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Sakaguchi Says A New Last Story Title Would Be Up To Nintendo

The creator of Final Fantasy Hironobu Sakaguchi was asked by a panel at PAX whether they would create a new Last Story title for the Wii U to which he casually answered, “Ok, yeah, you talk to Nintendo.” Sakaguchi also said light-heartedly that if he did make the game he would also like it to be for Sony’s PlayStation 4.

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        1. They do. It was trademarked by Nintendo. Which means Nintendo has full ownership to it. If others wants to use or published anything that is related to The Last Story, they need Nintendo’s permission to do so.

      1. No they don’t. Nintendo does not own The Last Story. Just because it’s on a Nintendo system as an exclusive does not mean that it’s owned by Nintendo. It’s not a Nintendo franchise but it is on a Nintendo system.

        1. :

          The Last Story (ラストストーリー Rasuto Sutōrī?) is a third-person action role-playing game with stealth and strategy elements,[6] directed by Hironobu Sakaguchi and developed by Mistwalker and AQ Interactive for the Wii. It was published by Nintendo in Japan and Europe and by Xseed Games in North America, and is copyrighted by Nintendo.

        2. Nintendo has copyright over a lot of franchises not actually made by them. Game Freak makes Pokémon. They even published a Pokémon game for a Sega Arcade during the ’90s when Nintendo and Sega were basically at war. Somehow that managed to come out. But anyways, Nintendo does not make all of the games they copyright. The Last Story is copyrighted by Nintendo even though it is solely produced by Xseed.

  1. Well, like Xenoblade Chronicles and Pandora’s Tower, The Last Story IP belongs to Nintendo, so it wouldn’t be on PS4. :P

    Though he can still make an original game on the PS4 if he asked Sony, just not The Last Story property.

    1. Nintendo does not own the Last Story IP. They published the first game a s Wii exclusive but it is not Nintendo’s IP. The same way the new Fatal Frame being published by Nintendo does not make FF Nintendo’s IP.

      1. Nintendo has trademarked the Last Story and partially owned Fatal Frame. All future game releases are going to be green lighted by Nintendo.

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  3. I would love to see a new Last Story Title, the previous one was pretty good IMO and the battle system is great. I love to see how much he can improve upon the story, battle, and the soundtrack. I wouldn’t be surprised if the visuals are better because that would be obvious.

    Oh and hopefully it will have online modes like the last one to add more to the game.

    1. I loved the online so much. I still play the single player. Battle system is great, and the Wii U gamepad functions could even improve the real-time aspect of the battle system of the original title.

  4. The IP for TLS belongs to Nintendo? I didn’t know that. It was a good game but it was lacking in many areas. With just a bit more work I think it could have rivaled Xenoblade better. I still put a ton of hours into it online thanks to some good friends. It sucked in a lot of ways, but was awesome in so many too. At one point I thought it was being limited due to the Wii, but really it just came down to poor choices or hindsight from the developers.
    If a sequel hit the Wii U with online again, it could be so much better with the far superior hardware and the lessons learned from the first one. I could see why he would want to release it on another console, but it belongs on the Wii U first if not only.
    I and many others would certainly buy a sequel, I feel like it could very likely do well even if only on Wii U if it released 2016-2017.

    1. In other words, if a sequel came, and they improved from the first game, then it could be compared to even the likes of Xenoblade!

      Sounds pretty good to me.

      1. You got it. =)

        I had long since expected Xenoblade X to have online multiplayer, but with that looking unlikely, I’m going to find myself missing TLS even more.

    2. They don’t own the last story. And tendo it does not have any ownership of that IP. Just because it’s on a Nintendo platform does not mean that Nintendo owns it. Just like Nintendo does not own the rights to Shovel Knight even though it is on a Nintendo system.

      If you go with that logic then I guess owned by Nintendo owned Final Fantasy Mega Man, Contra , TMNT The arcade game, Castlevania, battle toads, double Dragon, so on and so forth because it was on the Nintendo entertainment system. But not the case. Nintendo does not own The Last Story or any of the other franchises I just mentioned.

      1. It’s clearly published by Nintendo in JAPAN. They didn’t want to do the same for the Western versions because they were too lazy to do it themselves.

        1. Actually, Nintendo themselves didn’t want to port it outside of Japan because they didn’t think they’d sell outside of the country. Thankfully, XSeed took the reigns for publishing the game outside of the country as they were willing to take a risk for the people that wanted the games outside of Japan. Sadly, even Nintendo is not immune to being afraid of their games not selling outside of their home country.

  5. Well, if Nintendo published it again, I doubt it would come to PS4…. sooo……

    Anyway, Nintendo should totally publish another one and get it on the Wii U! The more awesome games, the better the console will sell!

  6. Oh please no, That Last Story should be just that, the last story.

    I know they were trying to replicate the whole Final Fantasy magic, but they just didnt with this title, just let it die.

