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Nintendo Has No Plans To Release NES And Persona Q 3DS XL Systems In Europe

Nintendo Europe has confirmed to Eurogamer that it has no plans to release the recently announced Persona Q or NES  inspired Nintendo 3DS XL consoles in Europe.  Instead the special editions will only be coming to North America later this year.

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

21 thoughts on “Nintendo Has No Plans To Release NES And Persona Q 3DS XL Systems In Europe”

    1. No biggy at all, New 3DS is coming so nobody would have bought that, and if someone still wants it, he can get it from NA import.

      1. Well there are probably plenty of Persona fans who would’ve gotten the Persona 3DSXL. And the fact that it doesn’t come with the game helps attract those who have already preordered the collectors editions (aka the “hardcore” fans) rather than alienating them for making them buy the game twice.

      2. The thing is, not everyone knows about the new 3DS. There might be some folks who are buying a 3ds for smash bros (and like the look of those models), who get screwed (because they are getting outdated models). Still, Europeans get screwed, either way. The NES/ Persona models both look pretty slick (shame they weren’t New 3ds models though).

      3. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

        Even though I’m a resident of the united states, and this is kinda cool; I’m gonna wait until New 3DS comes out before I drop a large sum of money on anything.

      1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

        XD I was really upset that NA wasn’t getting the Fatal Frame 2 for Wii. Among other things… But I wouldn’t wish country-based exclusivity upon my most hated enemy. Especially when we’re under the same company.

    2. We’ve been shafted on a lot of things before 2010 happened and Europe started getting a lot more crud. It’s not like it’s only just happening. ‘Murrica just had it good for way longer and got too used to it is all.

    3. I would rather miss out on this stupid 3DS then miss out on Bayonetta 2 limited edition exclusivity and special primal kyogre and omega groudon preorder bonuses…..

      Europe gets the good stuff and skips out on the lame or irrelevant stuff. U.S gets the freaking shaft.

  1. …. when I read the comments here from people living in North America who think we have the cool stuffs I have to laugh cause in fact it’s the opposite where US or north America (let’s not forgt our Canadian friends) get most of the cool stuff and we get shit. Last time I checked US get a far better mario Kart 8 Bundle than Europe, on the top of that the amiibo are cheaper in US than they are in EU after tax and conversation from $ us -> £ or €… but hey we in Europe we get cool stuff ….please give me a break. BTW not interested by the 3DS with the NES think, i will wait for the new 3DS with suppa hardware

  2. Eh, in a coat of gold or a coat of red, the XL still looks like shit. I’ll wait for N3WDS along with the other sensible people.

  3. I don’t understand why Nintendo keeps releasing these awesome new 3DS XL designs when the ‘new 3DS’ is coming out in the near future. As much as I want some of these designs, I couldn’t help but feel used if I actually were to by one.

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