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Analyst Predicts Wii U Sales Have Significantly Improved Compared To Last Year

Michael Pachter has predicted that Nintendo sold 65,000 Wii U units in the U.S. in August, outpacing the console’s sales numbers during the same period last year by approximately 111 percent. The famed Wedbush analyst’s estimation is based on the performance of the Wii U-exclusive racing game Mario Kart 8, which has sold more than one million copies in the U.S. alone. Pachter also predicts that total Wii U software sales reached $12 million last month.

129 thoughts on “Analyst Predicts Wii U Sales Have Significantly Improved Compared To Last Year”

  1. I predict that the Wii U sold approx 33,000 units in japan for the same month, this is based on the weekly articles of Wiiu selling 8,500 units a week. This is an increase of 5% because the figures have stayed the same the whole year apart from 1 week when Hyrule was Hype.
    I see anyone can do this job.

  2. People are losing confidence in Pachter. And I believe his numbers are a little short aswell. Wii U sales in Japan are at 36,000 for August. Is Pachter telling me that the U.S. only has 65,000 thousand? I believe it to be probably around 80,000. Pachter is paid by Microsoft to down play Nintendo.

    On a side note, look at dem Mariokart graphics! Not next gen my ass.

      1. hmm… what did Ryse get as a score again? why do people care about graphics so much when its just gonna get beaten next gen. dear god its worse then blast processing

      2. Yeah. I’m looking at shit compare to a fun game that is MK8. I see what’s wrong in this picture. You like polished turd for video games or shall I say “$60-70 interactive CGI movies”

      3. Are you seriously using Ryse Son of Rome to prove that Xbox One is next gen? If anything, Ryse is an example of how Xbox One is lagging in power because it can only put out 1080p tops on Xbox One while the PC port of the game is going for 4K which is truly next gen. So no don’t look at Ryse Son of Rome on Xbox One, look at it on PC which is the only gaming setup close to pumping out 4K visuals. Honestly, the debate over console graphics makes me laugh. PS4 and Xbox One lag significantly behind PC as always in terms of power so I don’t even really get your point of Mario Kart 8 not being next gen because it’s pushing 1080p at 60 fps which is what the other consoles games are running at if they are even that good. Many Xbox One games struggle to run 720p at 60 fps such as Dead Rising 3. So by your logic, the only next gen system is a PC based off of graphics alone. Big whoopidy freaking doo…………go kill yourself.

        1. *Actually Ryse only runs at 900p and not 1080p on Xbox One which only further proves my point. and also proves that Mario Kart 8 is actually more next gen since it runs at 1080p at 60 fps which was confirmed by Eurogamer and thus proving Digital Foundry wrong about it being native 720p. So Mario Kart 8 is more next gen by your logic than Ryse.

          1. Mario Kart 8 isn’t 1080p 60fps. Dumb fuck, there hasn’t been a single 108060 Wii U game made this year. Developers are straining like HELL to get that type of resolution on Nintendo’s weak console. So your point fails. Use the PC excuse all you want, in the end, some people aren’t willing to fork out $1000 for a single gaming device with controls that most don’t even like anyway

          2. Actually, from my time with Ryse on my Xbox One, it serves as an example of what you can achieve when focusing on the quality of each pixel rather than the raw pixel count. Obvious pixel and sub-pixel crawl is reduced, edges are smooth and clean, yet detail remains visible and sharp. Minor aliasing and shimmering do persist in certain instances, such as distant views of complex structures, but the overall image often more closely resembles a pre-rendered film than a typical game – an impressive achievement.

      4. I’d say Forza 5 would be a better game to compare, which is way better looking than mario kart 8. Mario kart 8 is a bit more fun though. Both are pretty, and both are fun.

    1. Were we talking about the gameplay? I clearly remember talking about the GRAPHICS ONLY

      And how the fuck is MK8 a “masterpiece”? Double Dash crushes it you see ;)

      1. MK64, Double Dash and MK7 is better than MK8 when it comes to gameplay. If they had thought of keeping arena stages and didn’t delete having an extra item and made totally new stages during development it would have been better. But nope. I paid $59,99 to basicly play MK7 stages in HD minus the arena stages. That was stupid. Plus that upside down shit came from Diddy Kong Racing first. Hell you don’t even know you are upside down when driving.

        1. What the hell do they be thinking during development. Adding coins as an idem is dumb since they are on the track anyway. And why didn’t they think to make carrying an extra item an option during development. That was stupid. Also stupid for not thinking to keep arena stages and have racing stages to monitor to see what stages people select more when playing online. That way you’d know not to put racing stages for battling for MK9. That was stupid.

