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Bravely Second’s TGS Trailer Showcases The Three Musketeers

Square Enix has uploaded a brand new trailer for Bravely Second. Showcased during the Tokyo Game Show earlier this month, the new trailer grants fans a look at the “Three Musketeers” within the sequel. Although the second minute of the above trailer doesn’t give us anything new in terms of gameplay, the first minute allows fans to listen to a snippet of the game’s wonderful music composed by Supercell’s Ryo.

Bravely Second’s Three Musketeers concern Yuu, the central protagonist, along with Jean and Nikolai as they venture into the fantasy world in order to protect and save Agnes from an unfortunate kidnapping. The sequel to Bravely Default is due for release in Japan this coming Winter.

7 thoughts on “Bravely Second’s TGS Trailer Showcases The Three Musketeers”

  1. Uhm… Wasn’t Tiz supposed to be returning as a playable character? Or is Bravely Second going to have more than 4 playable characters in the party this time? I wouldn’t mind more than 4 this time, though. It just means more characters to care about.

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