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The Hyrule Warriors Limited Editions Draw Large Crowds At Nintendo World Store


Plenty of Zelda fans lined up at the Nintendo World Store in an effort to claim one of the Hyrule Warriors Limited Edition bundles which come pre-packaged with a blue and gold Zelda-themed scarf. The special edition wasn’t available for pre-orders so determined gamers queued up late for the store’s 8am opening. Around 600 people turned up, but a few went away empty-handed as between 300 and 500 copies were available. As you would expect nowadays, a number of these copies appeared on eBay for extortionate prices.

zelda_hyrule_warriors_queue_2Thanks, Kevin P


58 thoughts on “The Hyrule Warriors Limited Editions Draw Large Crowds At Nintendo World Store”

    1. I’m actually surprised how good the game really is. I kinda brushed it off as a endless hack-a-thon, but the game has some pretty good depth, strategy, story line, and solid game play. Starts getting much more difficult in the 3rd level, as the first two are pretty much introductory training without the “training level” feel. Totally worth the pickup IMO.

    1. I kno right? All for a scarf……. Makes me think how many ladies would be lined up if Yoshis Wolly world came wit a Yoshi Yarn Doll….

      How many GROWN MEN would be Lined up for The doll as well :/

    2. Yea and they only had 200 available for purchase…. I was one of the 200 and only 10 more ppl behind me got them. All the ppl in the second pic left empty handed.

        1. Or they just wanted the scarf like me……. But i stayed since I didnt want to make that waking up early and hr train ride a waste. And i never been to the store so I stayed.

          1. It was idiotic how Nintendo handled bringing in the people. Making everyone wait, while bringing in groups of 10 at a time took FOREVER. With the opening at 8am, I didnt purchase my LE box until 10:30am… that was after waiting a considerable amount of time. Nintendo shouldve planned the launch for 7am for those standing in line and THEN opened the store to the general public, not open the store and allow the horde of ppl who didnt get one to pack the store and force everyone to wait forever. I realize Nintendo wanted to boost as many sales for those who were in the line, but it was handled poorly.

  1. Well they wanted to play some games on thier WiiU cuz there are games on WiiU? i only know MK8, MarioBros2d, MarioBros3D, and and and nothing more, so depressing the WiiU games.

  2. Yup. I was apart of that group……sadly was not the one who got a scarf. I’m not in the picture because i am almost all the way to the back. :(

  3. Pretty wild, I honestly do not see the appeal of this scarf. It would be nice to have but it is not the most amazing collectors item. Definitely not something I would go through a lot of trouble for.

          1. Actually quite a few picked up the game solo… I feel like sales #’s are going to be decent on this one. Gameplay is surprisingly good IMO, and I was a huge discounter on this “hack and slash” format.

      1. Sure, it would be cool to have. But not cool enough to wait in line (queuing) forever for, or pay astronomical prices on eBay for. Which is probably what half of these people are buying it for. To sell on eBay.

  4. This is why NOA needs to get with the times and offer these things to EVERYONE. If they couldn’t tell based on the huge line, PEOPLE WANT LIMITED EDITION GAMES!

    When will this simple fact get through their thick skulls?

    1. This is one of those rare positive things that Nintendo does. I won’t go into details but what you just said … was really funny actually.

  5. I understand why they only released a limited amount of the collectors edition, but I will never understand why it was only released at one store, in one city of the U.S…. NOA really couldn’t care less about thier fans..

    1. Dude, get over it already. The New 3DS has been made & is coming. It’s been nearly 4 years since the 3DS came out, so quit being a bitch & acting like it came out only 2 years into the handheld’s life.

      1. You don’t see the big picture since you’re Nintendo’s bitch and also a sheep. Couple questions for you…

        How long is the normal life of Nintendo’s mobile console?
        How long before the next gen mobile console is released by Nintendo?
        How many years do you think the “new 3ds” will last? Do you think that if the new 3ds does well, Nintendo will start pumping out 2 consoles per gen? maybe variations of each?

        Next time recognize my name, bitch.

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