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Bayonetta 2 Confirmed For October 24 Release In Europe, First Print Edition Also Announced

Nintendo of Europe has confirmed Bayonetta 2 will release October 24 for Europe – the exact same day as North America. European owners will be pleased they won’t have to miss any of the action and can join in with the US when it launches next month for the Wii U.

Alongside a release date, Nintendo of Europe also announced the Bayonetta 2 First Print Edition, which includes a physical copy of Bayonetta 1 & 2 and an art book all within lovely embossed packaging – a faithful recreation of The Hierarchy of Laguna, the book of angels that documents the angelic foes Bayonetta meets on her adventures. But make sure you’re quick, the First Print Edition is limited to only 15,300 copies. You can check out all of the contents in the video embedded above.

46 thoughts on “Bayonetta 2 Confirmed For October 24 Release In Europe, First Print Edition Also Announced”

                1. only nintenchimps think bayonetta is sexy.
                  the clergy of the church of sasori announces that lord sasori now known as lord aizen will fap looking his beloved naruto, while you drones keep losing your time with your bayonetta hentai.
                  bayonetta is not as sexy as this:
                  oh, sasori forgive ass and teach ass how to fap while looking the glorious naruto sexy jutsu

                  1. LMAO! I’m starting to think that you’re making fun of Sasori instead of defending him! Freaking hilarious. Keep up the good work. XD

          1. You are telling someone to do something that you aren’t doing yourself? xD Can you make it any more obvious that you’re full of shit & are a hypocrite?

    1. Bad language seems to have gone?
      But still this to to get pegi 16 is nothing short of a miracle.
      Though the game has not been rated yet.

        1. Dang, I got so distracted since I haven’t heard Bayonetta say any bad word yet in this game, that I forgot about Enzo, glad they haven’t toned him back.

          Suggestive themes, check.
          Excessive violence, check.
          Bad language, check.

          I don’t know why Nintendo expects Pegi 16, the game has not yet been rated by Pegi..
          Or at least it is not appearing on Pegi’s list.

      1. Yeah, but this has a woman protagonist! :P And she does naughty things. Lol. I always find it funny how parents are ok with blood, murder, etc, but can’t take a bit of sexual content.

        1. Because humans are idiots that forget the simple fact that they are born naked & that sex appeal is a natural part of life. Decry your human side, human, & you’ll free yourself!

  1. North America BETTER get this, or something that’s like this. I’m not afraid to spend money Nintendo, you can have it. JUST LET ME PUT THAT ON MY SHELF.

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  5. A shame I won’t be pre-ordering this game even if NoA does bring it over here. I hate pre-ordering games that come so late in the month. Hyrule Warriors is the exception. Still, I’m going to get this game as soon as I can. I just won’t be able to get it on it’s first week of release.

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