              1. ???
                Did you even read the comment I replied to ? jtz was saying how adding coins was a dumb idea, and I merely mentioned that they’re nothing new, as they appeared in the same way in the first Mario Kart game already.
                I’d suggest you to actually bother reading the comments you’re replying to, because getting into the context will help you not make an idiot out of yourself like you just did,

                Also, *they’re.

          1. You right MK7 was fun no complaints with that game. Yet want to play dumb as if 50% of MK8 stages aren’t on previous Mario Kart games. I mean Toads Turnpike, Royal Raceway from MK64? But you are a Minute do ass kisser that accepts anything they do for either $59,99 or $39,99.

            1. No. Idiots who bought an Xbox One on launch day knowing first hand what BS they were gonna do with DRM thinking its gone is an ass kisser. Don’t get pissy over MK8 ONLY because of them changing Battle Mode or the character roster is somehow a bigger disappointment than MK7/DS/Super Circuit combined.

                1. *looks for headline of Xbox passing 6 million since mid Spring of 5 million announcement…no such article found* Sorry. Try again. Those who were gonna be stupid enough to buy that ridiculously huge Betamax already moved on to PS4. Nice try.

                  1. Wii U didn’t get to 5 million until 3D World came out. Wii U didn’t reach 6 million until Jan or Feb 2014. But Dumb Iwata predicted in November Wii U would reach 9 million by Feb or Mar. A year ago Wii U was at 3 million. When WWHD came out the software went up without the hardware going up.

                  2. Funny a year ago Wii U didn’t see 5 million until 3D world came out. It was at 3 million for a long ass time. Yet Wii U total sales are closer to shitbox One than PS4’s. If Nintendo didn’t think about making a more powerful Xbox 360 back in 2008 according to you it would have sold better. At least Sony thought years ahead when PS4 was in R&D. Unless the PS4 is build off Xbox 360 too.

                    1. Funny. Same shit is happening with Xbox as clearly stated and here you go ignoring it as what a typical dumbass fandork would. In actuality, Wii U is in between both systems of sales if your dumbass can count and follow real headlines and not what that dumbass Patcher or Microsoft spits out which merely damage control written twists to get you to think otherwise.

                      And Power = sales? lol That’s not what SNES/PS1/2/DS/Wii/3DS said and all of those consoles are top sellers of their generation and weaker than the other consoles and how’s that possible? The games because those console delivered amazing games that justified the platform. Even a wise gamer such as myself knows that technical powers of a console means nothing but a mere first minute impression turned to afterthought. If a platform is powerful but delivers crap content, then its existence is all for nothing.

                      And don’t even say PS4 is top dog because its all BS graphical power hype selling itself and 3DS is actually the top seller ATM. So again, you lost the war.

                      “Sony thought years ahead with PS4” LMAO That really made me laugh. The only thing they though of for PS4 is making it a gimped PC that’s still not even close to topping PC’s maximum performance and on top of that, they’re basically copycatting Microsoft in every way except for DRM (even though they were gonna do it) because they saw it as a threat to their brand so they played it smart by keeping it quiet and getting rid of it unlike Microsoft who still kept it in to this day.

                    2. If I were to go into business for making cameras, why would I think a 1992 Kodak camera and focus on that and not digital cameras will sell in 2014? That’s how Nintendo thinks in their R&D.

                    1. Guess you ignored the link I showed you. Still damage controlling and facts dodging I see. Sad. lol

                      And I said 6-8 months ago meaning with that time range I last heard it hit 5 million around when Sony said PS4 hit 7 million.

                      Right now, I feel the Wii U is somewhere around 7.3-5 million and with Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2 and Smash Bros. coming, it’ll likely pass by 10-11 by Christmas and PS4 around at least 13-14. IDGAF about Xbox One. It was done and over killed by PS4 before it even started.

                  3. Yeah in generation 8 this generation is about power. This generation is different then SNES, PS1 generation. Also reason why N64 lost because Nintendo didn’t think of disk in N64 development. It was more powerful but outdated like Wii U. As for 3DS, that’s a handheld. Cell phones are more powerful than 3Ds. That’s why its a threat to the 3Ds. GameCube powerful but Nintendo didn’t think DVDs or regular sized disc at the time of GameCube development. So its not power that don’t bring sells its not thinking at least 5 years ahead or making dumb decisions in R&D.