      1. Not exactly. If they go for a trilogy set up, The Last Story 1 is just one part of a bigger story. In fact, The Last Story gave the impression that Lazulis Island wasn’t the only place with corrupt knights & lords. Not to mention the game left at least one plothole: who killed the previous Count of Lazulis? The game heavily implies it was her uncle but it’s just that: an implication, not a comfirmation.

        1. I can tell you right now that as a person that doesn’t even know what The Last Story is, it’s sounds like you’re speaking a foreign language. XD But go ahead, keep talking about it. It’s funny!

  7. The Last Story was a pretty moderate game. For every great and innovative mechanic, there’s a pretty stupid and grotesque design error to balance things out. You can’t say it’s a bad game, but you can’t say it’s a great game either. If they’re making a new one, I hope they learn from their mistakes.

    1. Good way to put it. They would do one thing right and one thing wrong over and over again, and then eventually they were doing another thing right and two things wrong. Multiplayer could have been so so much better.

      1. ESPECIALLY the co-op part. It always did suck that we could only fight the bosses themselves. And there were only a few of the bosses we could fight. I would have loved it if we could have worked our way up to the bosses.

      2. I think that the original game is extremely solid foundation for a “full-glory” sequel on the Wii U, even if only published as ‘remastered’/expanded next-gne version.

  8. More RPG’s the better in my opinion. For what it was worth, The Last Story was pretty fun, though I wouldn’t call it a top-tier RPG like the reviews said.

    There were many good ideas, but the game was way too short for one thing. It could have also benefited from better characters and something better than the half-assed romance.

    1. I enjoyed the characters & the romance plot. It might have been cliche but they are cliches for the simple fact they actually work.

  9. ??? NINTENDO, FUND IT!!! FUNDITFUNDITFUNDIT!!! KEEP THIS SERIES NINTENDO EXCLUSIVE, DAMN IT!!! The Last Story was great & I loved all of the characters! Everything about the game was awesome! Of course, it could have been better but everyone can say the same about everything else on the planet. Just make the sequel darker. I want Sir Therius as the new main character, though. Maybe the first few chapters can be pre-Lazulis Island to show Therius rising through the ranks to become General Asthar’s apprentice, and it can also be a set up to show there are other places with corrupt knights that Therius will have to deal with in the second half which takes place after the Lazulis Island incident.

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  11. since the wii U does not have much games coming out for me this year. 2015 will allow me to play that game which I own since end of 2013. I think Nintendo should develop more RPG type games with Sakaguchi-san or at least with his studio. He is the man behind Final Fantasy, seiken densetsu and chrono cross for god sake. If the last story did not sell well here in Europe is due to the price of the game which is £20 more expensive than average games and the fact the game is very hard to find (same as xenoblade chronicle). I think his studio must be very busy cause MS,Sony and Nintendo knows he was squaresoft. Hope nintendo will managed to make more deal with him.

    1. I would love it if Nintendo could get Mistwalker as a 2nd party developer. With Monolith Soft already part of Nintendo, Mistwalker would be the cherry on top for good RPG, and JRPG, titles for Nintendo home consoles.

      1. It’s not like we can rely on Square Enix, after all, for Nintendo home console RPGs. The few RPGs they do release to Nintendo home consoles never leave Japan & it’s a bit infuriating. Not as infuriating as what Ubisoft, Capcom, & EA are doing, though. Least Square Enix isn’t screwing over the Wii U by promising games for the console & then backing out when things get hard.

        1. true but it could be explained by the fact square-enix focus a lot on mobile games lately. If you go to their website you will see the shift. My impression is that Square-Enix’s prority at the moment is on Mobile, PC, PS4, Xbox 1 and 3DS.

          1. I think they are going for the mobile market just to make money to support their console games. Least I hope this is the case. It’ll actually be bad if Square Enix took this support a step further & did 90% mobile games. They might have botched up some games but they are still making money & they can still make great games if they really tried.

      2. agree, I think the market for RPG or even JRPG is there and more attractive as it was in the 1990-200’s. Again as I stated in my previous comment the limited success in Europe of the last story, xenoblade chronicle and pandora’s tower is due to the quantity of software release which influenced on the retail price. On that occasion their success had also been their downfall. I really wish xenoblade chronicle X to be very successful, re-start a trend and influence Sakaguchi-san to make a game for wii U

        1. Nintendo really does need to fork up some money to Mistwalker & get Sakaguchi to make another The Last Story. I want to see more of that world & would love a game with Therius as the main character.

            1. Yes. Mario Hyrule Warriors this month for the West, Mario Bayonetta 2 (bonus Mario Bayonetta), in October, Mario Super Smash Brothers 4 in December, Mario Splatoon to be announced, Mario Star Fox, Mario Metroid for 3DS, Mario Metroid for Wii U, Mario Legend of Zelda, & Mario Xenoblade Chronicles X are 10 such Mario games. So many great Mario games on the way & so many more yet to be announced. The haters are right! Mario IS the only thing Nintendo does! *sarcasm*

                1. Actually, we need MORE Mario! I want Paper Mario 3, not that Sticker Star shit! And Super Mario Sunshine! Where the fuck is my Super Mario World successor!?

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