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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Collector’s Edition Revealed For North America


Capcom US has officially unveiled the special Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Collectors Edition which you’ll be able to get your hands on when the game launches exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS early next year. The company says that the designs have yet to be finalised.


67 thoughts on “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Collector’s Edition Revealed For North America”

  1. Yes!!! Finally!!! I will get this for sure. It’s about time North America gets collector’s editions of games. I hope we can get the same for Bayonetta 2 and Hyrule Warriors. Most likely not but hey a boy can dream.

    1. I see a lot of comments about people saying that monster hunter doesn’t catch their attention. I wonder if any of these people have ever actually played the game. I remember how I was looking for something to wipe the dust off my wii and for whatever reason bought monster hunter. I had seen the commercial on tv like 3 years before when the game had released and it looked stupid. It took a total of 10 minutes for me to get hooked to the series, I can’t believe I didn’t get it 3 years earlier when it had released.

      1. Today, as I was looking through the comments section on recent articles. I noticed you commented on almost every one of them. After a bit of contemplation I decided to say thank you, for adding more of a talking point to the comments section. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t wonder about things that only your comments could make me think of, such as: “Wow, I didn’t know some people hated babies so much.” And “If this guy hates nintendo games so much, why don’t they just buy a Wii and scream ‘BABY MACHINE’ at it while they pass by? So thank you, ps4, for fueling the discussion in a very round-about way.

      2. Hey guess what? Its the very same stupid baby game that use to exist on PS you dumbass. Its Sony’s own fault for losing majority of MH from MH3 on Wii for development costs on PS3 being too high. So, you have my permission to cry fanboy. XD

    2. I came on just to write “wow, finally north american gets something fucking good and useful for a change”. They shit on us the most, man.

    1. Have you actually played the game though. The demo doesn’t count. You can probably get the wiiU version real cheap now and there’s a big online community. You should really consider it.

      1. Nope. Just the demo of MH3U. I hear the full game is better. But before I get into that, I would like someone to explain some advantages in the full game that aren’t in the demo. Because if it’s too similar to that demo, I’ll pass.

        1. Fuck everything. In the actual game you have to collect loot to make your weapons, armor, items, etc. You collect bugs, mine stones, etc. Just buy it, it’s pretty damn cheap now.

        2. Its waaaaaaaay off that demo my friend, this game is no small run of the mill bullshit like the demo shows. The demo game you set armors and set weapons that you can create by hunting that specific monster, weapons included, in fact that demo just gives you 2 monsters, one easy, and one hard, both are NOTHING compared to the others in the game. your armor starts out with the weakest but most valuable skills for mining, carving, and gathering…also starts you off with a very weak weapon that you have to contently sharpen to get better kills. As you go through the game, you can hunt better monsters for better equipment. Finding the weapon for you is your biggest task as well as learning to hit the monster and pay attention to your surroundings so you don’t get stuck in corners. The main thing to worry about in the game is knowing how to survive in it as well as knowing the monsters weakness and strengths, and knowing your armors weakness and strengths. Every armor as at least one down side, take the rathian armor for an example:

          Its very strong against Fire (+15), neutral on water and ice (0), Weak against thunder (-10), and very weak against dragon element (-20).

          to build the armor, you need to work on the full body parts one by one…I am not shitting you.

          Which means your gonna hunt this monster until you get the parts you need for every bit of the armor.

          1. weapons also have their own building classes too, I’m telling you hollow, this game you need a guide just to start. There are so many weapons and armors to look for, and higher and stronger versons of the monsters for better armor…and keep an eye out for devil jho and savage jho.

  2. Anubis (Sponsored by Doritos and Mountain Dew)

    Ugh. Not interested in this, I don’t understand what makes people like this series. I keep playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and found it to be extremely biting as hell, I really find the controls annoying to use. It’s quite literally the worst game I bought for Wii U. I’m a little mad because i keep trying to play it; giving it multiple chances, but every time I play the game I find myself either yawning or annoyed with the controls.

    As a Pierson who’s new to the Monster Hunter series, I would like to know what makes this series so great :/

      1. People love the challenge and its rewarding when you finally complete tht set of armor youre going for or the satisfaction of finally slaying a monster that you and your buddies being been grinding hours in order to beat, personally I love the MP and online, ill admit it isnt for everybody id say its for hardcore gamers who would invest huge amount of time just so they can beat the game..

        1. Anubis (Sponsored by Doritos and Mountain Dew)

          Thanks for your input!

          All I have to say is that I would have to learn more about the games, because it’s obvious that playing blind isn’t helping. I don’t know :/ Maybe this game isn’t for me, but I refuse to give up on it!

          1. Ok have you even got to the first boss yet? The game blows until then and doesn’t even start going,the very beginning is torture, just skip everything and don’t read. The hunters don’t tell you anything worthy. Use the sword and shield, dual scies and long sword if you want speed and have enough reaction time to dodge. It’s a very complex game and that’s seriously all i want to tell you, i already told drybones all about it and i’m the reason why he has the game and likes it so much, i sold him on it, because he was saying he hated it from the demo.