                    1. If it was about power, then Vita would’ve smoked 3DS a long time ago. Oh that’s right. It didn’t and PS4 still has a lot of catching up to do to beat it. lol In case you deliberately overlooked it.

                      And guess what? As I mentioned about PS4/One being gimped PC, they’re “powerful” and outdated as well and until the day it can best PC’s top monster quality at a cheap price, its gonna stay that way so don’t even try to pretend its in all god mode.

                      N64 and GameCube only lost because of poor hardware decisions, not that its weak but with its shortcomings when it comes to development cost and storage media. That’s it. And WTF are you calling cellphones a threat to 3DS? First of all, cellphones or even touchscreen only expensive smartphones are not consoles nor competing in the market. Second, most of smartphone games are relatively crappy, second handed borefest that its appeal lasts for only hours to days and its value loses pretty quickly. Not only the games has a greater potential to fail but its quality and concept are usually piss poor and rushed. Lastly, smartphone technology gets outdated so quickly that newer game apps within the same year or two performs like shit from last year models so in a way, its a bigger hassle to consumers and sometimes developers.

                    2. Reason why PS1 win because unlike Nintendo during the developing process with the PlayStation they thought of disk not what was already out in the market such as the SNES. To sell new products you plan and focus ahead not what’s already out. That why the more powerful N64 lost to PS1. Why else is it that PS2 beat Dreamcast? Because during development they added what was popular at the time to their new console. As a result PS2 offered a DVD. Yet Nintendo planned dumb during GameCube Development as if DVD players.weren’t hot the time. Products planned ahead sells. Products focused on the current market fails. After all why else is the Camry America’s best selling car 5 years in a row? They focus 5 years ahead.

              1. What… Why would you bring up the Xbox at such an unrelated point ?? It made absolutely no sense, lmao.
                I do agree with jtz though, MK8 is one of the worst entries in the series, imo. Unbalanced, mediocre roster, missing battlemode, gamplay-wise not too convincing. My personal opinion, at least.

                1. Man ya easily hate a game over a fucking roster and Battle mode which that part is understandable but that’s it. As for balance and gameplay, I get you hate the blue shell and all but the balance/gameplay has been like that for a long time and if you hate this game over imbalance but still buy and say COD is a better game, something’s definitely wrong with you people.

                  1. Um… I don’t see how a mediocre roster is not a legit reason to dislike a game, especially if it’s a game like Mario Kart.
                    Also, I wasn’t talking about the blue shells when I mentioned the lack of balance.
                    And who even said anything about CoD, seriously.

                    1. In previous MK games, the type of items you get would depend on which position you’re on. When being in the lead/top 3, you’d get stuff like green shells, bananas or, occassionally, red shells, to defend yourself. People who are further behind would get the “better items” such as, stars, bullet bills, thunders and that kinda stuff. With MK8 it feels like you just get whatever, no matter which place you’re on, making it sometimes impossible to catch up to others while being far behind them. I got super 8’s and stars when I was 4th, 3rd and even 2nd, but coins and bananas on 6th-9th. It can get really frustrating at times and this is the first time I’m feeling like that about a Mario Kart game. Of course there’s nothing wrong with being unlucky at times, which is how it was with previous MK games, but with MK8 it happens all the time and it simply feels like the whole race is purely based on luck and nothing else. Not saying you should be getting stars and bullet bills instantly if you’re kinda left behind, but bananas and coins certainly are not what I want to keep seeing when I’m far behind the others.
                      It’s hard to explain without sounding like a whiny noob, but I’m actually really not that bad at Mario Kart, lmao. As I’ve said, it’s the first MK I’m fairly disappointed in.

              2. As PS4 & Wii U owner i wouldn’t complain about Xbox One’s DRM so much. PSN has been so much down that i’ve had problems to play my PS+ Games and if i someday broke my 3DS or Wii U i have change to loose all my games. Uplay for PC is just horrible.

        2. Upside down? Diddy kong racing only had the boats and the plane mechanism. I will say the whole anti gravity thing is from F-Zero which is basically where they got it from.

          1. Yes many stages on Diddy Kong racing did loops. If Nintendo thought twice before letting Rare ware go it would have been in Eshop so we could play on unplanned Wii U. That was stupid. Why would you let Rare go when they put most of the games on N64? I would have put money down to keep them from Microsoft. They had 7 years and seen it and experienced it with N64.

            1. Yes. So many good games on the 64 by them…..diddy racing, donkey kong 64 (their donkey kong country games are way better than Retros too), banjo kazooie + tooie, perfect dark, conker, killer instinct…… If Nintendo still had those IPs or company, they wouldn’t have to keep relying on Mario all the damn time, year after year.

