gaming but technology industry as a whole, no one seems to get upset with the iPhone doing this every year or so.

                                            1. yes and Apples get away with ipods and ipads release every year. Always set a new hard ware standard that no1 cant keep up all the time.
                                              Which I kind of hate them for. Short live for there products when it come to software require new IOS os’s.

                                        7. even the specs of the old one aren’t entirely known

                                          afaik the cpu clock speeds are still matter of speculation

                                          1. I don`t think Arm11 of 3DS has L2-cache. Doesn`t seem like that. They used the space for the soundcore, dude ;) And that is biiiig! Also- Arm11 has no L2 by nature. even Iphone 3Gs Arm11 had no L2-Cache (my guess). They just didn`t need it. Later they just doubled the clock and made the cooling better.

                                        8. They honestly could have done much better with the naming other than just throwing the word “New” at the beginning.
                                          Super 3DS would have sounded more reasonable.
                                          This will just cause the same confusion just like the people who mistook the Wii U for a Wii. :/

                                          1. Super 3DS? lol You’re kidding? Just because its has the SNES colored buttons, you wanna name it that? If its has “new” in it, it would imply to consumers that something is different about the newer model compare to the old. Wii U however did spark some confusion because nobody knows what the “U” stands for besides those with a brain knows it means a tablet controller catering for your personal needs.

                                        9. Same GPU same GPU ?!?! The fuck Nintendo…we live in a time where technologies must always be stronger but for this your thinking faster CPU…so fuck U

                                          1. If they updated the GPU, then people will have a legitimate reason to complain about replacing 3DS too soon. A new portable system isn’t yet ready for its current time. Maybe they’re saving it for project Fusion coming in 2017-18

                                        10. Nintendo has to do more to convince me to get the new 3DS.Too bad it can’t be a Wii U controller or something useful with Wii U.

                                          1. that is awful. And that design looks like shit also. Also i don`t like any accounts ;) I`m glad Nintendo has NO accounts. i Hate accounts. Why? Oh its simple explained: Because if your internet breaks- Nintendo/Sony/MS gets hacked => no more gaming ;) Easy right? Playstation-gamers (PS4) got hacked last week. Hahaha. So you see? I am right. Thats the point why Nintendo does not have accounts yet. It simply makes no sense to output everything to the internet (which soon will collapse as it was not made for such kind of data-rates which today flows through it).

                                              1. yes they said it. But they are watching closely what hackers are doing. And what are hackers doing right now? Attacking PSN again. PSN is doen AGAIN! Hahaha. So- i don`t think they will do it, Sorry. Nintendo is just different. Nintendo will do what is necessary to make sure the security goes first.

                                        11. S­­­­­­­­­t­­­­­­­­­a­­­­­­­­­r­­­­­­­­­t­­­­­­­­­ w­­­­­­­­­o­­­­­­­­­rk­­­­­­­­­in­­­­­­­­­g a­­­­­­­­­t­­­­­­­­­ ho­­­­­­­­­m­­­­­­­­­e w­­­­­­­­­it­­­­­­­­­h G­­­­­­­­­oo­­­­­­­­­gl­­­­­­­­­e! It­­­­­­­­­’s by-­­­­­­­­­far­­­­­­­­­ the­­­­­­­­­ best­­­­­­­­­ j­­­­­­­­­ob­­­­­­­­­ I’v­­­­­­­­­e ha­­­­­­­­­d­­­­­­­­­. ­­­­­­­­­Last­­­­­­­­­ Thurs­­­­­­­­­day­­­­­­­­­ I­­­­­­­­­ go­­­­­­­­­t a ­­­­­­­­­bran­­­­­­­­­d­­­ n­­­­­­­­­ew ­­­­­­­­­BM­­­­­­­­­W ­­­­­­­­­since­­­­­­­­­ ­­­­­­­­­getti­­­­­­­­­ng­­­­­­­­­ a­­­­­­­­­ che­­­­­­­­­ck­­­­­­­­­ for­­­­­­­­­ ­­­­­­­­­$­­­­­­­­­6­­­­­­­­­474­­­­­­­­­ thi­­­­­­­­­s­­­­­­­­­ – ­­­­­­­­­4­­­­­­­­­ wee­­­­­­­­­ks p­­­­­­­­­ast­­­­­­­­­. I­­­­­­­­­ began­­­­­­­­­ this­­­­­­­­­ 8-months­­­­­­­­­ ago­­­­­­­­­ and­­­­­­­­­ immediately­­­­­­­­­ was­­­­­­­­ ­bringing­­­­­­­­­ home­­­­­­­­­ at­­­­­­­­­ least­­­­­­­­­ ­­­­­­­­­$­­­­­­­­­7­­­­­­­­­7­­­­­­­­­ pe­­­­­­­­­r ho­­­­­­­­­ur­­­­­­­­­. I­­­­­­­­­ work­­­­­­­­­ through­­­­­­­­­ this­­­­­­ ­­ link­­­­­­­­­, g­­­­­­­­­o? t­­­­­­­­­o tech­­­­­­­­­ tab­­­­­­­­­ for­­­­­­­­­ work­­­­­­­­­ detail,,,,,,, http://WWW.NETJOB90.COM

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