            Mine for shit collect shit when you have the chances and up grade your weapons/armor. It helps for the armer to upgrade to each boss armer, like jagi armer and all that and keep upgrading when can, but in the very beginning don’t worry about upgrading that much because you really can’t. Oh and always carry maximum potions. Mix honey and those blue mushrooms to get mega potions. Keep those weapon sharpen thingies ( i haven’t played in a while so forgot what it’s called) so you can get your weapon at maximum strength when the sharpness goes to red.

            You get used to the controls, especially with faster weapons. Slow ones fucking suck. I would say these controls work better in this type of game than that shitty mario 3d fail world, that was made for the fucking slider pad. 8 DIRECTIONS can’t work good with a fucking analogue stick, with the said pad you could just slide it super fast so it would work natural.

            Thank me later bitch if this helped. If it wasn’t super clear and sloppy you should be thankful i even gave you time because i hate explaining these complex games to someone more than once unless we talk in person. I gave dry bones a way better explanation but this should help for a starter.

              1. It does but this game is really awesome when you get the hang of it, i’m glad my brother knew everything, he taught me to play it and know how to upgrade and shit.

                UHH you can tell i don’t even feel like talking by my lack of depth. I think i should just not comment.

      1. Anubis (Sponsored by Doritos and Mountain Dew)

        It makes me mad because I bought that game before I bought the Wii U expecting the game I would play most; plus it was well received and people love this game so I wanted to give it a shot.

        Let me tell you this game starts out REALLY SLOW… I can’t stress that enough. It’s one of those games that you have to spend invest a LOT of time with it. It’s hard for me to do that when I don’t feel engaged to the game :/ One of my coworkers said that this game shines when comes to playing online.

        One of my biggest gripes with the game is the controls. I hate that you have yo be perfect in line with a monster to do damage to it ESPECIALLY when you have to throw an object at them. Its really difficult to tell how far you are from since there’s no sense of depth. Ugh I’m making this game sound way worse than it actually is IMO. Its not really a good idea to listen to me because I’m not that invested into this series as much as the others :P

    1. The controls do suck. Once you adapt, it’s pretty fun, but I will say the game generates a Love/Hate polarized crowd. :)

      I played the demo and loathed it so much, but a year later I got the game for $18, and it was much better than I thought.

      1. I hate the demo. I had already hated it fighting the Lagombi, but dear lord… The Plesioth made me fear getting the game. He successfully obliterated me every single time I tried to fight him. And I’m sure there are monsters even stronger than him in the real game so I was like “Woah… wtf?? o_O This game is definitely not for me!” Lmao!

        1. Anubis (Sponsored by Doritos and Mountain Dew)

          I actually liked fighting those monsters… especially the Plesioth I really liked the music :D

      2. Anubis (Sponsored by Doritos and Mountain Dew)

        See I wouldn’t be as angry if I hadn’t pay the game for full price…

        The crazy thing is that I loved the demo. It was the reason why I bought the game within the first week it came out.

        1. Oh, I hear ya bro. I would have been pissed paying $60.
          I guess at $18, and the fact I wanted to like it (although I hated the demo) well, eventually I caught on, and now I’m one of the Monster Hunter fanatics…

          Still, I don’t blame anyone for not getting into it. It’s a shitty learning curve….the controls are fucked up… So for those that like it, (like me) I’ll be all over this special edition, but those that just are not into it, I would totally understand their point of view. :)

        1. Lol, actually, you did. There were two or three folks that made me give it a second chance, and you definitely were crucial in my getting into it. xD

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        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          If this comes to the EU territory and I have the Resources then I might do the same thing if the price is about that cheap for a collector’s edition…

          1. Hopefully, I really hate when things are made for a specific region only in certain cases. For your sake and everyone else who may end up buying the collectors edition if it releases outside the U.S., I hope it is reasonably priced like this as well.

            Good luck and happy hunting.

  4. I plan on preordering after getting smash…Tri was awesome on the Wii, Freedom Unite was awesome on the PSP, and 3U was amazing on the 3DS…..I am excited for this….Hyped even….I hope they release a demo in January again….3U’s demo helped make the wait a little easier lol…I hope there are harder monsters this time round in the demo though….Plesioth and Lagombi were far too easy….even for a demo lol

  5. AGHHHH!!! I’ve never played Monster Hunter before, but because this is a COLLECTOR’S EDITION I am going to buy it, because I’ve wanted to buy a collector’s edition in the U.S for SO LONG and the day is finally coming when I can do just that!!!

    Thank you CAPCOM! You are doing what Nintendo fails to provide me with.

    Maybe now I will get into the Monster Hunter series and I’ll buy the previous entries to the game?

    This is why Nintendo should do collector’s editions… It get’s people involved in your franchises…

  6. I’m sorry what I meant to say is…. I really want this game but I’m such a baby , I probably wouldn’t know how to play it… Damn :(

  7. O.O Oh my god! I’m so getting this! Let me guess, though: Gamestop is going to be the only fucking place with it & it’s pre-order only, huh!? If so, damn it! I hope it’s not a late in the month release.

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