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Metroid Other M Gear Coming To Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

During today’s Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Nintendo Direct the company announced that Metroid: Other M Gear will be coming to Monster Hunter 4. You’ll be able to wear Samus and Zero Suit Samus costumes and you’ll also be able to use the arm canon.

metroid_monster_hunter_4_ultimateThanks, Kallum


25 thoughts on “Metroid Other M Gear Coming To Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate”

    1. Me too, I loved Metroid other M. I’m glad to see costumes in MH4 and character designs in smash bros are representing the game metroid other m.

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  2. Disgusting. Other M is a fucking joke and sad that even Nintendo never acknowledge that Prime was the far better game and it exists. It’s like they’re trying so hard to make us forget what a POS Other M became and also polish the turd that it is. WTF?

    1. It’s my second favorite game in the the series. First super metroid, second metroid other m, then metroid prime series, then the rest of the metroids.

      1. Like it or not it may be a inconsistent piece of shit like Halo Reach but it’s still canon and no amount of bitching will ever change that. Just be happy that Nintendo reconed Samus height back to 6’3″ and gave her back her toned body from the first 4 games along with her faded blonde hair in SSB4 over that stupid Barbie blonde she had in that dumb-down, half-assed remake and the Team Ninja piece of shit; so at least Nintendo may return to the series roots.

  3. I can’t wait to get my hands on this game. To have the ability to get some metroid gear is awsome.

    Keep it coming Capcom, the more gear options the better!

  4. Sweet! So when can we expect to see a Princess Zelda armor set? Hm? Also, give me a Ridley armor set & I’ll be damn happy!

  5. Oh god. Fuck Metroid. Lots of butthurt, angry fanboys fapping to this piece of shit series. 001rich100 is a good example, being a stupid, reckless, crappy pedophile toying with his legos and going angry so quickly. Long live Sasori.

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