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Here’s What Super Mario Could Look Like When He’s Old

Japanese silent comic artist Daiki Sugimoto has drawn some beautiful art depicting Super Mario and co when they’re elderly. You can view a collection of his artwork in the video above which shows Princess Peach is now married to Luigi and Mario lives alone.

Thanks,  Daiki Sugimoto

28 thoughts on “Here’s What Super Mario Could Look Like When He’s Old”

  1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

    In my opinion, the art is not that amazing, as for the storyline, quite depressing and unlike Super Mario which is usually fun and cheerful.

      1. I don’t know him
        My mom doesn’t know him
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        Not everyone knows him

  2. That was actually a lot better than I expected. Very expressive art and story. It’s an interesting idea, taking a familiar character like Mario and basically undoing his seeming immortality and fantastical ground rules by looking at him in old age.

  3. Fortunately for us, Mario will never age and never die. He’ll still be around long after all of us are dead. The power of fictional characters.

  4. That was actually incredible. Music was perfect. For a Japanese artist this artstyle is very cool, must be hard to deviate from a manga style.

    I don’t think a lot of people here understand the story fully, yes it’s a sad story, I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s depressing though.

    In truth I had to watch it a couple of times to fully understand it but the ending is very heartwarming.

    Peach is on her death bed and Mario desperately wants to see Peach for the last time, but the track is too difficult and he is not young anymore. He realizes he is not going to make it, so he uses his last resources to try, at least, show her the fireworks one last time, like a farewell gift. Eventually he will get at Luigi’s house, she will already be gone, but I believe Luigi will tell him that, on her last second, she saw it, and she knew it was Mario...

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