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Here’s A Quick Look At Bayonetta 2’s Character Cosplay Development (Video)

IGN has uploaded a new video showcasing a snapshot of the Bayonetta 2 development between Nintendo and Platinum Games. Speaking to both the game’s producer Akika Kuroda and Nintendo producer Hitoshi Yamagami, the video gives fans a sneak peek into the process behind the scenes. While we’ve already been made aware that the sequel to the seductive Umbran Witch wouldn’t have been possible without Nintendo’s involvement, the great rapport between the gaming giant and Platinum Games is fantastic to see.

Bayonetta 2’s producer Kuroda speaks at length about the freedom Nintendo gave the development team both in design and the “un-Nintendo” aspects of the game. But it’s in Yamagami’s enthusiasm for the project that we get a taste of what may be on offer in the future for Nintendo fans, ending with a hefty tease:

“I don’t know how much I can say. I can’t really reveal anything. But let me just say you can definitely look forward to what is coming.”

Though whether that’s simply a tease for more in the Bayonetta franchise, or a new project between both companies, it’s got our brains working over-time. You can check out the video in full above, and let us know your thoughts on it in the comment section below.

15 thoughts on “Here’s A Quick Look At Bayonetta 2’s Character Cosplay Development (Video)”


      Lol XD Yeah, Bayonetta 3 is going to be a Wii U exclusive, no doubt about that.

  1. This is going to be one great game. I’ll get this next year. I’m probably going to download it since my Wii U keeps acting stupid with physical discs. My fully clean MK8 disc sometimes says that it can not be read when I go to Mount Wario. BS. Lol.

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  3. I really have a feeling that Platinum got their wish and they’ve been drafted as the developers of Star Fox Wii U.

    1. Could be, I’d be interested into see what they do with the game and from the short clips I’ve seen of the game, it looks amazing even though it was a concept video at E3. Graphics-Wise and Gameplay Wise :)

  4. My first thought was that they got hired to help with the new Star Fox game. If this is true, then the new Star Fox game for Wii U is going to be so epic!

  5. Here are my thoughts–

    Wii U–
    Bayonetta 3
    Vanquish U
    Star Fox (with assist from Garage)

    New Nintendo 3DS–
    Jeanne 3D
    The Wonderful 101 3D

  6. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis's Mom

    @Hollowgrape you must be living in a very filthy house full of dust and dustmites have infested your Wii U,stop being lazy young man and clean your room already.

  7. That creature Bayonetta summoned at the beginning of the video had a roar very similar to Ridley’s. Is that another homage to a Nintendo game?

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