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Ubisoft And Electronic Sports Cup Announce Next Phase In Just Dance Competition

Ubisoft and the Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) today announced the next phases of the Just Dance competition, which can be played by anyone around the globe. Just Dance players are now one step closer to the grand finale at Paris Games Week on October 30th and November 1st, 2014. Here’s how fans can still qualify:

World Dance Floor

Just Dance’s online multiplayer mode allows players to compete against each other’s performances; the remaining qualifying sessions are scheduled for September 7th, September 14th and September 21st.

ESWC qualifier events

Through Just Dance competitions, the next finalists will be identified and win their ticket to the world finals. After Montreal (Canada) in July, four new events are scheduled around the world, including:

  • Sydney (Australia) at the Ubisoft EB Expo booth, on October 3 and 5, 2014
  • Igromir (Russia), between October 3 and 5, 2014
  • Copenhagen (Denmark), ESWC Finals with, on October 10 and 11, 2014
  • Paris (France), on the ESWC stage, at Paris Games Week, on October 29

As the home of the ESWC, France will give a special welcome to their players and the eight best French dancers from on-line qualifications will be invited to compete live on Wednesday, October 29. The qualifier will take place on stage at Paris Games Week and two winners will qualify for the World Finals.

Just Dance TV

The qualifications are also open to the Just Dance TV where players can submit their best performance on Just Dance 2014 through Autodance option until September 21.

ESWC Finals

The top twenty Just Dance players will be flown to Paris Games Week to compete in the Grand Final of the Just Dance World Cup from October 30th to November 1st, 2014. During the Final in front of thousands of spectators, in the room and online (live on Twitch.TV and Dailymotion), the best 20 dancers from international qualifications will perform on the next installment of the game, Just Dance 2015 on Xbox One. The matcheswill be played in the final duel (one versus one), and the result decision based on the combination of several scores as follows:

  •  Technical score: 1 point awarded to the player with the highest score in the game.
  • Artistic score: awarded by the three members of the jury, each of whom will give 1 extra point to the player of their choice for the bestchoreography and best visual performance.
  • In case of a tie, the decision will be submitted to online voting, on the live stream.

Composed of professional dance and acting, the jury will be announced shortly.


So far, the on-line sessions have identified a temporary ranking, per platform:

– Wii U: Diegho.San (Brazil), Ferch12 (Mexico)
– Xbox One: BlazingGuitar14 (USA), KelvinJaeder (Brazil)
– Xbox 360: pedro13bkn (Chili), Mr_Manu_xD (Mexico)
– PlayStation 4 system: Klesko (Chili), RenoGroove (Netherlands)
– PlayStation 3 system: eaccy2397 (Mexico), samurox89 (Peru)

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        1. I like most of their games, not just Assassin’s Creed. Instead of taking out my frustration on Ubisoft or Nintendo, I will take it out on YOU. Because you didn’t buy their games and you prevented people that actually do like me from getting them! Why did you do this?! :/

          1. Okay so its somehow my blame of your friends ignoring the game series when the series itself is slowly growing stale and desperate with its spamming? Not just annual but now pushing out two freaking games after part 4 which came out a year after the last? You seriously are missing the signs that these companies needs to stop acting so pathetically greedy because its gonna kill the interest of these games. That’s why I don’t support any of those illogical motives which spells “desperation” anyway. I played the game. I don’t like it and I’m boycotting Ubishit after the stunts they have pulled without giving Wii U a hint of chance as they promised. I’m not even doing this to piss you off (if weren’t so sensitive, yet blind at times) or prevent you from playing games or making Internet friends. I’m doing this to show I disapprove what Ubisoft is doing and for people to wake up and stop supporting them from becoming like EA, that is its already too late. So, you are free to keep throwing money at these companies so they can screw you later or sooner than you think. I’m not gonna be their sucker anymore. Simple as that.

            1. You do realize I was joking, right? I’m not going to read that long ass paragraph you just wrote. Lol calm down. XD I wasn’t expecting that kind of reaction… Lol.

                      1. If they weren’t lying or cutting corners only to screw themselves like what they did around GTA5, then maybe I wouldn’t be so pissed of being cheated like that. As for getting the game, that depends if its not gimped or doesn’t suck.

        2. Ubisoft started it. I used to buy their games as new.
          Heck, AC III was even a Wii U day one purchase for me, I choose it compared to the NSMB Wii U.
          But, I will never forgive them from the Rayman Incident. Now they have joined my Buy Used Game Club.

          1. If you bought one of their games, then I’m not referring to you. You did your part. I’m referring to the fucking morons that don’t have not even a single Ubisoft game and complain about this. It’s a shame loyal customers like you have to suffer though because of this. I know how you feel.

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  It doesn’t matter, games are games and I have bought Ubisian games ever since the Ancient Era until the Wii U…

                  1. And yet you still don’t buy their current games. Rayman Legends, Watch Dogs,Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed, etc. Ubisoft does not care if you played their games years ago. If you aren’t buying them now, you are irrelevant to them.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      Because I don’t like them?…

                      Don’t you get it yet? Why should people buy a game they have zero interest in?…

                      If you want to waste money because of support then you should become a politican…

                      And your point was about people that played Ubisian games, not only now…

                      1. I was talking about having Ubisoft games on the Wii U. And you already got Zombi U so you did your part already. But you have to buy the newer games as well in order for you to contribute to their sales. You have a PC if I do recall and tons of their games are on there if you want them. If you say you aren’t interested in any of them, then I find that extremely hard to believe because all their games aren’t just “Assassin’s Creed”. There are multiple different types of games like Rayman to The Crew to Far Cry, etc. It’s impossible to not be interested in at least one of those.

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          Which I’m not, only thing I’m interested in is PoP and they don’t make it because they rather milk AC…

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              Because I wanted to try it out for once but then they screwed our people over so no thanks…

                              1. That’s why you didn’t buy it? … sigh. *facepalm* I have nothing else to say about this anymore.

                          1. Because they have a lot of third party games I really want. Like Far Cry 4. Lol. Although, they still do have issues imo. Like graphics downgrade in games and Uplay really need to go…

                      2. For me, the Watch_Dogs delay was the last straw. I could have forgiven the Rayman Legends delay & the gimping of some other games but… 3 strikes, YOU’RE OUT!!

                2. How about go out to a club with some friends to dance instead of being holed up like a bunch of social rejects on a Friday night.

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