              1. And the funny thing about Banjo Kazooie, Rare showed a box art of Threeie planed for GameCube. Nintendo was stupid for not putting money down for Rare to continue with the game during the time for GameCube. That was stupid. Also stupid for not buying the IP of Crystal’s staff from Starfox Adventure. I have not seen that staff since rare left. I think Rare owns the rights to Crystal’s staff. Why else isn’t she on Smash Broa then?

        3. It’s funny that you mention MK64, Double Dash and MK7 being the best in the series because for me these are the worst Mario Kart titles but I guess it just goes to show how peoples taste in video games can vary so much. My favourites are MK8, DS and SMK.

          MK8 isn’t perfect and I agree it’s lacking good battles zones and could have made more use of the antigravity bits to make you feel truly upside down but it’s so much fun to play any flaws didn’t really bother me at all.

      2. Agree with you on the Mario Kart 8 nonsence…

        But defending the worse of the two (Ryse) doesnt justify your statement…

        Anonymous Asshole

          1. Games are about game play, graphics are just a gimick to enhance game play.

            There is absolutely no reason to compare graphics with a game that sucks. It’s a pointless argument.

            Also, MK8 is just going to continue to have a mixed crowd. I’m sorry, but I think it sucks in almost every way. A real cluster fuck of a game that only sells because WiiU has drained it’s 3rd party support and owners need something to play.

            Piss in a jar and hand it to a man thirsting to death and he’ll think it’s lemonade.

            it’s a gorgeous game, and that’s keeping it alive.

            1. Don’t worry. You’ll be less pissy about the game when you get Dry Bowser. Oh wait! He won’t be available til May/June of 2015.

      1. Oh so you 100% satisfied with MK8 playing %50 of the same stages over again? What Nintendo shits out you eat. Another satisfied customer.

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Well then you have to throw in statistical data since comparing an expert gamer with a noob, the expert has a way higher rate of winning any game than the noob…

          1. Ok, but what does CoD have anything to do with what he said ? You don’t even know if he likes CoD or not ?? So why bring it up so absolutely randomly ???

              1. Pretty much. It feels like whenever people can’t come up with a reasonable and convincing counter-argument, they simply bring up CoD at absolutely random times, just to fill in some more lines to make their response look longer. It’s ridiculous. I’m willing to bet a lot of those people who do that never even touched a CoD game before.

  3. Nope. Wii U had to have sold way more than 65k total in one month. That’s like 15k a week adding US, UK and Japan. Wii U averages like 8-9k in Japan a week. So he saying Wii U sold 5-6k in US a week to make the 15k a week? He also said 9 months and 12 hours ago that both PS4 and Bone would surpass Wii U. If Wii U could only sell 65k a month Xbone would have surpassed Wii U months ago.

  4. Also stupid for not thinking of arena stages during the development of the new stages for DLC that should have been in MK8 during launch anyway. That was stupid. And stupid for still not thinking of arena stages for DLC. That’s stupid. Iwata is stupid for not planning neither hardware or software ahead. Thinking 3 cores back in 2008 was enough with 8gigs of memory. That’s why Dumb Iwata had to get rid of the 8gig version because it wasn’t selling. Should have thought about that in 2008.

  5. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

    I swear, you can’t tell what is going on in Pachter’s head.

    One minute “Nintendoomed”
    next minute “Although, Wii U sales have significantly improved adn may be a cash cow”
    watch next time
    “Nintendoomed X10000000000000000”

  6. All this pachter has done is take the numbers available from vgchartz for the US for the August weeks, which almost equals 65K. But the four week is missing.

    What a complete moron.

  7. I don’t care if he is talking even slightly positive about Wii U, Patcher is Patcher and as always, his opinion is irrelevant. That beening said, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Wii U sales will be increased compared to last year………..

  8. Good for him anyone with two eyes can see it’s selling better this year. He’s just trying to stay relavent by stating the obvious.

  9. Didn’t Pachter say the console would have been scrapped by now and that the XBONE would be the highest selling one of the generation?
    Now he has to eat his words because the PS4 is the top seller and the XBONE can barely keep up with the Wii U.

  10. Didn’t Pachter say that the Wii U would have been scrapped by this point and that the XBONE would be the top selling console of the generation?
    Now he has to eat his words because the PS4 is the top selling console (Except in Japan where the Wii U is the top selling console) and the XBONE can barely keep up with the Wii U.

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