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Spikey Walls Hitting North American eShop On September 18

Independent developer RCMADIAX has announced Spikey Walls will be released for the North American eShop on September 18. The Flappy Bird clone title was unveiled last month as a purely addictive experience for the Wii U, making use of the GamePad’s buttons, rather than touch-screen tapping. For those who are unfamiliar with the title’s simplistic gameplay, you can check out the video above. Though not free, Spikey Walls will only set you back $0.99.

40 thoughts on “Spikey Walls Hitting North American eShop On September 18”

    1. I hate developer like this. They simply should not be allowed to release clones of other existing game. I really hope someone puts a law-suit on them. They make us other independant dev look bad. And they end up hurting the e-shop more then anything else (hurting other great indie developer at the same time). Extremely narrow-minded of them.

      1. This really worries me. I sent an application for a wiiU developers license not to long ago and this really makes me not want to even bother. Literally any one of you guys could have made this game simply by downloading Unity and asking for help on Unity answers. I made a flappy bird clone myself, just to make it. I don’t plan on releasing it though. What worries me about games like this is that I’m working on something now and it’s taken me months. I have to compete against games like this and in order for me to make any decent sales I’ll have to charge a lot less. In the end it’s just not worth it though because I would have made a hell of a lot more money by working the hours put into my game in a minimum wage job. I really like nintendo giving everybody a shot and not just better known indies but there should still be some sort of quality control. This probably took a few days to make and at $1 it’ll probably end up being profitable. It makes me wanna scrap my current project and just release simple games like this too, which is bad for you guys, the consumer. Not trying to bash the developer who made this, since I know your probably reading this. I know from first hand experience that everything is harder to make than it looks, and even simple sprites take longer to make than they should. You didn’t even bother to make the background move though, for goodness sake.

  1. Paying any money for this is a waste. Unoriginal concept, simplistic concept, game you can play wherever you want to on your phone for free. Cheap, dumb, cash-in

  2. Wow. They didn’t even bother to make the background scroll, the point bar at the top left looks gross and is too large and everything is so uninspired.

    Those aren’t even easy to fix, this is just a seriously lazy indie dev.

  3. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

    This looks like something 8th graders made using Scratch, but what else would I expect from the “geniuses” behind Flappy Bird.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Whoever buys these wasteful garbage should be terminated on sight…

      And Sickr disappoints me, not a single word about how he loves playing a game on Nintendo at all on his twitter account…

      Everything is mostly Xbot related, disgusting…

      1. Dude… Do you even know what you are saying? Terminated on sight? Wasteful garbage? The people who buy these Flappy Bird games are conforming kids. You are so filled with hate, it’s not even funny.

        And what’s wrong with liking the Xbox? Freedom of speech is kind of a thing. And there are some really good games on the 360, ps3, One, PS4, PC, etc. I’m looking forward to Borderlands and Metal Gear Solid- does that make me a bad person in your eyes, Commander? Each system has their perks- I believe the phrase is “different strokes for different folks”. When are you going to learn that playing video games on other systems just makes some people happy?

          1. Did you bother reading my post? Saying that kind of stuff makes you sound like a misinformed, arrogant, mindless drone. You offered me no reasoning as to why everything Xbox related should be destroyed, but just spouted an extremist opinion.

            I’m a shy 19 year old who works at a vet clinic, who is trying to be an electronic artist, and happens to be an alright guy. And I also own an Xbox 360. Do I deserve to be destroyed?

            I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if you owned a PC or used Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc). Trust me, it wouldn’t surprise me.

            You’re either a delusional sociopath or a successful troll, Commander. Take your pick.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              The Microsoft Realm is cooperating with the NSA to spy on their blind sheep through the Xbox Done, it doesn’t matter what they say they did to take away that, they are still doing it, that’s what they always do in that Xbot homeworld…

              It’s one thing to already be doing it on the PC but for gaming? No thank you…

              If you don’t own an Xbox Done then you’re free to go even if I hate that thing to the core…

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Because it’s about their inner intentions, not their pathetic apologies and changes…

                  If I heard anything about our empire regarding such a program whether they later removed it or not, I would abandon them in a second, I don’t care for apologies about such things that are intended to meddle and observe a human’s private life…

                  And to those who do not care about it, your lives are already forfeit…

              1. Ah- and for some reason I thought your hatred lied with Microsoft and the Xbox brand as a whole. But, as it turns out, you dislike the Xbox One because you think that you/ others are being spy-ed on in some government conspiracy… Nevertheless, that doesn’t warrant the need for extremist behavior and hostility toward anything that isn’t Nintendo. It’s simply not called for, and I stand by my original post.

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  As I’ve said a couple of time some time ago, maybe you missed them, my problems with the Xbots and their leaders are their inner intentions and some of their media gimmicks that has nothing to do with gaming at all…

                  I can see that some games though are not that bad…

                  1. And that’s fine. You can dislike Microsoft/ Xbox for that. That’s a logical reason. Hell- I don’t even like them that much, after their last few e3s. Their focus on tv, their backtracking on hardware and services, and the lack of good games as of late makes me want to avoid buying an Xbox One (as of now, I stick to PC, Wii U, 360, and the 3DS). But hating them because they “spy” on their customers and send information to the US government is borderline crazy. And wishing death upon their customers/ fanboys (xbots) is entirely crazy.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      And my previous comments explains everything…

                      And even if they did not have all of these issues, I would still not but then it would be because their games don’t appeal to me enough, just like the Sonyans but I wouldn’t hate them beyond everything though…

            2. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

              He might come off that way at first. I find his presence is necessary for our survival. Outside trolls find his personality intolerable. He’s like a giant robot feeding trolls yesterdays fried chicken until their bellies burst, and they can no longer stand his fast food. Creating massive lawls within the community. Please understand.

        1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

          Watching mobile games get posted to consoles is a bit painful. I’m not hating on the genre, it’s simply that home consoles feel different, and no matter how cheap the product is, there is an entirely different expectation present. One game mode might be fine on the bus; but when at home trying to pass the time, it becomes very hollow.

  4. Wow… I’m going to be at a loss for which “game” is worse on WiiU eShop.
    Flappy Crap or The Letter.
    Well, given how little shovelware WiiU has at the moment, at least we’re not getting flooded by it like in the Wii Days.

  5. I hate developer like this. They simply should not be allowed to release clones of other existing game. I really hope someone puts a law-suit on them. They make us other independant dev look bad. And they end up hurting the e-shop more then anything else (hurting other great indie developer at the same time). Extremely narrow-minded of them.

  6. So… when are we getting games similar to Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King? I love games that allow me to build a base. I miss playing Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs for N64. :/

  7. This is a blatant rip-off of Flappy Bird. Games with a new paint job shouldn’t be allowed, especially when it’s based off a game the developer took off the market.

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