Sherlock And Watson Rumoured To Appear In The Great Ace Attorney

The Great Ace Attorney, or Dai Gyakuten Saiban, was unveiled to fans back in April, but since then we’ve heard little rumblings on the spin-off game’s development. According to a recent leak from Famitsu, Ace Attorney creator Shu Takumi has added in the great detective duo Sherlock Holmes and Watson, appearing on the official website as silhouetted individuals, and possible rivals – as can be seen above. However, The Great Ace Attorney’s Watson is due to make an arrival as an 8-year-old girl.

Though only a rumour, and one that should be taken with a healthy dose of skepticism for the moment, it’s not a far-fetched concept. Earlier this year, Takumi said the spin-off game would be set in the Japanese Meiji era and draw from his childhood experiences of reading mystery novels. With the popularity of Arthur Conan Doyle’s work involving Sherlock Holmes’s escapades, it’s certainly an interesting rumour at the very least, and one that would fit the 19th century setting. Let us know what you think of the rumour in the comments below.


  1. Hm interesting. I always wondered what would happen if Sherlock and Phoenix Wright met…granted this is Phoenix Wright’s great grandfather but hey lose enough.

  2. What
    Did you just say 8-year-old little girl!John Watson
    Coz I don’t quite know what to say to that

    1. Probably they made him jailbait on purpose for the sake of pleasing the lolicons and pedos. *shudders*

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